Lesson 21 – Casting out demons – The Pioneer School Extra

Lesson 21 – Casting out demons – The Pioneer School Extra

Hey guys, I’m back again after a two years
break with doing the Pioneer School. We are back again with new lessons for
you. We have looked so much forward to this day and we are so excited about
coming out with more teaching. The first teaching is about casting out
demons because I did not have that in the first 20 lessons. Today we are going
to look at Jesus, how He drove out demons how He called the 12 to do it, the 70 to
do it and now it is for everyone who believes. But, but, but there will always
be religious people who don’t like it. There will always be people who say be
careful this is not for today. So we are going to look at that. What is
demonic? What is not demonic? Because it is not always a demon. Sometimes we
need to cast out demons. Other times we need to renew our mind. But sometimes
casting out a demon and renewing the mind is not enough. Because we also need
the gospel. The gospel is where people often truly are set free. Hello everybody out there. We are back
again with the Pioneer School. It is now around almost two and a half years ago
since I did the last lesson on the Pioneer School. And a lot of things have
happened since. The Pioneer School has been translated into many languages.
They have gone all over the world. And many people have joined me in the
Pioneer School in this journey to get the religious glasses off and to come
into the life we read about in the book of Acts. And I have to say since I have
made the Pioneer School a lot of things have happened. A lot of things have
happened in our life. A lot of personal things have happened in my life in
my walk with God and we have learned a lot of things since. And it has been a crazy time. There has
really been some crazy years since we were alone in the basement and I did
the Pioneer School. And now we have moved to another city and we have
seen it has exploded all over the world. We have come up with a movie since.
The Last Reformation movie. And we are now doing movie number two.
And things are just growing. It is really growing all over. There are people who
have asked me again and again when I have been out, “When am I going to make
a new teaching to the Pioneer School?” “When am I going to come up with more
teaching?” And my response has often been, “Have you obeyed the first thing
you learned?” Because we as people, we always want more teaching. When
we hear something that is the truth we say ‘ok’ this truth, this is what I
need to do. But then right away we think, ‘Ok’ this is the truth, this is what I
need to do. Ok let me get more teaching. And then we get more knowledge
and more teaching and more knowledge and more teaching and that is ok. But it’s
not ok if we forget to do the first thing. This is what I have seen, and that is why
I have not been in a hurry to come out with more teaching on the Pioneer School,
because I want people to get the foundation first. I want people to obey
the first thing before we start to add more things to the Pioneer School. But,
half a year ago I started to experience God said to me “Now it is time, now it is
time, now it is time to do more teaching to the Pioneer School. And as soon as I
started to prepare for that, ‘Hell broke loose’. A lot of things
happened and we had a crazy time the last half year. We experienced a lot
of persecution, a lot of fights, because I know Satan doesn’t want this teaching
to come out. Today I am going to talk about deliverance, how to cast out
demons, and I know that Satan doesn’t like it. He really doesn’t like this
teaching. And that is why it has taken such a long time to come to this point,
‘Now we just do it. We need to get it out’ But before I talk about casting out demons
and what I am going to talk about today, next time I am going to talk about
deliverance. Then I want to say some of the other things I am going to talk
about in the next lessons here, is about ‘life, about that life is hard’,
about persecution. One thing that really shocked me the
last two years since I finished up with the Pioneer School is the persecution.
People have been lying about me, telling a lot of wrong things about me
and it’s so hard to see. And I can also see that God is working through
persecution because my flesh wanted to give back, but God said “be quiet”
and “seek Him instead”. I see the fruit of that and we got a prophecy about that
some years ago that we would experience a lot of persecution and people who are
close to us is going to lie and say a lot of things. But if we handle it correctly God
is going to increase the mercy over our life and we are going to see greater
things. And this is what is happening. The last 3 places I have been out, have
been amazing, I was in Hungary and some of you met me in Hungary. Hungary was just
beautiful. We baptised around 120 to 130 people in a mall and there is going
to come a video out from that. Then we went to Canada and Canada was
beautiful, our friends in Canada they just took it. And it’s going to explode. Just
this weekend we were in Germany in Hannover. And in Hannover I experienced
something that still blows my mind. I am still thinking ‘what just happened there?
At one time in Hanover at the meeting people came and I prayed for them and
the Holy Spirit just came as I never seen before. I just took their hand and
the Holy Spirit did the work and one by one got baptised with the Holy Spirit,
got healed, got set free. A woman was afraid, she had cancer in her body,
because I think her parents had died from cancer. She now had something
in her knee and she was afraid it was cancer. And I took her hand and the
Holy Spirit just came over her. She fell down and that one knee was shaking,
shaking, shaking like there was a demon in that knee and I said, “Come out in the
name of Jesus” and suddenly that knee just fell down and she opened her eyes
in amazement and she just felt something left her. Later we were out on the street
in Hannover where a woman came with a cane. And as soon as she came, she
started to manifest, before I actually started to pray for her, she started to
manifest. And it ended up that she fell down and the demon shouted through her
and spoke and something left her and she could walk without the cane afterwards.
And later she got baptised. And every time we are out we just see God is doing
new things. So I can say for me it has been a journey. For me it is still a
journey. I am still learning. I am learning a lot of things
and I know for many of you it has also been a journey.
And I hope that you will continue learning with us and this is why
we do those teachings we are doing now because what we have learned the last
year we want to continue giving and what we are going to learn the next half year
we want to continue giving because life is really a journey. So some of the
lessons I am going to do I am going to do about deliverance. I am going to do
about life is hard, about persecution. I am going to do about, I want to do one
just about Jesus where we really look at Him. And I also want to do about church
planting and other things later. So that is just an introduction. But I want to say
“God is faithful, Jesus is amazing” and through all of that we just love Him more
and more. We just come in and see this is the real life. The real life we read
about in the book of Acts. It is not just about healing. It’s also
about persecution. It’s also about a hard life. It’s also about giving up
things. It’s also about humbling ourselves. It’s also about healing. It’s
also about casting out demons. It’s also about baptism with the Holy Spirit.
It’s about the whole package, and this is what we want. So it is so good to be
back again guys. I have missed you. I have wanted this for a long time but
now I feel God is saying, “Now it’s time” And I am going to say much more about
that in the next lessons and talk about what God has been doing and what we
have been learning. And I want to do this teaching as practical as possible again.
Because it is not only head knowledge. I want to do teaching, so we can
receive it and actually do it. First I want to say again, when I start
now with these lessons here I still see that the 20 lessons on the Pioneer School
is somehow the foundation. This is 20 lessons, I still agree with the teaching.
It is still the word of God and I encourage you that if you just start
now and have not seen the 20 lessons, it would be good to go back and see all
20 lessons. Because some of the things I am going to say here, I am going to say
in a way that I am talking to people who have already heard the foundation. They
have already seen the Pioneer School. So if you have not seen all 20 lessons, I
encourage you to also remember them. Go back and see all 20 lessons so you
will be on that journey together with us. That was the intro. I want to pray and
then we are going to start with focus on deliverance. “God thank you for
everything you are doing thank you for the amazing testimonies we are
hearing coming in all over the world through the Pioneer School and through
the movie and YouTube videos and the Kick-Start that is now happening and is
spreading. Jesus we want you. We love you Jesus. We want to serve you and
we want to be faithful in everything you have called us to. Come with Your
Holy Spirit. Come and open our eyes, open our ears, and help us to live the
