Kingdom Living Ekklesia: Mind. Mouth. Moods.

Kingdom Living Ekklesia: Mind. Mouth. Moods.

Good evening. Good evening guys, I am This this message is important for me injustice a little bit here Jesus this is gonna help some people Help some people Mind mouth and news Where the mine goes the man follows our minds are So powerful we are made in the image of God We have the bond of Christ as what the scripture says and so I’m I’m gonna give a bunch of examples tonight from my own life and go pray a minute, and then I’m gonna hop into this word from the Lord and then at the end I’m going to prophesy open the Lord Open my soul to the Lord for any words of knowledge for anybody. So I am glad to see you guys here I’m excited about this. Uh this message is something that I studied studied studied studied studied studied studied studied studied studied for years because my mind was such a mess and You know when you get your mind straightened out and you get your mind going in the right direction It changes the direction of your life. So it is super important message and You know, it’s just super important. So I asked father that you would anoint me with the grace to Deliver this word That people’s hearts would be open that we would grow that we would learn that we would be Changed that you would show up in a powerful way that you would just speak your words through me tonight Lord I offer myself as a vessel God. We just come in humility we come in expectation we trust you God that when we gather together in one place that you will Show up and show yourself strong. And so we stand on your word tonight Lord inviting you into this place Asking you to reveal yourself to us asking you to articulate your heart and mind to us through the word of the preaching of the word and Lord we trust that your word will not return void that it will do exactly what you sent it out to do So at this conference last weekend, I got a new Bible this was in my gift pack a really nice Leather the passion translation the New Testament Psalms proverbs and the Song of Solomon and I’m eating this up I’ve read scriptures from this before but it’s a new version for me And so, you know, I hadn’t really thought about it before but you know If not that your Bible reading ever comes dry, but sometimes you go through seasons and I haven’t actually been in one now But when you’re sitting down to read the word, and it’s just you’re not passionate about it. So maybe change up translate translations You know what’s studying it out and different translations read a verse and different translations it kind of stirs you up to Get excited because you’re kind of seeing it some of the verses you kind of see them in a new light I don’t know whether this is considered a paraphrase. I don’t think so I don’t think it’s a paraphrase but it’s not supposed to be the absolutely most accurate word by word But it shows the heart and the passion behind the word. So I really like it. I Told the glory tried this the other day when I was on there doing ashes it was yesterday I was on there praying with with my tribe and the Lord had given me a dream the night before and I’ve been picking it apart and been getting new revelation from it and in the dream I believe that I was with Jesus and he had all these plants that had been potted and grown They were still small, but he was grouping them together twos threes fours for me to hand out to different people And I really prayed into that way. What is that? And I believe it’s prophetic words It’s words of knowledge and it’s the preaching of the word It’s what the Lord has in mind for people that he’s already got it going He just wanted to kind of transfer it into your garden for you to ten and keep it’s his plant. It’s his seed He’s already got it growing and this word tonight to me is one of those plans Towards the end of the dream, you know, there was part of the dream where people were polluting the earth, you know I just realized as it is happening that there’s you know trash and kind of pollution and I heard the Lord speak. I don’t think it was this man It was just like a knowing that the earth was gonna end and 25 years and you know I woke up and pron dirt prayed about it and the Lord was sayin the things in your life that are Polluted that are trashed that have been degraded that have been you know, when you think of the Garden to Eden you don’t think of trash be in there and that is gonna end as you because it was tied to this other dream as you take the new life that the Lord is wanting to impart to you and tend it and care for it’s going to grow new life for you and new vision and new dreams and new Purposes and and just God’s thoughts towards us God’s thoughts towards us, you know Because when the Lord thinks he thinks then he speaks and then it happens And we are made in the image of God And that’s why I want to talk about our mind and and our mouth which and how it connects to our mood Because you know your mood really there’s a kind of it and I hesitate to use the word energy But there’s power behind that because your mood is reflecting kind of what is in your heart And what’s going on with you? If there’s confusion there’s a doubt and there there’s unbelief you’re gonna have a heavy and a Downtrodden mood and there’s power behind that to block you From moving forward in life because life there’s a, you know a force behind life and joy and peace There’s a power behind that and so I saw I want to talk about the minds the mouth and the mood so that the 25 It’s actually grace multiplied by grace or twenty Redemption and grace and so that is how things are gonna be shifted and changed in our lives through the redemptive power of the Cross see the redemptive power of God and through the grace of God and so Has our dig into this and preach about it. If your mind is a mess this doesn’t happen overnight. And so You just gotta give yourself time this is something that we got to battle through and Little by little by little you begin to have your mind transformed and by the washing of the word the reading of the word will will cleanse your mind will transform your mind it will It will change the way you think and when we change the way we think our whole loves go in a different direction So we need to be transformed by the renewing of our mind Romans 12:2 do not conform to the pattern of this world but be transformed by the total renewing of your mind, then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is his good pleasing and perfect will and I really love this verse because if you dig into it We can’t even fully understand the will of God and this is why It’s so important to have our mind trance