Kim And Kanye Welcome Baby Saint West | BOSSIP REPORT

Kim And Kanye Welcome Baby Saint West | BOSSIP REPORT

Kimye’s got a baby name hey guys its Janeé from and I
gotta talk to you about the new Kanye and Kim baby and name now the boy was
actually born over the weekend Saturday December 5, 2015 and Kim made the big
announcement on her website now she posted a little emoji version of her family it included Kanye herself a little
North West and the new baby Saint West now remember people were up in arms when
Kanye named his album Yeezus he had a tour by the same name and he even had a
song called I am God so is it blasphemous that they’re also naming the baby Saint just gotta ask it seems like a little bit much to put on a kid you’re laying quite a bit of expectations the kid’s
already got a heavy load on him being the child of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West now he’s gotta deal with being called a Saint too c’mon he might just go the opposite way and end up being a little you know demon we want hear your thoughts make sure to leave a comment below and for more videos like this one subscribe

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  1. Saint is a nice name. At the end of the day , this Power couple are brand names in themselves so why not secure the future of their kids in that sense.

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