Lauréats IMPULSION 2018 – Laure Saint-Raymond

I am Laure Saint-Raymond and I am a mathematician The influence of topography on the diffusion of internal waves What has been your career path ? After my thesis, I had the chance to work at the crossroads of mathematics and physics. I was hired by the CNRS which was a great opportunity because it gave me enough freedom to undertake more ambitious projects Then, I was a professor at the Université Paris 6 and partly at the École normale supérieure of Paris for almost 10 years. Two years ago, I decided to join a new scientific environment and I moved to Lyon to infuse more energy in my research work. What is your research topic ? My work focuses on how internal waves propagate in the ocean, under the effect of gravity on one hand and because the density is not homogenous on the other hand. The aim is to understand the influence of submarine topography on these waves. The laboratory of physics at ENS de Lyon is equipped with specific tools to understand these phenomena. I am particularly interested in the mathematical aspect of it in order to understand the shape of the waves’ propagation. How did you benefit from the IMPULSION program ? When I arrived, the IMPULSION program allowed me to develop a new research topic or at least to start a new collaboration at a time when I was taking a closer interest in physics. I appreciated being trusted to develop multidisciplinary aspects and being able to hire a postdoc who is now doing his research work at the laboratory of physics where he conducts experiments, and working with me to understand the theory behind the experiments. The IMPULSION program offers funding opportunities to newly arrived researchers in Lyon Saint-Étienne It is supported by the Université de Lyon within the framework of the IDEXLYON project Why did you choose Lyon Saint-Etienne ? I chose to come to Lyon because I wanted to work in a different scientific environment and the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region is full of talents and of interesting people I also moved for family reasons : to have more space than in Paris and to live closer to the mountains.

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