100 Replies to “Kim Kardashian Reveals The Odd Smell Kanye Has”

  1. Don't tell me this video was sponsored by the Kardashians. Like, I honestly like this channel but if it so…. unsubscribe button here I come.

  2. All I could think aboutin that video, is how REDICILOUS kanye looks in that dumb ass video, and how kourtney k smells like B.O! 👍😅😂😂😂

  3. I'm not rich, but i smell really good, he looks crispy with those fack blue eyes and she looks cheap with those clothes she wears all the time i never see her dress elegant or with beautiful clothes is very estrang a woman with money and dress so cheap

  4. Stop calling people Icons, before they got a few dollars they were people now with money makes them iconic. Yeah right, A Rat is a Rat even with a Mink Coat On.

  5. He’s a very sick ( mental) person but then again look who he’s with. The ugliest Kardashian . She’s just a fake biotch lol

  6. My God every time you turn around them Kardashians are f**** somebody thank God they don't have any more girls in that family

  7. These people seem so useless to the betterment of the world. Ugh! Sad. They need the money; what else would they do with their uselessness. Now I can block this B.S.

  8. Kanye West is a soulless clone synthetic Human Android robotoid the real Kanye West is in hell

    All celebrity's go to HE'LL for eternity good riddance

  9. Did anyone catch that in the vid where they are on a bike……..her hair and his shirt are blowing in opposite directions? Her hair should be blowing across her face…..not back from it.

  10. She slept with everything that moves and breathes, so imagine the stinch he has to wake up to everyday. But he was so weak and blinded by the booty that he doesn't care!!!

  11. Patchouli oil?
    …I take that back, Whoopi Goldberg says that without Latinos Kanye constantly smells like human manure, and I don't see no Latinos around!…..you?

    Kim, you Ain't LATIN!

  12. Oh they shit do stinks at times.. I bet! On there bad days and some! Every body gets a little funky.. some just worse than others..real shit 💯

  13. If YOU Go FISHING IN THE OCEAN YOU SMELL as IT DOES. Kim has slept WITH so MUCH junk that HER funk is WHAT HAS Kanye smelling so FOUL. What a dumb comment coming from HER she ASKED for THESE comments.

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