Kim and Kanye on Naming a Sibling for North

– So, there’ll be little North and then you haven’t said
the name of– have you named the boy yet? – We haven’t yet.
– Not yet. – Not yet.
– I have names. – You do?
– I came up with some. – I start thinking
at about eight months, so I have–a month away.
– You’re about eight. Okay.
Well, just–okay, Head. – Head West.
– You could–Head West. Um, you could do… Wild or The Wild Wild. – [laughs] – Uh, Mid. – Mid West. – Uh, Tito.
– [laughs] – East Meets. [laughter] – Yazito.
– I do like the name Easton. – Easton is good.
– Easton West. I don’t think
my husband likes that name… – I like…
– But I do like it. – North and Easton West.
– Yeah. But I don’t think–[laughs]
– I like that. I don’t think we’ll go
another direction. It’s definitely not South. Every time someone says South
I just wanna roll my eyes. – No, that’s not
a good direction anyway. – It’s not a good direction.
– Nobody would– – Nope.
– That’s not fair to him… – No.
– ‘Cause North is the highest point,
that’s why you her North, right? – Absolutely.
– So, but South is not fair. – Yes.
– But I like Easton and North. – I do like Easton. I don’t think
Kanye likes Easton. I’m not sure, so…
– All right, well, it’s your child.
– [laughs] – You’re going–

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