Lesson 6 – Kick-start your Christian life – The Pioneer School

Lesson 6 – Kick-start your Christian life – The Pioneer School

Welcome to this teaching, I’m going to talk
about something really amazing, something that is changing the world right now. Many lives
are getting changed by something we call kick-starting. Kick-starting is to help people
take the first step so things are not only theology any more. We actually do it. For example
now we have had some teaching about healing but we have to act on the word, not only hear
the teaching; we have to act on it. And God has shown us a way to get people kick-started,
so they start acting on the word. And because of that many lives are getting changed.
You have to understand when we talk about faith, faith is like a muscle it only grows
when you use it. If you want to have strong faith then you
need to use the faith you already have, you need to train it and you need to use it because
then you are going to see how it grows. So I look forward to sharing this teaching
with you. At the end of the teaching I’m going to give you a practical tool, something
you need to do to get kick-started. This lesson can change your life and many people
around you. God bless you. This, which I am going to share with you now,
is the most powerful tool I have ever seen when it comes to discipleship, when it comes
to setting people on fire and when it comes to revival. I have seen this change
many people’s lives. And what I am going to share now is going to spread all over the
place. Right now it is spreading all over Holland. It’s spreading in Finland and all over
Sweden. A lot is happening in Denmark right now and in many other countries.
When I saw there were so many who were attending this pioneer school I thought, “Wow, when
people catch what I am going to share this time, this is going to change
the world because this is a very strong tool. You can use it to see lives get changed.
You can use it to change cities. The word I’m going to talk about and to teach you is
the word- kick-start. What is kick-start? Kick-start is something
me and my friends here in Denmark and in other places use now. Kick-start is a word we
use when my friends from other places in Denmark or Sweden or Holland contact me. Often they
say, “Hey, we were just out yesterday to kick-start 4 people or 5 people. I’m going
to kick-start somebody tomorrow.” When they say to me they are going to kick-start somebody
I know what kick-start means. After this teaching you will also know what kick-starting
is all about. So I’m going to talk about kick-starting
and I’m going to show you how amazing this tool is to change lives. Many years ago
I had a moped and it had a kick-starter. If I wanted my moped to get started I took
the speeder and then I took the kick-starter and I kick-started my moped so I could drive
it. In our life today as Christians we also need to get kick-started. “Kick-start”, we
use that word when we train people, when we get people started to obey God, especially
in healing the sick. But I have also kick-started people in baptizing people with the
Holy Spirit when I have people with me who have never before baptized anyone with the
Holy Spirit. For that reason they have a lot of fear. But I kick-started them, I
showed them how to do it and did it with them. Then they had learned how to do it. When they were
kick-started they could do it alone. In the videos on my website, “The Last Reformation.com”,
you can see how we take Christians who have never before healed the sick and we take them
out into the street and we kick-start them. This is very simple we just say come and
follow me and then we go out and find some sick people. Then we say, “Lay your hands
on them and pray.” And when they have done it and experienced the first person getting healed
through their prayer something happens inside them. It’s like a motor that just got
started and suddenly everything they have just read and have heard in the
church becomes more than theology, it becomes life. Jesus didn’t come with
theology He came with life. He didn’t come to give us some words so we just talk about
it and build doctrines about it, He came with words so we should do it. It is when you first
actually do it, it becomes alive to you. The last time I spoke about healing and when
I spoke about healing for many it was an eye opener, but if you don’t
set action behind what I have taught, if you don’t act on this word, you are going to
deceive yourself. Because then what I had taught last time is going to continue being
theology, it will continue being just knowledge. But when you act on it you will see
this is more than theology, when you act on it and actually go out and lay your hands on the
sick you will see how they get healed through you! At that moment it becomes life. The first
time you experience that is what we call kick-starting. When the motor inside of you
is kick-started suddenly you will say,”Wow, I want more. I want more…” And that
motor inside of you is going to change everything in your life. When we kick-start people
for healing it’s going to change everything. Not only healing because everything
becomes life then, it’s also going to change their prayer life, it’s going to change
how they read the bible, it’s going to change how they seek God in fasting, it’s going
to change how they preach the gospel, it’s going to change that people are getting saved
through them. So it’s not only about healing. But to kick-start people with healing is a
good and easy way to start the motor inside of them. And if you see my videos on the
Last Reformation you will see a lot of Christians who are amazed that have experienced praying
for their first person and them getting healed through them. You cannot get that
through reading books, you cannot get it by sitting watching this video on the Pioneer
School. No, the only way you can get it is when you act on it, and experience it.
And I am going to talk about how kick-starting started for me, how we have used
it to see many lives changed, how you can use it to change other people around you. At
the end I’m going to give you practical advice so you can go out and
kick-start. And when you have learned it, it’s going to change everything. I remember
before when I was new in the faith, I came into a church where somehow I got some church
glasses on me. I thought at that time that if I just continued going to the meetings and
campaigns, that I was growing up in seminary, campaigns, and bible teaching. And I was
sitting there, and to be honest, I was waiting for a prophet to come someday and
look at me and say, “Torben Sondergaard I have a word for you, for today is going
to start in your life now you have the power to heal the sick. Now you can do it, now you
have faith, now you have the ministry, now everything is going to explode.” To be
honest I was thinking like that. And I think many people today are thinking the same. They
are sitting in church listening to teaching and waiting for something supernatural to
happen. Waiting for something amazing, where a prophet is going to come and
point them out and suddenly they wake up in the morning and they have faith and everybody
they pray for gets healed. I thought that. But I don’t believe it any more because this
is a lie. So many people are sitting and waiting for something but there is nothing to wait
for. Jesus has done everything and I think many are going to be disappointed if they
think that someday they are going to receive a big ministry. No, I think it’s much
more practical when you learn by doing, and this is what kick-starting is all about. It is
taking the first step. You learn by doing and to exercise your faith like
a muscle. It only grows when you use it. It’s not when you are sitting and listening in church that
you will suddenly have great faith! No, how do you get great faith? By using
what you already have. How do you learn to do things? By doing them and when you do them
a lot you become good at it, and then you grow in it. And kick-starting is just taking
the first step. And when people have taken that first step they say, “Hey I can do this”.
Then they take the next step and the next step and the next step. They can see that
this is going to grow and grow and grow. To heal the sick, that is the focus now.
The next time I’m going to talk about preaching the gospel. But to heal the sick and preach
the gospel is ‘not something we can do if we want to’. No, this is a commandment
Jesus has given us. Are you a disciple of Jesus? Then you deny
yourself and take up your cross if you said yes to follow Jesus. This is what He has
commanded you, to heal the sick and preach the gospel, and this is something you can learn.
It’s not difficult if we just learn to make disciples the way Jesus did it; we learn
by doing. If there was a sick person who came to Jerusalem just two days after Jesus had
died on the cross it wouldn’t have been as if he was like, “Oh no, if I had only come
two days ago, because if I had come two days ago I could have been healed. But now Jesus
is gone!” No, He is not gone. Because He sent His Holy Spirit down here and we are
still His body today and you see that in the book of acts today; it continues. So what we read
in the book of Acts was crowds came and they all got healed exactly as we read when Jesus
was here. So the only difference between what we read in Matthew 9:35 and Acts 5:16 is that
there it was Jesus physically on earth and here now it is Jesus’ body on earth
by the Holy Spirit in you and me. So Jesus has not changed, He is the same today
now 2000 years later. But our problem today is very clear by what we covered
in the last teaching. It is so clear what we are called to do, but then we get
theology, religion and tradition we put everything Jesus said out of power by ‘our’
theology and by ‘our’ teaching. For example, again, “…but it’s not everybody who has
the gift of healing”. I covered that to explain that for a small line in the bible that
teaching has crept into the church. So today we have millions of Christians who are being
unfaithful to God who don’t obey Jesus’ word because that one small line in the bible
has been misunderstood. Everything is so clear how Jesus called
His disciples to do it. Jesus called them to make other disciples and do the same. Everything
that is so clear in the big picture suddenly doesn’t matter to them today, it doesn’t
count today because of “not everybody has the gift of healing”. And this is religion,
this is religion that has come into the church. So we take one line, one sentence here, one
sentence there, and put everything out of place and out of power. And it’s not only when
it comes to healing and speaking in tongues. I’ll talk about
that later. Also the baptism in the Holy Spirit and when it comes to almost everything else. It is
so clear in the book of acts and with Jesus. But we put it out of power when we say one line is
saying this and one line is saying that. I hate it, I hate it. We need to take the glasses
off and we need to see the big picture. I have an email where you will see
that again. Someone who wrote to me wrote, “Dear Torben thank you for the lesson. We
are watching the teaching as a fellowship on Sunday and after we watched lesson 5 there
was a long silence. People were in shock. ‘What is this?’ There was really a lot to
absorb and it gave us many things to talk about and ask God about, I like that. But I
have two questions. ‘Have all the people you prayed for been healed?'” I can say
no they have not, not yet, because I am still learning. I see more and more get
healed, yes. But I have prayed for many people who don’t get healed and I want to
say that Paul in Corinthians is saying, follow me as I follow Christ or
imitate me as I imitate Christ. And now I am saying the same to you, “Imitate me as I