life you have for us. Set us free also when it comes to deliverance and
casting out demons from those religious glasses and any fear. And
help us to obey you in this area. In the name of Jesus. Amen Now we are going to focus on Deliverance,
and how to cast out demons. First when we talk about casting out demons there is
some people in the churches who are out here (negative sign) who say that
deliverance and casting out demons are not for today. This is something we should
keep away from. This is something we should not do. But there are also people
on the other side (plus sign) who do it a lot and almost see demons everywhere and
always talk about Satan and demons etc. And there is a lot of things have been
said about casting out demons. When I have been out traveling, I have been in many
places and I have heard many things, I met Christians who said that you cannot
cast demons out of Christians because Christians cannot have demons. But I have
also been to other places where I heard people say you are not allowed to cast
demons out of ‘non-Christians.’ It should only be Christians who can get
the Holy Spirit because if you cast demons out of a non- Christian that
demon will come back and it will be worse than before. So there are a
lot of people saying a lot of different things and that has to do
with our background and our stories and what we are used to. Myself, when I
became a Christian, when I met God, I came in a church where I believed in
deliverance, but it was so often something we heard about from Africa.
It was actually pastors who came home and they had been in Africa and suddenly
they told about how some people in Africa had demons and got set free from demons.
And me and many other people somehow many believe today also that demonic and
demons and casting out demons is mostly in Africa and other countries.
But I tell you there is demons here also in the west where we are living.
So I believe in demons, in deliverance because I read it in the Bible. But like
many others I did not have experience in it. I did not know how it worked and
the first time I really saw a deliverance take place was actually in my own living
room. I had a woman in my living room who suddenly started to manifest. And
she fell down and this demon spoke through her. And she said with a big
voice, “Go to hell, go to hell”. And when I heard that, my first response was ‘Aa!
A demon! The next response was ‘Aa, I need a priest’. Because in my mind
I thought ‘ok, casting out demons is dangerous. It’s only for a few people
and you have to be ordained or be a priest to do anything that
has to do with demons. So I was like ‘whoa’ there’s a demon I
need a priest. But because there was only me and a girl hiding behind the sofa who
was afraid of all of that in that room. I needed to try. I needed to try to see
how. Because there was no priest. So I went to her and said,
“Who are you?” and I heard the demon again,
“Go to hell, go to hell”. But I don’t want to go to hell so I said “No, come out in
the name of Jesus. You can go to hell!” And when I said that, “Come out in the
name of Jesus”, “Raaa!”, something came out. She spat something out
and she there got delivered. When I saw that deliverance, the first
deliverance I was like ‘wow’ it’s working. It’s real! Since then we have gone through
many teachings. We have heard many things about casting out demons, about
deliverance. And again and again I have come back to the simple thing. It doesn’t
have to be so complicated. It’s the simple truth. It’s just look at Jesus. We don’t
have to read a lot of books and we don’t have to do a lot of things. It is
just that simple faith and that simple authority and we just know that
this is what we are called to do. And more we don’t need. A few years ago
I saw the first deliverance. Now it is something we see almost, not daily,
but every week we see deliverance. Every time somebody comes to us we
actually just start to pray deliverance to see if there is a demon in them, if they
need deliverance. Sometimes they do. Sometimes they don’t. But let’s
look at Jesus, every time we talk about theology, no matter what we talk
about in theology, let’s look at Jesus. always start with Him. Jesus. Did Jesus drive out demons?
‘Yes He did. He did.’ Jesus drove out a lot of demons. If we
look at Jesus it was actually a big part of His ministry. And you read again and
again, it almost looks like He did 50% preaching and 25% healing and 25%
casting out demons. Because, you see it was so much part of His life. And if we
truly believe that we are the body of Christ here on earth, then of course we
should do the same thing He was doing because He has not changed.
So if we look at Jesus, one of the things we read about Jesus is here in Mark 1:34
Jesus healed many who were sick with various diseases and cast out many
demons. So Jesus cast out many demons. And people were actually amazed when
they saw Him and some of them said ‘Hey look at this guy.’
Even the demons obey Him. So Jesus had an authority and one of the
things Jesus did again and again and again was to cast out demons. But as we know
the harvest was great and the workers were few and Jesus therefore called 12 others
to Him and gave them the same authority. Because we see that the 12 others He
called also drove out demons. And one of the things He said to those 12 was, ‘He
said – first He gave them authority over unclean spirits to cast them out. So Jesus
called them together, gave them authority over the unclean spirits to cast
them out and to heal everybody who was sick. And what do we read? We read
that He commanded them to heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse the leper,
cast out demons’. You receive for nothing you give for nothing. So again you see
here that Jesus drove out many demons. He called the 12 together and
one of the things He gave them was the authority over unclean spirits so
they could cast them out. And then He sent them out with that
commandment, not only to heal the sick and raise the dead and cleanse the lepers,
but also to cast out demons. And I want to say, the more we look into it, to cast
out demons, is not just a good suggestion. It is not just something we can chose to
do if we want. It’s actually a commandment It was a commandment He gave to people.
Not only to heal the sick. Not only to cast out demons. Not only to preach the gospel, but to
heal the sick, cast out demons, and preach the gospel. To do everything,
This is His command to us. But we read in the Bible, so Jesus did it,
the 12 did it. But then we read there in Luke that He called 70 other people to
Him. And you also see that those 70 people other people also cast out demons. One of
the things He said to them when He sent them out was in Luke 10:9. He said “Heal
the sick in the city and say to them the kingdom of God has come near to you.”
There are people now who say ‘yes, there look there, Jesus did not command them to
cast out demons. Jesus only said to them that they should heal the sick and say
that the kingdom of God has come near to them. But the kingdom of God
is not by words only. The kingdom of God is by power and what you are going to
see later is that when demons are cast out, this is actually showing that
the kingdom of God is near. But what is interesting also here is you
don’t read here exactly that the 70 got the command by Jesus to cast out demons.
Here He only said that they should heal the sick. But healing the sick and casting
out demons is one and the same thing. It’s same thing. What is interesting is
what we read there in Luke 10, what happened when the 70 returned. Because
when those 70 disciples returned, the 70 returned with joy saying, “Lord’ even the
demons obey us when we use your name. So when those 70 came back, they came
back rejoicing saying “Lord even the demons obey when we use your name.”
And the same joy you will experience. The same joy you will experience when you
use the name of Jesus and in the authority Jesus has given you to cast out demons.
Why? Because it’s amazing to see life change. It’s amazing to see how a demon
is leaving somebody and then they are free. And to know that this is the
authority Jesus has given to us. Because this is what He said later, He
said behold I have given you authority to tread on serpents and scorpions and
over all the power of the enemy and nothing shall hurt you. So Jesus has given
authority, not only to the 12, not only to the 70, but to you and me. So we see here
that Jesus drove out demons. The 12 drove out demons and the 70 drove out demons.
And when the 70 came back, they rejoiced because the demon obeys in Jesus name.
But Jesus He was like ‘come on’ of course demons obey in My name, because He said,
“Nevertheless, do not rejoice in that, because the demon obeys is a common
thing. But rejoice not in that the spirits are subject to you. But rejoice that
your name is written in heaven. So demons, of course demons obey in the
name of Jesus. Of course demons obey in Jesus’ name and of course we should cast
out demons. But as Jesus said we should not rejoice in that because that is a
common thing. That should be normal. But we should rejoice that our
names are written in heaven. But here you actually see
the clear picture again, as I also did with healing in the
Pioneer School in the 20 lessons. But we see the clear picture. Jesus went
around. He did not only heal the sick. He also cast out demons. But He also said
