Kim Kardashian Plays ‘5 Second Rule’

Kim Kardashian Plays ‘5 Second Rule’

All right. So it’s 5 Second Rule. It’s very easy. Basically, Twitch is
going to ask a category and I’ll have to name three
things in five seconds and then hit this after I say it
so we can see how many seconds. OK. Ready? I’ll start. OK. Ellen, name three
things you do in a bar. You drink, you
dance, and you talk. OK. OK. All right. [CROWD APPLAUSE] All right. Kim? Yes. Name your three
favorite body parts. My stomach, my lips, my nose. Ellen. Name three things famous
people shouldn’t do. You shouldn’t do drugs,
you shouldn’t get arrested, and you shouldn’t
yell at people. Nice. That was close. Woo hoo. OK. Kim, name three reality
shows that you watch. Keeping Up With the Kardashians. [SCREAMS] Out of time. I cannot believe that. You know what? I was trying to
think of spin offs and then I didn’t want to name
those people in spin offs. And so I was like, ah. Anyway, I’m winning. OK. Ellen, name three
nicknames for Portia. Thing, love, baby. I’ve got to redeem myself here. OK. Kim, name three things
you shouldn’t call Kanye. Ass-[BLEEP], idiot, stupid. I would say the same thing. OK. Ellen, name three
things you shouldn’t call one of your guests. Boring, dull, stupid. All right. Kim, name three things
that make you laugh. Kanye, North, Saint. Nice. OK. Ellen, name three
terms for hooking up. Getting down with it. Hittin’ it hard. Doing the dirty. Hittin’ it hard. Yup. I have never said any
of those in my life. Hittin’ it hard. Baby, you ready to hit it hard? That’s funny. Oh, boy. OK. Kim, name three things you
do when no one’s looking. Take selfies, pose naked,
look in the mirror. Well, I do those when
people are looking, so. There’s nothing that you
do when we’re not looking. Nothing. Yeah. OK, Ellen. You’re beating me. Still winning. Name three things–
name three things you yell when you stub your toe. [BLEEP], [BLEEP], damn. I would too. OK, Kim. Name three people
you think are hot. Kanye, Ellen, and Portia. Ah. Nice. Nice. Ellen, name three things
you wash in the shower. My body, my dog, and clothes. Just to save time. Sometimes I don’t
want to put a load in, so I’ll just take ’em in. OK, Kim. Name three things you’re really
good at that no one knows. Cooking, smelling
cavities, and numbers. Anything with numbers. I think I got that. Anything with numbers? I used to– you could say
any number, credit card number, any really
long number and I used to be able to memorize it. If you said it once,
I would know like– 9243. I’m not good anymore. Oh. All right. After kids, that like went away. Oh, it went away? Yeah, it’s the weirdest thing. You lost your talent
after children? Yes. That’s terrible. All right. And you smell cavities, I know
that because I saw the show. Because you could smell his– Yeah. It’s weird. That’s a bad thing. I even give someone a
hug, I can automatically tell if they have a cavity. And it’s like a struggle in
my mind if I should tell them or not. You should tell them. And what a horrible
gift to have. I know. It’s so weird. It’s so weird. How close do you have to be? Like just like a hug. A hug. Or if I’m like
sitting like this. See if he has any. Hug him. If I’m like this. I just got so
insecure right now. Hug him. See if he has a cavity. I don’t smell one. OK. Good. I don’t smell one. Good. Thank God. Good. OK. All right. Good. You can really smell ’em. I’m always on point. But you should always be
honest and tell people because it gets worse if
they don’t take care of it. Let’s continue with the game. OK. OK. One more. Ellen, what are three ways
to decorate your house for the holidays? Oh, well buy Ellen
attire of course. And candy canes, and a garland. Ooh. All right. One more, we’ll end it with Kim. OK, Kim. OK. Name your three
favorite sisters. Khloe, Kendall, and Kylie. Ooh. That’s a shame for the others. OK. I should have said four, though. You can get Kim’s new
fragrance at It smells delicious, you guys.

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  1. 5 second rule who?
    I ate pizza that’s been on my floor for 5.5 seconds I guess I have germs now muahahhahaahahhah

  2. If you ever buy a vip pass to meet Kim make sure you brush your teeth at least 3 times before you actually meet her 🙂 also chew gum

  3. when you deliver a child anestesia is being injected in you to feel numb thru the procedure, anestesia has a element in it that makes the brain change like when u r good at memorizing phrases it goes away after being injected by anestesia so i think thats the reason kim's talent banished

  4. I'm surprised Ellen is more concerned about her doing math things than about her ability to smell cavities. Wth

  5. Twitch: Kim, name 3 reality shows that you watch
    Kim: Keeping Up With The Kardashians …… …….. …….. …… AHHHHHH ……. KEEPING UP – DING TIME IS UP –

    0:48 its hilarious xD

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