imitate Christ.” That means that the place in my life where
I imitate Christ there you should imitate me, but the other place where I don’t
imitate Christ you should not imitate me. It is so easy to ask me,
“Have you done that?” So that you can say, “Then I don’t need to.” Hey, it’s not
me you have to follow, it is Christ. I don’t follow you, I don’t follow man,
I follow Christ, I look to him. So when I have mistakes in my life and when I have a place
in my life where I have not grown into maturity don’t take that as your excuse. Because it’s
not me you have to imitate. Imitate me only in that area that is Christ; in the area where
I imitate Christ. I say that because in this teaching I’m going to come with
some very practical advice later. And it is practical advice for many people to take
the first step to pray for sick people. I take it down to a level where everybody
can start because I give practical advice. For example, I will say
that I don’t start by praying for big sicknesses. Start to use the muscles, the faith muscles.
Start with something you are able to lift. I will say that this is good
advice I give to many people to get them started. But if you are filled up with faith
don’t be limited by what I am saying because my advice is to help people grow. And
now we are at a certain level, we are growing and I am growing, and you can see
that in my videos. Things are growing. So if I say start with small sicknesses, start
at a place where you have faith, don’t be limited by that. Because if you have faith
to go to the hospital and pray for all the sick people from the very beginning do it.
It would look more like what Jesus did. So I want to say that I have prayed for many
who have not got healed, many people. But I learned by doing and its less and less
those who don’t get healed immediately. I’ve learned some things, still working in me about
not giving up because when I continue, continue, continue praying I’m going to see results,
So I don’t say people don’t get healed because I think there is something about continuing.
More about that later. Another question they have was, “Why do you
go into the street and malls looking for sick people when there are a lot of sick people
in the hospital desperately needing healing?” I can also say there are a lot of sick people
in the churches, it should not be like that but it is. Why do I go to the street? Because
there is more freedom there for me, it’s all about freedom. If I go to a mall I feel free.
but if a security guard who is working there comes to me there and says you’re not allowed
to do it here. I go, I stop. Because I cannot pray for people and be free if I have to
look over my shoulder to see who is watching and coming to try to stop me. And that
is why I don’t often go to the hospital. In Denmark, for example, you are not allowed
do that. I’ve been in a hospital and prayed for sick people. At the same time I think it
is so good to get some good experience and that’s why I do it a lot in the streets
because it somehow helps us to grow in faith. This is the whole part of kick-starting, but
I have been to the hospital and I have seen people, new people, go to the hospital the
first day because they don’t have the same fear that I have. Remember imitate me as
I imitate Christ but I am still fighting fear in my life. I’m growing, I’m getting free,
but I have a background. I also have a lot of traditions I have to break out of and God
is helping me. A lot of new things are happening so when you talk about discipleship I’m
always trying to give everything I can give in the area that I look like Christ. But the area
where I am still fighting with fear I don’t give my fear to people. I say, “OK, have faith,
do it.” I encourage people to grow and I want to say to you, you don’t have to grow
as slowly as I have been growing. When it comes to healing you are allowed to explode and
become like Jesus very fast. So don’t be limited by what I will
share with you in this teaching when I give practical advice. I will
try to go down to a level where I can work with people to train them and use that but not
to be limited by it. I hope you understand what I am saying. Here is another email I
received and I want to spend some time talking about it before I continue
with the kick-starting lesson. Somebody wrote, “Shalom Tom, Thank you for your
teaching. When I watched the video I was crying a lot. This is what I have been longing for
many years. I have a question about James 5:16. He asked a question about unforgiveness
because unforgiveness is an open door for sin and sickness and I believe that. I believe
that unforgiveness and sin can open a door, But it seems like in James 5:16 that you would
need to forgive before you can get healed.” And this is what he is asking about. So there
can be a hindrance for healing and it can be unforgiveness. Another is writing to
me, “Dear Torben I find your lessons amazing and I have become passionate and keen on
God, thank you. I would like to put into context what you have been teaching about healing in
James 5:16. I believe this is one verse that people have used within the church to say
that not all can heal. You are not in a position to heal others and you don’t have enough experience
in it.” These are two letters I’ve gotten about James 5:16 and we are going to look
at that. Look at the last thing he wrote here, “that you are not in a position
to heal others and you are not experienced enough”, …try to think of that last line,
“you are not experienced enough”. If someone said to you, “You cannot heal because you
are not experienced enough” this is so crazy it is so stupid. Try to think that it is
the same as if you are going to baptize somebody and I say, “No you cannot
baptize a person or people because you have not baptized before.” It’s the same as if I
say to you, “You cannot baptize because you have not baptized before.” But when can
you ever start to baptize, if you must first baptize, when you have not done it before? You
cannot say that you cannot do it because you don’t have enough experience.
When am I going to get the experience if I cannot do it? Can you see this is so crazy? So briefly, I read James 5 with religious
glasses on. James 5:14 says, “Is anybody sick among you let him call the
elders of the church and let them pray over him anointing him with oil in the name of
the Lord Jesus and prayer of faith shall save the sick, and the Lord shall raise him up;
and if he hath committed sins, they shall be forgiven him. Confess your sins, transgressions
to one another, and pray for one another that you may be healed.” Here is what the glasses
are saying, “If anyone is sick it has to be an elder in the church who can do it. It’s
not everybody who can do it because it is only an elder who can do it. And they go to
the sick very holy with oil and prayer, special prayer. And pray for the sick
people who shall be healed. They are sick because they have sin in their life,
so before they can get healed they have to ask for forgiveness for their sins before
I can pray for you and you get healed. You have to ask for forgiveness and when they
ask forgiveness then we can pray and they get healed. This is somehow what the
glasses are saying but, what does Jesus say? How does it match up
with this? Did Jesus say it can only be an elder who can pray for people? No.
Does it say in Jesus life and in other places in the bible that if you have sin in your
life you cannot get healed? No. They all had sin in their lives
and they still got healed. Everybody prayed, it wasn’t just an elder. And what about
the anointing oil, shall we anoint everybody? You don’t read about the oil that much in other
places. What do we do now? What if we have a place in the bible that says
something opposite to what the bible has said very clearly. Each time there is something very
clear in the bible that the big picture is saying
and you have a scene like this which seems opposite, then you know that the bigger picture
is always telling the truth. When theology goes in and says, “No this is true, the big
picture is wrong.” No, the big picture is always true, look at Jesus. So if this is
a big picture and this is wrong, what do we do? Then we pray, and we ask God, God reveal
this text to me because this is the truth. and if God is saying something else
then there is something I don’t understand here. Just three days ago I got a revelation.
Wow, I was totally high, the Holy Spirit is absolutely the best teacher on earth. He
is going to teach us the truth and the truth is going to set us free. So when I got this
question I didn’t fully understand James 5 and so three days ago I was sitting with
the bible and I was saying, “OK God I know this is the truth but I don’t understand these
verses. Open my eyes help me to understand what this verse is saying and suddenly God
taught me. The Holy Spirit came and I saw the truth, and now I am like wow, this is
so amazing. Are you ready to take your glasses off? Are
you ready to hear things in a new way? When you first see that this is just one
example of how theology can kill, and when you get your glasses off suddenly you see
things in a new way. In James you have to know the background it helps to
know the background of the book. The letter of James is the oldest letter we have. So
it is a letter written in the beginning of the church. When Stephen was stoned the
Jewish Christians were spread all over the place and James wrote that letter to them.
So it’s a letter, the oldest letter we have in the beginning of the church, a letter to
many new people in the faith. So it’s a very practical letter. He goes through other
things Jesus went through in the sermon on the mount. It’s a practical letter concerning
faith, deeds and holiness, to be like God and about sin and to take care of each other. It’s a
very simple and practical letter to new believers. He said to the people, “Are there
any who are sick among you?” It can mean a lot, it doesn’t have to mean
the strongest Holy Spirit filled Christian. No, is there anybody amongst you sick? Let
him call the elders of the church. The elder is not a position, it is not like someone who
had been ordained and has a position. If you take a look at the word elder here,
you find the same word with the prodigal son; the lost son in Luke 15. The oldest son was
out in the field working. This is the same word ‘the oldest son’ it is the same word
as ‘elder in the church’. Another place is in Acts 2:17, “Young people shall
see visions and old men shall dream dreams.” It’s the same word again. But here we
have our glasses when we read elder in the church. We think of a position. No, elder
just means more experience it means older as in age.
But in the church being old is not always about age of course. It has been often because the
older you are the more experience you have. But older can also mean mature. So call the
old, the mature people in the church. Let them pray and anoint with oil. It was
in the beginning of the church and they were Jews who knew oil from their tradition. So
oil was something that could help them to put faith into it, to understand what it’s all
about. But it’s not the oil that heals. He said. “…pray the prayer of faith, and
the prayer is going to heal the sick.” So what he is saying is, “Is anyone around you who
is sick? Then call somebody more mature and let them come and heal you.” Because if any
among you are sick and you are not mature yet, if you don’t understand what Jesus did
on the cross, you are not able to heal the sick. So call somebody else to do it.
And then he said afterward, “Confess your sin to each other,” He didn’t say to the
sick people confess your sins to one another. No, he said confess yours sins to each
other. Why? so they can get healed? No, so they can get forgiveness for their sin.
