Kim Kardashian: Hollywood | The Saint Patrick’s Event [Gameplay]

Kim Kardashian: Hollywood | The Saint Patrick’s Event [Gameplay]

Hey, Dolls.
How are you? Once again, we found ourselves in a sinking ship that Simon put us in. And, as usual, Maria was trying to save us. So, let’s watch it. The weekend kicked off with a call from Simon, letting us know that… Even though he have was banned from most Irish Pub in the city… We could still have some fun. And we were going to do it while promoting a special drink made for St. Pat’s day by this company. So, our first mission is to go down to London and promote it. So, let’s go – Ugh, I think something’s wrong. I feel a little sick.
– Really? – I think it might be this green drink.
– Oh no. Okay, Amelia. I hope you’re ready to keep rolling in the green. Well, you know know what I mean. It’s time for the PowerBlast Green Energy Drink commercial shoot. But… Is this about people getting sick at the launch event? Don’t worry about that. I’m sure it was an isolated event. Trust me on this one. – Now head over to Tokyo for the shoot.
– Okay… I would suggest not drinking that drink if you want to make it through this shoot. Thanks. Amelia, I understand you’ve been promoting the new PowerBlast Green energy drink. That’s right. Well, it might be a good idea to back away from this product. There’s been a lot of reports coming out that this drink makes people sick. If you want I could try to get you out of this contract. You might lose some money, but it could be worth it. And I could get you on the Ray Power’s show to explain you didn’t know anything. Or you could just stay the course and hope it works out. What do you want? Mmm… that’s tricky but I’ll keep the contract. – Okay, hopefully this won’t have too much blowback.
– Fingers crossed. And that’s all boys and girls! I hope you have enjoyed watching this video and, of course, playing the weekend because the prizes were amazing. I loved it. And, as always, we’ll see each other on Wednesday.

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  1. Great Vid doll you rocked it that just was amazing. Keep being Flawless.
    U R one of the best.
    Bye 💕💝 from Ashlyn

  2. Hey there Amelia ♥ awesome video 🙂 I was only able to get until the braclete this weekend but it is still good so yeah anyways I was wondering if we can add each other on Facebook and play together 🙂

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