Kanye West Played ‘Connect 4’ During His Daughter’s Delivery

Kanye West Played ‘Connect 4’ During His Daughter’s Delivery

Well, last time I saw
you, Chicago was not here. She was not. She was still in the
surrogate’s belly. In the belly. And you were worried
about what that was going to be like,
because you’d never done it that way before. We didn’t know anyone that’s
done it like that before. It was really scary. And what was it like
in the delivery room? It was, honestly,
anyone that has ever been considering
surrogacy, I always said, kind of wait
till I’m done. I want to see what this
birthing experience is like. The best experience. The moment she was getting
the epidural, I was like, thank god this is not me. It was so easy. She’s so amazing. I’ve become good
friends with her. The surrogate. Yeah. She’s so sweet. Her family’s great. It was such an easy experience. My deliveries were really bad. Always surgeries afterwards
and crazy, scary things. And it was just such a breeze. And when the baby came
out, it was like– I made Kourtney be in the room. We had a connecting room. And Kanye was in there playing
Connect Four with his friends. And not really paying attention. And I was like, Kourtney, I
need you to be here with me. Because I need– if there’s a
medical something, I you you. It’s your sister. You need a support system. So it was great. It was so easy. And the second she came
out, any fear that I had of, will I not have this connection? Will she not look like me? All of that goes out the door. And instantly, she’s ours. Yeah. I knew it would. I knew you were
worried about that. And I thought, there’s no– first of all, look at that. She’s such a cutie. She really is such a cutie. As soon as she came out– I stood on this end
of the surrogate. I didn’t really want to see
too much of what was going on. But enough to be
there and support her. Right. So I was behind her shoulder. And the second
the baby came out, her whole body wasn’t even out. Just up to her waist. And she put her
arms out like this, and she was like, I’m here. It was so cute. That’s so cute. So her name is Chicago. Yes. But you told me that you
wanted a one syllable– when I was pitching names, you
said you wanted one syllable. And I did. Right. So Chicago is not one syllable. Yeah. It kind of messes with me. I’m not going to lie. I really like the
one syllable thing. Did you have a name picked out? It was between– we were
going to name her Jo, because my grandma, Mary Jo. So we were going to go with Jo. Or we were going
to go with Grace. And then it was Chicago. But– [LAUGHTER] We ended up with Chicago. Because Kanye wanted Chicago? Because he’s from there? I don’t even know how the name– I mean, obviously,
because he’s from Chicago. But that is a place
that made him. And a place that he
remembers his family from. He really wanted
his mother’s name. And I love that name, too. I just wasn’t sure if it’s
so much to live up to. What was his mom’s name? Donda. That wasn’t in the
one syllable either. But I just felt like Chicago
was cool and different. It is cool and different. Yeah. So you can still
narrow it down to– So we call her Chi. You do call her Chi. Yeah. We call her Chi. So it’s North, Saint, and Chi. So she is– and
did he stop playing Connect Four at some point? I love that game, by the way. I love Connect Four. It’s his favorite game. He’s the best at it. Is he? I’m so bad at it. I’m really good at games,
despite what you’ve heard. So we’ll talk about
that later, I’m sure. All right. All right. Because I have to
talk to you about what Steve Harvey said about me. And I would like to
play game with you so you can prove it
to me, because I love playing games, as you know. Yeah. We’ll talk about that later. I know what you’re
talking about. And North is a good big sister? You were worried about that too. You didn’t think she
would share so well. She’s better. Than when? She’s better than
she was with Saint. It was a shocking
moment yesterday. She literally had a can of
popcorn, and was like, Saint, do you want some? And I was like, what? You don’t understand. She does not share
with Saint, she does not hardly talk to Saint. So that was such a big moment
in my household yesterday. Well, sure. But yes, she’s– Was Saint shocked by that too? He wasn’t, actually. I was shocked he wasn’t shocked. There were two shocks in a row. Wow. A shock followed by a shock. And I’m going to say,
I’m shocked right now. And then I think the audience
is going to be shocked. Because I heard in
the meeting that Saint is– how old is Saint? Two? Two. OK. He just turned two. Saint can spell the
word gargantuan. Yes. He can. Well, I don’t believe you. And none of us believe you. No, no. I swear. First of all, if you– I’ve never seen a child
speak the way he speaks. He has such amazing vocabulary. And I know it’s like
such a Kanye thing to say, like, oh,
my kid’s a genius. But if I’m saying it’s,
then it’s real, you know? Right. Right. So if you ask him, Saint,
how do you spell your name? He’ll say, S A I N T, W E S T.
He fully knows how to spell. Gargantuan was– it was there,
and there was the letters. And he put them in place. So he didn’t actually say, G– I don’t even know how
to spell it myself. [LAUGHTER] And who’s helping him with
words like gargantuan? I was. You were. So the word
gargantuan was there, and then he put the letters– Yes. He matched all the
letters to gargantuan. That’s very impressive. Yeah. I was very impressed. Right. Shocked. So you’re saying he’s
smarter than North. [LAUGHS] North can do it too. Not at that age. Yeah. Well, she can now. He’s nicer than North. I will say that. Yes. He loves his little sister. He’s so sweet with her. I always have to
watch out for him. He smothers her. And he has this really big hair,
so he just jumps in her crib. Like that was a sweet moment. But usually, it’s his big
hair is all over her face and I get worried. Look how precious. Yeah, his hair is adorable. But they are so sweet.

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  1. I personally believe. Why the Kardashian's kids have such impressive vocabulary for their young age is because they talk to them all the time on their show.
    Like all of the Kardashians Jenners talked to their nieces and nephews, or their Grandchildren all the time when they were babies

  2. iknow lots ppl dislike them but idk i don't have close relations with my family so seeing them just make me feel.. good

  3. I’m so confused. I didn’t know Kim and Kanye had a son! When did this happen??? Clearly before 2007…right? I’m so confused in case I didn’t mention that

  4. I love her personality she handles herself really well and shes classy and really loves her kids and husband!

  5. Kim can't even spell the word and says that she helped saint with it????Like wow…okay…great….what an achievement

  6. Kim girl you got me in tears … congrats on the new bundle of joy…. Chicago looks so beautiful 😀 bless your heart

  7. I love Kanye and Kim West as parents. They make such a loving and beautiful family with their soon to be 4 children. Kanye’s mom Donda is smiling down from heaven so proud of her son! He is a great, talented, and beautiful man in every way!💜

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