Because after he said confess your sins to each other he said, “The prayer of a righteous
man availeth much.” And then he talks about Elias who was a righteous man and he prayed and
God gave. So what is he saying? There is somebody amongst them who is sick and he
said to them OK call some other people from the church an elder or a more mature person
and let them come and heal the sick. Maybe you are sick because you are in sin,
repent and you will get saved. And again he said to those people there
“…confess your sins to each other.” Confess your sin, why? Because John 1:9 says if
you confess your sins God is faithful and will to cleanse you from all
unrighteousness. When they have confessed their sins
to each other they are righteous, because God had forgiven them and then they can pray
and people can get healed. So it’s not because the sick person has to pray to receive healing.
No, he didn’t get healed because the people there were not able to heal him because they
have sin in their life. So he said to them ‘call somebody who is righteous’ and let
them come and pray the prayer of faith, and heal you and then confess your sin to each
other and pray for each other. Then you don’t need to ask for an elder in the church
because everybody can heal the sick. Can you see it? Suddenly you get an understanding
and if you continue reading he ends the chapter with, “…he who gets a sinner to turn
from his error saves his soul”. He says that just after. The bible never used the word
sinners to refer to strong born-again Christians; often a Christian who lived with God. We are
holy “to the holy in this city”, “to the holy in Corinth”, “to the Holy in Ephesus” we are
to be holy. But here you find they use the word sinners because those people amongst
them were not righteousness and that was why they were not able to heal the sick. So they
said call for some elder in the church some mature people and let them come and heal
the sick and then you can ask for forgiveness and you can confess your sins to each other
so you get forgiveness for sins and righteousness. Because when you confess your sins to each
other God is faithful to cleanse you from all sin and all unrighteousness. A righteous
prayer is very strong. Can you see it? This is what the word is saying.
OK, I just needed to go through that. I know that I’ve taken a lot of time on this, but this
is really important. ‘Kick-starting’, how did it all start? For me it started 6 years
ago. I was out giving some teaching about healing and the teaching was called ‘Heal
the sick, one hour is all you need’. I used that ‘Heal the sick, one hour is all
you need’ because it was just one hour about healing. But then I got an
idea, “I don’t just want to say that, I want to show it. Go!” So the day before I was going to call on that
bible camp I took one young person who had been saved one month and I said to him, “Do
you want to pray for the people who are going to get healed?” He said, “Yes, of course.”
“OK, I said, “can I borrow you for the next hour because I want to do
something with you?” And he said, “OK.” So I said the time is now 4:52. In one hour
at 5:52 we will be back here at this same place. Are you ready for that? OK, jump in the car
with me!” And he jumped in the car with me and we went to the city and I said,
“Come and follow me.” I found some sick people, prayed for them
and they got healed. Then I said to him, “Did you see that? Now it’s your turn.” I found
one more person who was sick and said, “Now you do it.” And he prayed and this person also
got healed. In one hour we were back at the same place again. “Yes, we are back again,
thank you very much.” I then told him, “I don’t want you to tell this to anybody,
because I am going to use that tomorrow in my workshop and don’t want people to hear
it beforehand, it has to be a surprise.” And he said, OK, but then different things
happened! First, he ran from tent to tent telling everybody about
what just happened! And when I saw this I thought, “Hmm interesting”. I forbade
him to tell anybody about it, but he could not stop telling everybody about the thing
he had seen; his experience. I remember this is almost like what we read in the bible.
The first disciples were forbidden to tell about Jesus, but they could not stop telling about
everything they had experienced and seen and heard. It was the same with this guy,
I thought, “…interesting”. But then there was a battle starting in me
because I fear God and I want to do the right thing and my religious glasses were saying,
“If this is not love don’t do it, it has to be love, it has to be led by the Spirit.”
And I was not led by love that time. That day I was not led by the Spirit. To be honest,
I only did it because I wanted to have a testimony the next day to show people. The only
reason I did it was to show this testimony. So what did I do? I was praying
“God help me! Help me God, show me. I don’t want to
do something wrong, I want to be led by you.” I wanted to do it in love and the right way.
I was at a meeting the same evening and I was standing there praying and then
the worship leader stood up and said I want everybody to stand together with me and pray
with me. I have a son his name is Yeva, can you pray with me? He is not living with God.”
or something like that and I was thought, “Mmm Yeva?” I was just thinking we prayed for someone
today named Yeva and he knows this church! And he was very open.” So
I went to her afterwards and said, “Hey, your son’s name is Yeva?” She said, “Yes.”
“Does he have a problem in the foot?” And she looked at me and said, “Yes! How do you know
that?” “Not any more! He got healed this afternoon.” She was amazed! And for me it was really
strong because I saw that I was fighting with this. “Is this the right way?
I was not led by love, I didn’t feel the Holy Spirit speak to me. I just did it to
get a testimony to show the next day.” I thought that it was not the right
way. But now I saw that we were led by the Spirit, because we were the answer to her
prayer that night. And it was not me who prayed for her son, it was the new person who prayed
for him. And since that time I have many, testimonies for when we go out to kick-start
doing it the way we do it. Yes, it seems like it is not love but love is not always
a feeling. Being led by the Holy Spirit is not like, Ooo. No, it is very practical,
God has told us to do it. When we do it we are led by the Spirit if we feel
it or not. I have many testimonies about that. If you don’t have love you can do
nothing if you burn yourself it doesn’t count for anything.
So it’s not just that you need love to go out and heal the sick. You need love to live
and the love that is poured out through us by the Holy Spirit. So are you born again?
You have love inside of you but you have to let it out. How do you let it out? Not by
sitting in church and waiting. No, Jesus was out there and saw the multitude He was moved
by compassion. When are you going to experience this love?
When you are out there and this is what happens. You don’t feel it at first but when you
start to be there it grows inside of you. I have many testimonies where I see
that. For example, I was in Sweden I had some people say, “Let’s go out we want to get
kick-started.” “OK, I will take you out.” I took a person out, just practical work, she
wanted to get kick-started so I took her out. But when we were out what happened? She met
a woman, a girl, who said, “Oh, I’m a Buddhist. I don’t believe in Jesus, God or Christianity,
but I had a dream a few days ago. An angel came to me and said that I’m going to meet
somebody on the street who is going to tell me something I’ve never heard before. And when
this person stops me I need to listen because they are telling
the truth. We have testimonies like that, many testimonies. When we are out, God is
leading us. But it is not at home when we are sitting
doing nothing. No, it’s when we are out doing. That was how kick-starting started for me,
but there were some years when I didn’t do it because I didn’t really understand
how powerful it was. Then some years later I had a guy here in Denmark named Tommy.
He was a guy who had never led anyone to Christ, who had never healed the sick, who had never
baptized anybody in water or the Holy Spirit. I got in contact with him and he got baptized
and really met God very strongly, he was only baptized as an infant in the state church
so he got baptized again and set free. A lot of things happened in his life.
One day I was going to visit him and his wife wrote to me, “When you come Tommy
wants you to take him out on the street, so I hope you are going to do that.” I said,
“OK I will do that.” So when we were eating and having coffee I said, “Tommy let’s go on the
street.” What I didn’t know and what Tommy didn’t know was that I thought Tommy’s
wife wrote in her email, Tommy wants me to take him out because they had been
talking about it. But he didn’t talk with her about that. She was so tired of him just
talking and talking and not doing anything. “It was only words.” So she wrote to me
because she was tired of him just talking. She wrote, “Can you take Tommy out?”
And I was like, “OK” So I took Tommy out to kick-start him. I showed him how to pray
for sick people. I found one, “Now you pray.” When Tommy prayed for the first
sick person he got kick-started, something changed inside of him because the fear was
gone because now he had tried it. He had the fear until he took the first step and actually
saw it was working. When he got kick-started, it changed something inside of him, a motor
got started, that was one and a half years ago. Since that time Tommy
has prayed for sick people every week who God healed. He and his wife have led, in the
last one to two years, 18 people to Christ with non-Christian backgrounds where they
got saved baptized in water and baptized with the Holy Spirit and who are doing much the
same as they are doing. I have some people who also who make videos now. People from
England who saw his video just came here some weeks ago. They were Catholic, they came, they
got saved, they got baptized in water and with the Holy Spirit. They got kick-started and
went home again. A person from Australia seeing the Denmark
video, who also saw his video jumped in a plane, flew from Australia to Denmark to meet Tommy
and to get kick-started. He went home to Australia and is doing the same thing there. So out of
that kick-start in Tommy’s life 18 people are saved and many people have gotten kick-started.
Just one month ago there was a science teacher in Denmark who went to him and got
kick-started. She repented at that time because she saw that it was more than just theology.
So she repented and really met God and became radical for Jesus. And her testimony appeared in
the biggest Christian newspaper in Denmark. And she had another friend she kick-started
and her friend he had been sitting in church for 25 years and had seen only one person
saved in 25 years. But since then he has prayed for sick people almost every day last month
who got healed. In the last three weeks he has led people
to Christ. This is exploding in Denmark right now and has been exploding all over
the world for one and a half years. His name is Peter, he is on our website, The Last Reformation
in the Pioneer School. There was a guy from Sweden who came to Denmark his name is Peter.
I took him out and again it was like a motor God started inside of him, he
went home to Sweden now he is travelling all over Sweden kick-starting people.
The newspaper is talking about it and TV is talking about it. Peter has seen
many people saved. He just wrote to me two days ago that they were out on the street.
There was a big festival in the city. They were out for twelve hours, 60–70 people that
