Keanu Reeves

Keanu Reeves

Today we’re doing something different (WE ARE HERE TOO) Today we’re talking about someone In a positive light! YAYYYY (YAY) (Happy Pewds Noises) First time on this channel! Keanu Reeves everyone! Internet’s new favourite character Everyone’s favourite badass good guy I know, I know, I have done alot of videos on him (Iconic weird Pewds accent) But I have been diggin’ a little deeper into Keanu Reeves, and its some pretty fascinating fun stuff That we can go through together, let’s go I am sure you have already seen the abundance of memes that happened during the past couple days Keanu has taken over the internet But what makes Keanu so likeable, why does everyone love this guy Number 1: Keanu ALWAYS knows what to say In any situation Keanu will have the perfect answer “What is your secret for always staying down-to-earth?” “Well, I mean.. Gravity (Starts laughing at his own joke because it is funny, don’t judge) I like how he laughs at his own joke too (Chuckles) “What do you thinks happens when we die Keanu Reeves?” (Auidence laughs) (DEEP Keanu sigh) “I know that, the ones who love us will miss us” (Audience cheers and applauds) “John Wick Chapter 3!” So good! So how does he get this wisdom? Well, of course, Keanu Reeves Number 2 reason why he’s so likeable He is immortal, everyone knows this It’s just an indisputable fact at this point look at this portrait, early 1500s, portrait of a man (pewds and audience laugh) what is this that is going on yeah he is like – its a gang sign, its a gang sign what is he doing he had a lot of weird finger things you tell us Keanu, its literally you

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  1. When Keanu Reeves is so amazing the most ironic YouTuber makes a video unironically talking about why he's great and he loves him.

  2. Hes apart of his own motorcycle team as well. That is also his favorite bike brand i believe of what the black motorcycle is

  3. The motorcycle thing….is like the scene in . my own private idaho where his character tries to start his motorcycle but couldnt

  4. Such a coincidence that my phone notifies the battery is at 5% exactly after Pewds says number 5.

    Keanussance is still relevant, damnit

  5. What is your secret for staying down-to-earth?
    Keanu: Well, I mean, gravity laughs at his own joke
    Felix: I like how he laughs at his own joke too laughs at his own joke
    I see u felix

  6. Other Hollywood stars :
    "Look I did something nice, I'm such a caring person" / "I support this movement etc."
    Us : "meh, but an act of kindess is an act of kindess"

    Us: "Keanu such a nice guy, humble, kind hearted etc."
    Keanu: "I'm not what you think I am, I'm just a normal human being"
    Us: "You just prove our points"

  7. What??? He’s over 50!??? 😧

    Still thinking he’s in his 40’s 😂😂

    Why didn’t I see this before????
    I’m such a moron…

  8. pew: dont stop every second in the street to take a picture. he just wants to live a normal life.

    also pewds: i am generally just fascinated by this guy.
    reddit: and thats a fact

  9. I think this is the first time Pew is look smaller (not that small) just by speaking about Keanu.

    Edit ; My hands were shaking when I wrote Keanu. Really.

  10. To be honest, i think it's about a man's time. He always had a niche fan base but, honesty before John Wick in 2014, he was a no show for many many years. And he was labelled as a stoic and flop actor(not my words, read the old online posts). It's his time and he should enjoy it while it lasts.

  11. I can see the sad John Wick back story fitting Keanu. Sorta like how it fit Robert Downey Jr so well to play Tony Stark.

  12. He could honestly kill me and I’d still love him
    He could crash my car honestly if he said “I like your dog” I would cherish that dog till I die

  13. Спасибо блин что перевели мне эти 2 минуты 16 минутного видео, дорогой автор субтитров.

  14. that poor human being just wants to live his life like a normal person but he is just too nice for the world XD

  15. i love how my mum remembers keanu as one of the many heart throbs from back in her day, but all i'll ever be able to view him as is a complete meme (thanks to the wonderful creation that is the internet) 🤣🤣

  16. Everybody dreams about being famous… but the whole paparazzi thing and getting recognized everywhere by everyone really seems like a pretty big price to pay.

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