Kim Kardashian West Opens Up about Kanye, Tristan, and Travis Scott

Kim Kardashian West Opens Up about Kanye, Tristan, and Travis Scott

How is Kanye doing? He’s doing good. Yeah? He’s doing good. Yeah, he’s here. He has– I don’t want to make
it like it’s an announcement. I think he’s kind of
joking, but he has– all week, he’s been
like, you know what? I love just being a dad. It would be so fun to just
give up being Kanye West and become Dadye full
time, like the nanny. That’ll never happen. He’s not going to– I mean, and I’m sure he’s a
great dad, and he’s having fun. But even everybody who has
kids in here are like uh-uh. After a certain amount
of time with your kids, you want to get out
and do something. Yeah. Yeah. But he really is the best dad. And this weekend, I
really needed a break. I had some work to do. And so I was just like I need
12 hours of work time by myself. And he planned a full day of
science museum, spider exhibit, all this fun crazy stuff. I have to ask you, you shoot
your show all the time. But then it doesn’t air
for six months or so. And what’s airing
now is the stuff you were dealing with Khloe, right? Yes. So is that weird when it– actually, more Tristan,
but then it affected Khloe. But I mean, you have to
relive it over again. You have this
argument or whatever. Then it airs, and then
it brings it up again. Yeah, and you actually
got me blocked by Tristan. Thank you. So, we showed that. But no, it is awkward,
especially for maybe Tristan, who isn’t used to this. And unfortunately, that was
what’s going on in our lives. So six months later,
when it replays, and they’ve gotten through what
they needed to get through. And it’s rehashed in
front of everyone, and everyone’s giving their
opinions all over again. And we’re live tweeting,
and everyone’s chiming in. So that is hard for Khloe
and I’m sure for Tristan. And but it’s our
reality, and we’ve learned to kind of
use it as a therapy, just to get it out one last
time with everyone else. But we’ll pick up
the slack for Khloe. If we live tweet, maybe
if she’s not in the mood, we’ll tweet a little
bit more than her and kind of have
those conversations, so she won’t have to. She was really brave and wanted
to, and has dealt with that, and is fine with that. Yeah, and it’s hard. I mean, if something’s– if she’s going through something
that she’s hurt by somebody, you’re going to
give your opinion. And then, of course,
then they make up. That’s the worst thing. When someone breaks
up with somebody, and you say I never liked
them in the first place, then they get back together. And you’re like, I’m kidding. It’s awkward. We do edit the show, but
there’s nothing really that we’ve taken out. So we will let everyone
watch and be like, OK, this is what I said about you. And this is how I feel
about you or felt about you. And it is what it is. Yeah, but still, as I said
to your mom, your family– not too many people
have that many siblings. And you all love each other as
much as you love each other. That’s really rare for a family
to be as close as you all are. So, say what you will. Everybody has opinions,
but it says something that you’re all really close. And it gets us through
everything together. No matter what, we
have each other. So– [APPLAUSE] Travis Scott was on
the show, who is this– I mean, I think everybody here
was surprised how sweet he was. Yeah. No, I didn’t see it. I didn’t see it. Oh. Sorry. I watch Ellen, but I
didn’t see that one. But he’s so sweet. He is. Yeah, I think sometimes
when you have a persona or whatever, your
image is out there. And when you get a chance
to talk to someone, you really get to see
what they’re about. Yeah. He’s really sweet.

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