Kim Kardashian Reacts To Kanye’s Fantasy About Killing Her | Hollywoodlife

Kim Kardashian Reacts To Kanye’s Fantasy About Killing Her | Hollywoodlife

(upbeat music) – Kim Kardashian reacts to Kanye West’s controversial lyrics about mental illness, and his fantasy about
killing her on his new album. Plus, did Khloe throw shade at Yeezus for dissing Tristan Thompson? (upbeat music) Hey guys, it’s Ali for Hollywood
Life and Kanye revealed to Power 106’s Jay Cruz that he threw out almost his entire album and started over after his infamous, slavery was a choice comment on TMZ Live. Kanye also says Kim K warned him not to visit TMZ that day. – My wife told me not to go to TMZ, you know what I’m saying. – She told you not to do it,
she told you not to do it? – She ain’t tell be that, but– – What’d she say, how’d she say it? – She said, “Don’t go,” but, I believe– – Did she tell you not to support Trump? – Yes, also, that too.
– That’s right. – Kanye reveals his diagnosis
of bi-polar disorder on his new album, and further
discusses it with Big Boi, insinuating the TMZ interview was a result of his mental illness. – I’d never been diagnosed til I was like 39 years old and stuff as– – What do you mean by diagnosed? – Diagnosed with a mental condition. Think about somebody that does
exactly what I did at TMZ, and they just do that at work, right? But then Tuesday morning they
come in they lost their job. – They gone, yeah bro. – Onto Koko and Tristan
Thompson reacting to Yae’s dis were calling the track All Mine. Kanye says, “All these
thots on Christian Mingle, “that’s what almost got Tristan single. “If you don’t ball like him or Kobe, “guarantee that (beep) gon’ leave you.” Well, our reporters in LA with
sources close to Tristan say, “He feels betrayed by
Kanye for calling him out.” Tristan apparently got a
heads up about Kanye’s dis during the first game of the NBA finals, and it really upset him
and threw his game off. This may explain why Tristan
only scored two points, and then decided to hit
Draymond Green in the face, after he was ejected
for an intentional foul. But okay, we’re also hearing Tristan was so angry about the dis, he told Koko he doesn’t want
to ever see Kimye again. Khloe feels caught in the middle, but for now is supporting Tristan. Some outlets are also
claiming Khloe shaded Kanye by recording herself
listening to Taylor Swift, Kimye enemy numero uno. However, she later tweeted her
praise of Kanye’s new album, and slammed those reports on Instagram. But our reporters in LA
with sources close to Kim say she did take Khloe’s
video as a small dig, but thought it was hilarious
and well played, all the same. Speaking of Kimberly,
we’re hearing exclusively she was disappointed with
some of Kanye’s lyrics regarding their family. Kim thought Ye was too honest
on the song Violent Crimes. In which he basically says
he hopes his daughters don’t share the same body as their mother because of all the thirsty
pervs on the internet. I’m paraphrasing a bit. On the opening track of the album, Kanye also admits, we think maybe to a fantasy about murdering Kim. “Today I thought about killing
you, premeditated murder. “You’d only care enough to
kill somebody you love.” Strangely, Kim was less
upset about Kanye’s latest beautiful, dark, twisted fantasy, and more angry he discussed
their private argument about his appearance on TMZ. For context, recalling
Kanye was in the middle of his Twitter meltdown in April, Kim took to Twitter to defend Kanye and chastise the media for
talking about Ye’s mental health, saying, “Mental health is no joke “and the media needs to stop
spitting out that so casually.” She then chided everyone
further so quick to label him as having mental issues,
for just being himself. But then of course, Yay made those slavery
is a choice comments and we’re told Kim is pissed he aired out their fight
over this on his album rapping, “My wife calling, screaming, “saying ‘We ’bout to lose it all!'” As we’ve shown, Kanye
has now directly admitted mental health was responsible for the erratic behavior
Kim was defending, and we hear she is pissed
Kanye didn’t back her up like she attempted to back him up. But alright, click right
up here to subscribe because I am so hungry, I’m about to commit some
premeditated murder on my lunch.

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  1. This is for the host, STOP CALLING HIM YEH, please. You don’t know him. He doesn’t know I nor does he want to. You sound very stupid. You are a lowly gossiper who gets paid less than North West so stop acting like you are an insider.

  2. Uh, he was talking about dying to self. Killing his ego and extreme mood swings. People think self loathing means you're sorry but he loves himself so much he has to die to self. I swear people hear what they want.

  3. This dude is the biggest bitch. Now his "mental illness" made him say that bullshit. Maybe his mental illness will make him jump off a bridge. Sissy ass nigga.

    His wife's body is created in an operating room. So if his girls have that kind of body, it won't be from her.

    These motherfuckers be bugging. Hip hop is full of sissy boys now. Crazy.

  4. Kanye never dissed Tristan, he just stated the truth. Tristan is a disgusting little fuckboy

  5. Kanye you just openly admitted that you chose your wife because you fetishize her facial features and her surgeries… the fact that he would say some shit like that about his daughter on a song KNOWING Kim got her body done, lets you know this nigga is stupid.

