Latter-day Saint Leaders Visit Hurricane Survivors in the Carolinas and Florida

Latter-day Saint Leaders Visit Hurricane Survivors in the Carolinas and Florida

“Hey, yeah, here for food donations.” “What
can we get for you?” “And right down there there’s two cycle oil and bar and chain
oil right there.” “Throw three or four cases of water in the back of the truck.”
“What else can we get for you?” Lane Fowler doesn’t even live here in
Panama City. “Come this side, come this side!” but he still showed up. “It’s a neat
experience to see all the work getting done around the neighborhood.” You
might recognize the iconic yellow vest he’s wearing. “Bring the dogs over on a
leash if you want, we’ll watch ’em for you you can go in and take a look.” Lane is one of
many Helping Hands from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
They’re spread across the Florida Panhandle cleaning up after Hurricane
Michael. “We get hugs everywhere we go.” But this task is daunting. “The trees just
bent like matchsticks and roofs blown off and brick…it was just
incredible. I’ve never seen such, such damage.” “I’m astonished at the extent of
destruction. I’ve never seen anything like it.”
President Dallin H. Oaks of The First Presidency led a special delegation of
church leaders to visit the area and meet those who are now recovering.
“Afflictions, obstacles, are the reality of mortal life. And we have been given the
way to deal with these things.” “Your faith strengthens our faith and your devotion
makes us want to be more devoted.” This weekend alone, thousands stepped up to
make a difference. From Florida, Alabama, Mississippi and beyond. “We’re grateful
for all the help that is offered by members of the Church throughout the Southeast
who’ve come here to help us.” And they’re needed more than ever. “We didn’t know
what we were gonna do, we didn’t.” 70-year-old Shirley Daniels’ home and
yard were badly damaged in the hurricane. Then on Saturday morning people from a
church she didn’t even know showed up to help. “You’re just angels as far as I’m concerned, here from God. That’s all I can say. I’m sorry.” And the work doesn’t stop on Sunday. “It’s so wonderful to see that whole room full of yellow shirts.” These helping hands worshipped in special sacrament meetings
before heading out once again. “Caring for those who have been hurt, have
been damaged, who have been suffering, that’s the Lord’s work.” Each volunteer
has something to contribute. Take Daniel Wimberly from Georgia. He brought his own
tractor to Marianna, Florida to help clear debris. “Just drive and be
Christlike and do what you know Christ would have us do out here.” “This is faith
in Christ sitting there in yellow vests by the thousands. There’s nothing like it.”
“It’s changed me. To see people work together and love each other when
there’s devastation all around.” Everybody here is determined to face that devastation
head-on. “The stability, the faith and the rock-solid, ‘we are here to stay’ attitude–it’s a remarkable testimony of their faith in and commitment to the Lord
Jesus Christ.

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  1. Oh my goodness! That sweet, little lady's tears made me cry. I'm so grateful for people who serve!! ❤❤❤


  3. The church of Jesus Christ of Letter Day Saints is absolutely amazing! How can so many criticize a church that does so many wonderful things!! I love this gospel and it is changing lives in so many ways! What a wonderful light in a world that seems so bleak at times!! ❤️❤️❤️

  4. Hay Mormons don't go and give them food and stuff that's science just give them JESUS and 9 wives

  5. Thank you, LDS members, for helping these people in need. This is what humans should be doing to help other humans. The responsibility to help people in need is not reserved for "church" people. It should be obligatory of all caring humans. For that reason, I implore LDS people and all others to learn about and do something for the people of western Kenyan who are having to deal with an epidemic of sand fleas. The embedded female egg sac in the skin of the people who live here ruins their lives. To see why it does, please search You Tube videos for Rise Up Society or for "jigger removal." It is very difficult to watch these videos, but you won't understand what extreme suffering is until you do. If you can help these people, please do. Thank you.

  6. I came from Pensacola Stake to help in Panama city. I wasn't able to see pres oaks I was only able to go the first week after Michael.
    But that damage was just refocus! I felt the spirit so strongly going over there with my stake.
    The first week we had sacrament with no ac and no electricity with our yellow helping hand shirts with big gaping holes in the roof throughout the panama city church it was really badly damaged. half of the gym was missing the roof walls were tilted it was just crazy.
    that night that I camped there you could hear gunshots in the night of people shooting looters. it was a very weird experience and I wish I was able to serve more! I really do love this church will all my heart!

  7. crazy this I remember driving up two hours to see Elder Holland a few months before that hurricane… the before and after of the damage is craaazzzzyyyyy

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