the harvest is great and the workers are few. So He called 12 others to Him. He
did not command those 12 only to heal the sick. No, He also called them to cast out
demons. But again He said the harvest is great, but the workers are few. So He
called 70 others to Him and sent them out to heal the sick and preach the
kingdom. But the kingdom isn’t words only. It is power. So they rejoiced because they
came home saying, “Lord even the demons obey us.” And then Jesus said, “Behold I
have given you authority.” And the same authority He has now given to you and
me. And Jesus is the same. And if we truly believe that Jesus is the same
yesterday, today and forever and we are His disciples, then we need to obey
Him. And we need to obey Him in everything, also the part of
casting out demons. Because what you are going to see is
believers also drive out demons. In Matthew 28 He said, that “All authority
on heaven and earth has been given to Me. Go therefore and make disciples of
the whole world. So Jesus had been given all authority in heaven and on earth and
we are called, they are called to go and make disciples of the whole world,
baptising them and teach them to obey everything that He has taught. So, see it like this. Jesus took the 12,
He took the 70, He commanded them to go out preach the gospel, heal the sick and
cast out demons, and then He said all authority is given to me. Go therefore
out making disciples of the whole world. Now it is not only for the 12. It’s not
only for the 70. Now it is everyone who is called to be a disciple of Jesus. And
one of the things we as disciples should do, be, we should be baptised, and then
we should obey everything Jesus has commanded. And what has He
commanded? To cast out demons, Why do I cast out demons? Not because
I am like ‘I am a demon guy, I love demons, and look for demons,
think of demons and go around to find where there is demons.’
I cast demons out because I love Jesus. It is so simple, I cast demons out,
I do what I do because I love Jesus. Because I want to serve him and because
I want him some day to say “You good and faithful servant.” I want to be a good and
faithful servant. I want to serve Jesus. I love him, and because I love Him, I read
in my Bible that He has not just given me a place where He has said Torben you can
just chose and you can do what you want to but He has said “Torben do you want to
follow Me?” and I said “Jesus I want follow you.” Jesus says, “then keep My
commandments, then obey what I have commanded you. And one of the things He
has commanded us is to cast out demons. We also read that in Mark so clear, when
Jesus is saying whosoever believes and is baptised shall be saved. But whoever does
not believe shall be condemned and that is something we believe in. We believe that,
if we believe and are baptised we shall be saved. And if we don’t we shall be
condemned. And I believe that churches believe in what Jesus is saying here. But
it is not many who believe in the next line, because when we talk about that the next
line is: ‘And these signs will follow those who believe.’ So it is talking about that
there are some signs that follow those who believe. What are those signs that
are following? The first thing that you read there is, “In My name they shall
cast out demons.” And it is so interesting because this actually is the first thing
we read in the Bible. So here Jesus Himself is saying, “The one who I believes
and is baptised shall be saved. The one who does not believe shall be condemned.”
And then He said, “And these signs shall follow those who believe.”
The first thing Jesus said there is following the believers, people who
believe, is casting out demons. The first thing He says was casting out
demons. The first thing He said was ‘not’ that we dress up every Sunday and we go
to church or we look nice or we do other things. The first thing Jesus Himself is
saying is of signs that are following people ‘not’ with a special gift, not
priest, not apostles, not people who are special something, but believers. Those
signs which follow believers, is that we in His name, by the authority
He has been given to all men that we now cast out demons.
And in many ways, if we look at this. If we look at
what Jesus did, if we look at the 12, if we look at the 70
and we look at what Jesus is saying, it’s now for every
believer. This is so clear, but then we have the religious people who very
often don’t see the clear picture but take a few scriptures out of context and say
‘no, no, no, no it’s dangerous. What about this, and what about this, and what
about this? But it’s time to take those religious glasses off. So I have one
more here. I call it ‘religious people,’ who do not believe in casting out
demons. Who do not obey everything Jesus is saying here and say,
‘No, no, no. Demons are not for today. We should not cast demons out today.
No, no, no. Its dangerous. No, Christians cannot have demons.
There are no demons today, No! Now we have the word of God and
as soon as we got the word of God demons just disappeared or
maybe there is a few demons left but they are in Africa, far, far away
from the Western church, because we have knowledge now,
we are so smart. No, no, no. What do those religious people sometimes
say? They also quote scripture, they quote this famous scripture Matthew 7. Many
will say to me one day “Lord, Lord have we not prophesied in your name? Have we not
cast out demons? Have we not in Your name cast out demons? And Jesus said, “And
then I will declare unto them I never knew you. Depart from me you workers
of lawlessness.” And this is what often happens today with the way
we read the Bible and tradition. We take our eyes away from Jesus
and forget that Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever and
we are His body here on earth, and He has not changed. We as His body
should live the same life He did. And we see what He did there. We see that
He called the 12 to do it, the 70 to do it Now it’s for every believer and “In My
name we should cast out demons”, It’s for everyone.
All of this is so clear but then, some say no, no, no, ‘Look,’
“Depart from me, I never knew you.” But Jesus is saying there,
that the problem was not the people casting out demons or
prophesy and try to do that. The problem was they were living in sin,
they were living in lawlessness. Because the truth is you can take the
name of Jesus, take the authority of Jesus and use that and cast
out demons and still live in sin. So He is not saying that we
should not obey everything He has commanded us there.
But He is saying that we should not live in sin
at the same time. Another thing is if we look at Jesus there
is an example where we see the religious people again. In Luke 11 we read this,
‘He is talking about Jesus; Now He was casting out a demon that was mute.
When the demon had gone out the mute man spoke and the crowd was amazed.
This is one of the testimonies Jesus did. Jesus, He cast out a demon from a man who
was mute and as soon as that demon had left the crowd was amazed. But then the religious
people came right away and what did they say? “But.” And there is always a “but.”
sometimes with those people. “Yea, yea, ok if Jesus said we should cast out demons,
it is for every believer. But, but, but..” He also said THIS. “But, but, but, but,”
And here we said, ‘But some of them said, “He cast out demons by Beelzebub
the prince of demons.” So right away we see the same. That there
was always a group of people even though they saw a demon cast out in front
of their eyes so that mute guy he could speak again. They came with a but.
“But, that’s fine, but this is Beelzebub. This is satan casting out satan.”
But what is Jesus then saying? He said, “But if it is by the finger of God that I
cast out demons, then the kingdom of God has come upon you.” So Jesus
explained to them, that no it was not with the power of Beelzebub He cast out demons.
Because a house divided within itself cannot stand. And then He said “But, if it
is with the finger of God I have now cast out demons, the kingdom of God has
come upon you. It is so interesting, there is so many people who are praying
the Lord’s prayer night after night. “Our Lord -I can in Danish, I normally do
not do it in English. “Your will be done, Your kingdom come here on earth as it is
in heaven.” Something like that. What do we pray in the Lord’s prayer? We pray
that God’s kingdom will come here on earth When do we see God’s kingdom here?
When demons are cast out. But it is so interesting to think of,
because most people in the world today are sitting praying the Lord’s prayer day
after day of the kingdom of God to come at the same time they don’t believe in
demons. They don’t believe in spiritual world. But the kingdom of God is not by
word only, it is by power. And Jesus came to set people free and every time we see
a demon cast out we see the kingdom of God is near. So again, what do we see
here? It is clear what Jesus is saying but there will always be religious people who
are using or misusing scriptures. There is always people when we start to cast out
demons who will say ‘But, but, but, but be careful. But it’s dangerous. But it’s
not with the power of Jesus. But you are not ordained. But you are not a priest.
But you don’t have any experience. But, but, but. But I want to say when you meet
those people who say ‘Don’t cast out demons, it’s not for today. Maybe they use