transformed and renewed because when when our mind is renewed by the word When we know the word when we break down I’m going to talk more about breaking down the strongholds and all high lofty things all the false perceptions. Once our mind is Once the mind of Christ has been worked out to where our minds our thoughts are agreeable to his thoughts Then our words will be agreeable to his words because out of the heart the mouth speaks and so then we begin to speak very words of God and then the words and our heart or mine and Our soul our mind our will in our emotions Once that is in alignment with our spirit and then we’re speaking the right things Then we’re gonna have the right attitude then we’re gonna be doing the things that God tells us to do and it’s just gonna be like that well-oiled machine I was talking about and the prophetic word for April, it’s all gonna begin to piece together and work together and you will begin to just See how the Lord because he is. The word says he is working everything for good You begin to see it and we’ll be able to rest in it and be in that spacious place with God and so we want to be able to test what the will of God is we don’t want to be able to We need to know God’s will we need to know God’s will so that we can walk in it We need to understand God’s ways so that we can walk in it because a lot of times our faith falters Not because we don’t have faith the Bible says we all have a measure of faith But our faith is faltering because we aren’t sure what God’s will is And this I’m gonna give some examples about this just in my own life to kind of help hash this out and Jesus So we’re gonna ask the Lord by His grace because this is something we have to be intentional intentional with because our Minds are like computers and and we get programmed a certain way as children We are programmed to see things a certain way to believe a certain way to Comprehend a certain way we are taught in many ways how to perceive the world. And what is true and what is real? you know in our childhood and then if we don’t have a good foundation of the word in our childhood and a good reflection of the Word made flesh and our parents then we have faulty thinking we have Messed up thinking our minds are just you know a mess and so then we come into the world as adults making decisions from that messy place in our mind and A lot of times the things that you believe in that the things that you’re saying it creates Things in your life that actually confirm the lies that you believe it actually Confirms the misconceptions about God that you believe, you know Your your your father leaves you he abuses your mom They think men are jerks you know men are abusive men will always reject you and you think like that and you talk like that and then you Meet it. Didn’t you draw men to yourself that are like that because you have a bad attitude and You you just are drawn to those people Because that’s what you believe and so you don’t even begin to believe for anything more because what you are thinking and what you are saying and what you are feeling and what you are believing and your whole attitude about the matter is You know men are gonna leave anyway And sometimes it might feel safer to you to pick somebody who is going to leave you and you can know and all you know These guys on drugs who are the guys left three other wives, you know, and you think he’s gonna be any different You know, and so we end up having continuing in these patterns that our mind gets in and it’s really difficult To break out of but not by the grace of God by the grace of God we can do it. So we need to be careful about negative thinking we need to think about the things that we’re thinking about because Nick if you have a negative mindset If you don’t believe that things are gonna work out if you don’t believe that God is working good plans for you you’re gonna lose your joy and you’re gonna lose your peace and the enemy is after are mine because He knows better than we know how important the thoughts that we choose are And you guys know we can choose our thoughts It’s not always easy If you’ve been thinking a certain way it’s like a Groove is worn to think a certain way about something And so in order to change your thoughts you have to it almost feels like you’re trying to pull Against like a wheel that’s crooked or something trying to get get straight and your mind keeps pulling you ever this way You’re trying to stay in the lane, but it’s just it’s like set wrong So it takes practice it takes discipline. It takes passionate Determination to change the way that you’re thinking and it takes get it in the word So we hear God is for us and not against us we hear that he has a good plan for our lives We hear that he provides all of our needs according to his riches and glory in Christ we hear these things but then when we get hit with a financial situation Where we don’t see a way out we go back to the way of thinking if you have a stronghold of lack if you have a Wrong idea that God’s not gonna take care of you Then you get into self-pity and say I’m not gonna be able to make this bill And so you Satan has got you at that point because you’re already telling yourself. What is possible then? I don’t I’m not gonna be able to make this bill. I’m not gonna be able to afford my own car You’re speaking these things you’re believing these things and therefore you are being blocking you are blocking the Holy Spirit from giving you The wisdom for giving you the discernment for giving you whatever it is that you need Because so much of what God gives us. He drops it on the inside of us as an idea as Inspiration as go here do this you know so so much of what we need comes from within and so these strongholds and you guys want to Not want to know what a stronghold is. Let’s see a stronghold and Our arguments philosophies Reasonings and schemes of the world its pretensions having to do anything like proud man centered self centered I don’t see how this is ever going to work. He’s done this a million times I don’t see how I can work at this job another day. These people are making it totally impossible You know, whatever your reasoning. Is this blocking the grace It blocks the grace the power and the idea the inspiration the passion the creativity the joy the peace the love all these things That set themself up against the true knowledge of who God is sovereign God of the universe Those are thoughts and their self Center not God’s Center So in ourselves, yeah, we might not be able to figure it out how to get out of it But we aren’t alone. We are never alone God is always with us and he’s always for us and he’s always always got