day. Four people said yes to being a disciple and follow Jesus. This is exploding all
over the world. Peter is living an amazing life and is
kick-starting a lot of people all over Sweden. I have testimonies from people who are
getting kick-started this week in Finland and in Holland. I was just there. You saw it
on our last video, I kick-started some people and they kick-started other people. One of
the people who got kick-started just a few days ago
prayed for a woman who got off her wheelchair. She was not able to walk without aid for two
years and she was walking home! This is the most powerful thing I have seen because there
is a motor starting inside of them now because it is not theology any more. Now it is life. And it is power, it is what Jesus came with.
It’s not only about healing I have seen people who are fighting with doubt about God and then
I take them out and kick-start them and they are standing crying, “Oh this is so amazing!”
And everything in their life gets changed not only learning to heal the sick. No, their
prayer life too and they want to live holy, suddenly God is there. It’s not only theology,
He is real and therefore you want to live holy. Therefore you start to pray or to fast,
and it grows and grows and grows. And I can take any Christian and just train him, teach him
very easily, to kick-start him, to teach him to heal the sick and start to cast out
demons, to lead people to Christ and baptize them. I think this kick-starting
thing is going to change the world. It’s changed Denmark, it’s changed Sweden, it’s
changed Finland, it’s changed Holland, it’s changed in many places right now. Also in America
in many places, people are getting kick-started. And what is kick-starting? The only thing we
do is discipleship out on the street. We take some person out and say, “Come and follow
me,” we stop some person and give them the opportunity to pray for somebody by saying,
“Now you pray.” I’m not standing and praying. That they think this is their prayer to
heal the sick. No, I’m just standing looking at their face and what they are going
to do. And they say, “Wow she got healed. He got healed!” and the expression is so
amazing. I can come with testimonies for days about kick-starting. Watch our videos where
you can see I take teenagers out with me. I kick-start them and I use them today, not only
as a tool to reach people, because Jesus also wants to use it like a discipleship tool to
train and to set people on fire for God. And again, I see that God confirms, I see God
loves it! I have testimony. I was in Holland some time
ago and I was sitting after a Saturday evening meeting in MacDonald’s with some
young people from church and there were two girls who really
wanted to meet God. I said, “Do you really want to meet God? They said, “Yes!” “Do
you really want to meet God?” They said yes, “OK, do everything I tell you the next ten
minutes and you will meet God. Are you ready for that?” They were looking at me as if
I was crazy. “Are you ready for that?” They said, “Yes.” “Stand up! Follow me.” And we
went outside and then I ran out and stopped some people and said, “Excuse me
are you sick, do you have pain somewhere?” And they said, “Yes.” and I said to the girl, “Pray
a short prayer.” And she did that and that man got healed. “Fine.” Next one, “Have you prayed? The girl
said, “Yes.” “Now you pray,” and she got healed. Ten minutes later we went back into MacDonald’s
again. When we were in MacDonald’s those girls were amazed! They sat down
and told testimonies to the others around on the table. They were on fire because God
had just used them. This is what everybody lives for. We are not just called to sit and see
other people do it, we are called to experience it. God is using us. There is nothing greater than
to experience that God is using us. And those girls were on fire. Some years ago I wanted
people to meet God and I invited them to a conference meeting and I hoped that a prophet
was going to say, “You!” And those people would meet God, but many times they didn’t meet
God. At that meeting they didn’t see God. Sometimes they did, many times they did not.
What I do now if people want to see that God is real and they want to meet God I just say,
“Come and follow me.” We go out on the street and find some sick people. Because here you
are going to see something happen at anytime. Here, every time life is getting changed, so
use this as a tool for setting people on fire. That is what happened at MacDonald’s in Poland
that night and they continued afterwards. They prayed for another girl who got healed
on Sunday. That girl who got healed came to the church had given her life to Jesus and
brought her brother, her boyfriend and her mother with her to the church. And she came out and
got baptized with the Holy Spirit and gave her testimony to the whole church. So
one person got saved that night. And also people got on fire because I took ten minutes to
go out and kick-start people. This is a powerful tool. And I want to say to you who know how to
go out, stop people and pray for the sick to use this tool to set people on fire. I have
a friend in Denmark he just contacted me two days ago and said, “Torben! This is so
strong! This is what I will do from now on! This is so strong, I was in a church and
I started to talk about this and there was a woman who came to me who was on fire many
years ago but had lost the fire for God. I took her out and kick-started her and
now she is on fire again.” This is so strong. I want to say, “Do you know how to do
this? Then take other people out and train them. Take people out and kick-start
them.” And now I want to teach the practical things;
how you can do it. You learn by doing and faith is like a muscle, it only
grows when you use it. The problem today is many people in church have never used their
muscles so if they want to lift something heavy they cannot lift it, why? Because they
have never used the faith muscles. The only time they used the muscles is with something too heavy.
For example, many often start praying for people inside the church. And they pray for
the sickest people inside the church who have been prayed for thousands of times. And
these is the only ones they pray for. This is the worse place you can start, because
inside church there is so much religion, there is so much tradition and there you pray a
long prayer. And inside church you think that God hears you because of your long prayer.
No, you have to go outside church to start. Go out and ‘see I am with you’ Jesus said.
Outside the church the people don’t have the same mind-set. People think they are being heard
for their many prayers and think, “God you are healing me.” No, outside is much easier.
Another poor place people start is with family members. It’s not easy because if you
mess up they will always look at you and think, “Oh, he didn’t pray right, he prayed a wrong
prayer and nothing happened.” That’s why it is often very difficult with family members.
It’s often very difficult with people you are around in church. But when you go out to
people you don’t know then it is different because they don’t look at you and think, “Hey
do you have the gift of healing?” Outside they don’t know about the gift of healing, they
don’t look at you and know this is the first time you are doing it. No, they see you in a
totally different way and that is why it is also easier for them to receive. Another thing
easier outside of church is that if you mess up you go away and you don’t see them again.
You are not going to meet them every day. That’s why it is easier to start with people
you don’t know, so try to do that. Again, faith is like a muscle if something
weighs 50 kilos I cannot to lift 50 kilos. But I am able to lift 5 kilos, what do I do then?
Do I continue to try to lift the 50 kilos? If I fail, “Oh, I don’t have any faith
I am not able, I cannot lift anything.” No, you can lift a lot, maybe not 50 kilos right
now. But because you cannot lift 50 kilos doesn’t mean you cannot lift anything. This
is what we often do, we start with the sickest people inside the church. And because
we are not able to see that person get healed we think we cannot heal anybody. Yes you
can, if you had faith to get saved, you have faith to heal the sick. “But do I need
to get baptized with the Holy Spirit and baptized in water before.” No, you don’t need
that, it is important and I’m going to talk about that later but you don’t need that
if you have faith to get saved, you have faith to heal the sick. But many are starting with
the 50 kilos so they are not able to. Leave the 50 kilos, go out, get some good experience
and grow your faith. Start with 5 kilos and then after you have built up with 5 kilos
you go to 10 kilos after you have built up with 10 kilos, 20 kilos and then you
can lift 20 kilos. This is how many people need to get started. Visualize your faith like a muscle.
It only grows when you use it. Is there something you are not able to lift? Then go and find
something else and start lifting that. What is 5 kilos? What is 2 kilos? Go out find somebody
in the street, maybe young people. Go to them and ask, “Sorry, excuse me, do you
have pain in your body somewhere?” And find somebody who just has pain in their back
or in their shoulder, and other places. And then lay your hands on, if it is the shoulder,
lay your hands on the shoulder. How shall I pray? Pray a short prayer, it’s not
how you pray, it is just to pray! But pray in the name of Jesus, “I say to this shoulder
be healed in the name of Jesus,” and then try it, if it doesn’t work the first time try
it again, “In the name of Jesus be healed.” Try it, maybe you are not able to lift 5 kilos,
maybe you can only lift 1 kilo. Then pray five times because then you have
lifted the 5 kilos. Can you see? If they don’t get healed pray five times again, you pray
again, again and suddenly they are healed. And you are excited because they are healed. So
find someone who has pain in the back go to them and say, “Excuse me is anybody sick? Do you
have pain somewhere?” When they say, “Yes.” “OK, can I pray for you? It will only
take two seconds.” Then you lay on your hands, “God I pray you are going to heal
this back in the name of Jesus. Pain go right now.” And then say, “Check it.” What often
happens the first time is, “Oh, no.” Then you pray again and it’s a little better.
When you hear that, faith begins rising inside of you. So when you pray again
then it is totally gone. Don’t pray a long prayer, because if you pray a
long prayer and it doesn’t work the first time and you
ask if you can pray again many people will say, “No, I don’t have time for that.” And walk away.
But if you pray a short prayer, “God I thank you because you are going to heal
the back in the name of Jesus, Pain go right now!” Ask, OK now?” “No.” Pray again, “Pain go! Go
right now!” It’s a little better, “Pain I command you to go right now! In the name of Jesus!” Then
they say, “Hey! now I’m healed!” I prayed four times in just 20 seconds. So pray
a short prayer and don’t close your eyes. This is my advice, just pray a short prayer
then look at their face to see what is happening because it’s in their face
you can see, “Wow it’s God!” So in the face you can often see what has happened.
This is my advice. This is what I say to people. Don’t go to people and say, “Excuse me
I am a Christian, I come from that church.” OK, maybe you can do that in America, but in Denmark
I don’t go and say ‘I’m a Christian’. But in America I find it good to say that
sometimes, so find your own way to do it. In Denmark and many other places I go and say,
“Excuse me do you have pain somewhere in your body?” And then, “Do you have pain in the
shoulder or back or somewhere?” “Yes, pain in the back why?” I say, “Because we
are seeing people get healed, can I pray for you? It takes two seconds.” Then just lay
