Kidnappings and Killings Spark Demonstrations in Israel: Rockets and Revenge (Dispatch 1)

Kidnappings and Killings Spark Demonstrations in Israel: Rockets and Revenge (Dispatch 1)

[Music] it’s been a little over one week since the bodies of three murdered Israeli teenagers a Yali frog galosh our and naftaly frenkel were found the kidnapping and subsequent deaths have led to an aggressive clamp down on Palestinians by Israeli security forces with dozens of arrests daily and movement restrictions the Palestinian neighborhoods show a father in Jerusalem a funeral march was taking place for Mohammed Abu Haidar a Palestinian teenager who was snatched off the street by right-wing Israeli extremists then burnt alive as an act of retaliation over the deaths of the three Israeli teenagers [Applause] Mohammed’s death has further inflame tensions between the two communities I’ve led to protests in clashes between Palestinian youth and Israeli security forces they look familiar but none of the spoon butter meanwhile outside Damascus Gate in the Old City of Jerusalem security forces prevented Palestinian males age 16 to 50 from entering the old city to get to the al-aqsa mosque this is the democracy of State of Israel a key fob Israel Democratic to democratic to the movement many of the men decided to simplify a taboo little stress on that obscene Jerusalem I think they think the father Willis thought you know because that’s the atmosphere Ian the situation is not easy in the mind of both the Arabs and the Jewish youth there is hatred protests have spread throughout the country with various flash points kicking off in the northern town of rro Palestinians came out in large numbers to demonstrate [Music] [Applause] [Music] protests and clashes continued into the night so we’re here in akka it’s a mixed city in the north of Israel and as you can see there’s a demonstration kicking off it’s gonna lock these demonstrations recently what’s different than normal is that these are taking place within Israel proper within the Green Line this was in the West Bank it be a normal sort of situation but with this happening here it’s really unusual because your policy and you live here and you fight for your rights you you may arrest we want to tell Israel a message that we are here we don’t forget our people in West Bank in Gaza all over the world [Music] [Applause] so this is a right now it seems like the older members of community don’t want them to head over here because I think there’ll be trouble the younger guys are pushing forward the younger guys seem to have borne out so we’re headed there right now to the municipality to the Israeli side and everyone’s getting pretty excited gather right here the protesters are sitting down for the most part it seems like some of the older guys are trying to organize them to push them back a little bit and avoid confrontation we don’t say no to violence with violence it’s not the solution yes we sometimes are put under circumstances where we reply back with violence that’s only because we have to but you’re happier seeing they’re seeing a peaceful protest that’s not yeah I’m happy that it’s a peaceful so far yeah and because a lot of them are little kids you don’t want to see him get thrown into the bus and they hear my Arabic accent and they know the tomorrow and they know that I’m existed I’m here it’s a process against occupation it’s not you’re not not running away from us and we will be forever so they need to inspect us the way so the protest has moved on from the standoff that was happening a little further into town things are sort of dissipating and calming down you know these things can go either way but it looks like this one right now is gonna end peacefully even though this demonstration ended peacefully protests and clashes have continued across the country meanwhile there has been a significant escalation of hostilities in Gaza with daily exchanges of Israeli air strikes at Hamas rocket attacks when Israeli force is now massing on the border a ground offensive has become a possibility

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  1. Israel menumpang…merampas tanah pelastine…kerana palastine menerima bangsa yahudi, tanah tergadai…NAZI sepatutnya melenyapkan terus bangsa yahudi dari muka bumi…

  2. Animals on both sides. Innocent kids killed by animals, so the solution is to kidnap and kill an innocent from the other side?

  3. The usual islamic rabble and its RELIGION of peace!
    Muslims are liars and thieves,
    They will lie to yurr face until they are strong enough to stick the knife IN!
    Everybody knows it,
    I wudd rather sleep in a nest of vipers,
    Than have islam as a house guest!
    Cause they'll pretend to. Be freinds right up till they stick the knife in and take whats not theirs.
    Islams making in roads everywhere,
    They build nothing,they have someone else build society's they take a liking to it and steal it!!

  4. They say Israelis are as bad as Nazis. Believe me if that were true there wouldn't be huge crowds of Palestinians protesting in Israel. In fact, there would be no Palestinians left.

  5. It's as simple as

    In Israel the Palestinians have a right to protest yet no Israeli ever entered and left Gaza alive forget about protest just entering would get them killed

  6. People took all modern technology from Israel and scolding via that technologies.. I love Israel.

  7. If the Palestinians riot and attack the Israelis, why can't they defend themselves? I see no harm in them using force to stop the Palestinians……….if you can't take it, don't give it.

