Kim Kardashian West on Baby North and Kanye

Kim Kardashian West on Baby North and Kanye

Let’s talk about that
precious baby of yours because that is the
most beautiful child. I’ve just seen
pictures, obviously. Thank you. Thank you. But she is beautiful
and adorable. And what, is she talking? Is she walking? She is so sweet,
and she’s so polite. She says please and thank you. And she nods her head,
and she just goes, ta-ta. That’s her thank you. And she says like a
little P noise for please. She’s just so sweet So she’s not saying please
and thank you at all. She’s just saying– But in my mind, it’s
please and thank you. But she knows if she wants
something, she says her please, and then you give it to her. And then when she’s
done, she nods her head and says, ta-ta, like thank you. Oh, that’s adorable. She says, daddy, dada,
mama, bye, blows kisses. That’s adorable. So you’re with her a lot. Kanye is on tour a lot. Yeah. And how do you keep
connected when he’s– because you don’t want to travel
with him that much, do you? Or do you? No, I love traveling with him. You do. We’re actually together
a lot, you know, a lot. But when we’re
not, we’re obsessed with talking on the phone. So our first
conversation we ever had, we were on the phone
for eight hours. And we’ll spend hours every
day on the phone together. You, on the phone, eight hours? Yeah. How much of that
was you talking? It was actually equal. He can talk. He can talk. Yes. He’s a brilliant man. I’ll say that. He’s a brilliant man. And I really like Kanye a
lot, but he does talk a lot. So eight hours, I’m assuming
a lot, seven hours, was him. [LAUGHS] No, it’s pretty equal. Yeah. OK, so you had that connection
right away, obviously. Yeah. And so now you still love to
talk on the phone that much. Yeah, we just love we can talk
about anything and everything. And that’s how we
stay connected. It’s just what works for us. I think when you have two people
in a relationship that travel, you just have to
figure out what works. And we make sure that
we don’t go too long without seeing each other. But he is going to a festival
that he’s in this weekend. And it’s his aunt’s wedding. And I have something
work-wise that came up that I might not be able to go. And he’s traveling
with the baby himself. And it’s just the anxiety. I’m trying to see what
family member could go. Wait. So he’s never traveled
with the baby by himself? No, no. And you don’t trust him? No. But he seems– I’m trying to. But, of course, he
seems adorable with her. I’ve seen pictures. Yes, yes. But it’s one thing to– I mean, he’s asleep a lot. I mean, the pictures I’m
seeing, he’s sleeping. So it’s going to be hard. But you have a nanny or
somebody that’s always with her? No, she’s gone. She has like a
couple of weeks off. So when I’m not working, I like
to kind of do it by myself. Right. And, you know, so I’m going
to try and find someone. Good. Good for you. But I’ve text all of his
friends that have kids. And I was like,
will someone please go to this wedding with him? And you know, if she
needs her diaper changed, like, I need three guys
to figure out when. Has he changed a diaper? He has, yeah. So then he’ll be OK. I know. But it’s hard. I’m going to try and get out
of this work thing so I can go. Yeah, that’s a good idea. Anxiety. All right, let’s take a break. And more with Kim
Kardashian West after this. [APPLAUSE] [MUSIC PLAYING]

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  1. I'm furreal Kim is really nice. I don't get why people hate her so much. She's a good mom too, so all y'all hater back off

  2. Congratulations, Kimye!  I just read the news.  It's  boy, another bundle of joy.  All the best to the both of you.  Make a go of your marriage.  Prove the naysayers wrong!

  3. kim is so sexy!! yal only hate and call her a whore because she sexy and yal want to be her. if your a guy who hates on her its because you cant get a pretty girl such as kim. and how is she a whore when she only dates kayne and fucks him. ? and then she only slept with 4 other people that yal know. and she like 38 lol only 4 people is very good for a 38. that not a whore at all.

  4. Kim actually do much stuff like shes in a reality show and she has her own store she is pretty and she is just famous cause she is intresting and people like to keep up with them not cause of the tape people

  5. I've refused to listen/watch anything to do with Kim. But then I watch her talk about her baby and I don't know why people dislike her so much! Maybe it's the mommy in me. Especially the part where she talks about leaving the baby with daddy lol I feel the same.

  6. so u married a guy and had his kids even though you don't trust him to be able to take care of the kids on his own ??? Not to mention that you guys are RARELY ever even pictured all together cuz he's off doing his thing and not into the family-deal for real…..Sure. This marriage isn't just a hollywood gimmick at alllllll….. eyeroll

  7. I feel like the kids name, North West is fucking ridiculous. imagine not being famous with that name, you'd get bullied about it at least once

  8. When white men take black women, they take the most respected and beautiful ones. When successful black men take white women, they take the most trashy and dishonoured ones. It's amazing how many black guys I see walk proudly hand in hand with trashy white girls these days. Hey bro how about you ask a middle and upper class white girls out and see if they would give you a chance, nada.

  9. Ellen check out the psychic twins channel they predicted Kim and Kanye would split up, from what I know they are always right maybe not always right but , they have predicted the twin towers, the Paris attack , they also said it would be a lot of fighting between Kim and Kanye. Please just check out the psychics twin channel

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  11. my brother does the same she says that it's like you never had it like you want something he says thank you

  12. Kim Kardashian is so fuckin pretty and look at her kids they are so adorable have u guys looked at Saint omg he is fucking CUTE 😂😂😂😁😁😁😀😀😀😄😄😄😅😅😅😇😇😇😇😳😳😳

  13. At least she's actually "talking" being a good mom. But then, already trying to make sure the apple doesn't fall far from the tree- " 3 MEN to change a little GIRL's diaper".

  14. it's so sweet him taking the daughter with him …generally men don't wanna do baby stuff !! it's great seeing a celebrity set an example

  15. Omg I used to thing that Kim was stuck up but like she's so respectful and nice I bet her kid will grow up to be beautiful and kind like her


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