your hands on and pray. So start with a smile, “Excuse me can I ask you something? I have
a funny question. Do you have pain in your body somewhere?” Ask them that and then talk about
the pain, don’t talk about Jesus in the beginning, don’t talk about the bible,
don’t talk about the church. Talk about the pain, where do you have it? How long
have you had that? Because then they relax and they get to know you. If you
come and say, “Jesus.” From the beginning they are thinking what do you want? So come to
them asking them, “Excuse me, do you have a pain somewhere?” And then pray for them.
After they get healed you can say, “Hey, what happened there is what you read in the
bible I’m a Christian and Jesus is saying…” And then share the gospel with them, if they
don’t have pain and they ask why. You just say it’s because I’m a Christian
and we pray for sick people and then talk with them about God. This is what I often do.
Another thing I want to say is that people often ask “How long a time do you pray when
people don’t get healed with the first prayer? How many times do you pray?” This is something
you have to feel. Because some people are OK if you continue. Sometimes I invite
people home and we continue praying until there is a breakthrough. But you can’t
very often do that out on the street. Sometimes I ask them if they want to and give them my card
so we can continue praying later. Another thing, I don’t say that to people who didn’t
get healed at that time. Because I have many testimonies where it
only seemed like they didn’t get healed at the time. I remember in Sweden, a short
time ago, I had some people out on the street and one was a worship leader in a church.
I saw a girl on the side of the street and said to the worship leader, “Come with
me! We have to go over there!” God wants to do something. I felt led to her, so I said,
“Come with me,” We went to this girl and I said, “Excuse me do you have
pain in your body somewhere?” She just replied, “No.” “Are you sure you don’t have pain
somewhere?” “No.” I was surprised and it came to me, “Do you have pain in the
stomach?” “No.” I thought, “OK can I pray for you?” “Yes.” with no feeling or
no big thing. I prayed and it felt powerful. I had really felt led to her.
So I asked her, “What did you experience?” She replied, “Nothing.”
“You didn’t experience anything?” “No”. I was standing there with the worship
leader to show her. It was going to be amazing but nothing happened. And I was
like, “Ooo… OK…”, hands on my head. It was not easy to speak, she
was Swedish, without good English. So I said to her, “Just talk to her about
Jesus.” I was thinking, “Oh no…” and I wanted to bury myself in a hole.
It was one experience I wanted to forget. I tried to forget about that experience.
To remember the good things, forget the bad things. This is my way to live. Remember
the good things, use them to grow. Forget the bad things. Paul said in Philippians 4:8,
“…whatsoever things are good, think on these things.” I tried to forget that experience with that girl. Two months later I was back
in the same city in Sweden with the worship leader. She said, “Hey do you remember the girl we
prayed for some months ago?” And I thought, “I tried to forget, now you
ask, ‘Do you remember?’ Ooo…why you did have ask that?” So I said, “Yes
I remember.” She said, “It is fantastic with her!” I didn’t remember that it was fantastic. I said,
“What do you mean?” “Haven’t you heard? Oh, one month later
I was walking in the city and suddenly the young girl came running out of
a disco. She said, ‘I need to talk to you! I need to talk to you! Do you remember
this summer when you and this guy prayed for me?” I said I did. She said, “He asked me if I had
a problem in the stomach and I said no. I had a problem my whole life but I was afraid to
admit it, and when he prayed I got healed. And have not had a problem since. Then and
he prayed for me again and he asked me if I met God and I said no. But I really met God!
And I’ve been thinking of it the last month.” When she told me that and I was amazed!
I wanted to forget that experience. God came. Then she said, “Do you want to meet her?” and
I said what do you mean. “We are friends now she is coming here to us.” “Yes, call her.”
And she came and met God again. So what I thought was a bad experience was a
real great testimony. If I had then gone and said nothing happened,
I would have given a false testimony. Because a lot of things happened.
I have another testimony like that, where I thought nothing happened.
But something did happen. I just say, “Excuse me can I pray for you?” Then I pray. And if
they don’t exactly get totally healed I give them a card, testimonies of God and
I give them the gospel. I walk with them and say, “If you want more we can meet again,
contact me.” Then I just let them go and see how God is working in them. But again, you
learn by doing and find your own way to approach people. The most important thing is not how
you do it, but just to do it, obey God. When you first get kick-started, you will learn
that out on the street you will know and you will build your muscles. Then it’s much easier
to pray for family members, to pray for people at your work, or pray for people
in the church because now you have used your muscles. And as you train up, later you
will be able to lift bigger and stronger things. So again, follow Jesus and follow
me as I follow Jesus. If you already have faith go there and do it. But for most people start
small. Start: go out. Find somebody who is sick. Lay hands on them, pray. When you have
seen the first one go to the next. Go from simple things, after a few hours go to bigger things.
Like my friend Peter who came from Sweden to kick-start and they
started small. And they said, “There is one in wheelchair.” I said, “Oh, let’s start small so
we started small. And the day after they were out alone and they went to someone in
a wheelchair who got up who got healed. It was somehow good I was not there because
if I was there that day maybe I would also have said, “Let’s start small again.” So again,
don’t be limited by what I am saying. The most important thing is that
you get kick-started and you do what God has commanded you to do. Now it is time to do it.
You have heard the teaching about who we are in Christ. You don’t need the gift of healing.
He has called everybody to do it. He has called you. You have heard about obedience and knowledge,
that it’s not about a lot of knowledge. It’s about obedience. You know now that faith is
like a muscle, it grows by using it. Now you need to use it. So I will give you a test.
Next week you have to get kick-started. Take the next week and pray for some people and
see them get healed. And what I encourage you to do is, go out on the street find
at least three people who are sick that you have never met before. Go to people say, “Excuse
me I need to find somebody who is sick somebody who has pain somewhere. Find people with pain.
The most difficult part is often not to pray for them, it is to find them. Often you have
to stop ten, twenty or thirty people before you find somebody. But again you learn boldness
by doing it. Find somebody and say, “Excuse me do you have pain?” When you find someone
who has pain you lay the hands on them. And if they don’t get healed the first time, you
don’t stop. Pray at least three times so find three people with pain, pray at least
three times. Because you then are going to get surprised. You are going to see you are able
to lift this. You are going to see that those people are getting healed and you are going
to get kick-started and it’s going to change your life. You don’t need other people to
kick-start you, like my friend Don from America. I was going to go there. He said, “Tom come
and kick-start me. Tom I look forward to you coming here I cannot
wait, but I want to wait for you to kick-start me.” Yet the week after
he wrote to me again, “Tom I couldn’t wait any more I went out alone and many people got
healed and now I’m training other people.” So just by taking some teaching, just by hearing
what I am saying to you, you can go out and do it. You don’t need other people to kick-start
you. You can do it alone like in the video I talked about last time with the guy from India.
He just went out and did it alone. You can do it. If you don’t have what it takes, find
somebody who does. Find somebody who can kick-start
you, who can help you. Maybe they have not prayed for people before but they are more bold in
approaching people, find them. And I just want to say God spoke to me just yesterday.
The first six lessons of the bible school I have put out. This lesson and the other
five lessons are for everybody. They are out on the internet now so you don’t
have to go on the Pioneer School to see this lesson. So take this lesson,
find someone in your church, a Christian you know who is bolder than
you. Watch this teaching and then decide, now we can go out and try it. Then just do it. “Yeah,
but can I pray for people if I’m sick also?” Yes, if you are sick then you need
to do it! ‘…Give and it shall be given to you.’ The bible says, ‘If you give your bread
to the hungry your wound is going to get healed’. I think it is so important that if you are
sick for you to train your muscles. You do that by praying for other people. Yes, you can
pray for other people when you are sick. Yes, you can pray when you are still not baptized
with the Holy Spirit. Yes, you can pray when you are still not baptized in water. Yes, you
can pray when you still have things you are fighting with, because when you start to get
kick-started it can help you to do other things. But it is important to get baptized in water.
It is important to do that and the other things. I’m going to speak about this the next time
because this is so easy and important that we have the gospel with us, it is important
we know what the gospel is all about. The next time I am going to talk about what the
gospel is and I am going to provoke you. And you are going to get a lot of things out of
you with the glasses. But now we are starting with healing so you can go out. So I encourage you.
I bless you. I send you out in the name of Jesus. Take next week, pray for the first
person who is going to get healed. Get kick-started. Start to use your faith. If you cannot do it
alone find somebody near you who can help you. If you don’t have anyone, try to organize
people around you who can kick-start you. We have it right now in Poland, in Sweden,
in Denmark. We have it other places and I think in the near future we will have people all over
the world who will be able to kick-start others. But right now we don’t have it. So
find somebody and when you have learned it, write to me. I am ready to help to
kick-start other people because then we can use you and send other people to you, so you
can help them to get kick-started. I just encourage you go out and I look forward
to lots more testimonies all over the world. That the first person has gotten healed
through you and later the next person and still later your faith muscles are going to grow.
And then it’s on to bigger and bigger things. You will lead people to Christ and
baptize them in water and then you will baptize with the Holy Spirit. New churches
and new fellowships will start. So start with the first step, go out learn to heal the sick
this the first step, get kick-started! In the next lesson I’m going to take a lot of
time to talk about the gospel, what is the gospel so you are not deceived.
What the gospel is so you give the right gospel to other people so they won’t be deceived.
We are going to see strong Christians who repent, get baptized with the
Holy Spirit, take up their cross and follow Jesus I look forward to hearing testimonies. God bless