  8. These plestinians are like tukde tukde and azadi gang here in india. Certainly india is going to follow israel.

  9. It's so funny to see how those Palestinians are trying to present themselves as the victims…

  10. More nonsense endless religious bullshit. We could probably have invented time travel or colonised the moon if not for all this insanity

  11. Wow, they can flew phalenstin flag in Israel and no one stop them. Why Israelis are not beating them?

  12. È sempre la solita musica i palestinesi lanciano qualche razZo dimostrativo anche x che Israele possiede un sistema di intercettazione di enorme potenza ,se c'è un morto israeliano ce ne saranno minimo dieci palestinesi.oltre ad avere occupato territori e rubato case e proprietà palestinesi gli ebrei continuano a punire incessantemente tutti i giorni umiliando e massacrando un intero popolo,nel silenzio del mondo,quello che fa schifo è che stanno sempre a frignare X l'olocausto e poi si comportano nello stesso modo usando sui civili armi vietate ,fosforo bianco,cluster bomba,etc etc…. Come si può avere empatia verso gli ebrei che sono crudeli come furono un tempo i loro carnefici

  13. in us history men who concealed their faces were considered outlaws, the ira furthered that by hiding their faces from neighbors to avoid reprisals for crimes against the community, usualy murders. israei soldiers could shoot masked men just for being masked

  14. Lol. As if threatening the Israelis , will make them …strong.. intifada? Go ahead..they give back 10 times more retaliation. .. ..they never learn..from mistakes..

  15. Nasty evil nation. Don’t believe in Jesus or god only Antichrist!!! God will. Not have mercy on you!!! Child killers. Murders… they want it all !! that’s why there is no peace!!!! You won’t be able to stop god!!!!!

  16. SUNNY Arabs are pigs & donkeys,
    Their fucking 50 countrys, but the cant fight only one tiny place, how can u win if u fight with stones ues ur brain if u have
    Fucking donkeys

  17. Instead of building walls ,conflict and damage we should create bridge ,peace and we focus on positivity

  18. Interesting how the 3 Jewish boys murderers are not even described as Palestinian terrorists or muslim extremists, yet the Israeli revenge murderers of the Palestinian youth are described as ' Right wing Israeli extremists?' Not hard to tell which side Vice is backing.

  19. Danny Gold is so shit at doing this. I'm glad I don't see more Vice News with him. Because clearly the only reason he was chosen to do the job is because he was alright with going. It's Clearly Not his skills at presenting or speaking to people.

  20. Interesting how the 3 Jewish boys murderers are not even described as Palestinian terrorists or muslim extremists, yet the Israeli revenge murderers of the Palestinian youth are described as ' Right wing Israeli extremists?' Not hard to tell which side Vice is backing.

  21. Only a 2 state solution will work. The Palestinians need their own land,…at least give them some of the land that was STOLEN from them.

  22. At the start of this clip you mentioned the 3 Israeli boys who were kidnapped and murdered by Palestinian terrorists ? but nothing of the suffering their families have gone through ? yet again the rest of this was all about the Palestinian side why cant you show a more balanced viewpoint , and why not show the terrible effect that the Rockets have on the Israeli towns of Ashkelon and starot with Rockets been fired daily from Gazza

  23. Look:
    3 israeli teenagers get murdered, no riots in Israel.
    A bunch of right-wing extremists kills a palestinian boy, which is a shame.
    Reaction: Only talking about this palestinian boy, big riots everywhere.
    no one talking about what caused this, any more.
    Stupid Arabs?!

  24. wait for malhamah kubra..we muslim will hunt you all fucking terrorists!..all videos you make all for propaganda to make islam look like a terrorist!.you all kafir will truly regret for what you did now!..

  25. Vice what happened to you? You've become so biased it's nauseating 🤢🤮. Why do you think msm has become such🤡's. You supposed to be reporting the news to the people, not giving your personal opinions. 3 Israeli teens kidnapped and murdered🤔. An 16 yr old Palestinian male burned alive by extremist right wing Israeli's(you sure went into details for this young man.) Is there a possibility the men who kidnapped and murdered the 3 Israeli teens where extremist left wingers(or do extremist only apply to right wing.)

  26. Israel have been looking for peace with their criminal racest policies. I thing it will take forever unless they reverse their policies.

  27. 04:56 "We're headed there right now, to the municipality, to the Israeli side"
    What? Acre is a small city inside Israel. The protesters are Israeli citizens. There's no "side" to speak of.

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