LAST to LEAVE the TABLE!! Parents vs KIDS!

– [Everyone] Heads down, thumbs up! (screaming) – [Rachel] Whoa, Wyatt! You get to leave the table. (squealing) – [Child] Be quiet! – What is going on? (upbeat music) Welcome back to The Ohana
Adventure everybody, and we’re hanging out with- – [Everyone] The Tannerites! Woo! – All right we love hanging
out with the Tannerites, and we just filmed something
really, really fun with them. Make sure you go over to the
Tannerites and check them out. We will link them down below as well as put them in our end screen. So you can watch that awesome video. But, today, we have something really fun. What are we playing today, guys? – [Everyone] Heads up, seven up. – Okay, they have played
this on their channel and they had so much fun. And I remember playing this as a kid, if you guys have played this before, give it a thumbs up right now. If you haven’t played before, we are actually gonna play two rounds. One round, pretty normal, but it’s gonna be really fun. The second round, we are going to play
last to leave the table with heads up, seven up, so make sure you keep watching for that. All right, everybody go to a table. Go! If you haven’t played this before, there’s gonna be seven players and they’re gonna go around and they’re gonna touch somebody’s thumb, while their eyes are closed, and if they guess that person right, they get to be part of the seven. If not, then they’re out. (drumming) We need seven players. – [Kids] Me, me, me. – We’re gonna call, oh, Sarah! – [Kids] Me! – [Rachel] Danielle! – Woo! – [Rachel] Oh, oh, Klai
has been very quiet, Klai, you get to come up. – Yay! – [Rachel] One, two, three. Az, you are up. That’s four. Oh, Savanna is so quiet. And we have, one, two, three, four, five. (children shouting) Evee, you’re six. – [Savannah] You’re one of
them, you should be one of them. – [Rachel] You don’t wanna play, oh. – You should be one of them. – All right, I will be number six. And I’ll get Evee as number seven. (upbeat music) – [Everyone] Heads up, thumbs up! – [Sarah] Hey. – Now we’ve got to be really quiet, while we touch them so they
don’t guess who we are. – [Sarah] I’m gonna touch Klai’s thumb. – [Female Child] Who
turned off the lights? – [Rachel] Hey. – [Lizzie] Someone touched my thumb. Who touched my thumb? – [Child] I did. I did. – Okay, once you’ve
touched one person’s thumb, you go stand at the top, okay? At the front. Evee cheated, how many thumbs did you touch? – Three. (giggling) – Okay, (laughing) we’ll
see how this works out. (chattering) Okay. – [Everyone] Head up, seven up. – [Sarah] Eight, nine. – Stand up if you got your thumb– – [Female child] Heads up, nine up. – [Sarah] Oh, did everybody get touched? – We have a mystery. Someone may have touched
somebody else’s thumb, more than one person. So, this is going to be a good hunt to see who touched your thumb. All right, Johnny, who was your pick? Who touched your thumb? – Klai. – You’re out! – Oh really?! – [Rachel] You gotta sit down. ‘Kay, Jase, who touched your thumb? – It was Klai. – You’re out. – Ah ha, it was you. – [Rachel] You’re out. Who touched your thumb? – You skipped me! – Sarah. – [Rachel] Was it Sarah? – Oh, it was me. – [Rachel] Whoa, Wyatt! (cheering) And on to the next. Who touched your thumb? – Was it Klai? – [Rachel] Klai, did you get Lizzie? – You’re out. – [Rachel] Woah. You have to sit down, Lizzie. Okay, Cora, so who grabbed your thumb? – Az? – [Rachel] Az? – No. – [Rachel] No, you’re out. Hey Branson. – Man, my thumb was touched three times. So, Evee. – What? – [Branson] No? – [Rachel] Did you touch Branson’s thumb? No. – Hey.
– [Rachel] Whoa, you are out. All right, Rykel. – Klai? – [Rachel] Klai? – You’re right. – [Everyone] Oh! – [Rachel] Rykel. – Ugh! – [Rachel] Shae, Shae, Shae. – So I said, I think I know who it is. And Evee was like (gasps). I think it’s Evee. – [Rachel] Evee did you– – A lot.
– [Rachel] Put his thumb down? – Mmhm. – Yeah, woo! – [Rachel] We have a confession. (laughing) Evee, how many
people did you touch? (laughing) – All right, we’re gonna
move on to the next round. The hardest round, last
to leave the table. All right, for our second round, our last to leave the table, We’re gonna have it parents versus kids. And this time, whoever loses
buys the winner dinner. So, if the parents win, the
kids have to buy dinner. – If the parents win, the
parents are gonna get dinner, ’cause I don’t think the kids
have any money with them. – [Rachel] I know people that have money. Where’s your money? – I’m not gonna tell you.