100 Replies to “Lesson 6 – Kick-start your Christian life – The Pioneer School”

  1. I've been 'sick' all my life….from a youngster til' now….I'm 52 now……I still have faith….but I have no one to help me actually break down my sickness or illness.

    I'm far from strong enough to deal with it alone…..God knows this, my family and friends know this….I know this.

    There's a big difference between a "headache"…and torn, damaged ligaments, and major colon issues….I know God has no problem with any of these…but there's still a huge difference to a human dealing with them. I write out of total frustration and anxiety in my life. As I get older….I have less energy to "care about every being normal"….all I do is work, sleep and eat and wait for God to take me.

  2. VERY interesting–you mentioned how you quit going out for a few years. John G. Lake (the most famous healer of all time–google him) said that it was not difficult at all to teach people how to heal, rather, it was difficult to find people who would keep up the momentum and keep going out year after year. Well, hmm, I am just still working on trying to break through alone. Our Apostolic church has taught doctrines for so long that foster unbelief and doubt, or rather failed to teach good doctrine. It's really sad, but after talking to people around the church it looks like some are waking up… Please pray for me.

  3. Torben have you had an experience when someone wasn't healed inspite of multiple prayer attempts? Or has anyone else?

  4. Peoples don't need forgive other peoples to get healed. Its very good when they do that but this is not a condition (time 23,56). Please read gospel of Mark 5,25-34 about woman that touch robe of Jesus in crowd and get healed. Jesus don't know who touch him (i really believe literally that he don't know in that time who touch him) but the Power of God flow out from him and she was healed. He don't know who touch him, and Jesus don't know that this person have any sin in her life or this person was bad or good. She was healed and period.
    When you start thinking about person that she have sin or not you starting judge peoples.

    And James 5,14 talks of course about time when Christians heal Christians, and elders are Christians more experienced in Church… More trained.

  5. I went out to a park, and prayed for several people. The Lord showed me that someone had knee pain. So I asked the 2 people that were near me if they had pain in their knees. They said yes. I prayed twice for him, and he was healed.

    Another lady was on the ground with her legs out. She was stretching and couldn't quite reach 3/4 the way down her shin. She told me she worked 60 hours, had back pain and couldn't touch her feet. I prayed for her the first time (very short prayer for: healing, flexibility and strength) and she was able to touch her feet. She said, "Wow! That's weird." I said, "No, that's Jesus :)" then I prayed a second time and she wrapped her fingers around her feet. Praise God!

  6. I just kick-started a couple guys in my area yesterday. It was a lot of fun! We saw several people get healed. We even prayed for a Mexican lady while her daughter translated for us. We saw Jesus heal: headaches, hip pain, and a guy started walking without crutches. It was my first time kick-starting people, and it was a lot of fun! I encourage you to do it too!

