La Maldición de la Armadura de Géminis | SAINT SEIYA SHORTS [Especial Halloween 2019]

La Maldición de la Armadura de Géminis | SAINT SEIYA SHORTS [Especial Halloween 2019]

Saga: Ah…why do I have to take care of the kids? Saga: Aiolos left with the best part… Shion: Aiolos… Shion: You will take Deathmask, Shura and Afrodita… Shion: …To their next training mission. Shion: They’re ready since they’re the oldest… Shion: Golden Saints… Aiolos: As you wish, sir. Shion: Saga, you will take care of the remaining kids. Saga: WHAT?! Saga: BUT THEY’RE A LOT OF THEM! Shion: Saga, It’s an order! Saga: Alright… *Aiolos laughs* (Saga: Damn pope…) (Saga: I could do a better job if I were on his shoes…) (Saga: Now I have to be a babysitter?) (Saga: How shameful!) (Saga: Aiolos should be the one doing this!) (Saga: Hopefully if I do well I’ll be a step closer to become the next pope). (Saga: Anyway…this seems to be the place). (Saga: Time to be done with this). Saga: Alright…here we go… Saga: Hey kids! How are you doing? (Saga: Alright Saga…you can do this…) Saga: I’m Saga! Saga: I was told to take care of you, so… (Saga: What’s wrong with these kids!) Saga: Ah! Saga: You were playing wrecking cars? Saga: I love that! *imitating a car’s motor* Saga: Ugh… Saga: I’m bad at this… Mu: Mister Saga? Saga: Mmm? Saga: Oh! Saga: Little Mu, what’s going on? Mu: We’re hungry… Saga: Ah…you are hungry? *the kids nod* *the kids nod minus Shaka* Saga: Oh! Eh…alright. Saga: Eh-food…oh-yeah, okay. Saga: Stay still! Saga: I’ll look for some food and be right back! It won’t take long! Mu: He is weird, right?
*evil itself approaches* Camus: Right… *laughs* Mu: Mister Saga… Mu: You’re back so soon? Mu: Did you bring us food? Kanon: Eh-don’t worry! Kanon: I already sent someone to bring delicious food for you. Kanon: I wouldn’t like to be out at this time… Kanon: Not since “that curse” exists though… Mu: What curse? Kanon: Eh? Kanon: You mean you never heard about… Kanon: …THE CURSE OF GEMINI’S ARMOR?! Milo: The curse of Gemini’s armor? Kanon: Ups! Kanon: Me and my big mouth! Kanon: Forget what I said! Milo: Tell us about that curse! Kanon: You sure you want to hear about the legend? The kids: Yeah!
Shaka: No… Kanon: Alright. Kanon: But do not tell ANY-ONE about this… Kanon: The legend goes like this: Kanon: There was once a Golden Saint who served Athena faithfully… Kanon: It was Gemini’s Golden Saint. Kanon: Everyday he would defend his temple with honor… Kanon: There was not even a single day where this Soldier… Kanon: Would not go outside his temple… Kanon: To defend it from likely hostile attacks. Kanon: However… Kanon: One night he just dissapeared mysteriously. Kanon: And since that night… Kanon: He never came back to defend his temple… Kanon: Like he always did. Mu: W-what happened to him? Kanon: Nobody knows… Kanon: It’s been said that his partners made him dissapear. Kanon: But for some reason, since that event! Kanon: Every!…eh… Kanon: What day is today?
Camus: Friday. Kanon: Every friday before noon! Kanon: His armor appears in front of his temple! Kanon: And posseses any Gemini constellation’s Golden Saint! Kanon: To take revenge on the Saints that betrayed him! Kanon: But don’t worry… Kanon: If any Gemini constellation’s Golden Saint… Kanon: It’s defending it’s temple… Kanon: Nothing will happen…. Kanon: Of course, unless it’s… Kanon: Past Seven O’clock. Mu: Mister it’s about to get past Seven O’ clock! Aiolia: You should go defend your temple right now! Kanon: Oh right! It’s getting late! Kanon: I shall run to get in time! Kanon: I don’t know if I’ll make it…but I have to try! Kanon: Good night, kids!
*laughs* Mu: Will he make it in time? Aiolia: If he doesn’t, Gemini’s cursed armor will take him… Aiolia: And will kill us! Milo: Well, I don’t believe him a bit! Milo: I’m not scared of it! Milo: UAAAA! Aiolia: O-oh no! Aiolia: The lights went out! Aiolia: I wish my brother was here… Aldebaran: I-If we stay together we will be fine… Camus: That’s right, w-we should just stay calm… *growl* *everyone except Shaka screams* *kids keep screaming in the background*
Shion: Mmm? Aldebaran: What are we going to do? Shaka: We should stay calm, and, analize the situation.
*Aiolia cries in the background* Aldebaran: How can you stay calm on a moment like this? Shaka: Because I don’t believe any of this is real… Mu: OH MY GOD THEY KILLED AIOLIA! *everyone screams* *Kanon laughs*
Kanon: This is the BEST JOKE i’ve EVER done in a long time… Kanon: Saga is going to hate me for this… Kanon: But that’s what keeps me alive! *laughs* *a silhouette appears below the door* Shion: What’s going on here?! *SPLAT* Shion: Why so much fuss? *Aiolia fainted*
Milo: HE CAN’T KILL ME IF I KILL HIM FIRST! *Mu breaks in tears*
Shion: What happened here?! Shion: Where is Saga?! (Saga: Alright…) (Saga: I hope this is…enough.) (Saga: Or else!…) Shion: SAGA! Saga: Grand Pope! Shion: Saga, can you explain to me why you abandoned your tasks?! Saga: N-no! I only went to buy some food for the kids and… Shion: And was it really necessary to scare the kids before going?! Shion: Can you explain me what’s that all about the “Curse of the Gemini’s armor”?! Saga: I-I don’t know what you’re talking about! Saga: I never said such thing! Shion: Ahh..I gave you an easy task! Shion: I cannot allow this type of behavior in the Sanctuary. Shion: We’ll talk later… Shion: First, I’ll take these kids to a safer place. (Saga: I-I don’t get it…) (Saga: What just happened?) (Saga: The Curse of Gemini’s armor?) (Saga: Where did he heard tha–) Saga: Kanon! Saga: DAMN YOU KANON! Saga: YOU TRAITOR! I WILL FIND YOU AND KILL YOU! Saga: YOU CAN’T HIDE FOREVER! Saga: YOU THINK YOU’RE REALLY FUNNY! YOU DAMN LITTLE– Saga: AAAAAAHHHHhhhhh…! Aiolos: Ah…home, sweet home! Aiolos: Who wants to do the forbidden technique?! Matt: HEY! Do you remember me? Matt: For the love of ATHENA I hope so! Matt: Thank you for seeing my video! Matt: It was about time I uploaded the new Saint Seiya animated short. Matt: My thanks to everyone for being so patient. Dissapointed fan: I’M STILL MAD! Dissapointed fan: IT TOOK YOU ALMOST A YEAR! Dissapointed fan: WE WILL HAVE TO WAIT FOR ANOTHER 243 YEARS! Dissapointed fan: FOR YOUR NEXT ANIMATION! Dissapointed fan: IS THERE REALLY NO SOLUTION FOR THIS?! Dissapointed fan: Eh? Dissapointed fan: AAAHH!! *pain*
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    ¡Gracias a todos por sus comentarios! Después de tanto tiempo por fin esta animación salió a la luz 😀 y al parecer valió la pena la espera, ¡vendrán más animaciones con el tiempo! (Ya que no monetizo mis animaciones, ¡agradecería mucho tu apoyo en Patreon!