a plan to work it for our good Always got a plan to work, whatever we’re going through for our good So if you have a problem a certain way in your mind It’s so important you go and dig into the scriptures write them on cards. Put them on the mayor You know You have a problem flipping out at your kids or flipping out of your husband or flipping out at your wife when they say or do a certain thing get in the word and find scriptures about you know, having anger and a hot-tempered man and Or you know how that can bring calamity on you and then Practically speaking think ahead of time because you’ve had this happen, you know You freaked out over money before you lost your temper before you gossiped at the office over this You know you jump into the gossip every time and well, I did it again, you know So you’ve got to get a plan ahead of time read the scriptures about it Soak your mind in the word and then have a game plan ahead of time. There’s a scripture about this It’s about setting your set in your mind and keeping it set set your mind on things Above not on earthly things because you died in your life is now hidden with Christ in God. I Have where is that scripture? And Here’s another good scripture Philippians. Okay, that’s Colossians 3 – if you’re right if you’re taking notes and Philippians 4:8 whatever is here. Whatever is true, whatever is noble. Whatever is right, whatever is praiseworthy Whatever is a good report Think about these things Think about such things. I believe it goes on. It says, you know, then the peace of God will come in when we You know you can’t you gotta stop fear before it gets ahold of you and causes you to sin and Causes you to stumble and causes you to you know Really fall into despair and you got to catch it and it’s on set by thinking about what you’re thinking about like if you were trying to figure something out and your brain is hurting and it’s You are coming up with all of the ways that things are going to unravel And you know I’ve done I’ve done it. I know you guys have done it. You’re just like, oh my goodness This is never gonna work out. This happened a hundred times. Never gonna change like I’m never gonna get out of debt, you know I’m never gonna change. I keep eating the same thing that I’ve said. I don’t you know, I’m smoking I’m followed in this area, you know You have got to get a hold of your thoughts and discipline your mind because this is where the this is where it Starts, you can’t you can start speaking the word and speak the word even before your mind has been changed Speak the word even before you’ve got a renewed mind speak it speaking speaking speaking speaking Maybe if you hear it coming out of your mouth enough, it’ll change your mind about it It’ll cause you to believe it and then it’ll come more naturally to what is you know when situations arise So we gotta learn to meditate speak and believe the Word of God We’ve got to pray for grace when you got to pray for patience to have patience even with ourselves Because you know, we just did the series about you know, knowing who you are in Christ So as you come into the kingdom and you’re like, okay, you’re telling me I am royalty You’re telling me you know There’s all this kingly godly provision pouring out for me and you’re telling me I have this great purpose in life to be you by God And I’m sitting in an apartment with like Stick of – or furniture and I don’t know where my electric bill is coming from around there is in shambles or my kids are Mess or you know, I’m looking for a job. I just lost my job. Whatever the issue is it just it it it comes against the true knowledge of God and what he has spoken about you and the Lord wants us to begin in our mind to agree with him to speak with him to move at the impulse of what he’s telling us to do and It will That will change us from the inside out and the kingdom of God will come Through us into our situation because we’re praying Lord your will be done your kingdom Come your will be done on earth as it is in heaven And I don’t think that there’s an apartment in heaven. That only has a stick of furniture I don’t think there is a mansion in heaven that does not have the means to keep the lights on You know, I don’t think that there’s divorce and half an eye There’s not marrying to heaven, but I don’t think there’s strife and relationships in heaven You know, I don’t think that there’s addiction in heaven So what the Lord is saying is I want to have you praying to bring heaven to Earth in your life I want the kingdom of God has come is what Jesus came preaching I’m preaching the good news that the kingdom of heaven has come the kingdom of God is here and that Is what he brought us to earth he gave us back that authority And we can’t begin to apply that if our mind is still thinking lowly earthly ways Excuse me Jesus you guys getting this Mmm It’s important in your relationship and relationships. It’s important. How you think about yourself? That’s why you got to be patient with yourself. You got to stop beating yourself up every time you do something wrong. Listen Yes, you feel repentance. Yes, you you don’t like your sin. Please. Don’t like your sin I’m not saying no, but you can’t beat yourself up the punishments already been taken You got to get a mindset that says I’m lord. I I Apologize. I Received forgiveness and I’m gonna follow the word. I’m gonna receive forgiveness I’m gonna receive your grace and I’m gonna turn from my sin and I’m going to get up and I’m gonna dust myself up but I’m gonna ask for your grace to go another day and to do better next time I need you God. And so yeah when you fall Repeatedly, it can be discouraging. You don’t wanna start having these thoughts like I’m a failure. I’ve been at it I’m I’m a you know, whatever it is. I’m rejected. I’m a loser You know, I don’t have what it takes those kind of thoughts will just pound you down And some of it comes from old Messages that you’ve heard growing up and some of it comes from the enemy straight from the pit of hell Demons lying to you trying to inject thoughts in your mind So another thing since we’re talking about the mind I think that it’s really important as believers and I’ve talked about this a lot Don’t just go sit and plop down in front of any television any news channel Anyway, don’t just go to any movie. You are feeding your mind. You are putting garbage in your mind and it will Affect you you are not immune just because you have the Spirit of God to earthly garbage Affecting you if you go and willingly and set yourself in front of it The Bible says I will set before my eyes no vile thing. So that is just baseline bottom line. It’s not Legalistic