Kanye West is Taking His Talent to Church

Kanye West is Taking His Talent to Church

from social media to the news on everyone’s lips today we face the truth on what’s trending as Kanye West started a hip new church Kanye has been hosting Sunday service at his home in Calabasas complete with choirs dressed all in white the Church of yeezus boasts a star-studded congregation including Courtney Love Kid Cudi Diplo Paris Jackson and of course the Kardashians could Kanye be expanding his resume from rapper to pastor oh well damn that’s how her audience feels about that too team what say you listen people start churches movements all the time but Kanye has a history of making everything about himself so if you’re doing something in the name of spirituality usually it’s not about you is he making religion hip you know Mike Millennials start going to church more because they see what Kanye is doing you know that’s the I think that’s actually I think this actually makes fun of religion I think that it makes people think that religion isn’t serious it’s just so extreme like the whole like a whole dedication to me worship me I’m so you know it is and and you know it’s like when you go and you serve the Lord that’s when it’s not about you right you know that’s all you are supposed to learn worlds and values and learn a word and the sacrifices that someone made for us and and you know it’s just like another show another show

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  1. That first lady has the most over-the-top, horribly exaggerated voices I've ever heard in news.
    But would I do find funny though is that this whole time they said he was the Illuminati and worship the devil but now when he starts hosting a Sunday service at his house, the backlash continues. they explained what this Sunday service was all about. They said that amongst a lot of their friends, many of them felt judged going to a traditional church and they started this as a way to bring a positive, fresh start to the week and bring people together through the love of music. Even if you are Christian, can you really disagree with people's perception of church being judgemental? This isn't the first one of these he's done. He's done a lot of really awesome covers to other artists work that happened to involve a really soulful choir. People watch one video and trying to form a perception based off of next to no knowledge. he's not claiming to have attempted to start a religion. But for the folks who are religious, you don't have to sit inside of a church to praise God and your own way. There's a Bible passage that states, "wherever two or three May gather…"
    So how is this a different? Typical hypocritical Christian judgment. The criticism and judgment for this is exactly why people appreciate non-traditional ideas like this vs going to church and putting their money in a collection plate.

  2. Everything Kanye does bother you people!!!! AND do you all think your doing BETTER?????answer that question????the LORD??? big forehead vivica like mine,he without sin cast the FIRST STONE!!!!!!!

  3. All you people sit and do is gossip tear down a brother or sister!!! and laugh about it!.what good are you doing to help them?and low and behold ynno business a unno yard a SPOIL ROTTEN!!!!!!

  4. I pleaaaa the BLOOD of JESUS over all our gossip and dirty waysssss….beat back that force of evil to where it belongs!!!!AMEN!!!!

  5. Lou di Mon if he feels like praising GOD with a chior at his home nothing no wrong WID dat!!!!.the more the merrier for GOD he's calling the holy spirit closer to himself and others arround…some stupid Ness unno call weird or extreme!!! Jah kno starrr!!!!!!!go look fine d people deep weh a bomb up the schools and the ones weh a Tek weh people pickney. On TV wasting time because a man decide to praise him GOD at home with a chior!!!!do something possitive with your time other than taking out pebbles outta Kanye EEYE and nuh see the BOLDER Inna Fi unno!!!!!

  6. Togetherness we a say!!,fix it we a say!!…..you all feel like one day this gossiping won't turn it's hand?!!!!!you mek a sad mistake!!!

  7. Have you heard about morning worship?,or evening worship??? Where you invite people at you house to give thanks and praises to the most high??have you guys done that???? unno CHAT tuh MUCH!!!! Lou di man mek him breath!!!!!!!

  8. Lmaooo why are yall speaking on kanye's sunday service where yall dont have a clue on what it is. Yall just made up something and got mad 😂😂😂

  9. Anybody can change their lives and move towards God and Judy Ho is full of It he has a history but he can Change I'm sure she has a History of bad things but non of you ladies talking about Beyonce that church she Bought she has a History and those people who has a church of Beyonce bring that up

  10. This idiot Kanye and his community ass wife Kim and her family has not sacrificed a damn thing for him to compare himself to anybody let alone The Higher Power. This cult Kanye is starting is to bring attention to himself and his attention seeking wife.

  11. i dont think its about real church values, i believe hes just trying to create an event where there are no bad vibes and everybody can just dance and be happy.

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