the word, but they don’t know the word. And I have two scriptures I often I would
give to those religious people: Jesus said in Luke 6:46, “Why do you call me Lord,
Lord, but do not do what I say?” And then next is 2 Timothy 3:5, “that they having a
form of godliness but denying the power thereof.” So there are people who call
themselves religious. But Jesus will one day say “Why do you call me Lord, Lord if
you do not do what I say?” And they have a form of godliness, but they deny the
power thereof. They don’t know the power of the kingdom. They don’t know
that Jesus has now given us all the authority in heaven and in earth and He
has commanded us, not just come with a good suggestion of what we can do if
we one day become ordained. But He has commanded us to go out and
cast out demons. So I hope you see that this is clear, we
are called to ‘cast out demons.’ And this is something we should grow in. This is
something we should learn. And this is something we should obey. We should not
be afraid. Why? Because it is a commandment Jesus has given us. When
Jesus said, ‘Cast out demons’ we know one thing when we start to do it. We know
that we are in the will of God. And we are obeying Him.
Also if it is the first time we do it. So cast out demons is something we should
do. So if we look at the picture we meet people in the churches and all over the
place. Some people will say deliverance is not for today and say we should not do
it and it is dangerous. And they maybe use scripture like hey, “Have we not cast out
demons in your name? Away, I never knew you.” And every time there is
somebody who is getting set free from demons, every time we hear stories
and testimonies that deliverance takes place, they always come with a “But, but,
but it’s with Beelzebub.” And Jesus actually promised us that “if they called
Him Beelzebub, how much more will they not call us it?” So He has promised us
persecution and persecution will often come from religious people. So you know
for sure if we look at what Jesus is saying, you know those people are wrong.
Why listen to their teaching? Why go and ask them for advice? How to
cast out demons if they do not cast demons out themselves? We know they are
wrong. The question is, “Is everything demonic?” And I have met people there
where it is like every time something happens they look at it as being demonic.
People who came too late for work one day. “Oh it was a demon who tried to hinder me”
But it was just them who forgot to put their alarm clock on. Or a car almost
drove them down. It’s not a demon. It’s just because they didn’t see where
they walked. And there are people who see demons everywhere,
where it becomes too much. And also where they actually don’t
want to take responsibility for their own life. And we have met that
again and again where people come and give Satan the fall for something he has not
done. They come to us and say, “‘I have a problem with this and this and this and I
have been all over the place and tried to drive out that demon of lust. But
the demon doesn’t want to go. In some cases there are people who have
a demon of lust and they need to be delivered. But in many cases it’s not
deliverance they need. They just need to repent because they are
sinners who love their sin. And they give Satan
the fall for everything. So sometimes (as I wrote here) we cast
out demons. Other times we need to renew our mind. Sometimes we cast out
demons. Sometimes we renew the mind. It is a problem when we mix that. It is a
problem when we try to renew the demon and cast out the mind. No, the mind is
something we work with. The mind is something we renew. But we don’t try to
renew the demon. We don’t sit and try counselling with someone who actually
has a demon and say, “Oh just pull yourself together. You just pull yourself
together and do what I say…” “But, but it is so hard.
I have this battle inside of me!” “Oh, just pull yourself together and it
will leave.” No, in some cases it is not enough to say that. It is not enough to
just take the word and try to renew your mind. In some cases it is a demon
and we need to cast it out. Other times we need
to renew our mind. And this is what Romans is saying,
“Do not be conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.”
And I would say that is actually, really, really strong that it’s not enough to cast
out demons, we also need to renew our mind. But sometimes it is not enough
to renew our mind, we also need to cast out demons. When we work with people
and work with deliverance, we always have those two in mind when people come
to us. They need to get set free. Why? Because it’s not always it’s a demon. It’s
not always it’s a renewing of the mind If we only think everything is demonic
and always pray and command every problem to go as it is a demonic thing,
some people we will help, but many people we will not help. The same way if we only
focus on renewing the mind, renewing the mind, then they will think that sometimes
there is a demon that needs to be cast out We also only help those people where it
is not a demon. So what we have seen lately, we have seen a lot of people set
free. Because we have been aware that the demonic thing is real. And that we
have authority and we are called to set people free. When that is said we are
also aware that sometimes it is not enough. Sometimes people
need to renew the mind. We had a couple come into the Jesus Hotel
here in Denmark some year ago, or something like that. And they had been
around with deliverance in many, many places. They had some problems in their
marriage. And one of the things was, he had a problem with an unclean spirit.
He thought he had a problem with porn on the internet and he felt addicted to
that. And he came and there was people praying for him. But nothing manifested.
It looked like it was not demonic, and there was nothing. And he said
“What is wrong? I have been around every place there, and there and there to get
set free. Why can’t I get set free?” And someone said “Stop,
stop, the reason you’re not free is because you love your sin. You love your
sin because you are a sinner and you need to repent. You need to turn away from
that sin. You need to renew your mind. “Nobody has told me that before.” What
happened was, that guy went for a walk and spoke with God and suddenly he realized
that, “Hey I do not have a demon. I just need to change my mind and actually I can
do it in God. When he came to that point of repentance and renewing his mind,
something happened, and when he came home he was free. Something he had not
been able to receive before, ‘Why? Because he only thought it was a demon,
when it was not a demon. So when we talk about freedom, demons
we cast out, the mind we renew. But it is not always enough, it’s not always enough
to cast out demons, it’s not always enough to renew the mind, a strong thing when we
talk about our freedom and setting people free is of course The Gospel, the gospel
where we talk about ; Repentance, Baptism in water and Baptism with the Holy Spirit.
The Gospel of the cross, Jesus died, He got buried, He rose up again, we need to
follow His example by dying to our sins, by washing away our sins, by baptism and
by rising up in power of the Holy Spirit. And what we see in the Bible and I spoke
about that in the Pioneer School the 20 lessons that everyone who does sin becomes
a slave to sin and this is like this, there is a law of sin and death that is
working in people’s bodies, you read about that in Romans 6 and 7. Paul is talking
about in 7 somebody who has not died to Christ yet how it was before he got
baptised where you read about in chapter 6 what it is to be baptised,
to be free in Christ. But it is like this; there is a law of sin
and death ‘like this, the law of gravity (Torben dropping pen) if I let go of this
pen it will always fall down, Why? Because the law of gravity is working.
The same thing the Bible says that everyone who does sin becomes a slave
to sin. So we start to do sin and that sin, we actually become a slave to it.
And maybe we have the will to do what is right, but we cannot, we try to ‘walk…
but we fall…’we try to walk’…..but we fall, ‘we try to walk…but we fall’. Those
people do not need a deliverance in many cases. Those people do not need
to just renew their mind. Those people who are still bound to sin and have not
really understood what baptism is and they have not got baptised on their own
faith after they have repented. Those people need the repentance and
the baptism in water. And I have friends coming to me who have
again feel they are bound to sin and feel they are not free. They have gone through
other deliverance, deliverance and get prayed for, and they tried to cast
something out but they feel they have the same problem. They feel nothing is
going, nothing is happening. At the same time they are trying to renew
their mind, they are like taking the bible and ‘renew, the mind’, renew the mind’,
and meditate on the word of God but still they are not free. Those people do not
become free by just renewing the mind and trying to cast out demons. Those
people need the gospel, they need to bury the old life. Because baptism can do
something renewing the mind and casting out demons cannot do.
And when we get the full picture and see that sometimes that it is demons and the
next lesson on the Pioneer School, I am just going be practical and talk about