it is just how a compete you know How our minds work you put stuff into it and it’s going to affect how it operates It’s going to affect how it views things that that watching certain things on television is what caused me to unravel and stumble when I fell like Years and years ago, maybe nine years ago. I really think that was a huge part of it and It’ll do it So, okay speaking of which you got to know what your areas of weaknesses Are you got to know what your triggers are and you’ve got to pre-plan in the secret place? do you guys have a closet a prayer closet because you you know a couch a corner of a room A corner of a bed where you have it set up and you go into the secret place and you think okay Where if I messed up? Like ten times a week if you’re there, you know or where do I always come unraveled? you know, I always end up gossiping when I talk to this person you Know every time I talk to them I always get negative, you know, you better limit access of that person to you If every time you hang out with somebody you find you are falling into sin with them Then no you are not sent to rescue them. You know, if you were God is saying you got it You got to make sure that you are staying on keep a good company because if they’re Influencing Hugh you need to pull back from them if they’re influencing you in a negative way You need to break that off You need to break that relationship off or seriously limit them and sometimes that’s you know You might be praying. Am I supposed to leave this personal? It’s that person if you’re always falling into sin with them that’s a good indication that that is not a God-centered relationship and it’s not God ordained for you in the season and you need to let them go and move on from it even If it’s a parent you might have to seriously Not talk to that parent every day or even every other day or even every third day and when you talk to them you need to be Respectful and hold them back here You know and don’t enter into the complaining the negativity the gossip Whatever it is that you tend to fall into you when you talk to them You have to be careful because life and death are in the power of the time nothing proverbs 18:21 So what you’re saying it’s you’re gonna bring death upon yourself you Guys ever prayed for somebody and they got worse Listen, this is what I’m talking about with strongholds in the mind because when you were praying over yourself Maybe you prayed over yourself when you get worse If somebody has a stronghold it is like a place that has been built up its a fortress that the lie the deception that Whatever it is, that’s not true is hiding behind so you start slamming that you start slamming that with your prayers and they are going to be There’s gonna be a counter-attack. Okay, that doesn’t mean that you need to stop praying. You need to just keep pressing on in prayer and You know was praying over somebody yesterday and he’s like as soon as you finish praying like I had this the very thing you were praying about got worse, you know, and I I Submit to you that that is a good thing That means that you have stirred up the enemy because if enemies it back comfortable, you know, hey They must not know I’m here nobody’s doing anything about it, you know So they’re comfortable. They’re just gonna kind of chill and just kind of wreck have it behind the scenes but when you start praying and you start pressing in then they’re gonna stand up and they’re gonna counter-attack and that is that is That’s that’s a good thing. That means you keep pressing that you are affecting the heavenlies with your prayers That means that you are pushing back the enemy with your prayers I saw this this is I didn’t write this but I want to read it and it’s kind of You got to really think about it. It’s really media. And it’s talking about what a stronghold is now We know when we hit them in somebody else, you know You having a conversation and then they’re not making any sense and they’re being defensive and bull This is also pity or this thud or something. You’re like what just happened? You hit a stronghold in the conversation. You might have said something that knocked up against something true that they don’t want to believe And so a stronghold This writer says a fortress of human reasoning reinforced with many subtle arguments and the pretense of logic Logic, you know you try to have a conversation and they’re logically, you know You’ve confronted somebody about something that they needed to be confronted about and you said you know you you weren’t honest in this situation and and this thought something else and then they pick out the one point that They might have a little leverage to some logic and they blow that up Like that was the main point that you made and and throw it back at you with all this little you know Reasoning and logic and you’re like that was like this little sod boy and then none of that even really matters Hold on we were talking about this So this is what it’s done there is a castle of passion with flaming battlements defended by lust pleasure or greed a castle of passion with flaming battlements defended by lust pleasure or greed and there’s a pinnacle of pride in which the human heart sits enthroned and rebels and thoughts of its own excellence and sufficiency Listen You battle that with somebody else or with yourself You start trying to bring that those strongholds down and let me tell you what’s gonna come out so that you don’t think You have lost your mind Confusion confusion because the confusion comes Sometimes from the witchcraft that’s trying to block and control from the person you’re praying for relationship with from get free But the confusion comes into your own mind. Okay, let’s say The Lord is telling you about this particular person I can’t do this because da da da da da or I can’t you know You’re confronting somebody or you’ve got a scriptural basis for what you were saying and what you are deciding to do in that Relationship in that situation. Maybe they don’t understand it. They don’t like it. It’s gonna cause them lack or pain in some way And so they’re gonna counter what you’re saying With possible logic with possible reasoning or this might be something that’s going on in your own head Okay, where you’re trying to work it out you’re you’re in the word you like? Is this the Lord imagine, you know, am I being greedy or is God give me for this, you know you thought these conversations going on in your head and The confusion comes when there is some type of a stronghold. It might be a guilt stronghold I I get confused. I have a stronghold of insecurity that I’ve been banging and banging out and banging and banging out