Kim Kardashian North West has a BOYFRIEND?

Kim Kardashian North West has a BOYFRIEND?

Just a look at the new North West videos and
pictures on Instagram was enough for CurioSips to find out that she is on her way to being
a NEXT BIG Kardashian! Despite her age, seems like she is trying to make a place in this
world of young influencers! CurioSips has reasons to believe that she even has a boyfriend
at the age of 5! Stay with your CurioSips family, to find out everything about the next
heiress of the Kardashian family, North West! In case you thought that in the Kardashian/Jenner
family, the work starts as soon as you enter your teenage years, you need to know that
North West started modeling at the age of one for the Fall issue of the CR Fashion Book.
She already has a wardrobe valued at one million dollars that would make any woman on the planet
envious! And soon after her first photo shoot, North began her own beauty routine …
In the beauty field, Kim Kardashian became her model so that she would be able to play
with the cosmetic and become accustomed to the family business as soon as possible. AND
of course, some of Kim’s followers started to criticize her for it!
Aside from all of that, North has grown much more than we think and has been involved in
so much drama already! One of them happened on July 24, 2018, when Kim posted a photo
of her on Instagram with straightened hair. The critics did not take long to start hating
on Kim and the little kid for trying to remove her ethnicity!
This got so out of hand that Kim Kardashian decided to defend her choice on twitter! She
said that North is allowed to straighten her hair only twice per year! On her birthday
and birthday party! But this was not the only controversy around
There are also rumors about her supposed boyfriend! It all happened before Valentine’s Day, where
North’s new friend, Caiden Mills, the son of the rapper Consequence, tried to conquer
North’s heart. On February 6, 2019, he uploaded a picture on his Insta account with a Tiffany
& Co jewel that he planned to give to his future girlfriend! The caption read: “Shout
out to Northie, Babygirl I’ll see you soon!” On February 7, he uploaded another picture
with a necklace and the caption “She’s gonna LoVe It. Wrap that up sir, I’ll take it”.
AND finally, on the 10th of February, they both appeared together in a photo with his
arm around her! LOOK AT THAT! On February 12, he uploaded another picture
but this time with Saint and North both! With the caption “North, Saint and I had the BEST
time on our play date at “? Seems like the whole family is already a fan of Caiden!
Maybe the whole rumor did not sit well with Kim since she reacted right away saying: “She
doesn’t have a boyfriend. Like, is that for real? She’s 5.”.
Finally, some common sense! Do you also believe that North West is too
young for all of this Diva-like attitude!? We are looking forward to reading your comments
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