those things with a lot of examples, about when it’s water and so on. But when we see
this picture, sometimes it is casting out demons. Sometimes it is renewing the mind.
But other times it is baptism in water and the baptism with the Holy Spirit
that is needed. When we see that picture, everything will
change. Because suddenly we will be able to help people in a way that is so amazing
because the most freedom is still the power in the gospel,
the most freedom is this. Another thing when we talk about casting
out demons is, you cannot always trust the manifestation. You have to understand
that. We had a woman who manifested a few days ago in Hannover as I said, she
came to me and the demon began to cry out, and she fell down in front of me. It was
in the middle of the street. She fell down and she spoke, and that demons spoke
“She belongs to me!” “She is mine, she is mine!” “She belongs to me!” I said “Come
out in the name of Jesus!” “Come out in the name of Jesus!” (The demon speaking)
“You are strong, you are strong….’ahh!”. And something left her and she could walk
without crutches, it was a strong thing. What happened there, when we saw that
manifestation in the middle of the street in Hannover, of course it created a lot of
attention. So everybody was now around and people were filming and everybody was
there like ‘ ‘a demon! ‘A demon!’ ‘It was a demon!’ ‘Hey look! there was a
demon there!’. But just before that woman there were
many others who got set free from demons without a big manifestation. In many cases
it was just like praying for them and, (breathing out) and something left them.
And that small (breath) deliverance in many places could be as many demons as that
woman lying on the floor. ‘Why? Because we have to understand that
when demons are manifesting, they are manifesting through the soul, they
are manifesting through the body and often when I pray for people,
there are some people who are getting deceived because they go
to Africa and they see great demon manifestations, they come home and they
say “whoa!” in Africa there is a lot of demons but not here, ‘no’. This is because
that demon manifests through that person and an African woman for example
compared to a white one here in Denmark show emotion in different ways.
Often we in Denmark, when we are happy we are like (closed mouth).
When they say, “Are you happy?” “I am happy. I am really, really happy.” And this is how they are standing. Where
in Africa, ‘Hallelujah! hallelujah!…they are jumping!! And dancing because this
is how they show their emotions when they are happy. The same when
people are sad, the same when it comes to dancing. Try to come into
Danish church, often like Free Church people are … (swaying clapping hands) this
is how we dance and worship God, But if you go to an African church
they are dancing with their whole soul, with the whole body. And that is not
because what we are doing here in Denmark is less.
It is just the way we show it. And the same way I have seen through
deliverance, seen through baptism with the Holy Spirit. I have seen people
who are very emotional. When they receive the baptism with the Holy Spirit (shouting
loud in tongues and waving arms) behave like that. I have seen people who aren’t
very outward and are very reserved. They are like, ‘quietly whispering in tongues’
It is the same Holy Spirit. It is the same thing that has happened. But they show
it in a different way. The same when it comes to deliverance. “The BIG
deliverance!’ and the small deliverance don’t show there are a lot or less demons.
A story from deliverance from Denmark and also to show that it is coming many
places. A few years ago I had a woman contact me. We had been on a mission trip.
We came home with the suitcase. We were still in our living room and the suitcase
was there and then a telephone call and a young girl called me and said Torben,
I need to talk to you, you need to pray for me because I have so much fear and
I have got a new job and I am starting tomorrow and I cannot work
if I am not getting set free. And I was tired and I was still the
suitcase was all over (Torben) ‘ok’ ‘but can you come tomorrow?’ ‘(woman) no’
it has to be today’ ‘it has to be today! Because I have this thing in me and I
cannot work if I am not getting set free!’ I said “ok come”. So she came and
I took the suitcase and throw it in the bedroom and close the
door and she came. And it was a woman in her early of the 20s and I asked her
“Ok what is your problem?” She said “I have a lot of fear”
I have a lot of fear”, “it is like, it is not easy to explain but, a few years ago,
three years ago,” she said “I was out travelling in a train and suddenly when
I was there it was like a fear flowed into my body, it was like something came into
my body, and I got that panic! I got that fear in me. And it has just been there
since. And she said “I don’t want medicine, the doctor said I should take
medicine, and it has just destroyed my life in many ways and it is so hard to
live now and I cannot work tomorrow if I don’t get set free. Ok. When I heard
that I was thinking ‘ok I want to set that woman free of course. And it sounds
like something demonic. But at the same time if you have had an issue for a long
time it can start demonic but you also have to work with the mind at the same
time and renew your mind. But I wanted to know a little more of who she was, and
why and how it came in. So I asked her. Ok “What happened there? You don’t know’
What happened at the same time?” “Did you open up for something, did you
do something? Because very often there is a door to be open for those things to
come in.” And she said “Actually, one time I was in the church and I met a guy in the
church, in our church and we spoke about God and we spoke about the bible
and we became friends. And he came home with me and we were
friends and we talked and he gave me gifts and we had a good fellowship together.
After a short time, one day he was alone with me in the apartment, suddenly he
wanted more. He came closer and closer. He actually wanted to seduce me, he wanted
to go to bed with me, I said “no, no”. He said “come on”. “No!” “Come on”.
“NO!!” she said”. “There is never going to be anything between you and me!”
And she said “When I said that to him, he looked at me, he pointed in my face
and he said “You don’t know who I am”. “I am Satan, Lucifer.” And then he
went out of the door. Now he was not Satan,
but he was not a Christian He was not a disciple of Jesus, even so
that she met him in a church, even though he talked to her about Jesus and
God and the Bible. And I know the Satanist leader here in Denmark. One of the things
they do is they go out to seduce girls. Why? Because they know when they go to
bed with someone they create a covenant, they go in and out and become one flesh
with somebody and out of that you actually open up for wrong spirits.
You actually open up for something. But now he did not go to bed with her
but still she opened up for him in her life. And somehow she opened up for
something and it became a door opener where something came in that should not
come in. Now I want to set her free but I also noticed that she had a lot of fear
by thinking of him. We not only want to cast out a demon we want to renew the
mind. So what I did with her, and I am going to explain next time is that ‘let’s
pray together’. I said “let’s take this person now you have opened up to. Let’s
take this person and throw him on Jesus. Throw the worries on Jesus, throw the fear
on Jesus and then I go in and pray and we cut it down in the name of Jesus and we
command this to go, I said “take my hands” and she took my hands and she relaxed.
And then I prayed a prayer with her, led her through a prayer of repentance and
confession, and throw it. It’s not because it is biblical you have to do it exactly
like this. The important part is that people are getting set free. And I am
going to talk about that next time. It is not that you have to do it in a
certain way. It has to do with faith. But this is the way I love to do it.
Because then I focus on renewing of the mind at the same time. Then I take
their hands and we pray together and we took that person, said his name, and
threw him on Jesus. And I took her hand and I commanded this person to leave,
this fear, this spirit, to leave her right now. And when I was praying I said, “Come
out!” “Come out in the name of Jesus!” And she began to breathe in and
breath out like this, and she was free. And she started the day after on her work
and the last time I heard she is still working there. So here you saw a
deliverance taking place. Here we saw a woman who actually had been on or should
be on medicine who had been sick for three years who couldn’t work, who had a
lot of fear, and that spirit left her like this (outward breath). Can you see it?
And another thing when we talk about deliverance, again we were in
Holland a short time ago and in Holland we had a kick-start meeting and at the
meeting in Holland something interesting happened? At the meeting in Holland when
we came out and at the meeting I went into a room and when I came into that room at
first there was a girl sitting on a chair and there was three or four people praying for
her and they were shouting “Come out in the name of Jesus!” “Come out!”
“I command the demons to go!” And that girl was somehow shaking and
