Kanye West Saint Pablo | Review

Kanye West Saint Pablo | Review

What up youtube. Topaz Yates back with another
daily review. This time to Kanye West Saint Pablo. A track he already debuted at Yo Gotti’s
album release party by the audio quality of the leak was so bad I couldn’t review it.
Named after his first son Pablo West this is Kanye taking everything he is going through
and putting it on a track. Usually when you go through as much as he has from being a
media pirah to being in debt and you put it on a track then good results tend to happen.
Here Kanye is rapping about his vision music and his overall life from his debt to his
loyalties and finally socially conscious topics. Stating how black people can’t balance a check
book but will get iced up
and he is the absolute embodiment of such.
issue is why isn’t Kim K taking on this debt
with him. They are married right and marriage
a business.

5 Replies to “Kanye West Saint Pablo | Review”

  1. But ….. it wasn't on the album sir. So can you chill wit the "its not a GREAT song because of the overused sample" bs. If its GREAT music its great music

  2. our boy Rittz dropped another single off of top of the line propane that joint along with ghost story is fucking lit

  3. on March 7, Kim tweeted about an $80mil video game check into their joint account. Anyway, I'd want my wife to help me out if my finances did a freefall, but I'd only expect it to the extent that I can get back on my feet to invest more money into things that are guaranteed to expand my brand; she doesn't need to be funding multi-million ideas that may fail cuz that shit would be what got me in debt in the first place, feel me? And I'd still expect her to expand her brand first and make that safe money cuz as soon as I expanded mine and made money from it, I'd be tryna cash in by doin some risky shit again lmao, so you know..

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