    ¡Espero que disfruten el corto! 😀 No se atrevan a quedar Shiryu sin mí (?)

  2. 7:06 que hace mecoboy ahí
    ¿Ya renunció a las pendejadas de Darkar?
    ¿¡O es fanático de Saint Seiya en secreto!?
    No lo entiendo 😕

  3. Hermano hermano es la primera animación que veo de ti y me encanto sigue asi
    PD:por que mu es igual que sakura de naruto

  4. Solo por este video y porque amo a saint seiya me suscribire
    ah y ame las voces de los niños , w conozco aquien las hizo jojo

  5. Estuvo genial.. Pero..
    ➡️ Posibilidad de algun corto que se enfoque en ALGUNA PELEA ÉPICA? 🤔…. sería magnífico

  6. Típico problema que sufrimos los gemelos: nos estafan como se les cantan las pelotas porque saben que tenemos una voluntad de fierro…pero lo hacemos igual, de corazón y con coraje.


  7. Kanon: Mmm que día es hoy?
    Niños: ¡Viernes!
    Kanon: Si viernes.
    Jajajja morí, adoro tu trabajo. Un subscritor nuevo y mucho amor❤️

  8. El patriarca le dijo a saga que luego tendrian una conversacion seria….. Seria en starhill….. Ya sabemos como termina eso jejeje

  9. Crei que el Simbolo de Leo es "Valor y Coraje"… pero despues de ver a Arioria desmayarse…

    me siento estafado.jpg


  10. Saga: Entonces, tienen hambre?
    Todos: Si
    Shaka: Ay yo no quiero :v
    Se nota que Shaka representa al signo de Virgo

  11. Pero este video esta mal shura tiene mas edad que aioros y nunca lo nota que no leyó el manga los únicos dorados eran shura,saga y aioros los demas eran niños por eso dislike

  12. Jaja todos queriendo escuchar la historia de la.armadura de geminis , menos Shaka porque es unico y detergente xd,y que lindo estaba Mü, nunca deja de ser kawaii 😍

  13. Putamadre hermano burning cosmos 🤭😊😊🤣😊😊está de putamadre el vídeo y muy entretenido , solo espero que agregues más personajes de la serie , que no se te pase ninguno , los de bronce , plata , acero, los guerreros de Asgard , marinos de Poseidón , espectros y angeles , y dioses porque no 🤭🤭 tienes un amplio universo, no nos falles y no te demores mucho en hacer un vídeo 🤪⚽👍bendiciones y sigue así hermano 🙏💪🤭

  14. Oh por dios mataron a airoria JAJAJAJAJA me encantó mucho la animación y las voces sin duda no quería que terminara porque es muy bueno en todo♥️

  15. 1:35 saga:*juega con los autos como niño haciendo ruidos*

    Yo:si la verdad eso es muy saga

    Kanon:*piensa en hacer algo.malo*

    Hijo de pu…

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