they were shouting! And shouting! And shouting and I came into the room
and I saw it, and I thought ok I have to go out, some people are praying there.
But when I came out I stopped and I felt something was wrong, I sensed in
my spirit something is totally wrong. And I was standing outside and thinking
what to do now. Then somebody who had been on our Pioneer Training School was
actually in the same room and she came out and she said to me “Torben” and I said
“Yes’ “Do you know what is going on in there?” “Yes I saw it”
“I don’t like it” she said. “No, me neither”. “I think you
should do something about it”. I said “Yes I also think so”. But I did not know
what was wrong, I just knew something was wrong, so I stepped into the room
again and I said “Stop, stop”, and they were in the middle of deliverance and
I stopped and “Stop right away, stop it right now! And I stopped it and I said
“please guys, please go out,.. Out … please…I would like to talk with her
alone. And I sent all of them out and I was with that girl, and the woman from
the Pioneer Training School, and I just calmed her down, “Just relax, just relax”,
and that girl was still shaking because of all the manifestation and all the things
that were happening. And she calmed down and she was relaxing. And then I just
smiled and said “Hi, where are you from?” “Ah” she said “I am from America”.
“Ok, what do you do here in Holland?” “O, I saw your videos on the Pioneer
School and I saw you did a kick-start here in Holland, so I took the plane in
because I would like to receive the Holy Spirit. “Ah, ok”.
“Have you received the Holy Spirit yet?” “No, not yet”
“Ok, do you think you have a demon?” “Mm, no, but I am not sure anymore?”
“Ah, ok. Can I pray for you?” “Can I pray for you to receive the Holy
Spirit?” She said “Yes” So I just took her hands and I prayed for
her and it was so beautiful because the Holy Spirit just came over her and she got
filled with the Holy Spirit and started to speak in tongues and she was smiling and
I was smiling and the other girl was smiling and we gave each other a hug and
it became a beautiful moment. Just before they were, “Come out!” And casting out
demons. That girl did not have a lot of demons. That girl was just a scared girl
who needed the Holy Spirit, who needed to receive the Holy Spirit, to experience
the freedom there was in the gospel. Not a lot of deliverance, not a lot of
renewing the mind. Just the freedom we find in the gospel. I went out from
that meeting and I gathered the group of people who were praying and I said
“Come here, come here.” “What just happened in there?”(Group) “Oh she had a
demon, it was talking and fighting, and ” No she did not have a demon, she was just
a scared girl who actually needed a lot of love and needed the Holy Spirit.
(Group) “No! She had a demon because the demon was manifesting, the demon was
shaking, and when we prayed the demon was even speaking to us.” And was not easy
to argue against, when they said a demon was manifesting and all that. But what was
interesting was why when I talked with those guys, my friend talked more with
that girl and came out and said “I would like to explain what that girl
said happened.” And this is her story. Her story was, those guys met her and
said let us pray for you. When they prayed for her, instead of doing it softly, they
were like aggressive ‘Come out! ‘Demon!! So they put their hand on her head, and
almost push her backward “Come out demon”. And like everybody else she didn’t like
that so she took her hand to remove their hand. And then they thought ‘wow! It is a
demon who is fighting. So they pushed even more and she said “No!, stop it!”
“Stop it!” and then they thought ‘wow! It’s a demon speaking so they just got
louder and commanded it even more “Come out! Come out demon! And then
they began to say “unclean spirit, unclean spirit, come out!”
And she was thinking “Oh no! Oh no! Maybe I have an unclean spirit?. I don’t
want it! Go out!” So she started to shake ‘go out unclean spirit, go out! Unclean
spirit! So it was they who were producing the manifestation. It was not the demon,
who did like this. It was the girl who did like this. It was not the demon who was
shouting “stop.” It was the girl who was shouting ‘stop it, stop it.
And she did not have a demon, she just needed to understand the gospel and
receive the Holy Spirit. And this is what we really need to understand and learn
and I encourage people don’t be afraid ‘we need to cast out demons.’ It is part
of the calling, what Jesus has said to us. But we also have to be wise. We also have
to understand that it is not about getting a big manifestation. It’s not about action
It’s not about doing a lot of things. There are crazy videos where they talk to the
demons, interview the demons and force the demon out by saying ‘fire, fire, a lot
of things come in and deliverance can take many, many hours like that.
But they forget there is a person behind that deliverance. And I have
seen people who have gone through deliverance and maybe that demon is out
afterwards but now they have a lot of fear in their life and they are so afraid
because it became a hard deliverance. And therefore I think that this teaching,
and I am going to go much more into detail in the next lesson, where we do not
only focus on deliverance. We also focus on the renewing of the mind and we focus
on the gospel. And I have very often stopped a deliverance in the middle of it
all and said “Stop, stop, stop, stop!” And I have said “Stop, stop” “what just
happened ten minutes ago?” “Something left you?”
“Yes, something left me” “Do you feel you are free?”
“Yes, I think it left me?” “Then why are you still laying
and manifesting?” Because people are still praying.
How does that go? It goes like this; there is really a demon
there manifesting and something is leaving them, but now the adrenalin is
going and everybody is shouting, everybody is screaming. So something is already left
them, but they just continue praying and I have seen that again and again, and that
is why we often stop it and calm down and say, “Are you free?” In many cases people
are already free. Something has already left them. So this is something we have
learned also, I have seen people who manifest and they are used to manifest
and they do it to get attention. I have seen people laying there like a demon
is speaking and then when we say be quiet in the name of Jesus the demon
is still talking and looking but then one day they look up and say, “He
should pray for me, and it is almost like they say what people should do and
people fall for it. And people believe it is a demon. But come on, in some cases
it is, it can be a demon who is speaking, we see that often. But in some cases it is
not. I have a test I sometimes do, because when people are laying
manifesting and everybody is praying I sometimes say “Be quiet…sh,sh…be
quiet! Everybody become quiet” and that person manifesting will stop and open
their eyes and look and say, “What is happening now?” Now people are not
praying anymore. Ok so much of that we will look at next time so again,
next time we are going to focus on those three things. We are going to come with
a lot of different examples of how to cast out demons, how to pray for people,
when do you know a demon has gone, what about this? And take some of the
questions that would be about deliverance and casting out demons.
First I want to say that yes, we need to learn. We need to do it sound, we need
to have focus on that person and think that is a person who is getting set free
and that person also needs to not have a lot of issues afterwards with if
suddenly people hold them and shouting in their head and so on. At the same time
we need not be afraid of this. Jesus has commanded us to cast out demons.
And I would say that God is in control and we have sometime seen deliverance
where I really don’t know what to do? Where it has taken a long time, where they
are manifesting and so on. But I have seen God is faithful. God is faithful and you
have to trust Him. So to summarise Religious people, Jesus is saying, Jesus
went around casting out demons, He gave us authority to cast out demons, not only
the 12 but the 70, and for us who believe today, in Jesus name we should cast out
demons. But, but, but, but when we do it there will always be religious people who
are coming with a but, but, but, but and there will be people who say “no, no, no.
No, it is not from God.” But it is from God, because look at Jesus
this is what He has commanded us to do. But next time I will talk about how to do
this, come with some practical things about how to set people free. So I hope
you got something out of it. It is amazing to be back with you again and
I look so much forward to just seeing that this is coming out even more.
If you want to see some examples of demonic manifestation, in our movie
the Last Reformation there is a clip Lebo put together, where we see a lot of
deliverance happen at the same time. But again we also went in that place
that we often show those deliverance that is strong manifestations, because
this is more interesting to look at. But remember, you don’t have to see a
strong manifestation to be free. Sometimes it can be gentle, like this,
and then you are free. Ok we will be back next time with the
next teaching where we will continue with this and do more practical.
God bless you, bye, and bye. Subtitles by the Amara.org community