  6. You call killing your wife a fantasy?🤔.. If u love your wife you would think it would be a nightmare righ..Pray for Kanye an the whole family .. mental illness isn't easy to live with but once you get it under control (medication) you can manage life better.

  7. Tristan was upset about the diss lol? Maybe he shouldn’t have cheated on a pregnant woman and given him amo tho

  8. I thought about killing the pundit in this video. Premeditated murder. You would only kill someone this irritating.


  10. I think Kanye really needs help. I don't wanna hear about him killing himself. Maybe he needs to pull a Dave Chappell and disappear for awhile away from all the media and find himself. Ever since his mom passed he hasn't gotten over it and all this media in his face 24/7 sure as shit isn't helping

  11. so anytime he does a ridiculous stunt that backfires it's because of his mental illness if it's a hit it's his GENIUS on show.

  12. plz Kim with all your money get ure boobs fixed. one nipples going to the shop the others coming back with the change

  13. I’m sick of the catchy phrase only to find out its one line and the rest of the 3minutes 30 seconds you talk about other shit we already know aaaarrrghhh so annoying guys seriously

  14. Y'all are fucking dumb as hell, jesus christ. I thought about killing you is in reference to himself. His happy self and his manically depressed, and in both states he thinks about suicide.

  15. Smh Hollywood so corny. Ye was talking about the other side of himself. He loves himself way more than anything which is why he said you can only kill something you love. Why would he want to kill Kim his #1 supporter

  16. Something is wrong with both of them…nami g their daughter if she was born at 3:15…even if she wasn't (315 degrees)

  17. Well that explains why Tristan blocked Kim…. also Kim and Kanye are hilarious 😂 he’s always doing something to upset her lol

  18. Metal health is not a joke, now you realize that, but what about that KUWTK episode where you call your brother Rob a bipolar and laugh about it with your mom? Was metal health a joke at that time, and now it’s not a joke to you? Kim please STFU.

  19. You guys do realize "I Thought About Killing You," is Kanye talking about himself… right? His own wife doesn't fucking get it Jesus Christ

  20. The sad thing is KANYE is serious about his mental health and KIM thinks it's normal and brushes it off…because she's used to his bipolar rants. I dated someone who was bipolar and I tried to help him. It is a very serious and can be dangerous to deal with a bipolar person. Long story short I had to leave the man I loved because he started becoming violent. I have a STRONG feeling, there is mental and physical abuse happening in that home, but they can escape each other so they probably deal with it. KIM CAN HAVE KANYE!! FOREVER.

  21. Probably not clever making that video title. How are you so fucking stupid? "You'd only care enough to kill somebody you love." followed by "and i love myself way more than i love you." From that point you should understand he's not talking about his wife, but actually his bipolar illness.

  22. I click on these vids cause celebs are in the thumb but I always feel let down when I realize its a vid from you guys.

  23. LMFAO. Bipolar Disorder doesn't make Kanye say stupid shit. . . his mental retardation handles that. Also, that bitch said, Kanye "admits. . . we think. . . maybe. . . to a fantasy about murdering Kim?" What the actual fuck? It would seem she's doubtful of her skills when it comes to analyzing the lyrics, "Today I thought about Killing you, premeditated murder. You'd only care enough to kill somebody you love." Though, in her defense, maybe Kanye is talking about his kids. . . or one of the other two hundred skanks he's sleeping around with. I hope he does kill somebody! Then I don't have to look at his stupid face, or hear his generic ass music anymore. Kanye is destined to ruin his life, and the lives of everybody around him. No doubt in my mind. The bigger the ego, the harder they fall. . . and Kanye has many times compared himself to Jesus. . . dude's going to leave a massive greasy crater when he drops.

  24. This is fake news, has nothing to do with Kim, has to do with Kanye thinking about killing himself. These Hollywood news channels fucking suck.

  25. Why do you guys assume he was talking about kim on that track, he could've been but I had the impression he was talking directly to his audience ionno man

  26. Why does everyone think every word that comes out of his mouth is knowledge. He is a man with mental problems that has tantrums every time he doesn't get his way. He says what people want to hear and then back tracks when he is called out on the nonsense. Whether bi-polar or schetzo, he is not a man I would take his word for knowledge. LMBO…he reminds me of 45…which makes sense why he back him up and so many of you follow and support.

  27. He isn’t talking about killing Kim. He’s talking about killing the ego and the personality he made when he made Yeezus. Ye is in a way a sequel to Yezzus and is more of the calmer and emotional side of Kanye

  28. The lyrics are about himself, come on this is dumb.

    I hate when these digest level companies talk about hip-Hop. It's incredibly disrespectful to the genre and its as bad as Fox News talking about it.

  29. Guys calm down everything you see with these people is 100% staged why would they let us into their personal lives?

  30. it would be so perfect if all of them, kids and all, get killed in an earthquake…and kris gets to watch it all happen…and lives as a parapalegic.

  31. Oh my god , her voice is sooooo annoying I can’t finish listening ! It literally give me headache 🤕

  32. Welp! I guess if Kanye follows through, it will be karma for Kim's father (Rob Kardashian) defending a guilty man. The irony.

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