  7. Wow I cannot begin to tell of all God is doing in my life. Just since I found these videos that I believe God led me to. I have been hungry for this for 3 years. I have been in a pentecostal church for almost 6 years now and I have seen amazing things and experienced amazing things as well, but I started to have a burden for the lost. I know it is of God because recently I am getting a lot of confimation. Thank you Jesus. I am just excited about this. Don't really know what is to come so I am fasting and praying!

  8. I have to say this to everyone! When you pray and God doesn't heal them do not give up and say no more of this! Tests will come and God will put you through them. He want's to see if you are going to give up ! Don't doubt, keep believing and keep praying! You will see!

  9. I went in town to pray with a friends for sick people, it was the first time for me to do this. I had never seen somebody healed out of a church or get healed by me. I prayed for a mute person and then I prayed for one man with a problem to one of his arm, but they didn't get healed 🙁 I want to see God's power to touch people and show them God is alive, but it doesn't work… Anybody can help me?

  10. Praise God! Yesterday I prayed for my daughter's sore throat and immediately the pain was gone. I asked her how it was and she had the same reaction as those in your videos. She said OMG and giggled sip some water giggled again then finished the cup. Thanks Torben just by watching your videos 1 to 5 and the movie, I decided to begin praying for the sick. To God be the glory!

  11. I've stared to pray for people who had pains (in theire legs, backs, shoulders), i thanks Jesus for having seen the Last reformation The movie, this what i was waiting for, in this life i recognise the Jesus i read in the Bible. We are from Réunion Island (Indian Ocean – French UltraMarine Department) thanks you for all this lessons, it answered all the question we've my friends and me, so i think i will start to kickstart people. I want them to live the Disciple live without having the chains of knowledge but only the freedom given by obediance. Thank you torben, i Hope a day i will meet you, by me coming to Danemark, or by you coming here at Reunion Ilsand

  12. it works we ve tried it this evening. talked to 25 people found some sick ones and prayed for them 4 got healed. you should have seen their faces… suprised like in the last ref. movie great ! praise god. torben if you come to south germany please tell. be blessed bro. we d love to meet you.

  13. I'm very much like u r teaching. I'm believer past ten years. my two kids baptized but my husband is Hindu Hes against about my faith. because I was Catholic before. I'm praying every day and night. one night I show a dream that some old lady asking me a alcol. So I look in sky and ask God what to do and there wrote' milk' so I got very happy I Said that's easy for me I can give. So I remember I said Lord pls tell me what I do for change my husband's life he should know the true Lord. So sky open and all r rejoicing there so much peace over there. suddenly I show sunlight one eye with Sun glass and glass was down on nose and the eye was red and sleepe so I said write don't show I don't understand. So in my maid said I'll tel u what is it. then in my maid get up in the night and pray. emigettly I got up and Glorified the Lord. brother what's the meaing ? can u pls pray for me and write.

  14. Just to add of what you say about sin and healing in James 5:14-16… in John 9:1-3
    1 And as Jesus passed by, he saw a man which was blind from his birth. 2 And his disciples asked him, saying, Master, who did sin, this man, or his parents, that he was born blind? 3
    Jesus answered, Neither hath this man sinned, nor his parents: but that the works of God should be made manifest in him.

  15. iam frome Montreal Qué Canada i love your teaching iam 75years young i wish u have freanch teaching ty and God blesse to day iam in lesone 6

  16. I think before you are saved, the person praying's faith heals you. After you are saved, you have to do the forgiveness and repentense thing, to be healed.

  17. Hi Brother we need you here in Maryland United States, the church is so hungry, of this life.
    we all have been talking about you and all the great things the Lord is doing all over the world and we need you to come here…please brother.

  18. Really appreciate this teaching, but the thing is; I need healing myself, both physical and psychologicaly, and I think that's what blockning me from reaching out to others. How can I pray for someone else when I'm not well myself? I really want to kickstart, but my faith has gotten weak because it feels like God has forgotten about me. Have prayed for myself already. This is so frustrating. Can I lay hands on myself and pray or do I need someone else to do it???

  19. A very powerful tool….I love this teaching…this is a exciting lesson about being kick-started in our Christian life. A good teaching.

  20. I have a serious question for anyone who is willing to be compassionate and give me honest answer. How many times can you pray for healing? I fully believe that praying for healing is biblical and what God wants us to do! But I don't see healing when I pray- for my mom (having problems with her scalp) and even my daughter (little bumps and bruises) I don't doubt the healing power of Jesus but I am getting confused and discouraged.

  21. Thank you for your lesson teachings Torben and praise the Lord. I've been watching and had the courage to practice praying for healing for my mother-in-law who had inflammation and arthritis in her hands and feet and she got healed. I also prayed for my youngest daughter for God to heal her sore throat last night and she got healed. Today, I prayed for my older sister's ankle to heal from a an accident about 20 years ago and she got healed. God is good. Praise the Lord!

  22. All Christians can do this healing "by faith" that Jesus paid the price and others "will" not "can" but "will" get healed. Just have faith and confidence that you praying for someone's illness, sickness, or pain will get healed and it will. Don't get discouraged, try a couple of times and ask that person to get up and walk or move or do something they were not able to do before.

  23. I like the example with the two girls in Poland. I 'd like to meet someone to kickstart me here in Hungary. Hungarians, where are You ??? MAGYAROK, HOL VAGYTOK ???

  24. I really do love your teaching Torben, but to download the lessons is difficult as we do not have the zip address, so can you please do it on adobe reader. I really would love to go through the whole lessons from a hard copy if may available on adobe.

  25. Minute 1:00:50. "I got pain in my whole life. But I was afraid to admit that" Torben, I also have got a pain in my whole life and there is nobody here in Hungary who would help me. Please send someone here, please…

  26. Our son was very sick. We didn't know what was wrong, but I was very afraid that he was dying. My husband was taking him to the ER and I prayed over him, "Lord, I know how much I love C, but I know you love him so much more than I do and I am trusting you to take care of him." The Lord gave me a sense of peace and all the fear left me, and I knew our son was on his way to being healed, and for the first time in weeks, I was not afraid, I was excited! At the ER, we found out he had bilateral acute kidney failure. We were sent by ambulance two hours away to the children hospital, so they could begin dialysis, and the doctor, assured me before we left, that his gut told him our child would live. I was SURE he would live! When we got there, his kidney's began to spontaneously function. We arrived at 3 am, and they were surprised when I told them that he was going to be alright…..then they saw the urine output and shifted their approach, and they began to give him medicines to bind up toxins and kept monitoring him. They kept coming to me and saying, "Do you realize it never happens like this?" Apparently, usually, a child will be on dialysis for 7 to 10 weeks when they arrive in the state like our child. By 6 pm, they moved him from the intensive care unit to a regular floor and he was discharged a day and a half later, with fully functioning kidneys! They said they would never expect him to have that level of functioning…..but God is good and I DID expect that God would do whatever needed to be done, and he did! I heard about Torbin, a year or so after that and saw the videos! I KNOW that God can do even the BIG healings! Still, today! Our God reigns!

  27. …OMG the teaching is changing my mind Amazing, Thank you GOD. is like something i waited all my hole life.

  28. I used to do street ministry. I went out with an Assemblies of God church, doing door to door evangelism, but we rarely prayed for folks. Then I did some evangelism on my own for a weekend. Witnessed to more people in one weekend than ever in my life… thought I hit my breakthrough and had planned on doing more. But something happened and I became more reclusive than ever before. These videos have reignited that flame within me and I am eager to get going again, but honestly would prefer to have a ministry partner to help keep me focused and accountable.

  29. one time I prayed for a young person begging. as far as I know nothing happened. I gave her some money. maybe I need to say more directly some stuff about Jesus. I find I don't know what to say to get started.

  30. OK. I went out today. I was scared. 20 people went by till I got the courage to talk to someone. so I approached a man and I said " excuse me I have a weird question for you. do you have any pain in your body.? " he said no so I said OK god bless you and he said the same and then he left. I felt I could have said more now I think about it. but this is my 1st icebreaker I think. I will go out again and I hope for more boldness.

  31. OK nobody seems to be reading this but just in case anyone wants to comment I will post this other experience too. after I went shopping last night there was a man begging outside the store so I stopped to give him some food. I asked if he was sick and he answered no so I asked" any pain of any kind?" again no. so I told him I was a Christian and could I pray for him. he was glad and bowed his head. do I asked god to bless him with work and to change his situation. later I gave him some more food and a little money and he was glad to receive it. then I went on my way.