and Go in and do what God told me to do whether I’m shaking in my boots and gonna do what God told me to do whether I’m shaking in my boots and Pressing through the confusion and pressing through the insecurity and battling with that thing to bring down that stronghold in my life So that’s one area that I can testify to that Insecurity comes in when I’ve done what the Lord has told me to do. Don’t start here. That’s not gonna work out No, no, no and then oh, should I have done that? You know, maybe it isn’t gonna work out and I did it up So I’m going back and forth and the confusion comes did I hear from God? Or did I not hear from God the confusion comes? Because I’m insecure or for you It might be fearful or for you, you know, you can really get off into this if you have something that you want Your what does it say? The castle of passion with flaming battlements defended by lust pleasure and greed There’s some money that you want. There’s some man that you want. There’s some woman that you want and you begin to reason and give logic sometimes as to why God has told you to do this thing that if you are in the Word of God and you know, the word of God the word is not lining up with what you’re saying you’re hearing from God and you’ve got to be careful and So some people are one Counseling about something that you just get in the word and see what the word says and that’s gonna bring that down But if you really want to know the truth if you don’t really want God’s will if you don’t really believe that he has the very Best for you and that you were gonna walk into his very best for you by living in the word by walking by the word by walking in his ways you were gonna try to manipulate or get around things or You know how have this mindset that? This this and this is why God said that I can have it this way, you know It’s a dangerous thing. It’s a dangerous thing these strongholds and so lord We we ask that you reveal where these strongholds are and and he reveals it if by getting his word Honestly the main way and also, you know, if you’re lucky you have some Christian friends around you You know the wounds of a friend can be trusted You know, I really feel in the church There is a lack of accountability people have misunderstood and miss Translated do not judge lest you be judged No with the same measure you use it will be measured back to you. So people get afraid You know, yes, we are merciful mercy triumphs over judgment but if you read all the scriptures in Jude it says You know rescue something like out of the fire your friend is going down They are doing they are sleeping with their boyfriend and think they’re gonna get married and they’re not gonna have any problems in that marriage Or that he’s gonna marry them at all. Like you gotta get all of them. They are claimed to be a believer I say, honey It doesn’t work like that. You can’t live in Blatant rebellion to the Lord and not expect to have bad outcomes And so you gotta talk to your friends. You got to confront them and chance them saying, oh you’re judging me, you know You’re judging me like no. It’s a loving thing to to confront things in other believers because the Bible says If you know the word it says we’re not to judge those outside of the church Yes, of course. They’re living in sin. Like why are we surprised about that ever? Yeah They’re sinners But I’m talking about the Saints the ones who’ve been rescued from the darkness who are trying to walk in the light we need to have each other’s backs because this area of strongholds and This is why I mean there are some things you got to put even people out of your fellowship over And that the Bible clearly says you go to them They don’t listen and you bring somebody else. They don’t listen you take them before the church They don’t listen you put them out of your fellowship and how much how many churches actually do that? How many people are willing to do that and I’m not advocating? For just going around and trying to look at everything wrong with everybody because not everything God wants you to speak to into not you have to be discerning about when to speak about certain things But sometimes it comes to you and God puts it in your lap and you See the stronghold and if you go forward and think I am this is a stronghold I was actually write notes about this because it’s a big one for Christian women especially You believe that to love someone You have to accept abuse from them. Never call is strength by confronting their sin excetera You know, oh, but the Lord says turn the other cheek You’ve got to understand the whole Word of God and the character of God and the Ministry of reconciliation, you know the Lord There are there are other there are other scriptures That do not back up. Let somebody beat up on you, you know, there are laws in place, you know The Lord has certain ways that you know, you know It says submit to your husband as unto the Lord not to abuse not to you know adultery and that kind of stuff like Jesus Jesus Jesus Jesus Jesus, Jesus Jesus We were talking about this in Sunday School class this morning And this is kind of off a little bit but it’s coming it’s coming into this place The love of God because this is where all the strongholds are built up We don’t understand what love is we have a human comprehension about what love is until you? really dig into the word and have time spent with the Lord over time Understanding his ways and understanding his heart and understanding his love look somehow you can look at the cross and say God is love God’s love is perfect and his own son was sent to the cross so You can have some really hard time wrapping your head around how a perfect loving God allow Certain things to happen that aren’t good that don’t seem good but don’t seem loving and And that is one of the biggest strongholds of all when we have our own understanding Of what love is and God comes in another way? With his perfect love that is for our ultimate good and we reject God We reject Jesus We reject the Holy Spirit because of a stronghold that says oh that is not love love would not ask me to do that or would love isn’t gonna tell me to walk away from a Man who needs me because he’s addicted and he doesn’t know God And I have to be there for him to be beat up on no, I’m sorry love does walk away it gives people a choice and it takes it takes it takes the presence from them if they are going to You know like Rob died sometimes step away out of these Relationships where you’re being abused. You need to get out from under those things This is for somebody and you know, it might be just today It might be a weekend and it’s hard for people to comprehend