La venganza del Rey St Edmund, El Primer Santo De Inglaterra

La venganza del Rey St Edmund, El Primer Santo De Inglaterra

The revenge of a saint – Edmund of the East
Angles East Angles was once a great Anglo-Saxon kingdom. The Kings lived and were buried in
great splendor It was also a brutal time. We can only guess the details of their
lives and deaths, since their stories did not survive to the “dark age”, with one exception: the
extraordinary story of the brave King Edmund. There were many Christian martyrs willing
to die for their beliefs; however, no many managed to inflict their revenge – more
one hundred years after his murder! I Am, The DoQmentalist and this is: Revenge
King It was in 855 when Edmund became
in King of East Anglia. His kingdom was under constant threat from
invasion and Edmund had to fight to keep your land and position. One day, in 869, a Viking leader called
Hinguar and his warriors invaded the Kingdom of East Anglia. The Vikings destroyed one of the cities
and the people were very scared. King Edmund summoned his army and was
to the war. The Saxons fought hard, but the forces
Vikings were great and they defeated them. King Edmund was taken prisoner. Hinguar insisted that Edmund serve him
and bow to the Viking gods. Edmund knew that, if he refused, the penalty would be
a particularly frightening death. However, Edmund was a religious man
and he was very serious about his commitment to God. He refused courageously. On a cold November morning, the King
Edmund was taken to a field in Haegelisdun (heguelisdun) The defeated warriors looked horrified
his king beaten, tied to a tree, shot with arrows and decapitated. Viewers commented later that
Poor Edmund was shot with so many arrows, `that got mad at them like a hedgehog ‘. The King’s head was thrown into the bushes
from the forest of Haegelisdun (heguelisdun). The Saxon warriors who had survived
To the battle they sought the head of their king, to be able to give him an appropriate burial. They could not find it. Just when sad and defeated men
they were about to surrender, they were alerted by the cries of an animal. There was a large gray wolf in the thick brush;
the wolf watched the king’s head. With the death of King Edmund, East Anglia
he immersed himself in battle, since both Danes as Vikings attacked. However, during this time of great turmoil,
King Edmund did not remain silent, because a number of miraculous events began
to happen. The people saw visions of the dead king and several
sick people were cured of their diseases. The local people, including some of the settlers
Vikings, visited his grave to inspire In difficult times. Word of the remarkable miracles soon spread
related to the martyred king. The remains of the king were taken to the city
from Bury St. Edmunds in 903 and a sanctuary was dedicated
to San Edmund. However, the most miraculous event yet
It had not happened. San Edmund had been dead for more than a hundred years
when, on February 3, 1014, witnesses They saw how a miracle occurred. The monks recorded in their diary that
They were joined by an imposing visitor but not welcome – the new King Sweyn Forkbeard. He had just conquered England. The king intended to plunder the
treasure of both the rich sanctuary of St Edmund as the property of his new subjects
Anglo-Oriental. However, before I could start,
suddenly a vision of San Edmund appeared and began to scold the king for his oppression
of the English people. The appearance of the dead king for a long time
Time proved electrifying for those present. Even the monks, despite their belief
in the miraculous power of his saint, they stayed speechless. Sweyn Forkbeard, however, remained in
calm. His arrogant response clearly was not the
type of response that the saint expected and lacked respect for English values,
Well Edmund was furious. The saint broke into Sweyn, raised his arm
and gave him a blow of such force that the king invader died in a few moments. So Edmund had achieved, as a saint,
what he had not been able to achieve in his life – the defeat of an invading king, putting
end of Sweyn’s tyranny towards the English! One hundred years after his death, finally
he could take revenge for his previous treatment hands of the Vikings. The defeat of Sweyn was only one of the miracles
attributed to Edmund as his fame grew. In 1050, a silent woman named Alfgeth was
on a pilgrimage to the sanctuary of San Edmund, where he claimed to have miraculously recovered
his speech. In gratitude, he dedicated his life to maintaining
the sanctuary ordered. Others saw visions or consulted the saint
before going to war, like many of the first kings of
England. however, Edmund was the first and true
patron saint of England.

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