Kanye West Real Friends/ No More Parties | Review

Kanye West Real Friends/ No More Parties | Review

What up youtube. Topaz Yates here back with
another daily review and this one is to that Kanye West Real Friends and No More Parties
in LA featuring Ty Dolla Sign and Kendrick Lamar. Last night Kim Kardashion came out
with a tweet saying Kanye will drop a new track every friday and she seems to be on
to something being the closst person to kanye and that he dropped these tracks together
as one. Honestly I liked the concept. What Kanye is rapping abuot here is how he is just
a shitty cousin, a shitty friend all the way around. He will not talk to his friends or
family for years on out. When he does he never wants to hear some deep shit, rather some
petty superficial shit on what they can do that night. He will be in town for a week
and wont call anybody until the last day. Just being an overall asshole about it but
this isn’t anything different. When you come up on some money or fame you become self awear
that people are probably only coming at you so they can come up. So therefore most people
back away from the people close to them before the fact. Now this song Kanye is going the
extra mile but he isn’t doing anything wrong. But in the end he concludes the song saying
his cousin got a laptop of him fucking hoes and extorted him for $250,000 and he kind
of had that coming for being a shitty cousin. No Kanye you didn’t. That is some bullshit
that you should have been discontinued a relationship from that person. I don’t care how successful
a person is and if they start ignoring me, I would ever fuck them over for my own gain
on some petty shit. If you were to come up you dont have to ignore family, you can still
be cool but when they come to you looking for money. Like Kanye said they will call
you claiming tojust say hi but in the same breathe ask for money which annoys everyone.Money is not their issue,
kanye could instead put them in position to be successful. If they can’t rock with that then you know the type of person you are dealing with. That is how
you deal with
this situation.

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  1. Real Friends produced by Boi-1da & Havoc of Mobb Deep. Kanye has tweeted the SWISH release date – february 11. I think Kim K not bullshiting, kanye will do this good friday type of thing once again.

  2. Great review. The drums from real friends sound mad similar to the ones on good morning from graduation. I enjoyed this kinda throwback kanye

  3. Lol this guy just talks shitt about every song. I wonder what he listens to and I would love to hear his beats and tracks because it seams obvious he knows what's hot whats not and his knowledge of music impeccable

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