  32. amazing torben! even today we people who have hunger to know what we are called to do are led to your videos to know the truth 🙂

  33. Dear Toribin  James 5:16  the word ''elders'' refers to anyone who by reason of intermingling with the spirit and the word of God has reached maturity . He could be a young person age-wise  but in the things of the spirit has exercised himself or herself to what the scripture '' meat of the word '' and not '' milk of the word''

  34. how do u rekickstart yourself I kick started myself but now the miracles stopped how do I rekickstart?

  35. I believe that Jesus sent the disciples out by twos for the very reason of building faith off of one another and because where two or more (witnesses who agree with one another on the task set before them) are gathered in My name, there I shall be among you (and of course we know the Holy Spirit counts as one when we receive Him). We tend to do things we wouldn't normally have the guts to do when someone else is with us; especially when that someone is pretty gutsy and daring too; we draw off each other's faith.

  36. I've had Pastors use the scripture about "feeding the disciples milk because they were babies (beginners in faith)" as an excuse not to teach on the real power of faith to heal, deliver, raise the dead, prophesy, etc. They won't even acknowledge the rest of the scripture where Paul returned to see how the disciples were doing in their faith and rebuked the disciples because they remained as infants and were still drinking milk when they should have been fully matured in their faith by then and eating meat. Pastors have said, "Oh they aren't ready for that, they are just babies. We don't want to scare them off." But what about the people who aren't babies? And besides that, we live in a society where people want explosive change, we want excitement, we want dramatic, we want to see things and experience things that we have never experienced before; especially when it comes to God! Pastors are just selfish and are thinking about themselves, not the congregation; sorry to say but it is true. They don't want to stir the pot.

  37. Praise God! I saw this 6th lesson yesterday and today I prayed for stranger woman with spine pain and she was healed. Thank you Jesus, I feel so happy !

  38. I felt so much motivated and incouranged. For sure soon I will sart my kic-start for the Glory of God..amen …Thank you very much for this amazing teaching.

  39. I never been baptized and spoke in tongues but i want to but dont know who should baptize me and how I ask the lord for his gift of the spirit

  40. What do you say to someone who is in a wheel chair or is apparently unwell? Its kinda awkward to go up to them and say can I pray for you being I don't know exactly if it's a long-term illness or not or what the background is.

  41. I've been out on the street praying for healing and doing in the church and with my home church group and my Christian friends.
    With no evidence of the being any healing and I have faith have been baptized, I can talk in tongs I am aware of Jesus is in me in the holy spirit and I'm gods temple and we work as one but I am not getting results.
    I have dreams that send me to heal people and even get their symptoms. But still no miraculous healings done before my eyes. I haven't been baptised in the spirit and I'm walking a journey to stop sinning but I keep on masturbating once a week and feel maybe is this stopping me from fulfilling what God has put in me.
    I'm starting to have doubts because I have so many things happen but for some reason I can't seem to hear anybody immediately that I'm aware of or have seen please could you give me advice as it's driving me crazy now and I do believe in God Jesus

  42. The kickstart in the arab countries has started in the arab countries. The last reformation arabic woooooooh
    Thank you Holy Spirit!!!!!!!

  43. I am from Toronto Canada,  and I am Brazilian…..thanks you for the teachings….is wonderful…now I am feeling with courage to go out and do more. Inside the church today I prayed for a sick person, but I don't know if she got healed.

  44. Hey brother Torben! I watched this lesson today and I went out in the streets!

    I walked for almost an hour before I had the courage to pray for someone. Then I decided to stop and approach a lady cleaning a sidewalk. I asked if she had any pain and she said it was on her back. I prayed and she said it felt better. I said a few things about Jesus and walked away. I prayed for a man also, he had pain on his arm. He said it was better after the prayer and that he didn't like churches so he wasn't going to any. I said that Jesus is alive and we should repent from our sins and get baptized in water: "Baptized in Jesus, not in a church". I said a couple things more and when didn't know what else to add I said good-bye.

    In addition I would like to thank God for your advices, like start praying for people you don't know because it's easier. And pray for others even being sick, because our faith will increase. I didn't get my healing yet but I feel more faith in my heart. And it is amazing. I'm already in contact with kick-started-people around me and I know God has healing for me. Then I'll have my own story to share!

    God be praised!!!! For all the eternity, AMEN!!!!!

  45. unless the Holy Spirit draws a person to Christ, nobody can kick start anyone. The Fire of the Holy Spirit Baptism is needed for the power of God to manifest in a preaching..

  46. 30+ years born again, spirit filled. THOUSANDS of hours in a pew, thousands of sermons. Been in prison and street ministry in my earlier days and have led a dozen or so people to Christ over the years and have little to no fruit other than I love the Lord dearly and have been starving spiritually…..never have I heard teaching like this with the depth and clarity and revelation that comes from it. I almost can't sleep at night. I have never been taught to disciple anyone in this manner. I believe healing is the catalyst to reaching the masses now because you are sharing the gospel with demonstration of POWER…I have soon much to say….and soon much to do. This is what I have always thought I/we were supposed to be but never knew how to unlock Gods provisions. To GOD be the Glory…..thank you Jesus Thank you Jesus, you are such a loving beautiful patient savior

  47. Hello everyone, if you need help to be kick started in Portland, OR area. Im waiting on you to call me, will be happy to help you 360-907-8862 Alex.

  48. Dans le livre des actes n'est il pas exact qu'ils ont accompli des guérisons qu'après avoir reçu et revêtu la puissance du Saint Esprit à la pentecôte? Car je sais bien que nous recevons la présence du Saint Esprit lors de notre conversion… mais on parle aussi du Baptême de Saint esprit?Est ce que ce n'est pas qu'à ce moment là que l'on peut faire des guérisons? Merci pour votre réponse 🙂

  49. Torben, you mentioned 36:42, so prayer of the Righteous person is powerful since the other people who were sinners and not righteous, in James 5:16 it was mentioned that elder of the church to be prayed for them so they could be healed? if So in lesson 4 or 5 you speak about Mohammad who you prayed and got healed and got baptized in Holy Spirit was able to pray for others and they got healed?

    The question here is:
    1) As mentioned in Lesson 4/5. the person who has the faith when he prays Holy Spirit heals is it right?
    2) And Mohammad he is non-christian and received Christ, as soon as he receives Holy Spirit does he becomes the Righteous person? In Roman 3:10 None is righteous, no, not one; Could you put some light on it?
    3) Faith vs Righteousness vs Sin does it has to do something with Healing and this somehow brought confusion to me, could anyone clarify it ??

    And anyone who is reading it, don't let this comment doubt your faith, i just want the clarification!

  50. I have done this before through Jesus. When I was a full blown shameless sinner! A friend of mine felt a seizure coming on. I put my hands on her and prayed, and prayed. Then 10min later she says, "what happened? Why are you touching me?". I said Jesus happened.

  51. I am Jim Sikder from Bangladesh.Today I have Just kick Started alone……Wow its worked… Prayed for two sick people they Got Healed and Pray other two they Th=ouch by holy spirit… Thank you Lord Jesus““` It has changed my life. i have decided to do what Jesus Commanded…..

  52. What precautions do one has to take while casting out demons? Because I have been taught that it is very dangerous and one has to have a guiding person or something..
    Can you tell me how precautious one should be?

  53. I m very delighted to find out these teaching,same years ago i laid hand on same one who was manifesting,and immediately i did so, he was free,a lady come to me so amazed and she said to me, we'd been praying for this guy for along time but as soon as you lay hand on him/ it was gone.but after she step aside, the Pastor came to me and said to me not pray for anyone.that was five years ago,i left the church,but today i m a happy person knowing that i did a right thing,and don't need to be ordained..thank you God bless you abundantly.

  54. My life changed the day I was Kickstarted! It was the 03/05/2018 in Paris! Thank you so much Torben. All the glory to God !

  55. I need to make a testimony, a few days ago I was afraid of healing someone which had a serious back pain but I prayed that night before the healing day with faith in the morning I prayed again and I thanked Jesus for the healing. Then when I arrived at work my colleague was free of pain from that same morning. Glory to Jesus! Earlier I prayed for a twisted ankle of one of my students that had the pain for a few weeks and was walking with a walking stick, I prayed in the name of Jesus and the pain left but some remained like 10%, I haven't received the water baptism but I already repented of my sins, I'm eagerly waiting for that moment… I am living for Jesus

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