Leprechauns.Saint Patrick’s Day 2019

Leprechauns.Saint Patrick’s Day 2019

A happy St Patrick’s Day to you all. It’s time to celebrate all things green
watch a parade or two and maybe indulge in a couple of libations
So I thought I would join the celebration with a quick video on what else but. Leprechauns. Let’s take a look at the little gold obsessed
Irish fairies And of course ask if they are real
Let’s take a look Welcome to if…………………………………………. The tiny, fairy-like creature is a mainstay
of Irish mythology and the little man’s popularity sky rockets around St. Patrick’s
Day. The word “leprechaun” actually originates
from the old Irish term “luchorpán,” a combination of the words lu, meaning small, and corp,
meaning body. This is why they are also known as the wee
folk. “Wee meaning small”
Though they may be slight of height, according to legends leprechauns are notorious tricksters. They are known as shoemakers (cobblers), who
like to hide in woods and avoid humans. People often search for and try to catch leprechauns
because they’re said to have treasure, pots of gold they guard furiously. They are said to have the ability to grant
wishes. Are leprechauns just fiction? There is a place where we can find out, irelandseye.com
has a Leprechaun watch. The Ireland focused site documents sighting
of the little men in their home country In this first video we see the emerald isles
beautiful countryside. The video was shot on St Patrick’s Day and
if you watch carefully a little creature or possibly leprechaun can be seen entering the
frame at the 8 second mark. It shoots across the field what do you think
it was? I can’t see it myself!! The next video taken from the site was shot
using time lapse and covers a 24 hour period. In this clip we see various creatures cavorting
near the woods, the website claims that they are not the Irish Fairy if that’s the case
why include the video on the page? The Irish people have spread across the globe,
taking their culture with them. The U.S having so many people of Irish decent
probably holds the largest St Patrick’s celebrations outside of The Land of Saints
and Scholars. This has seen the Leprechaun spreading to
the USA and other countries. A report comes from a witness in Puerto Rico. The 17 year old claimed that one day he had
entered his bathroom in order to take a shower, he then suddenly heard the family dog manically
barking at something which was outside of his home. The boy decided to leave the shower and go
check out what the noise was all about going outside of the house he saw something far
weirder than what he had perhaps been expecting. In the garden of the property hiding behind
a tree was a little man dressed completely in white, and complete with a white cone-shaped
hat and white, pointed shoes. The boy and the “wee man” stared at one
another for a few moments, the boy searching his mind for an answer. Then the small creature just vanished into
thin never to be seen again. Was this leprechaun or possibly a creature
closely related like a gnome? We took a look at gnomes in the video linked
above. I guess we will never know. Moving on to probably the most famous case
of a leprechaun sighting ever. This story went viral gaining millions of views
on online but it has long since been revealed as a hoax. A prank played by a local man that was a little
more successful than he had anticipated. So grab a Shamrock Shake whip up a batch of
fresh Bailey’s brownies. Grab four leaf clover and head out to the
party. Have a happy St Patrick’s Day
And as they say in Ireland May you live as long as you want and never
want as long as you live.

11 Replies to “Leprechauns.Saint Patrick’s Day 2019”

  1. The good folks of Mobile, Alabama in this video are unlikely to know what a Leprechaun is (or find Ireland on a map) if said Wee Folk came out and cudgled their nadgers.
    Joking aside, legend (or tradition) says you never make fun of the Wee Folk lest they pour out your anger and wrath upon you.

  2. As to all legends and myths there's an element truth but there's not enough evidence out there to properly research this subject. My mom was born in Limerick and as a child it was the legend of the banshee that worried her more. Happy St Patrick day all and stay safe!!

  3. Leprechauns can be good or bad depends how you look at them..
    Thanks for the awesome video..
    Happy St. Paddy's Day..🙂💚🍀☘💖

  4. Hi my friend sorry I am late! Happy Saint Paddy's Day! At least it is still here. It's 11:04 pm . Enjoyed your video! 💚💚☺️

  5. St. Patrick’s day represents the TWA Pygmy people who were massacred and had their land stolen and their gold stolen by the British . Hence where the leprechaun stories come from. This is just info and real history that we’re not privy to. The TWA are the real Irish people but massacred for their land systematically.

    The truth hurts but it’s a fact.

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