Latter-day Saint Prophet Stops in Bolivia on Global Tour

Latter-day Saint Prophet Stops in Bolivia on Global Tour

They came from La Paz, El Alto and beyond in Bolivia. Nine thousand members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and
their neighbors fill the stadium in El Alto, more than three hours before the
prophet’s arrival, eager to hear the ministering words of a prophet of God.
When President Russell M. Nelson and his wife, Wendy, arrived, accompanied by Elder
Gary E. Stevenson of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles and his wife, Lesa, and
other Church leaders, they were greeted by children dressed in traditional
clothing of their culture who sent a special song. In the highest elevated
city in the world at nearly 14,000 feet, President Nelson spiritually elevated
those in attendance and those watching via broadcast. “Do we have any primary
children in the congregation?” “If so, I would like you to stand. Now, raise your hands.” “There’s the future of Bolivia! The future of the Church in Bolivia.” In one of the most touching moments of
the evening, President Nelson asked the children present to sing, ‘I Am a Child of
God.’ And then he taught, “Parents and teachers
have a great responsibility to teach these children. Teach them what it really
means to be a child of God and teach them about the Savior of the world.”
And then he spoke in their native tongue. Elder Stevenson encouraged those struggling with life’s hardships.
“Brothers and Sisters, you will find joy in the gospel even in the midst of your
afflictions. Even tonight there are some of you here who are bearing burdens on
your shoulders. Whatever burdens you may have, let me testify to you that you will
find joy in the gospel. I have joy because I know that we have a living
prophet who speaks to us in our day.” Sister Nelson praised the Bolivian Saints.
“It is a spiritually elevating experience to be with you. It is you, the Saints of
Bolivia–not the elevation, that take our breath away. Tonight my message is that
President Russell M. Nelson is the Lord’s prophet on the earth today.” “One of the
parts that was very happy for us was to listen him
speaking in Spanish, in our language and he make us a wonderful promise about our
families.” President Nelson heads to Asunción, Paraguay on his
continuing ministry tour of South America, concluding with the dedication
of the Concepción Chile Temple.

11 Replies to “Latter-day Saint Prophet Stops in Bolivia on Global Tour”

  1. Is amazing our dear prophet and his wife to speak in their native language to be in the same room it is a wonderful feeling

  2. Pres. Nelson came in person to La Paz when I was a kid to a regional conference, what a joy to listen to him and watch him teach in Bolivia again!

  3. I am without a doubt that President Nelson is called of God. He, like the Savior, our master ministers and uplift all without reservation. I am so happy he is visiting with saints worldwide. It was a life time honor when I met and shook hands with Elder Bednar. These men are called of God, they are His servants.n

  4. Ohhhh, que bello es recordar la Conferencia en Bolivia, haber sentido la presencia de NUESTRO AMADO PROFETA, y las BENDICIONES QUE NOS DEJÓ.

  5. Just make sure to tell them to pay 10% of all there income when they have a hard time making ends meet. Especially when the doctrine and covenants only says to pay 10% of your surplus so the church can build more malls. I served as a missionary in Cochabamba.

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