Le Gin de Mont-Saint-Jean

Le Gin de Mont-Saint-Jean

Welcome at the Mont-Saint-Jean Farm My name is Edouard, and I’m a brewer/distiller I am lucky enough to work in this magnificent centuries-old farm that housed the British field hospital during the battle of Waterloo. Today, we distil our own gin and whisky here. My experience as a brewer has been very helpful for me in my new job as a distiller. During distillation, no alcohol is produced, but concentrated. So what you need is an alcohol base. And in this case, it’s beer. Without hops, of course, but it’s still a fermented product. There are two different ways to distil. The first, and most well-know, is distillation in a pot still. This method is used to make whisky, in Scottish style. The distillate is stored in oak barrels for three years. It’s only after this 3-year ripening process that it can be called “whisky”. We also have an installation for column still distillation. This is what we use to make our gin. We make 3 different kinds of gin. The first is made with juniper berries, the basis of every type of gin, to which we add lemon zest, coriander and several other spices I won’t tell you about… For the second type of gin, we put a little stick in the bottles. This gin is called “Oak Gin”. The small stick of oak wood will in time give the gin a typical colour, as well as a taste of vanilla and wood. For our last gin, which is an authentic British gin called “Sloan Gin”, with an alcohol content of 28% instead of 42%, we add sloe berries. These small berries give the gin a slightly fruity taste. I love this place, and I come to work at the Mont-Saint-Jean Farm every morning with a smile on my face. I hope to see you soon so that I can share my passion with you and let you taste our gin, with moderation of course, as well as our whisky, although the latter not before 2020. See you soon!

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  1. Queremos dar la enhorabuena a la Ferme de Mont-Saint-Jean por su extraordinario trabajo en su nueva destilería! Les deseamos los mejores éxitos!

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