Hello, everyone, welcome to Weekendr Girl channel, my name is Sofya, and if I seem tired to you – well, I had a good weekend, and now it’s not a weekend, I have to work. Today we have Kanye West and his
newest album, which was released the 1st of June and it’s called “Ye”. Kanye West’s new album. The last one I’ve listened to was “Yeezus”. It was in 2013, as far as I remember, there was also “the life of Pablo” in 2016 but,
unfortunately, it was not released on Russian iTunes – I don’t know why, I
couldn’t find it, if you find it, please, send me the link in the comment
section because I couldn’t find it. To be honest, I’m pretty excited because I
haven’t even seen the album, I haven’t listened to it, I don’t know what to
expect and since I haven’t been listening to hip-hop/rap music for so
long, I really grew quite unaccustomed to it. We’re gonna download it all as usual, and then we’re gonna listen to it and react to it, and I’ll tell you my honest opinion.
So what do we have here? here we have Kanye West “Ye”, 2018, you see, right? it’s 1st of June (when it was released), 7 songs, 7 tracks. How long is it? half an hour? I
don’t know, actually, as far as I know there might be another album later in June, which is called “Kids see ghosts”(?), something like that. If it is released, if I
have it in our iTunes store, I’ll definitely react to it because I’m quite
interested about it as well. And as far as I know, it should be a series of albums, so it must be cool, but for now we have Kanye, let’s download it! so it is being downloaded. We have Kanye West “Ye” album, 2018, 7 songs, 24 minutes. Let’s go! well, I like the sound in the background, it is like breaking a CD. You know, it’s a bit like “you are in a sect”. You murder the people you love, I’m
gonna kill you, blablabla. Really, it’s like a bit of
pulling you into this translucid state? I like the breaking record there in the background. Now that was unexpected. This is
unacceptable! Okay, we got it.
Oh, finally! I like when it is rhythmic, you know, and this sound is like “phha”, so cool, what is this sound? Is it a scream?! what’s with 2018 and experiments? I don’t know, I wouldn’t listen to it every day, but it is actually
quite inspiring. Ah, that’s the bit we love. Really frightening, but it’s different
from the first one, you know I like the differences. In the background it’s like – I’ve forgotten what it’s called. When I hear this “that’s my superpower, nigga” I’m like – … Wow! can you hear it? It’s so awesome, and rhythms. And low, and low, low. It’s not even fast, but it’s like – Oh, it’s a bit romantic, at least, the music
is more romantic. I like the vocal additions, though it’s not unusual, it’s strangely nice. What I like about the album, it’s all logically in one tip one, sense, you know what I mean. I should be actually listening to the lyrics, that’s the most important thing. Real fun, the way it’s constructed and composed. Oh, and piano, by the way, piano is very good, very sweet.
I mean, the music at least. Ah, also like the previous one, with vocals and this
meditative state, and piano, a bit more cheerful but wouldn’t dwell on it much. It’s like from, you know, from
black-and-white films. And here goes Kanye. The song is called “Ghost town”, and
the beginning – strangely enough – hints at it. Is it a trend that everyone goes a bit retro? I mean, yeah, Lana Del Rey is always singing in this whole retro style, but here is just
like a clear reminiscence of something. The drums, love the drums. And guitar in the background. Can you hear it? it’s like, you know, it is as if he mixed in some “Runaways”! Really sounds like the “Runaways”. Is anyone still listening to the “Runaways”? I am, I love them, I’m so weird! just typical, the voice even! And you might be surprised but that’s the last song from the album. The sorta electro-voice with filters. Is it a synthesized piano or a normal piano? oh, the harmony, it is so good. But the electro-voice is a bit… A really relaxing and relaxed album, at least,musically speaking. Melodically, very relaxed, very laid-back. Love the piano and the beats. But I love the piano and the beats all time so it’s not like it really matters. I like that he’s actually quite energetic
in his rhyming, and the music is like – … So that’s, basically, it, that’s the whole album, which finished quite unexpectedly. I thought it would be longer. I really
liked it. I don’t know what’s going on with all those music experiments. Kanye,
it’s perfect-perfect-perfect. Loved it, loved all the seven songs,
waiting for the new album in June – “Kids see the ghosts” (hope I didn’t get it wrong!) I hope you enjoyed watching this video, please, thumbs up if you liked it, write in the comment
section below, which is your favorite song – I don’t have a particular one right now but I’m gonna write you as soon as I decide on it. If
you find a link to his 2016 album “the life of Pablo”, please, give me the link,
because I can’t find it, I can’t download it and I really want to listen to it, you
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  1. This was a great album leads you right in his mindscape and Kids see Ghosts is absolutely amazing you have to listen to it

  2. I remember there actually being replies to ll the comments – whatever happened to them….
    Looks quite intriguing now….

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