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  10. This is so timely. We cast 10 demons out of people in the last month. Others we know are experiencing the same thing. Thank you, brother Phil.1:3

  11. can demons stop you frm repenting (changing )??? the more I pray and believe the worse things get so makes me wonder is it me weakness or demonic

  12. My husband and I experienced deliverance by God just a few weeks ago, although we've been believers our entire lives! Nobody else was praying for us… it was just the two of us seeking God and just making sure we had the freedom He died for. We definitely did not expect what happened next– we had no idea how much bondage we were really in until those demons came out! EVERYTHING has changed– our marriage, what our days/nights look like, our house, even our kids– and He started dropping people in our laps IMMEDIATELY (within hours!) that also needed to be set free– old friends, relatives, strangers. It has been non-stop and we have learned so much from the Holy Spirit with every case being so different. This is an extremely timely lesson. We are at war. We can see Satan becoming more desperate; he KNOWS his time is short! God's army is starting to stand up now, they are picking up weapons, sharpening them and practicing daily! It is so awesome to be on the winning side! Praise God! Bless you, Torben, and all the brothers and sisters laboring with you.. and all of you saints seeking to be disciples of Jesus! We are praying for your protection during this time. I hope to write a more detailed email soon– the wildfire is just starting to catch in the San Francisco Bay Area!

  13. did you ever meet someone who couldn't be healed because of not forgiving someone else ? Jesus told me a lot about that this summer , I wonder if you ever met this situation

  14. Love the new teaching! I think it will be very helpful to many! I've already been able to share it with someone who had questions about deliverance 🙂

  15. Lord Jesus, please protect this ministry and all of your servants from all attack from the enemy. Bless this ministry and enable your servants to do your will at all times.

  16. Hi Torben I have off topic question and I believe you Can answer me 😉
    So, is it possible that Earth is flat? 😉 you live with God many years and I think he told you truth,
    I have a friend, who is new born Christian, and he told me that earth is flat and he hardly believes that.
    I only want to know what you think about it, thaanks 😉
    Greetings from Poland
    Pray for me pls.


  17. FABULOUS LESSON! Thank you for the teaching. I have been waiting for it with baited breath. Can't wait to see what else is still "cooking"!

    Interestingly, the approach you took in explaining from Scriptures is the exact same progression that I have been using in the last 2 months to clarify my thoughts on these issues and to share with others. I basically asked the following guiding questions:
    1. JESUS: What was his stated purpose (Is. 61)? How did he go about attaining that purpose? And what was his vision for his followers (As my father sent me, so do I send you)?
    2. THE 12: What do scriptures say was the reason Jesus called them to himself (Mk. 3:14-15)? What were his instructions to them? How did they carry it out and what was their report?
    3. THE 70: What were his instructions to them? How did they carry it out and what was their report?
    4. BELIEVERS: In view of the foregoing, what is our mandate?

    Like you, I found that Jesus expects ALL HIS FOLLOWERS to:
    1. Be with him (fellowship with Christ)
    2. Preach
    3. Heal
    4. Cast out demons

    Thanks for bringing this truth to the world. God bless you!

    Love and greetings from Kenya, East Africa.

  18. I suddenly needed this lesson today and as soon as I said I needed it I refreshed my page and this video was recommended, Praise Jesus. Hope nothing is wrong but a family member had a previous episode and seems to be showing the pre stages from last time again. Any prayers welcomed too.

  19. Hi Torben. I recently bought your 32 gb usb for the pioneer School just so I can show people out in the native american reserves where the internet is not so great. do these 2 new lessons come with it? if you want my order code. I'll give you my email if you want.

  20. The entire MFM mountain of fire ministry needs to learn this, they always saying die by fire, die,die, die, in 6 years I never saw anyone get free, not one miracle of healing, the Lord said get out of that dead church to my daughter, she did, but my wife and I stayed a little longer, then we left. tehy really love Jesus but they say to many things that's not in the bible, unscriptual.

  21. I thought this teaching wascexcellent – balanced andvpartvofcthe bigger picturecofcwhatvit means tovlive and walk with Jesus. Thank you 😊

  22. Torben! Thank you sooo much for all you do! This has been such a blessing to me! So far, I have seen the first 12 of the 20 lessons of the Pioneer School, but I still have a question: At 00:29:50 of Lesson 21, you said that we should live as Jesus did. You DO know that Jesus is a Jew, descended from King David of the House of Judah. Jesus did not eat pork and he did not die on the cross so that we can eat pork (there is one law for both Israelite and the mixed multitude see Numbers 15:13-16 and Galatians 3:21). Jesus observed God's (YHVH, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob) feast days and not Christmas and Easter (both of which predate the Messiah). Jesus fully preached (Greek pleroo, Mt 5:17) all of God's Laws. If He did not or if he preached something different than the Torah of YHVH, then He would be in rebellion against His Father and would be disqualified as the sinless Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world.

    In watching a good number of your videos, it is still not clear to me if you are a Torah observant follower of Yeshua (Jesus in Hebrew). Do you keep the seventh day holy by doing no regular work, no buying or selling, having a holy convocation, etc? Do you rehearse His Feast Days instead of "Religious" feast days of pagan origin? Do you abstain from the unclean meats that defile our bodies, which is the Temple of YHVH (Leviticus 11, 1Cor 6:19)?

    Concerning attacks from Satan when we cast out his demons: When we dwell in the shelter of the Most High, we fall under His protection (Ps91)! Do you abide in Him? Also consider 2Thess 3, "3But the Lord is faithful and will strengthen you and protect you from the evil one. 4We have confidence in the Lord that you are doing and will continue to do what we command [What do you suppose they command other than God's Laws? Do they do signs and wonders and then preach rebellion?]. 5May the Lord direct your hearts to the love of God [see 1John 5:1-5, and John 14:21] and to the endurance of the Messiah." And see John 17 especially v. 11, 15 and v. 17 (see Psalm 119:142).

    Here is another question: Why does Satan get so angry at those who keep God's Laws AND hold to the testimony of Jesus in Revelation 12:17 and 20:4?

    I want to make sure you are fully protected when you love Jesus and wage war against Satan by having the full armor of YHVH. You need all the protection you can get!


  23. I have a friend who has joined your group going around and claiming she can cure and sad to say she has not ! I question your group .. she also starting yelling at me about going to my church , she has gotten crazy , maybe she needs this !! She lost her job because she abused some one and she goes around the world with you guys

  24. Casting out demons and renewing our minds (repentance) might go hand in hand.
    John 5:14 hints at this point I believe.

  25. I like this but I'm disappointed that he didn't touch more on the scriptures where Jesus said, leave from me; I never knew you. If someone has been prophesying and casting out demons in Jesus name, then Jesus said I never knew you, then they were never truly casting out or prophesying in Jesus name.. they just thought they were.. & if they never knew Him then that must mean they were never truly saved. So I was hoping h that instead of joking those scriptures & covering them up with other scriptures, he would've touched on them more because it's very important. Jesus said that Satan can't cast out demons because he would be weakening his kingdom, but based on the scripture of Jesus saying He never knew them, Satan CAN cause people to believe they are casting out demons in Jesus name but they weren't. Any deliverance they saw was only a show from Satan to further deceive. It takes a person who has been genuinely saved to genuinely cast out demons & heal in Jesus name.. wish he would've talked about discerning between the spirits rather than covering the scriptures up..
    Hopefully others will see my comment & maybe even he himself

  26. Torben, Oh how funny you are…I have been watching all of your Pioneer School teachings and got to this video and could not help but laugh. Too funny where you explained of the mistake that was made with the girl whom some guys thought she had a demon when she was trying to push their hand away from her head. Anyhow, I like how you teach give examples of truth and how I always think, "The good, the bad, and the ugly" about your experiences. Keep up the videos Torben. Thanks.

