Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Buying New Baby Mama

Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Buying New Baby Mama

– Kim Kardashian and
Kanye West are reportedly having a third child using a surrogate, plus Kim is set to make
millions thanks to Kylie Jenner. Hey guys, it’s Emily with your Most Necessary story of the day, and Kimye and daughter
North West were spotted attending a friend’s
wedding in Santa Barbara. You know when the priest
asks if anyone objects or to forever hold their peace? Well, Kanye shocked everyone
by not interrupting. Yes, Kanye loves to nap. Moving on, TMZ reports
Kim will soon launch her KKW cosmetics line
and industry experts predict her products will
sell out in five minutes and rake in about $14 million. Kim’s profit projections were made looking at Kylie’s lip kit success, so the student has now become the master. Meanwhile, Kim and Kanye are possibly having a third baby via surrogate. Kim revealed on Keeping
Up she wants a third baby but her doctor says it’s
physically too dangerous after she had previous complications, which is why she asked Khloe. – I mentioned to Kanye that, um, that you would be our surrogate. – I was sure that it was a joke. – Well, TMZ is now reporting
Kimye have found someone willing to have their baby
through a surrogacy agency and they have agreed
to pay around $113,000. TMZ claims Kimye will be giving
the agency close to $69,000 and the surrogate $45,000 with $5,000 for each
additional kid that’s born in the case of twins or
triplets or whatever. Kim’s surrogate will also
be compensated $4,000 if she loses reproductive organs, and of course the honor of birthing a future Kardashian West.

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  1. if u kno anything about kim you would know that doctors tell her it is too dangerous for her to be pregnant so yes it is

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