Judaism is NOT a Religion.

Judaism is NOT a Religion.

Judaism is not a religion. Now I know we were all raised in a day and
age, and conditioned to consider Judaism as one of the “world’s great religions”, which
is a bit strange since Jews make up less than .01% of the world’s population, but Judaism
is actually not a religion at all. Hear me out. The word “religion” in almost every dictionary
is defined as the belief system in a G-d, deity, book, or prophet. Or commonly understood as a belief system
that spreads across borders and across nations. Let’s look at actual religions like Christianity,
Islam or Buddhism. If an individual does not believe in Jesus
or in the Christian bible, then that person is not Christian. If an individual does not believe in Mohammad
or in the Quran, then they are notMuslim, and if an individual does not believe in Buddha
or in his teachings, then they are not Buddhists. The point is that if any individual rejects
any religion’s deity or considers themselves agnostic or atheists, then by the very definition
of religion, they are not a part of it. Yet in Judaism, even if a Jew rejects the
notion of G-d and the Torah, they may be atheists or agnostic, but they are still Jewish. If we take a Christian for example, from France,
from China, from Argentina and from Cote d’Ivoire in Africa, they may all have the same belief
system, but they are definitely not the same people with the same culture or historic origin. Yet when it comes to Jews, they may have been
physically displaced around the world, but their identity, culture, history and even
genetics are all linked to one place and to one people. Again, by the very definition of a religion,
one must believe in that religion’s deity in order to be a part of it, yet that rule
does not apply for the Jewish People and their relationship with Judaism. There is no doubt that many Jews are religious
and that the Jewish People’s connection to a higher power and the Torah is an essential
element of their identity, but it is important to realize the actual definitions of the words
being used, since this what iswhat the world understands when they hear Jews speak. The word “religious” describes an individual’s
relationship with something, whereas the word “religion” very specifically describes
belief systems and not a people. So if Judaism is not a religion, then what
is it? Judaism is the portable suitcase of a native
people’s identity that was created upon their forceful displacement from their indigenous
land called Judea. A suitcase that was built to preserve Judean
culture, values, laws, ethics, history, tradition, language, aspirations, a connection to a higher
power, their way of life, and the will to one day return and to liberate their homeland. Although today the descendants of Judea are
usually referred to as Jews, this same ancient people have been also called Hebrews or Israelites. Well let’s go more in detail. The almost 4,000 year old nation of Israel
is made up of 12 tribes. I am a descendant of the tribe of Levi from
both sides of my family. Back in the day, the tribe Judah decided to
break off from the rest of Israel. This split, forced the creation of two kingdoms. The Kingdom of Israel and the Kingdom of Judea. Eventually the Kingdom of Judea renamed the
land of Israel to the land of Judea, including all Israelites, even if they were from other
tribes. This is why the Israelites or the Hebrews
are today referred to as Jews, because the name of the land that they last lived in was
called Judea. Around 2,000 years ago the Roman Empire was
spreading across Europe and Asia, and the Judeans living in Judea, refused to submit
to their foreign rule. Due to the rebellious nature of the Judeans,
the Roman Empire destroyed their country and expelled the vast majority of Jews by importing
them to Rome on slave ships. In fact, the coliseum of Rome was built by
Jewish slaves, and many of the gladiators that fought for Roman entertainment were Judean
warriors that had been captured by the Roman Empire. Eventually, Jews bought their own freedom
in what is today Italy and were yet again forced to leave. This caused for two diasporic groups to be
formed. One group left to “Sepharad”, which was
a name for Spain, and the other group left to “Ashkanaz”, which was the region of
Germany. This is where Sepharadi and Ashkenazi Jewish
history begins. After the Spanish Inquisition, Sephardic Jews
were forced out of Spain to North Africa and with the rise of Anti-Semitism in Europe,
Asheknazi Jews began moving East to places like Poland, Lithuania, Ukraine and Russia. This is why there are Jewish communities in
all of those places. It was not a religionthat crossed borders
onto these peoples, it was a people that were physically forced to cross borders because
they were being persecuted due to their Jewish identity. It is scientifically and historically incorrect
to view Ashkenazi Jews as Europeans or to see Sephardi Jews as North Africans. Jews were never considered “white” or
“European” in Europe, and Jews were treated unequally as “Dhimmis” in North Africaand
the Middle East. My personal family on my father’s side was
massacred in Poland during the Holocaust for being Jewish, and not Polish nor part of the
Aryan race, and my family on my mother’s side were massacred in Oujda, Morocco for
being Jewish and not Moroccan nor Arab. Understand this, the word Ashkenazi or Sephardi
is not an adjective that describes the origin of any Jew, but a word that portrays the experience
that some Jewish ancestors had post the colonization of their lands. Even when we look at Ashkenazi Jewish DNA,
it is actually more closely related to Arabs in the Middle East than it is to white Europeans. Makes sense, since both Arabs and Jews are
Semitic peoples that originate from the Middle East. Jews are from Judea and Judaism is a preservation
tool. Even the word Judaism itself is never mentioned
in the Torah, because Jews were a people and there was no need to create something that
would preserve or spread Judean identity. However, when the Romans expelled the Judeans,
they needed to create something that would preserve who they were. This is where Judaism was born. After a few generations and due to the fact
that Jews are such a small population, it became hard for others around the world to
understand who or what the Jewish People really were, and since other nations had religions,
most confused Jewish identity and the preservation of their cultural as a religion, and even
worse, many Jews themselves began seeing their true identity and culture as a religion secondary
to their physical birth place’s identity. If the world understands religions as belief
systems and not peoples, why are some Jews so attached to still calling Judaism areligion? It is not Hebrew word. It is an English word that means something
very specific to the world, and not at all arepresentation of what Judaism actually is. Religions do not have rights to lands, peoples
do, and if Judaism is a religion then the Jewish People have no legitimate claim to
Israel. Let’s look at other native peoples around
the world who have existed for thousands of years. For example, the First Nations of North America
commonly referred to as Native Americans or Native Canadians. This people is made up of many tribes and
each have a fundamental connection to a very specific piece of land. Although each tribe has their own set of deities
and spirits, the First Nations are not considered a religion, they are a people. Furthermore their identity as a people is
notexclusively dependent on an individual’s belief in such deities or spirits. What I mean by this, is if a Native American
individual were to reject his or her belief in their culture’s deities, should he or
she no longer be considered a Native American. Does he or she no longer have a history, a
culture, a language, a connection to a land, or an identity? The answer is clearly that they do, since
being a Native American is being the descendant of a people and not a part of a religion that
spreads across borders and nations. What is interesting of indigeneity, is that
it is based on a collective people and not on an individual’s past. The point of this video is for non-Jews to
understand who the Jewish People, Am Israel, really are and for Jews to begin adecolonization
process and undoing the injustices that were committed against us by invader nations. To my fellow Jews, How are we to expect that
the world consider Israel as the home of the Jewish People, if we ourselves in the diaspora
do not call it home. If we ourselves do not understand who we are
and if we cannot communicate or project our own narrative to the rest of the world. Again, Judaism is not a religion but the portable
suitcase of a native people’s identity that was created upon their forceful displacement
from their indigenous land called Judea. I am a Hebrew, I am an Israelite, I am a Jew,
I am an Israeli. I am all of those things, because they are
the same. I’m Rudy Rochman and you’re watching J-TV.