  27. Hi I have recently come across Micheal Clemerson and on my journey to check him out I found Torbin and the last reformation and the Pioneer School through your interviews things are becoming clearer for the first-time in two years so thanks to the both of you guys things are starting to unlock for me so thanks blessings Julie Australia

  28. I know it is hard to remember this, but the Word says it is good when we are persecuted. It means we are doing the Works of Christ. If we aren't persecuted it is because we aren't living the Believer's life and doing His Works. THANK YOU TORBEN! Your teachings of the Word are so easy to understand! And have helped to inspire me to get back out there and do the Works. I used to lay hands and talk about Jesus all the time but I slowed way down because everywhere I went, there were Churches and Christians who rejected the Works. I was growing tired of being the only one with faith. Thanks to your teachings I am recharged to continue. And now I can do it with some Kickstarters who I found on your Kickstarter site. Thank You God for sending Torben and thank you Torben for hearing and obeying our Lord!

  29. What has brought on continuing deliverance for me is when I play the Bible 24 hours a day. I don't have a tv, but I would not watch that or anything but Jesus youtube videos. My greatest healing took place in 2009. I had been sick for 5 years. The anxiety was so difficult I could barely get out of the house. I was on 9 medications. I received the Bible on DVD for Christmas 2008. I put it on and played it day and night for 2 weeks. One morning I had a dream, I saw Jesus. When I woke up I knew I was healed. I took all my medications and threw them away. I was back to work in 6 months. I have not had to take any type of medication since, I am totally healed, happy and content!

  30. Mark 16:17 applies specifically to the 11 (later 12, then 13 when Matthias and Paul were added), the use of the past tense "have believed" applies back to the apostles whom Jesus is speaking to in this verse. If this verse and promise was for all Christians today, then a future tense not an aorist (past tense) would have been made.

  31. Torben, today I had a disheartening experience, the likes I've never encountered before. I work with children and there was a boy around the age of 12 who experienced what I can only say was a demonic manifestation. He has, in the past suffered emotional trauma, and he began to yell, scream, throw chairs and tables around, curse, and say that he saw dark shadowy figures telling him to do bad things. I immediately prayed aloud and commanded the spirit/demon to leave him in the name of Jesus, but it did not and his episode only got worse. I kept praying for at least 5 minutes but he kept getting angrier and said that he felt pain in his head. The demon didn't leave him. What did I do wrong? I know I'm not perfect myself, but I believe that Jesus has given us the authority to cast out demons in his name. I'm just feeling disheartened right now.

  32. I think that so called "religious people" just want to avoid the mistake about trying to cast out demon from person who has not a demon. This kind of situations can be traumatic for that person. This is the area where we have to use common of sense too! It is good to cast out the demon after it is manifesting or listen the Holy Spirit so that we are sure that the problem is a demon.

  33. Great video! As the Satanist open up the gates of hell with CERN. There is going to be more and more people becoming demon possessed and deliverance from demons will become highly needed for more people to know world wide.

  34. At about 48 mins about manifestations, what Torben explains is so so true! Demons manifest through the body and voice and mouth of the individual it/they live in. I love this teaching, despite Torben's native language not being English, he teaches with such anointing and revelation from God' Spirit, and I learn so much about the spiritual realm, and our enemy and how to cast them out! Thank you God for this.

  35. At about 26 mins : Mark 16:16 He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved; but he that believeth not shall be damned. I dont believe water baptism saves. Notice the second part of the verse says 'he that believeth not'. It is believing in Jesus. But believing must come with actions too. So believing should lead to baptism and following Jesus (and His Word which us also Him). ❤️

  36. Brother torben if been doing kickstarts and deliverance
    Is there any more video's coming on deliverance ?
    I do deliverance approximately 6 a week. And experience more then what these 2 video's teach
    So can you make a video about deliverance since your out doing so much. God bless you

  37. My husband I see he has demons , (but today we’re divorce and he takes another woman) I’m a believers of Christ but not a protestant like of my husbands family , one year after our marriage in our bed when We was sleeping I dream that a big phyton snake is rolling to me all of my body I was so afraid that I wanted to open my eyes but I can’t awake ! This big snake kissing me and I feel also the billy rubbing to my body , and that time my baby is still a months old, and when I awake my husband beside me is in deep sleep, after some months my baby is about 9 months I notice that I’m pregnant 3 months and that was aborted which I don’t know I see it a small when goes out. After, im so sickly ,As a believer I’m trying to search a church and bring my husband in order to know God, He comes to me and even allow them to sing in the coir, until he stop singing because he become ill, he has pain very severely, and until we transferred to the city to finish his doctor work and he never comes to church until he divorce me. At this time when I’m alone I’m always going to church but people in Germany in church don’t like divorce and I’m rejected , today my husband comes again to church he has no woman anymore an a bit older . I believe that he is not yet delivered by this demonic torturing him. In church there is racists and so many spirited ill I’m seeing people there is not interested in God in the way their character even severe to the old leaders) I’m staying at my home and pray for a shepherd to shepherding this people whom not knowing even the true God , and this church in this town of Emmendingen near Freiburg wanted a more group of people than to have real small group of real God’s people. Today the church change the name but before is FEG sports field Emmendingen. So today I’m watching your video reading my Bible and worshiping my God and waiting for what God is wanting for me to do! But I’m aware of that I can’t compromise to this worldly specially worldly friends in order that they can see the difference of our faith.

  38. Today my husband is working at Ticket World travel agency ( this ticketing is mine , my resources when my husband is still in his doctorant but today he has a friend from Thailand a guy who work with him but this guy was I dream that he is interupting our walk to God he is a homosexual) my family is suffering from demons and breaks all .

  39. Wow! I thought I knew quiet a lot about deliverance . I learned from brother Derek Prince and was involved in a healing ministry for three years. But the way you teach it is amazing ! I learned new truths which make total sense and I'm so grateful the Lord lead me to this video. God bless you Torben , you are such a good teacher and genuine !

  40. Is it not …cast out demons? (On the paper)Drive out..I think of a vehicle… but geat lesson Torben. Bless you and your team

  41. A huge team of true spirit filled Jesus followers needs to go to Hollywood by the thousands and pray for the celebrities/producers and cast out all the demons from them and fill them with the Holy Spirit. This would be like going to one of Satan's territory and waging war. Later, we can go to the white house and cast out all the demons from the government people.

    Then I hope the world watches so other Christians could go to their leaders and also cast their demons out. This would be a full on spiritual war in the world and we'd be hitting Satan really hard.

    I'm very convinced that Hollywood is demonic because of what it teaches.
    Do drugs, have sex before marriage, be homosexual, it's okay to cheat in relationships, violence, idolatry, demons are good, Jesus is fake, blasphemy, no absolute truth, and many more. Those are some of the main themes in Hollywood videos and that's exactly what demons teach and want people to believe. Hollywood is one of Satan's biggest strongholds.

    After winning those battles the USA and the world will definitely become a much better place and have more morality. I know it's far-fetched but I'm really hoping something like this happens in the future.

  42. God Bless you and your Family I’ve Been watching all your lessons they are the closest to The Bible I’ve ever herd Thank you.

  43. https://youtu.be/ohg_8KbNr7g
    How these people. Casting out … In india..?? Plz plz plz plz tell torban sir

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