Learn How to Exercise Spiritual Authority

Learn How to Exercise Spiritual Authority

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  1. Thank gd ,parise the Lord in hevea for your wonder teaching .It is enlighting our path.gd bl u .lov u .R abbi .lov from Sir lanka

  2. Oh How I needed to hear this! God is soo good! All the time! Thank you Lord and I praise your Holy Name!!🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏❤❤❤❤

  3. Rabbi's teaching help me to win the victory over my chronic depression that I have had a problem with since 12 years old I started taking meds around 18 years old I am currently 56 years old I've had total freedom from depression that I've dealt with all of my life since 2019 of December was taking three different psych meds two of them being over 300 mg and taking two pills to counteract the crazy side effects they were causing today I am totally free of the medication and of the depression I have a good day most every day I used to have one good day a month if I was lucky back then I was suicidal most of the time praise God most high today I am totally free of depression and those useless thoughts that dominated my mind God is currently putting people right in front of me suffering from the same condition I was suffering with recently meant a gentleman at church August 25th 2019 who's taking nine different medications depressed in total bondage of Satan defeated beat down He reminded me of what they call pharmacist to call in this Parkinson's disease which is what I had I was shaking so bad I couldn't even write to take down addresses and phone numbers of customers over my phone had to pass the phone on to my son's not only could not answer the phone but I couldn't go into accounts that I've had with my business forever 27 years because of the bondage I was in praise God for pastor Snyder's teachings

  4. Thank you for such a clear, clean explanation of how to control our thoughts. I've cast demons out of people in a crisis when nobody else was around, but didn't know how to keep my own thoughts under control: I was fighting my thoughts in my own strength, rather than by using my voice in Jesus' name against Satan's forces in my own head … Thank you so much: NOW I can win this battle every time . . . WHEW!

  5. Thank you holy father for rabbi schneider please pray for me and my addiction to crack cocaine and heroin please please everyone pray for me

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