Kim Kardashian’s daughter successfully handled the snake – Breaking News 247

Kim Kardashian’s daughter successfully handled the snake  – Breaking News 247

A new video of toddler Chicago West playing with a snake has many people concerned, including a well-known animal expert and trainer Kim Kardashian shared a video calling her 1-year-old daughter “brave”.for handling an adult albino corn snake, which Grant Kemmerer of Wild World of Animals told Page Six wasn’t a “wise” decision — despite the animal’s usually “easygoing demeanor ”.“In light of.that, I don’t think it’s particularly wise to completely hand off to a child that age,” Kemmerer told Page Six on Wednesday “A child at this age doesn’t necessarily understand the fine.dexterity needed to handle a delicate animal, and you can see the child is grasping the snake’s neck/body which can make the snake uncomfortable and there’s a chance the snake could be defensive.”.Kemmerer — who has brought wild animals on TV shows including “The Tonight Show” and “Jimmy Kimmel Live” — also said he felt uncomfortable with how close the snake’s face was to Chicago’s.“I’m sure the handler feels confident with the demeanor of his/her animal,” he added of the handler who was with Chicago and the snake, “but as a general rule I would never hand an exotic animal to a child that age, too much could go wrong.” Many of Kim’s followers also expressed concern with how Chicago was holding the reptile, with one writing, “Maybe you should teach her how to hold it properly and not fkn hurt it ! Nice job letting ur little kid move and grab a snake in a painful way for the little creature.”.Kim hasn’t publicly responded to the criticism

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  1. Yeah I'm not going to watch this whole thing I just wanted to say to the people who are f**** assholes, tell me why that Miss Chicago West shouldn't handle the snake with authority. That is a snake I don't care what type of snake it is, it told that it bites, so she took control to make sure that the snake will not bite her stop!!!!! being a jackass, because you would have did the same thing, I'm making this statement only to the jackasses talking about how she should hold the snake stupid oh, that's a baby doll.

  2. There was nothing wrong with how the little girl handled that 🐍. She is a smart enough kid. Stop down playing the accomplishments of our children.
    Take charge of that snake Chicago! Show no fear 🙃

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