that but when you step out of the way It gives God an opportunity to say hey You got to come to me to get what you need Because you’re dragging my daughter you’re draining My son like you got a line to get what you need for me and when you stay in a situation where there’s abuse You block the person from being healed and they don’t understand it. They might think oh my goodness This is not love you do not love me love. Does it walk away? But you know God, you know, Jesus said, you know, oh my God my God have you forsaken me God I Know I mean philosophically Theologically speaking. I heard Different thoughts about whether God actually left him God had to turn from sin because you can’t look on sin, but God You know He had a plan, you know, he had a plan. He weren’t gonna leave them in the grave You know, he had a plan. He had a plan. I don’t believe he ever withdrew his love from Jesus He’s not capable of it because he is love maybe his presence Maybe he wasn’t able to look on it, but I don’t believe he ever stopped loving Jesus because he couldn’t look upon the sin that had been placed on him So I just pray Because I feel like all this mind mouth mood attitude thing is so important. I mean The longer I walk this out the longer periods of time I have with my mind straight My word straight and my attitude straight then when I have a day where my mind gets off kilter and I fall Underneath a demonic attack or I fall into doubt and unbelief or I fall into fear it is so The contrast is so different that I’m like who? I’m not staying here I will not think this way it might be my natural inclination in this situation But there is no way I’m going to think this way because I know it’ll do me no good and I’m gonna Lima and that I’m like I press in I will I speak I will you know God is meeting all the moneys. I don’t care what it looks like. I will not be afraid God is with me I am strong and courageous he is at work. He is moving on my behalf. I have favored in this situation There are things that I can’t see I don’t understand and you gotta stand against that stuff Because if you catch it it it’s on set. You you you don’t end up losing of a week over it Sometimes I do behead Allah for a couple of days scent then you know that I don’t even know where it came from Necessarily or why hit me a lot of times It’s just I’m very sensitive in the spirit round and I’ll be giving to be given an insight into something About somebody else that I love It’ll be somebody I’m minister to one of my tribe members you know my spouse my child and the Lord is kind of giving me an insight and I know they’re not doing good and Like it, it’ll kid kind of get me off into a place, but if it didn’t If I wasn’t seeing hey, something’s not right. Then. I’m not going to intercede – the same way so even in that God has love I mean well And causing me to to be disturbed in my spirit so that I will intercede because a lot of times we we just get disturbed in our mind and in the confusion hugs and then we’re just oh self-pity Dude I’m gonna say this and do that instead of saying hold on so man, right? I’m hurt. I’m going to pray or here I got to get past this. I know that I can get past – in prayer I got to get more God I got to spend more time in the world. I got to get up a little bit earlier I’m going to press past this and say it’s Satan is not gonna steal my entire day. Okay, maybe you get up away You don’t have time in the word, you know, you get an argument you know your kids of this you’re trying to get out the door here late and you before you get halfway through the day you’ve Realized hold on. I kind of blew it I’m off on the wrong foot Lord, you know go to the bathroom. Can the stall be like get on your phone and read a devotional, you know? Just read that devotional. It’s gonna be exactly what you need to hear look up a prophetic word exactly what you need to hear go to my wall or whoever’s wall and you’re gonna hear exactly what you need to hear and it’s gonna inspire you and it’s gonna kickstart you back and say, Okay. God I received your grace from I Don’t have the 30 minutes that I didn’t get up to do this morning. I should have done it I didn’t please reset me. Please reset me Lord. I’m trusting you. You were gonna reset my clock. We’re gonna start this thing over I’m gonna believe you’re turning it around I’m not going to spend the rest of my day on my job freaking out pondering the argument I’m not gonna spend the rest of my day on my job freaking out wondering about the Finances or whatever it is and but just reset your mind and be determined and this takes practice But we’re gonna do it believe them believing that you guys are coming up hiring this and keep pressing in You know find some positive faith confessions Oh I didn’t read that one of the main scriptures and I love this out of This passion translation from second Corinthians 10. I’m going to read 3 through 5 Because it gives a good we’ve heard this verse but it’s talking about spiritual warfare and how much it has to do with our mind Ok for although we live in the natural realm. We don’t wage a military campaign employing human weapons using manipulation to achieve our aims instead our spiritual weapons are energized with divine power to effectively dismantle the defences behind which people hide How many of you guys are hiding or in relationship to someone who’s hiding We can demolish every deceptive fantasy and it’s a it says fantasy some versions They thought it’s a fantasy if it’s not a real thing if it’s not true We can demolish every deceptive fantasy that opposes God and breaks through every arrogant attitude That is raised up in defiance of the true knowledge of God we capture like prisoners of war every thought and Insist that it bow and obedience to the anointed one Love that we insist that our thoughts bow and obedience to the Anointed One and So Lord, we we give ourselves to you. We give our moms to you Lord we ask for your peace We ask for your patience. We ask that you train us in this and that we hear these messages on the Maud and messages on the mouth we need to hear our more than once we need to read books about this if your mind is a mess and you can really Kind of tell where your mind is by what you’re speaking and if it’s negative negative Negative negative then. You know you need to get your mind Under washed and the word and it’s not enough just to read it. You got to meditate on it You’ve got to memorize it and then you’ve got to use it to go to war with the thoughts that rasa that are Contrary to what the Bible says Fuji’s a smaller ocean that I said they cool you shut They are about cool cool rush under machi call yesterday out