Kim Kardashian’s Empire

Kim Kardashian’s Empire

– made it through another
week, and still not fired! (crowd cheers) (applause) Oh man, wow guys, this is really exciting. Kim Kardashian is expanding
her empire even more. Kim, this is amazing. According to The Blast, Kim is coming out with
a line of diaper bags, vitamins, cookware, well
of course diaper bags, she has little baby Psalm at home, and she even has a, get ready, a series of dolls based on
her famous family, yeah, little toys, little dolls and stuff that kids get to play with. You know, here at the Jerry
O’ Show it’s so much fun ’cause we get like sneak
peaks of everything, you know, and we were lucky enough to get our hands on some of the KKW dolls
before they hit the stores. (crowd cheers) (applause) It’s amazing, we actually,
we have right here, we have, we have the Kim and Kanye
doll here. (crowd laughs) Look at this. Here we go, he’s got his, he’s got his Yeezy
shirt on there, (laughs) looks super comfortable,
little overpriced, little overpriced, (crowd
laughs) and there’s Kim, oh look at that booty, boom,
pow, (laughs) oh yeah, pow! These are super fun to play with actually. Hey look, no look, I’m going to be Kanye, “What’s up fam, you want to
come to my Sunday service?” “Uh, no Kanye, I have to take
selfies today.” (crowd laughs) “All right, well, hey, (applause) “hey fam, you want to come to
the VMAs with me on Monday?” “Yeah sure, but just stay
away from Taylor Swift.” (crowd laughs) Look at
this, Kanye’s even smiling, we never see, I love these dolls, yeah. We also got our hands over
here, on a Kris Jenner doll, whoa, this is amazing, yeah, (applause) looking beautiful, she’s
on the phone, she’s like, “Khloe, you need to have
another baby, ratings are down.” “Khloe, I’m not your,
Khloe listen to me, okay “You need to find a
baller, and get pregnant, “we need this money, okay?” (crowd oohs) (laughs) “Okay Khloe, oh no,
hold on a second, yeah, wait “I lost you for a
second, hold on a second, “little static there,
Khloe did you hang up? “Oh, Khloe!” (crowd laughs) They even have a Rob and
Blac Chyna doll, (crowd ohs) this is amazing, look at this. Here’s Rob, here’s Black Chyna. Look, Rob’s got his
Arthur George socks on, $15 bucks a pair, yeah,
(crowd laughs) but you know, Rob hasn’t really been in
the spotlight as of late, so why don’t we put Rob away,
out of here okay? (laughs) Well, this is… (applause) And here’s… It’s amazing, you see
here on the Jerry O’ Show, we’re exactly like Mr. Rogers,
look at this, (crowd laughs) this is the Blac Chyna doll, you can see she has those little like, stud things, and the
little piercings there, and um, oh yeah, got the
tat work right there, okay, we see that, and there’s a
little button on the back here, I guess she talks, let’s hit this button. – Who the (beep) are you texting, and why the (blep) do you
still text them bitches? Are you still texting
bitches, yes or no? (applause) – Whoa, just um, so sorry,
let me just hear that again. – Who the (beep) are you texting, and why the (blep) do you
still text them bitches? Are you still texting
bitches, yes or no? (applause) – I love these! One more time! – Who the (beep) are you texting, and why the (blep) do you
still text them bitches? Are you still texting
bitches, yes or no? (applause) – I want them all! I love
these, I want them all! Well, good luck with the
products, I can tell you this, they’re already in my
cart, submit payment, yeah! (applause) Mwah.

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  1. I love how he talks about hot topics and mix it with comedy. Love the blac chyna doll lol. Here a fan from Puerto Rico 🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷

  2. Kim looks like been in war and back her hair is not perfect enough and not enough makeup I see she dint lost her butt 🤣🤣🤣❤️

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