– Money? Oh, she’s got money. She’s got money. Rykel’s buying everyone dinner, guys. – [Female child] Yeah! – All right, so, I am
gonna film so that means we need Johnny, Sarah, Jase
and Branson as our adult team. – Woo! (laughing) – [Jase] I don’t think
Branson can act like an adult. (laughing) – [Rachel] Branson. What team are you on? – I don’t know. – [Rachel] Okay, all right. All the kids to the table. – (laughing) No. – Here Jase, Jase I’ll help you. – I’ll break my– – We’ll do this adult style ready? You gotta scream. – I’m ready. (screams) (laughing) – [Rachel] That was like slo-mo. (children chattering) This round, whoever touches the thumb, if you guess wrong, then you’re out. So if the children guess
wrong, they are out, they have the leave the table. So they have left the table. If you guess the parent
right, then the parent is out. Or the adult, or the adult is out. So, we have to be sneaky. The adults have to be sneaky
with getting their thumbs down and the children have to
be really good thinkers. We have Branson. – Woo! – [Rachel] Jase. – Yeah. – [Rachel] Sarah. Or Johnny. You kids ready? – [Children] Yeah! – [Everyone] Heads down, thumbs up. (children squealing) (children chattering) – [Female] Shush, shush,
shush, shush, shush. (children chattering) – [Child] Be quiet! – [Child] Why is it taking so long? – [Child] Everyone, be quiet! Be quiet! – What is going on? All right, heads up– – [Sarah] Seven– – [Rachel] Four up.
– [Sarah] Oh. – [Rachel] Four up. Seven up, stand up. Four, we have four. There’s one. There’s two. Where’s our three and four? – [Sarah] Who else got
their thumbs touched? – [Jase] Whose thumb was touched? – [Rachel] Oh, Az is number three. We’re missing a four. – [Rachel] Canyon. – [Sarah] Canyon, did you
get your thumb touched? – [Rachel] You did, you
did. I think I saw you. – [Johnny] Somebody touch your thumb? – [Rachel] Oh, he is standing. (laughing) – He’s just really short. – [Rachel] Remember kids, if you guessed your parent or adult wrong, you’re out of the game. Canyon, you get to go first. Who touched your thumb? – They all bent down. – [Rachel] (laughing) Look at this, this is like intense. – I– – [Child] He knows already. – [Rachel] Oh wait,
what, you know already? – [Child] He knows already guys. – [Rachel] Okay, who is it? – I heard, and I think, I saw who it was. (laughing) So– – [Rachel] Who was that? – It was Branson, I saw that it was Branson. – [Rachel] Branson is that right? Is it you? – (inhales) No, it wasn’t me. – [Everyone] Oh! – Branson, no! – [Rachel] Right, Canyon’s out. Oh, Az. – It was mommy. – Yes, it was me. (cheering and yelling) – Sarah is gone, they’re down one adult. Lizzie? Who picked you? – I need to think. – [Rachel] Uh oh, this is hard. – Jase. – I think it was– – [Rachel] Intense faces, look at that. – I think it was daddy. ‘Cause he was trying to be really sneaky. – [Rachel] Oo, let’s see. – No. (gasping and shouting) – [Rachel] Lizzie’s out, you’ve gotta leave the table. All right, Klai, who do you think it was? – It doesn’t make sense, I’m so scared. (laughing) Was it Branson? – [Rachel] Is that your answer? – No, stop. Yes. – [Rachel] Okay.
– It’s not him is it? – [Rachel] Branson, ready? – Wasn’t me. – [Everyone] Oh! – [Rachel] You get to leave the table. – [Branson] Woo! – [Child] Goodbye. – [Rachel] She’s out. – [Jase] She’s taking her chair. (laughing) – [Rachel] We have three adults left, and one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight kids. Ready? – Heads down, thumbs up. – [Az] Who turned out the lights? Who turned out the lights? I said, who turned out the lights? – [Rachel] All right. Three adults. Ready? – Heads up, seven up. – Or three up. – [Rachel] All right, we have, Danielle is up. Shae is up. And, oh, Evee is very standing up. Okay, Evee, since you’re
the tallest right now– – Johnny. – [Rachel] Oh, wait,
Evee, yes, really quick, she says? – Johnny. – [Shae] Oh, that’s who I was– – Dang it. (cheering and shouting) – Oh my goodness, the adults are down to two. We could lose this round, gentlemen. You’re gonna point. One, two, three, point. Okay, so, Danielle says Jase. And Shae says Branson. Oh oh, let’s see. Are they correct, or are they both wrong? – One, two, three. Correct. (cheering and clapping) – Why? (cheering) – We are not worthy. We are not worthy. – How did that happen? That was physiologically, psychologically and mathematically impossible. – Wait, wait, wait, who cheated? – [Child] Not me. – [Child] Not me. – I didn’t. – I knew it was dad’s thumb
because it was a press, it was a touch and press. – Guys, that was very impressive. – [Child] Someone touched my hair. – That was super impressive. It looks like the adults
have left the table, and we lost. – Completely! – [Sarah] And that means
we have to buy dinner. – These kids have got this game down. (cheering) – You guys have to buy
all the kids dinner. – Chick-fil-A. – Dollar store? Dollar store? – [Children] Chick-fil-A. – [Children] Chick-fil-A. – [Johnny] Cereal. – Chick-Fil-A! – Chick-Fil-A! – Chick-Fil-A! – Cafe Reo! – Caeser salad! – S’mores! – Steak for everyone! (cheering) Right you guys, thank you so very much for watching. Make sure to check out the
Tannerites’ channel as well for the epic game of four
corners that we played with them. And guess what? We are all gonna give you one big– – [Everyone] Mahalo. – We’re out. (upbeat music)

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