Kya Aaj Bhi Koi Wali Allah Ban Sakta Hai? | Younus AlGohar | ALRA TV

Kya Aaj Bhi Koi Wali Allah Ban Sakta Hai? | Younus AlGohar | ALRA TV

Can Anybody Become a Saint of God Today? Faisal Nawaz Chughtai from Sialkot, Punjab, Pakistan asks: Assalamu Alaikum. Can human beings attain the rank of Sainthood even today? Can people obtain the rank of Sainthood today? We have been clarifying this truth for a long time that Sainthood was terminated with the arrival of Imam Mehdi and that Imam Mehdi is the Khatim ul Auliyah. Now, this particular phrase I use when I say that His Divine Eminence is Khatim ul Auliyah – some of our people, who are followers of His Divine Eminence, say, ‘Oh look, he also says His Divine Eminence is a saint.’ No, when did I say that His Divine Eminence is a saint? I am not saying that. Sainthood is the foundation of the messengerhood of every Messenger. Sainthood is the foundation. Sainthood is not a rank. Sainthood? [Audience: is not a rank.] So what is a rank? Being a Ghous or a Qutub or a Murshid (Spiritual Guide) is a rank. However, being a saint is not a rank itself, it is an esoteric status. Now, what does it mean if Sainthood is terminated? Sainthood used to be of two types. One was called Faqr-e-Ba Karam which means entering into Faqr (Spiritual Poverty) through someone’s Karam (blessings). The culmination of this [sainthood] is the individuality of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH). Those who belong to Faqr-e-Ba Karam neither have any connection nor contact with God. The saints of Faqr-e-Ba Karam make up the staff of 360 saints in every era, the head of which is called ‘Ghous ul Zaman’ and then there are three ‘Qutub’ followed by 40 ‘Abdaal’, then there are ‘Abrar’, ‘Akhiyar’ etc. This staff of 360 saints were in every era. The head of these saints is a Ghous ul Zaman who is a Kamil Shariat (Perfect in Sharia). A Kamil Shariat is one who renders the benevolence of esoteric Sharia, meaning the benevolence of the purification of the Lower Self. That’s who a Kamil Shariat is. This entire staff of 360 saints – from Ghous to Nuqba – which have come in every era are from the Sainthood of Faqr-e-Ba Karam; they do not have any connection with God. Although, they are called saints. You understand? They are called saints but they do not have any access or connection to God. And that is the reason why this staff of 360 saints practise exoteric Sharia strictly; they cannot leave out a single custom of the Prophet. And they have come in every era. This is where the religious clerics find their excuse – they use the example of the Ghous saints and say, ‘They never left out a single custom of the Prophet.’ For example, Peer Mehar Ali Shah. Do you think he was a great personality? He was just a Ghous of his era. He wasn’t such a great personality and today his grandsons are defaming the name of Spirituality. They are connected only to Prophet Mohammad (PBUH). So what does this mean? Neither have they witnessed the divine splendour nor have they conversed with God nor do divine theophanies befall them nor are the sins of those who sit in their company are burnt. If the sins of those who sat in their company were burnt then why would they forcibly make them offer Salat? Why do they rely so heavily on worship? It is because they are dependent on worship and austerities. This is what they must do. If a Spiritual Guide or a saint, who is proven to be a saint, does not lay emphasis on worship then it simply means he is a high ranking personality. He is able to enlighten the hearts of his disciples with his spiritual concentration instead of engaging them in worship. The majority of saints in this world have been from among the 360 saints. Do you understand? From the 360 saints. And this is called Faqr-e-Ba Karam. What is it called? [Audience: Faqr-e-Ba Karam.] They are solely dependant on physical worship. Their Spirituality consists of taming the Lower Self. They only focus on keeping a tight hold of the Lower Self and reforming it. That’s it. The majority of saints come from this [type of Sainthood]; who are saints by name only. Now, all these ‘successors of Sainthood’ that have popped up here and there in Pakistan – I learnt the names of a few here in England, I didn’t even know about them before. Now, all these so-called successors of Sainthood – when their predecessors were present, they were the Ghous of their era but none of these saints came under the divine theophanies. Therefore, they would not only make their disciples perform vigorous worship, but they would also do it themselves. They would offer the Tahajjud prayers; they would have their disciples pray the rosary and send benedictions on the Prophet 500 times. They followed the Sharia strictly. They worshipped rigidly. Such saints have come in abundance. This is why people have only seen this type of Sainthood. And all the grand personalities that came, maybe they only came in the good times. And if any grand saint has come in this era, like Sayin Saheli Sarkar – where is he from? Muzaffarabad? Neither did he keep a beard nor did he offer Salat. He would say, ‘I am God’s bride.’ People cursed him when he said such things. They could not recognise him and how would they? People can only recognise saints like Peer Mehar Ali Shah. At the most. All of these saints belong to Faqr-e-Ba Karam. Now, the grand personalities that came did not forcibly tell their disciples to refrain from anything or to offer auxiliary worship, but why didn’t they say these things? It’s because they were under the divine theophanies. People would sit in their company and come under the divine theophanies and their inner would become purified just like that. Their spiritual faculties would be revived with the merciful glance of such saints. Only those who go through something know how it feels. Those who are blessed without having to perform any worship, when they go and tell people, ‘Neither did I worship 5 times a day nor did I pray the rosary, I met my Spiritual Guide and he blessed me.’ Instead of being impressed by this, they will call them disbelievers. So even if such personalities did come here and there, people did not believe in them. These saints have been dominant. Therefore, if you were to ask Tahir ul Qadri how to recognise a saint, he would tell you how to recognise these saints. This is what he will talk about. And when Tahir ul Qadri found out that these saints didn’t even have a lot of knowledge, he then became the Sheikh of all these Sheikhs. ‘They are all ignorant. I have written numerous books. I have done this and that,’ and who knows what else he says. So these are the saints of Faqr-e-Ba Karam. Neither are they under the divine theophanies nor have they seen or conversed with God nor can they grant salvation to anyone, for except the Ghous – perhaps he may be given a quota of two individuals. Now let’s talk about a true saint. Then there is the Wilayat-e-Uzma (Greater Sainthood). There are two stages in the Greater Sainthood. The first is witnessing the divine splendour and the second is to converse with God. You understand? Those who witness the divine splendour are the ones who are granted the Personal Name of God. Those who converse with God are those who are given the names of God’s attributes. If they were given the Personal Name of God, they wouldn’t be stationary are conversing with God. Right? If they had the Personal Name of God, do you think they would be satisfied with just speaking to God? Now, there are two – the Zaati (Personal Name) and the Sifati (names of the attributes). You understand? Zaati and Sifati. Now, I have already told you the method of witnessing the divine splendour but there’s no harm in explaining it again. Let’s first talk about those who witness the divine splendour. When you listen to my entire discourse, you will come to know what is meant by Sainthood being terminated. If you don’t pay attention now, you will not understand when the question is answered at the end. How does one see God? Now, this is a human being. It has seven subtleties. This is the Subtlety of Ana. The knowledge of seeing God is given to the Subtelty of Ana. The Subtlety of Ana goes in front of Alam-e-Ahdiyat – which faces Alam-e-Wehdat and the Station of Mehmood is in Alam-e-Wehdat. The Spiritual Guide takes the person to this point through the Subtelty of Ana. It witnesses the divine splendour at this point. When it sees God, the image of God that it sees then becomes absorbed into the Subtlety of Ana. The image of God becomes absorbed in the Subtlety of Ana. Then through the Subtlety of Ana, that image of God is transferred into the eyes and from the eyes it is transferred onto the heart. And then it settles in the heart. The image of God was received by the Subtlety of Ana, it was transferred to the eyes from the Subtlety of Ana and then into the heart. There is something in Spirituality called ‘Nazar-e-Keemiya’ (spiritual chemistry) For example, Sultan Haq Bahu said, ‘Those who have been granted Spiritual Chemistry by God have the power to turn stone to gold. ‘Those who have spiritual chemistry can turn stone to gold. God grants this blessing to whomsoever he wishes.’ Now, what does this mean? The eyes that have received the spiritual chemistry; alchemy they are able to glance at a stone and turn it into gold and they are able to revive a dormant heart with the Personal Name of God with a single glance. How is that spiritual chemistry obtained? When the image of God is transferred to the eyes from the Ana. Spiritual chemistry is not granted. The image of God is transferred to the eyes from the Subtelty of Ana and to the heart from the eyes. Why was it transferred to the eyes? So that the eyes can be used to cast spiritual concentration and revive the hearts of people. And why was it transferred to the heart? So that the divine theophanies may befall the heart and for the Divine Rope to be connected. The Divine Rope will be connected to the image of God [in the heart]. Do you understand? Have you understood so far? When the image of God settles in the heart, then God says, ‘Now, whoever sees you will have seen me.’ This is a saint who has witnessed the divine splendour. When one sees God and the image of God is absorbed by the Ana, transferred to the eyes and then settled in the heart, thereafter, 360 divine theophanies will befall his heart daily. The 360 saints of Faqr-e-Ba Karam collectively cannot match a single divine theophany of this saint. 360 divine theophanies befall this saint daily; a single divine theophany is greater than the 360 saints combined. Do you understand what I am saying? So what is this? This is a saint. Okay, this is a saint. Now, let’s talk about the Spiritual Guide. God selects some of the saints who have seen God to become Spiritual Guides. Not all saints are Spiritual Guides. The one God chooses to become a Spiritual Guide is taught the knowledge of Muarifat. What is the knowledge of Muarifat? Izn-o-Irshad (Divine Spiritual Permission). This is the knowledge of granting guidance. It includes the keys to different types of divine permission; people have to go to Bait ul Mamour. Those with this knowledge are taught how to get their disciples verified [before God]. It is a very long process. Those who are chosen to become Spiritual Guides are granted the knowledge of Muarifat and Izn-o-Irshad. Those who are granted Izn-o-Irshad are first known as ‘Wali’ (saint) and then ‘Wali Murshid’ (saint/Spiritual Guide). What are they known as? Wali Murshid. There is a reference for this in the holy Koran. ‘And they are deprived of finding a Wali Murshid.’ – Koran 18:17 Those whom God wishes to misguide are deprived of finding a Wali Murshid. So that is a saint who becomes a Spiritual Guide. ‘Murshid’ is added to his title because he has been made an expert of granting guidance. You understand? Now, Imam Mehdi has arrived as the Universal Spiritual Master therefore, God will not give permission for granting guidance to anyone else. Now all forms of guidance are being granted by Imam Mehdi. Now, there are no more Spiritual Guides because the chapter of Muarifat has been closed. Muarifat has ended. Let’s write Muarifat here and then cross it, like this. Why has it ended? Imam Mehdi is in charge of that department now. Do you understand this? Nobody can become a Spiritual Guide. Why? Because God has delegated Imam Mehdi. Now all sorts of guidance will be rendered to people through Imam Mehdi. Now, nobody can become a Spiritual Guide. Do you understand? What do you understand? Why? [Audience member: nobody can be a Spiritual Guide now because Imam Mehdi is here]. Yes. Now let’s talk about sainthood. ‘Sainthood’. What is sainthood? One witnesses the divine splendour. The Ana goes to the [Realm of Divine Oneness]. Then the image of God enters the heart. Then – this is a human heart. Theophanies of God start to fall upon the heart. This is known as the Divine Rope. This is sainthood. What is sainthood? It is [to become attached to] the Divine Rope. This is sainthood. Now, this Divine Rope – which used to descend from the higher realms down – has been taken back by God. God took it back. So now, nobody can become a Spiritual Guide because Imam Mehdi has come. It is no longer necessary [for there to be other Spiritual Guides]. And this Divine Rope – – yes, [it has been taken back]. Why? Because this Divine Rope was attached to specific prophets and saints of God. And this Divine Rope does not have that flexibility within it to be attached to someone who doesn’t follow a religion. This is why it was taken back by God – out of necessity. Out of necessity. Why has it been taken back? Because it would be attached to [specific] prophets, messengers and saints of God. And religions would be propagated. It doesn’t have that flexibility. Do you understand? Now that Imam Mehdi has come [on Earth], now there are 7 Divine Ropes attached from the chest of Imam Mehdi that are ascending towards [God]. In other words, the process has been reversed. So sainthood has been replaced with Rapturous Love. Sainthood has been replaced by Rapturous Love. There would just be one Divine Rope in sainthood [that everybody would be attached to]. Now, 7 Waterfalls of Riaz are attached from the chest of Imam Mehdi and are ascending [to God]. Do you know about electricity? Do you know what a single phase, two-phase or three-phase electrical power are? The electrical power in the average household is perhaps single phase. Single phase. And if it is a business, the appliances they use are heavy duty. You need a more powerful electrical connection to run them. So they use multiple-phase electrical power. Now just visualise this – it used to be a single Divine Rope. If you compare this single Divine Rope with these 7 Divine Ropes – – compare it to the 7 Divine Ropes – – the first question to pop up in the mind would be, ‘Why have 7 Divine Ropes been attached?’ Because when it was just a single Divine Rope, human beings were responsible for cleansing themselves. Human beings were responsible for cleansing themselves. That [single] Divine Rope was not there to cleanse you. Yes. You were responsible for your own cleanliness. You had to earn your provisions lawfully. [You were told] ‘Eat this, don’t eat that,’ and you many things you had to do. It was only when you did all those things that the Divine Rope would benefit you. There was not a single saint or prophet who even deigned to bother with sinners like you and me. No such saint or prophet did so. Now, look. His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi did not appear to give anybody special instructions. He did not issue [special instructions]. [He didn’t say], ‘You should do this and you shouldn’t do that.’ If somebody drinks alcohol, His Divine Eminence says, ‘That’s fine, you can continue drinking. Just take the Opening of the Spiritual Heart too.’ ‘Continue sinning as you do, but also engage in the invocation of God’s name.’ Did anybody else ever say a sentence like that? Nobody else can afford to say such a sentence! If you only have a single phase electrical power supply to your house, then you can only run small appliances. Small appliances. At the most, maybe you’ll just make juice. You can use the blender and make a smoothie. What else? Maybe you’ll turn on the TV. Tomorrow, if you get a Tesla, you won’t be able to charge it at home. For that, you’ll need a multiple-phase connection. And here [with Imam Mehdi] there are 7 Divine Ropes. How many? [Audience: 7 Divine Ropes]. Benevolence would be sent from above down to [Earth] through the Divine Rope. But these 7 Divine Ropes are attached [to Imam Mehdi on Earth] and they are being sent up [to God]. Now it is not about benevolence. Now it is about taking [human beings] up to [God]. Now with these 7 Divine Ropes, it doesn’t matter how dirty you are. It doesn’t matter here how dirty you are. Come to HDE Gohar Shahi, however you are. These are 7 Divine Ropes attached to Imam Mehdi. And HDE Gohar Shahi then said, ‘Reach my house and you shall see that [there is no difference] between God and I.’ Now what does that mean? Let’s see. HDE Gohar Shahi is saying, ‘If you reach my doorstep -‘ – in simple Urdu, you could say it means, ‘if you find your way to my centre -‘ ‘ – if you reach my house -‘ ‘ – if you have come to the Doorstep of Gohar Shahi -‘ ‘ – you have come to the doorstep of HDE Gohar Shahi -‘ [Repeating the original poetry of HDE Gohar Shahi] ‘- Reach my house.’ Then what will happen? ‘Then what difference will there be between God and I?’ Now what is that? Now, these 7 Divine Ropes – – here are the 7 Divine Ropes ascending. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7. Gosh. These are 7 Divine Ropes. Now these 7 Divine Ropes that are ascending – – now let’s suppose these 7 Divine Ropes are going through somebody. I’ll take anyone’s name [for the sake of giving an example]. Let’s say those Divine Ropes are going through Mansoor. M for Mansoor. M, M, M, M, M, M, M. Now there are M’s [with every Divine Rope]. Right? Okay, let me take Badieh’s name to make him happy. I am just joking, Badieh – you aren’t [actually attached to the 7 Divine Ropes yet]. B for Badieh. B, B, B, B, B, B, B. Attached to these same Divine Ropes is Allah. A, A, A, A, A, A, A. And if you, after reaching the house of HDE Gohar Shahi, start to look here and there in search of God, you will come to know that the Divine Ropes you are connected to are the same Divine Ropes God is connected to. *Couplet of poetry by HDE Gohar Shahi* These 7 Divine Ropes are attached [from Imam Mehdi] and they are ascending to the higher realms. If you look from [God’s perspective], let’s just call [the 7 Divine Ropes] the ‘Waterfall of Riaz]. The Waterfall of Riaz. Human beings are connected to the Waterfall of Riaz. And connected to this same Waterfall of Riaz is God himself. So then what? Now look, from this same pipe, Tofeeq is getting his electricity. In the same capacity. And you too are receiving electricity in same capacity from the pipe. So you are both receiving the same level of electricity. Now look here. The amount of benevolence that is being rendered here [to God] is the same that is being rendered here [to human beings]. The benevolence of His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi has given us this message: ‘Alif [a letter in Urdu which can denote an A or an I]’ doesn’t just refer to Allah (God) – it also refers to Insaan (human beings). ‘Alif’ doesn’t just refer to Allah. It refers to Insaan (human beings) too. Up until now, people have just been saying, ‘Alif is for Allah’, but HDE Gohar Shahi’s benevolence reminds us that ‘Alif’ is for Insaan (human beings) too. Both [God] and [human beings] are receiving benevolence equally. This cannot be done through a single Divine Rope. People are so unclean [now]. Right? And this amount of progress was necessary! Right? Now look at this phone, it is a Huawei. It is the new phone. Chinese-made. There was a time when nobody wanted things that were made in China. Only people from Ranchor Line (an old settlement in Karachi) would use them. If somebody lived in Defense (an opulent area of Karachi), they would turn their nose up at anything made in China. Right? But now they have made so much progress. Why is that? This phone, the Huawei phone – what is its name? No [it is not what you say it is]. It is the Mate 20. The great thing about it is that if you simply place another phone next to it, it’ll start getting charged from that phone. What will it do? It’ll start getting charged. Now we have made huge advances in technology. And this is our demand! The consumer market demands [progress] in technology. You expect Apple, Samsung, LG and Huawei to continue to make new innovations in their products. Don’t you have such expectations of God? Do you expect to continue to use the things for God that are 1400 years old? They are so old now! And they haven’t been updated. Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi has renewed the entire system! Before, the benevolence and blessings would be from God but it was you who had to do the good deeds. Before, people could have suffered from evil whispers. Like, ‘We are the ones who spent 12 years in austerity and discipline to purify the Lower Self. That’s when we stopped doing bad deeds.’ ‘Now if we do anything good, God says to say it is all due to his benevolence.’ This is something that use to bother great Devout Believers and saints. But in this day and age, what is the situation? HDE Gohar Shahi never said to adopt piety or austerity. He said that you can come to Him as you are. Now, these sinners have not done anything! If we do anything good, we know full well that this was only done with HDE Gohar Shahi’s benevolence. Because we could never have done it in our own capacity. Bulleh Shah was so excited because he didn’t have to worship by means of the physical rosary. He said, ‘I didn’t worship or read any rosary’ – well, we didn’t do anything! Is there any sin that we haven’t done? I am not saying this because we are proud of being sinners. No. I am just saying this because we are such habitual sinners and we are such dedicated sinners that we are unable to free ourselves of this quicksand of sins. In such a situation, we could have only been saved through [HDE Gohar Shahi’s] benevolence. If it was a precondition for us to first purify our Lower Selves before obtaining the Opening of the Spiritual Heart, well, we were busy in our worldly affairs. If we were told: ‘If you want to become an Enlightened Heart, you will have to negate yourself first.’ What? Is there anybody who negates themselves in this world? Everybody thinks highly of themselves. Even if somebody lends £10 to someone, they want their picture printed in the local newspaper! ‘Look, I have done something humanitarian by loaning £10 to someone. This needs to be the front-page story.’ Human beings today desire publicity even if they do not do any good deeds. They want the news of their engagement in a good deed to be published long before it is actually done. And then to negate and purge the Lower Self, to forbear insults and go to the jungles for austerities. How is any of this possible in this era? Who is going to the jungles today? It’s a different story if people go for camping. However, nobody is going there to negate their Lower Self. Now, Samundari Baba – a saint – used to complain and say, ‘Why were these fashionable people granted Opening of the Spiritual Heart?’ The reason is that you were connected to one rope, old man! And His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi has supplied a connection of 7 ropes and this is why those whose hearts were initiated were fashionable before and after, and they will remain to be fashionable! And it is because these people are not dependent on abstinence and piety, they are dependent on the merciful glance of HDE Gohar Shahi. Their religiosity, their faith and their love for God solely depends on the merciful glance of HDE Gohar Shahi. It’s not like we do not want to do anything, that we don’t want to practise abstinence and piety. In fact, we’re unable to do it. We do try but we cannot practise piety. Why is that? Because this is not the era of piety. A Prophetic Tradition states that there will come a time when people will be Devout Believers in the morning and disbelievers in the evening. This was about the era where just a single Divine Rope was connected. Since it was just one Divine Rope, Abdul Qadir Jilani would have made you a Devout Believer in the morning and in the evening, you would meet Anwar and become a disbeliever. It is only today that a human being can proudly say, ‘The only reason why I am a Devout Believer is due to the benevolence of HDE Gohar Shahi!’ ‘I did not do anything to become a Devout Believer myself.’ ‘I did not do anything to become a Devout Believer myself. The only reason why I am a Devout Believer today is the mercy and blessings of HDE Gohar Shahi.’ ‘That is the only reason why I am a Devout Believer, otherwise, I do not have any such calibre in me.’ ‘Neither do I have abstinence nor piety nor do I look the part.’ ‘If I am a Devout Believer today then it is only because of the grace and benevolence of HDE Gohar Shahi.’ It is exclusively due to the merciful glance of HDE Gohar Shahi. And it can only happen through the merciful glance of HDE Gohar Shahi. You can make efforts on your own but to no avail because this is the final era. ALRA TV: Bringing Light, Love and Peace in Your Life

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