of ocean by Bucky and a set they Jesus Jesus Jesus Jesus Jesus Jesus we need you Lord. We need You Father we trust you and this is what praise and worship and Thanksgiving really pull you out of that place and your mind that’s defeating because you You tap into your spirit, man You tap into your spirit man, and that spirit man rises up and is more powerful than your soul. It is more and It’s holy It’s a holy place because the Lord spirit lives there the father God spirit lives within us and makes our spirits holy so when you begin to worship God out of your out get out of your mind and worship the Lord and You begin to worship Him and praise him praising him in the storm I praise You God that you are working in on my behalf I thank you Lord that everywhere I go I have favor that people want to be good to me that you make people’s thoughts Agreeable towards me that you make my thoughts agreeable towards you. I thank you Lord that you have ordered my steps My steps are ordered by you. I thank you God start praying what you want to see what you believe what the word is saying? I thank you God that you make a way where there seems to be. No way I thank you Lord that you give me so much patience to handle every situation that comes my way I thank you God that I am so creative because I’m made in your image and you give me great ideas and the strength and the power and the Discipline to follow through on the ideas that you have given me I thank you God that I have been breehn from beer that you haven’t given me a spirit of fear But of power and of love and of a sound mind, I thank you God that I have the mind of Christ I thank you Lord for pouring out your grace and mercy and favour on me this day and every day this week I thank you that you are protecting my children from all harm and evil in Jesus name I thank you God that you were delivering them from the hand of us now the hand of the enemy lord I thank you God that you have given my family eyes to see and ears to hear in a heart that longs to do you I thank you for the unity in my home I thank you that every plan that the enemy has to destroy me or my children or my family or the people that I’m praying for today my partners that you will not allow the Enemy’s plans to prosper in their lives or that you are sending forth. Mighty warring angels. I thank you. God I thank you God because this is Increasing your faith. You’re not asking you already know what His Word says and you were thanking him. His word is true I thank you Lord that you will not you were strengthened my ankles so my feet won’t turn and ruin me that I can Rise up on wings as Eagles I can come up I thank you God that you have raised me above my issues of this day I thank you Lord that you were aligning up the right people you are opening the right doors. God I thank you Lord that you are speaking to hearts The needs are so in to this ministry I said this is just how I’m praying because I pray this the way I pray this way I thank you Lord, that people are quick to obey I thank you. God whatever it is You put your thing in this if you need provision for a certain thing Lord, I thank you God I thank you Lord that you are bringing for supernaturally Everything I need for life Abundant to live a godly life and lord I thank you that you are bringing conviction to the heart of my father My mother my son my daughter my spouse I thank you Lord that my siblings are coming to the Lord that you have to live them that you Bless these entire families and I stand in the gap for them Lord and I come to you Based on your word Lord that you will work through my prayers in their lives that you are at work that you were removing ungodly influences That you were sending people across their path to speak the truth into their lives that you are situating things around them in the spirit that are congruent with life and Holiness and to bring them up out of a pit of despair Lord That you are convicting them in the night. You were speaking to them in the night You are speaking to them and they have eyes to see when you talk more. I shut up a cuckoo I thank you that you were healing my body lord I thank you that you give me the grace to eat the foods that I need you for life and energy I thank you God that I like to exercise. I thank you God that I actually make time to exercise I thank you Lord that you help me to be diligent in my exercise more. I shut up I put asunder about kishi And I said they are by claudius something about who food are shown on my higher set They out of our key cold ice on that ice that day I thank you Lord that you weren’t able to meet to be a godly spouse a godly parent Then my family is blessed that my children are blessed that my finances are blessed that my home is blessed that I’m a blessing Everywhere I go I thank you Lord that you make me Streams of living water to flow through me and out to other people I thank you Lord that you would have enabled me to meet the real legitimate needs of people everywhere I go I thank you God for cleansing my heart for cleansing my mind for restoring me for bringing redemption in my Relationship. I thank you God that everything nieta me meant for my heart that you will use for my good I thank you, God. I thank you Jesus I worship your Lord that you are high and mighty above every name above every And at the name of Jesus every knee will bow every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord I thank you God that you are protecting our president and that you are moving our hearts of the people of God to go out and vote for godly senators and for godly Representatives I thank you God that you are awakening the church to the things that are going on in the world And and and causing them to rise up against the evil that is taking power and getting into control Thank you Lord that you are turning the hearts of women that are considering getting an abortion today lord I thank you that you are convicting them that you were convicting them with a strong power that you are sending Angels to comfort them to give them thoughts and ideas of how they can make it Lord God. I thank you that you are arranging Arranging for them to think of other ways to find another way that you were soft in their hearts in that situation lord I thank you that today. There will be people that they weren’t thinking about having an abortion That will not have an abortion because you are moving in their lives lord I thank you for the frontline workers in the abortion and the fight for life lord I thank you for those people who get out in the morning and that pray and talk to people I ask that you covered them Lord cover our nation Lord, we pray for Israel bless