LaDainian Tomlinson Breaks Single-Season TD Record vs. Broncos (Week 14, 2006) | NFL Full Game

LaDainian Tomlinson Breaks Single-Season TD Record vs. Broncos (Week 14, 2006) | NFL Full Game

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  1. 14:58 – Philip Rivers finds Antonio Gates in the end zone for 12-yard TD pass

    23:11 – Chargers score touchdown off ‘Bumerooski’ nifty trick play for Lorenzo Neal

    25:24 – Broncos’ Tatum Bell explodes for 51-yards on rush

    27:32 – Broncos’ Jason Elam scores 34-yard FG

    31:14 – LaDainian Tomlinson scores TD on 1-yard rush

    48:53 – Rivers lobs 7-yard TD pass to Antonio Gates

    59:26 – Jay Cutler throws 28-yard TD pass to Tony Scheffler

    1:00:32 – Chargers fumble on ensuing kickoff, recovered by Denver

    1:03:40 – Jay Cutler finds Tony Scheffler for his 2nd TD of the game

    1:18:42 – Jason Elam makes 33-yard FG to bring Broncos within 8 points

    1:24:35 – Nate Kaeding makes 34-yard FG

    1:29:43 – Chargers stop Broncos on 4th down

    1:34:41 – Nate Kaeding makes 35-yard FG

    1:38:00 – Chargers sack Jay Cutler on 4th down

    1:42:53 – LaDainian Tomlinson ties the season Rush TD record

    1:46:10 – Shawn Merman strip-sacks Jay Cutler and Chargers recover

    1:49:54 – LaDainian Tomlinson sets season Rush TD record at 29 on the season

  2. Broncos 9-7.Their Defense isn't looking well the last few games.I see them making the playoffs but I don't see them going that far.

  3. I was there, in the corner of the end zone, hoarse from screaming. It seems both like yesterday … and 100 years ago. Agree that it 2006 was their last chance to make the SB under a Spanos regime. Sad, but the Bolts beating up on the Broncos still makes me smile 🙂

  4. I see so many chargers fans here. I seriously wonder what the happened to all of them? The stadium is so empty now, like seriously where did they all go.

  5. I remember watching this game live! LT was one of my favorite players as a kid. was so hyped for him breaking this record.

  6. I'd pay anything for full replays of entire NFL seasons earlier than 2009. It seems like a waste to keep 99% of games in a vault somewhere instead of digitizing them for NFL Gamepass.

  7. Man other than a young Vincent Jackson and Antonio Gates, the Chargers didn't really have any other good receivers on this team to throw to!

  8. Make this Chargers team playable on MADDEN!!!!!!!!! Please. Sign my petition !!!

  9. #21 SON!!! Beast mode legend .. stupid ass Nate. If he didn't throw the game against the Jet's. That would have been our first San Diego super bowl. We had Godlike talent that year. Sproles/Gates/Floyd/LT/PRIME Rivers even Nate(before his betrayal)

  10. 1:49:53 if you want to skip to "the play" but a great watch all around. I was there to witness this in person. A great season that ended too soon but still a great moment in history. Thank you Shawne Merriman for the strip sack late in the game to allow LT's third TD! I forgot about that (I must've tailgated pretty hard that day =)

  11. back when chargers got up 21-3 and you were absolutely sure they were going to win and they did. these days the defense andvrunjing game is failing rivers

  12. Thank you so much NFL for putting the whole game on here. It hasn't been the smoothest road for Chargers fans the past few years but at least on this record-breaking anniversary we can all sit back and smile!

  13. NFL so clutch with these clear picture throwback games sometimes we as fans need to go back and watch football when it was real

  14. Regardless of how bad Denver was on defense and playing with Cutler a rookie QB, the Bolts got in the Broncos' okole like a gerbil !

  15. Were you there? I'll never forget where I was at in the 'Q for this one. History was written for me when L.T broke the T.D record in Sec UV43, Row 4 at the beloved 'Q. L.T! L.T! L.T!

  16. Similar to Kobe Bryant, Peyton Manning, Albert Pujols, and Dirk Nowitzki, Tomlinson is an all-time great that peaked in 2006.

  17. I love LT dude, he one of my all time Favorite players, I don't know what made me more excited, SB 51 or LT in the Hall of Fame.

  18. Damm i remember these good old days the charges had a winning streak against the raiders and lost it the next year i believe

  19. As a Broncos fan I'm suffering through this loss all over again just to watch the last great era of NFL football.


  20. The crazy thing is too is that this was only WEEK 14 man I cant believe this team didn't win a super bowl. Maybe is Dean Spanos knew how to run a team they would

  21. It took a son of an owner in Dean Spanos who just waited until the great Alex SPANOS was about to past away and DEAN SPANOS made San Diego Fans an extinct brand base as he took his Dad s gift to SD and placed the team in LA where them fans now are so faithful knowing its only in the 1000s and least popular fan base due to size. But all Spanos has to do is make a SB Winner to open up the smallest bandwagon in pro sports…

  22. 2006 San Diego Chargers( stacked with a lot , a lot of talent) were one of the best team season year that should of went to and win the SB. An interception that lead to not kneeling down only to fumble the season away,,, wait I almost forgot,, Kaeding as in Nick the Miss Kaeding..

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