LDS Missionaries Try LSD for the First Time – {The Kloons}

LDS Missionaries Try LSD for the First Time – {The Kloons}

-Have you ever taken any psychedelics? -Nope. -No. -No, I haven’t even had any coffee. -You never had coffee? -No. -You have? -I had coffee once. -I had beer once. -What?! Did you like it? -No. No. No, I wouldn’t do it again. -I wouldn’t do beer. -Yeah. -What do you know about LSD? -I looked it up on Wikipedia. It said it’s a Schedule 1 federal drug. Which is, like as bad as marijuana. So, you guys talked me into it. -Are you guys ready to give it a try? -It looks just like a piece of paper. You put this on your tongue? -Okay. Put it in. -It doesn’t taste like anything. -It tastes fine. Yeah. Should be fine. If I take it out now will I, will I, will I, can I, will it.. Can I stop it? -Probably not. -How long does it usually take? Do you know? -So how do you guys feel? -I feel like I don’t weigh anything. Buzzy. Airy. Flowy. -Hairy? -Airy. Like I’m made of air. -Air. I feel like I’m made of hair. -You’re more hairy than he is. -He’s airy and you’re hairy. -And you’re Larry.
-And I’m Larry! -Hairy. -Larry. -Larry. -Greg. [Laughing] -Greg. -Move your head around. You can just,
you can move your whole head around. -You notice that? -Yeah, I mean that’s how it always was, I don’t know what the… -Yeah I know, but it just seems like, Wow that’s crazy. -I know it’s… quite amazing actually. Now that you say it. -I don’t think I ever realized my head was moving. -It’s not always moving. -That’s a good point. -Like when you do this. [Deep inhale] [Deep exhale] -Even just the plastic is interesting. -Like hearing it? -It does sound great. -It’s weird to think that when you touch something, it has to make a sound. -You can hear it in 3D. -It’s very realistic. -There’s stuff in there,
but you don’t ever think about it, do you? -Man. No. -Right, you just grab something.
You’re not thinking like, Turn the bones on and… turn the muscles on. [Laughter] -You know what I mean? -You know what I mean? -Turn the bones on? They’re always on! -I know, but that’s what I’m saying is… You don’t have to turn them on, They’re just always on. You just say ‘Grab!’ You know, you don’t have to engage bones. They’re just bones. -Bones on. -Bones on. [Laughter] You can probably go as far into your head
as you can go out into the universe. -Out of your head. Taste test? -Yeah. Okay. Oooohhhh. -Aaahhhhhhhh! -Wow. -Mm-hmm. Just feeling it was nice. -What do you think you’re going to get? -I think it’s a grape. -Yeah yeah. Great. -And bite into it. -Whhhhaaaaaaaat?!!
[Laughter] -Son of a flip! Are you kidding me? -After eating so much fruit… -Misdirection, man! This is a, this is a fruit! This is also a fruit. -Olive is a fruit?! -Yeah. -Wow, I thought it was… -I don’t know what I thought it was. -Let’s say it’s a culinary vegetable. [Reggae music] -It sounds like the sounds of bouncing. -How can anyone be mad listening to this kind of music? -That’s the sound of world peace. [Techno music]
I’m approaching… [Techno music building up.] I’m arriving! [Techno music building up] -Are you there? [Beat drops] -Ohh, now I’m in Egypt. [Laughing] -I’m at a basement party in Egypt. -He’s never been to Egypt! -They’re sawing in the room next door. -And they’re shooting lasers down the hallway. [Laughter] -Woooooaaah! That’s too much! I don’t wanna go to Egypt. [Techno music and Laughter] -What is God? -Ohh. What is God… He has his own planet. Away from Earth and… then we are the direct descendants… The literal children of God. -What would you say is the meaning of life? -When people ask me this question
I usually say: The meaning… of life is to serve God. But right now it feels different. This is it. This is it. Whatever you’re doing, whatever it is That’s it. -Remember what it was like before you were born? Like frozen yogurt when you… -All of it. -Everything is melted together. -Sorry, the question wasn’t about ice cream flavors. Why do you believe what you believe? -My parents told me. -Do you wanna draw your ideal life? -Ooohhh. -I drew myself with my family in front of the temple. -This is me. My wife and our kids,
we have four kids. This is our little baby. -Yeah, uuum. This is me. Uhhh. I’m a business man. I enjoy business and I… -What’s the rest of the picture? -This is the sun. Well, yeah up here is the sun. I enjoy being outside. -There’s like a little bit at the bottom. -That’s it. Oh, I did a…uh, yeah. -Just show it…we all showed ours.
-Let’s see it. -Which one’s you? -That’s me. It said ideal life. Not real life. -So you’ve never done that in real life? -And I probably never will. -What did you guys think?
Would you do it again? -I would do it again. It’s harder for me to say that something is Something else is wrong that I’m not doing. Like if someone else is doing it a different way, it’s harder to say that that’s wrong. -Sure. -So, I don’t know.
Do we need to be doing this? -This? -Missionary stuff. [Sigh] -God in one word… -God in one word?
-What would you say? [Laughter] If you had to sum it all up… God, in one word.
What would be… [Laughter] And you only could pick one. Okay? You can only pick one. You want it to be quick… -Yeah, yeah, yeah. -Very easy for people to understand in many languages.
-And easy to say. -Easy to say. -I would go with Allah. [Laughter] -If I had to pick one that’s the one I would go with. [Laughter] -Oh God. [Laughter] -Oh God. I feel very grateful to be part of this clickbait video that will probably get millions of three second views on Facebook Thanks to their autoplay feature. Great opportunity for us to get the good word out. -Yeah. -Mm-hmm.

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  1. i’m laughing so hard at this video because it’s so relatable, just the conversations they’re having alone is making me be like “that’s so me”

  2. Who else watching this on lsd and omg I can’t type and there is a race car above me and I can’t run and it’s getting slowler airy lol i’m hairy Larry hahahah

  3. These ain't missionaries they're badge ain't the proper one and the guy in the middle hair cut is too long his mission president will growl him

  4. "As bad as marijuana" LMAO! I've never hallucinated off weed and never got tired with the munchies while trippin lol

  5. "Why do you believe what you believe?"
    "My parents told me."
    The most simplistic and honest reply I have ever heard out of a God lover.

  6. Not even real LDS missionaries. You can tell by the name tags which are clearly made of paper and not plastic.

  7. Whooooaa I was laughing, and then it took a different turn. Homie realized he was indoctrinated by his parents, other dude was gay.. Pretty cool

  8. i just think that everyone should know that this is fake, if you look at their pupils they are not dilated, on acid ur pupils are like coins. LSD doesn't last 3-4 hours, it lasts 6-12 hours, and they would act much differently than they are. I think everyone should know this because i dont want anyone taking acid after they watched this one video

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