them You said those who pray for Israel those who are a friend of Israel God that you will bless them I pray that America would stay a nation that blesses And and and and stands with Israel or because your word tells us that we are to do that as believers God, I thank you Jesus I thank you God that you were raising up mighty men and women of God and ministry and business and the government and the entertainment industry and the media I thank you God that you are delivering people’s minds from the deception From the influence of the demonic forces through the media through entertainment through education Lord God what is going on any colleges the Ungodliness the eyes that are being the crummy crummy crummy philosophies that these students are being brainwashed with I thank you Lord for sending believers into the colleges for raising up godly Teachers for raising up godly professors and putting them in place where they need to be to Influence for the kingdom Lord God I pray that you would remove wicked people from power Because when wicked people are in power the people suffer I pray that you would raise up godly men and women and put them in power in the name of Jesus and the name of Jesus in positions of power and Education and positions of power in every realm of influence so that we can see your kingdom Come your will be done on earth as it is in heaven which is how you told us to pray which is what you told us to believe for god help us to get out of the mindset I’m just in the sweet by and by these problems will go way more to help us to be people who bring solutions to the problems who bring The needs that people have to meet their needs Lord. We want to be need leaders We want to be powerful people. We want to be powerful women and men of faith. We want to be provisioned well god I pray that anybody who’s listening to the sound of my voice who has a lack of mindset who has a poverty mindset who really just just Has no desire to produce something for the kingdom that you would break that off of them that they would get out of a lowly Me mind and only me and my mindset and understand you’ve called them to great things You’ve called them to create and produce and two and two N’s luhan’s in their neighborhood in the daycare Center and in their church Lord that you placed something inside of them that you placed a gift inside of them Lord I pray that he would stir up the fire that he would stir up the fire that they would passionately Pursue you and that they would passionately war Against the things in her mind that sets themselves up about the true knowledge that you are that they would line their words up with your thoughts and that they would begin to see miracles in their lives that you would release Miracle-working power into the hands of the people that you have called that you have chosen that you have sanctified that you have justified in the name of Jesus Now this is how the spirit interception hit me I was going to prophesy some but that’s okay Jesus Jesus Jesus I pray an impartation of a spirit of intercession really I’m just in part and I know many of you are intercessors and but there’s a season of If you have some walls if you have some blocks That this anointing of intercession would fall on you and you do do what I just did in your specific Situation and bring down those strongholds in your own thoughts and the thoughts of the people that God has given you and just pray Through to victory because we are called to victory we are not victims And so the Lord has called us to victory and he has given us every thing that we need to be victorious And so I just stand with you guys on that and then and I love you and I’m praying for you and Jesus oh Jesus we want your mind. We want your mind God. We want your mind. We want our thoughts to be so your thoughts We just want your thoughts. We just want we just want to be like you we want to be like you in this earth We want to be like you we want to reflect your glory well Lord We want to be vessels that are useful that have been cleansed from their former lies lord. Help us Help us. Help us. We need you. We need your grace grace upon grace We need Redemption and grace for this old world our old thinking our old way of life like in my dream is coming to an end and we need to be reborn into this new life through Redemption and grace in every situation that we are facing is Not in line with what the Lord has for us So you guys if this blessed you it might not be live But you should share it invite some people tag some people to listen to this I think that this is a hugely important teaching about our mind about our mouth and and it will change it will change us as we get a hold of this and as we walking this more and more so, um Announcements the LA tickets are not on sale anymore. That’s closed down. I was gonna open one on Sunday, but it’s Mother’s Day So I’m not gonna do that New York the the hidden messages tour There’s five tickets left for New York and I’m gonna open up the Texas ticket sales Sometime next week and I’m still praying about the Chattanooga how many of you guys are like? definitely would come by half when in Chattanooga put it in the comments cuz I’m weighing that with my financial provision because The this tour I’m like it’s it’s expensive so I gotta make sure that um, you know being a good steward of the ministry funds and But I really want to meet you guys in person. I’m excited about this New York one, especially it’s gonna be my birthday and Well, my birthday’s on the third I’m just kind of In a really special place right now I Thank you. God, I love that about intercession I love that about I love that about God that as we pray for other people and as we prayed his mind and his will He just comes and fills up that place and it’s so wonderful Perfect timing. I love you guys Thursday morning and I will be on live and then Thursday evening is the Destinies doors blog if you didn’t catch that. I posted that on the wall and if you feel so led to so under the ministry, I put put the the link there Appreciate that. I’m a good steward and I Appreciate you being obedient to and pray that that seat would bear much fruit in your life If God, so leads you to do that. So I love you guys and I will see you next time

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  1. Yeah I’ve been praying for myself and I’ve seen myself get worse. Lord have mercy. It’s hard when it’s only you who genuinely prays for yourself. I’m trying my HARDEST to get closer to God. I have so many horrible distractions in my life right now. Soooooo many and I want it to stop. So many mistakes

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