Kim Kardashian West Admits Kanye Can Get Upset Over Her Sexy Photos

Kim Kardashian West Admits Kanye Can Get Upset Over Her Sexy Photos

All right. So your mom said you’re
the smartest one. She also said she does not like
your bike shorts that you wear. Oh. Well– Are you still wearing them? I wouldn’t call her the most– What? –trendy, trendsetter
of the family. She’s fashionable. She’s very fashionable,
but, I mean, look at those bike shorts. I love them. But I will say, I
mean, I’ve been wearing bike shorts for years now. Mm-hmm. And now every other
designer is selling them. So she only wishes– I’m taking that 10%
away from her on that. Yeah. On that– those bike shorts. We have proof, she said
she didn’t like them, well she’s cut out
of that percentage. Oh, no. Well, she’s OK without that 10%. [LAUGHTER] So this trend that
you’re setting, baking– what were you baking
here first of all, and then why are you wearing
this while you’re baking? Oh. OK, well– Yeah. First of all, what
do you making? I was really baking brownies and
a birthday cake for my friend. OK. I took a girl’s trip
to Palm Springs. Mm-hmm. That outfit, I probably
had under sweats. Uh-huh. But sometimes you got to do
some things for the Gram. I see. For Instagram. I see. So, you know, we do a little
impromptu photo shoots just for Instagram, but
I wasn’t walking around baking like that. I see. Because you could burn yourself. Yes, you can. And you can get in
trouble with your husband sometimes over too
many photos like that. Oh, I was going to ask if
Kanye– if that bothers him. Yeah, it does. Yeah. Yeah, it does. You know, it’s like half
and half because, you know, he always wants me to
be me and feel confident and we’re having fun. But it also bothers him. Yeah, but then you still do it. I go through waves. Like, sometimes
I’m like, OK, I’ll be more conservative
on my Instagram. And sometimes I really
have to get something out if I’m feeling good
about myself or I’ve been working out really hard
and then I’ll post something. And then he’ll get upset,
and then we’ll just, you know, it’s a cycle. If you ever scare me– That’s what I’m going to do. –don’t ever scare
me with that spider. That is exactly– as
soon as you said– I was, like, I know exactly
what we’re going to do. I’m like– As a matter of fact,
I did know that. I was like, what? Hold on. I’m, like, deathly
afraid of spiders. So don’t try me right now. Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop! My dress is falling off. Is that a spider? It’s tiny. What? No! You’re going to fall. You’re going to fall. No! All right. I’m sitting in the audience. [CHEERING] I’m safe. Stop. Stop. Stop! [SCREAMING] Oh my God! There is nothing. Don’t do that to me. My dress is falling off! All right. Oh my God. I’ll literally cry
if I see a spider. Well, why? Because they just are so– I mean, my daughter’s
been begging me to go to this stupid
spider exhibit in town. And you walk and there’s
spiders everywhere. And they could just jump on
you or land on you, and– Yeah, well, they wouldn’t
have poisonous ones. No, I know, but
still, I don’t care. All right. You need to learn about spiders. They do a lot of good
and they’re brilliant. Can you imagine
shooting something out of your butt that actually– you can travel around and– Yes, I can. That was a wrong question. All right. Hi, I’m Andy. Ellen asked me to remind you
to subscribe to her channel so you can see more
awesome videos, like videos of me
getting scared or saying embarrassing things
like ball-peen hammer, and also some videos of
Ellen and other celebrities. If you’re into
that sort of thing. [SCREAM] [BLEEP] God [BEEP]!

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  2. Kim you are so fake with you unnatural blonde hair, the cosmetic surgery on your lips trying to make them bigger. Idk what your using to make your skin darker some sort of expensive tanning cream or fake tanning salon. And worse your tattoo eye brows. You looked way better back then when everything on you was natural.

  3. Whennnnn is she conservative on the gram. Lolol I love the pics like everyone else but I mean come on girl 🤣😭🤣

  4. I Missed The One Where Ellen Sits On The Steps As She Laughs & Laughs At The Blonde So Was That 01-07-19 Or Coming Up ? Thanks ! Love U Ellen & Miss Ur Snapchats !🌹

  5. Omg she SO Beautiful and her body looks great in that dress 😍 we women are reflections of each other and I don't see anything but two different kinds of of extreme beauty in Ellen and Kim

  6. Dude give me a Blake with the kardashians I can't see this routine anymore you all want to push this people down our throat

  7. She sure does look beautiful after she went through 2 hours of professional makeup while she wears $25,000 in designer clothes on a tv set designed to make her look more attractive.

  8. Kim would claim Kenya was “off” if he posted sexy photos cooking, playing with kids,……i wish he’d do it daily posting pics of himself in Speedos 3 times a day.

  9. i mean i don't really care but i am glad Kim still posts the pictures no matter kanyes opinion, i mean it shouldn't really be a concern

  10. since she have a child and her sister as well I wonder once they grow up they will recommend to have a plastic surgery just to make them self “ perfect “😂🙄

  11. OMG!!! That freaked me out seeing that part 2:27😓😓!!. I think Kim got no plans for her outfit that day. That might be her typical clothing at home without wearing an "inner protection for the chest" and she suddenly went to Ellen's show just for a short talk and was planning to get back to her bed and sleep again…

  12. The media is not fair she’s not only a pretty woman she can handle a conversation very well and very ambitious

  13. Ellen wanted to get her out of the chair and make her run around so that people can watch her bum 😄

  14. That's y being a Muslim woman is the best cuz your beauty is only for your husband and not for the world to see

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