Kanye on Having More Kids

Kanye on Having More Kids

– How do you think marriage
has changed you, if it has? – I’ve definitely learned
how to compromise more. – Uh-huh. – Which is something
you have to understand when you partner with people
in business. – Mm-hmm.
– You know, you can’t– – Beautiful. – And I’ve learned
how to shut up more and, um, I’ve–yeah. I think–I think I’m
a better human being, you know, because of her
and because of my daughter. – Mm-hmm. – And I have, you know,
always someone to think about going home to and, you know, something for me to,
you know, not only be brave for
what I wanna do for humanity but also to be more protective
of myself for my family too. ‘Cause there’s things
I’ve done in the past that were considered negative,
but I was really, you know, jumping in front of the tank
for other people or for culture in a way. So now I always have
to have that in my mind, that I have, like, a family
that I have to protect too. – Mm-hmm. Yeah, and I do see
that change in you. I see you–
And you are calmer, I think. You know, you don’t seem,
like, uh… like, uh…angry
or–you know? You know what I mean? And I don’t know
if it was even anger, but it was just the way
that you were getting all of your emotions out. And now I think your emotions
are grounded in a way that they come out
in what you said and protection and love,
and–and–they’re going– they’re channeled
in a different way. – I think I was, like,
going through now, like, my version
of my terrible twos. My–my daughter,
she wants to express herself, but she just doesn’t
have the words for it. And for me, there’s so many
things I wanna do with film, with clothing, and I just
didn’t have the words or the resources
or the backing or the perception
that I could do it, being that I was a rapper
or, you know, all these things. And now,
because of this Adidas deal, they allowed me
a little bit of oxygen. Because what you have
to understand– The difference between,
you know, what people give you
about celebrity, the idea of money
versus creativity. There’s no amount of money
that someone can give you to make you not be creative,
if you were born to create. So a lot of times
people try to block you, block your creativity,
control you with money. And Adidas allowed me
to make my whole clothing line, which I wanted to do, and it was just like
a little bit of oxygen. You guys last year,
two years ago, three–whatever. You guys were seeing someone
being suffocated by a perception. Being suffocated by people
in a position that could
blatantly see like, Wow, the “Yeezus”
did really good. He was this influential.
All those albums did this. But we’re not gonna give him
a shot in something else. And there’s a lot
of people who, like, were really calm about that. But the definition of crazy is trying to do the same thing and expecting
a different result. So I tried something different
over the past couple years. And I actually got some really
good results from it too, so… – Yeah.
Well… [cheers and applause] Well put.
Well put. – [indistinct] – And that is true. I mean, I think we all
try to express ourselves. And you do, you keep doing
the same thing and saying the same thing
and saying the same thing. It doesn’t get
the result you want until you try a different way
of expressing yourself or whatever it is, and then you get the result
because you’ve shifted. We have to take a break. And then we’re gonna show
the world premiere of your new video,
which I absolutely love. I love this song so much. You actually played it
for me in our living room, and I just was blown away
how beautiful the song is. So, uh, more kids? – Yeah, we’re trying.
– Really? – Yeah, yeah. – I thought
I’d slip that in there. I mean, that baby
is so adorable, and, I mean,
she is precious. She’s so–
And smart as can be, right? – Mm-hmm.
– Yeah, she’s– Oh, look at that. So you’re gonna have more? How many do you want,
like a bunch? Like a Brad and Angie bunch?
Or, uh– – I just want
whatever Kim wants. [cheers and applause] – Wow.
– Yeah. – Um… That’s–that’s a good answer,
whether it’s true or not. And what is the name
of the CD? – I don’t know yet. We’re still trying
to find it. – Really?
– Trying to find the vibe. You know, this transition from
what I felt when I did “Yeezus” to what I feel now, and,
you know, we’re just creating. So we haven’t found it yet. – Okay. What about
“Ellen’s My Friend”? – Yeah.
I think that’s pretty good. – Okay, think about that.

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  1. I think that performers are nervous speaking in front of people but singing is different. Kanye looks and sounds very nervous

  2. Love how he speaks to the audience during this interview, he really wants to connect with them and get his message across. Huge Ye fan, but now that I realize it I rarely hear him speak, he really has an amazing mind.

  3. Woah I've never heard his normal talking voice before and he smiled so much in this interview!

  4. He’s a very insecure person… he tries to perform to be liked and seen a certain way. Which is interesting because people think he loves himself but I actually think he’s putting on a show. He proyects self love but really he lives in self doubt. I feel bad for him; Watching him I can tell he is broken…. I hope he gets help. ❤️🙏🏽

  5. He sounds like that because he's stoned on painkillers.. opioids give you a winey shaky sounding arch in your voice

  6. what a good explanation comparing it to north not being able to express herself w words. he def is still that way

  7. This is legit the first time I've ever heard Kanye talk. He sounds a lot nerdier than I thought…

  8. Man, you can say what you want about Kim K but kanye seems really happy. He haven’t been this calm since her mom passed. Since yeezus was really good we can expect more great music in the future

  9. the first thing i thought of when i saw this video
    “My shoes cost more than your whole outfit, so yea.


  10. On this note…..imma go ahead and let Kanye speak for Kim, Kali, Kiki & Katrina. ¡Thank you Kanye, from WY{home}ing!

  11. Kanye sold out dating a non black woman. Since he's been with Kim he's raps are wack and he's whitened himself

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