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  1. "Excuse me"..if a person of German or Greek ethnicity leaves christianity or a Persian or a Turk leaves islam said person would retain their ethnicity and culture.

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  4. One thing I can really appreciate about Judaism is there isn’t a pressure to convert people or tell them they’ll suffer if they refuse.
    It’s also not holding god to such a high standard that he can’t be questioned. I. The Torah he is questioned and that is normal and a good thing. he isn’t so perfect and high and mighty that he’s without flaw and untouchable.
    I don’t think I will ever be able to believe in a god but I have still be welcomed in to the community and loved included in the celebrations and the family of the Temple.
    I have lovingly been excepted for who I am and am Jew Adjacent as the Rabbi calls me.
    I have found a family and I am so grateful.

    And yes Judaism is literally a religion even if it is more spiritually

  5. Judaism is a religion. The only common thing between european jews and ethiopian jews is that they follow the same sky wizard

  6. Judaism WAS a religion until it got subverted into a vampiric racist cult…
    U can't promote European mixing and demonize dissenters and become the most racist nation on earth, speaking from both corners of ur mouth

    That's why nearly 50% of all Jews intermarry In recent years, every aspect of life has a balance, karma.. I just wanna see christians and Jews be one again and make our nation's something to be proud of instead of purposely running the greatest continent in the world in the ground

  7. An askanaz is not a descendant from the tribe of Juda. Noa—->Japhet——->Gomer—>Askanaz. The askanazis weren’t Abraham descendants, and the tribe of juda was much later.
    Abraham—>Isaac—>Jacob—-> Juda (jews).

  8. Israeli Rabbis Are Using DNA Testing To Police Civil Rights. This Shouldn’t Shock You. by

    Batya Ungar-Sargon


  9. Lmao you're a f***ing idiot.

    ¹f***ing idiot: a moron who knows absolutely nothing about life or anything at all. Often dig their own grave and jump in as well as ruin other peoples lives and their own. Are basically an all round f***ing dickhead.

  10. I have some respectful disagreements but understand your point. It is similar to how a Japanese person can explain. But to be an atheist but remain an ethnicity, one must abandon his or her religion and keep his culture and avoid the religion.

  11. Wrong, jews don't share the same DNA from origin, most Jews are Azkenazi but they're not from Israel they're the the sixth century AD converted Khazars, the Sephardi Jews from the original Israel region are in reality more genetically related to the arabs living in the region then the Khazar Azkenazi and are more related to the Palestinians in Israel that we knew once as the country of Palestine then the Azkenazi Jews, plus how are we gonna fit in Ethiopian Jews. This whole Jewish thing has been so mystified and manipulated to mean so many different things to be used as a political tool that it can be bend into any direction when needed to win some political argument. This "you are a Jew even when you denounce the religion" is just bullshit, the Roman Catholic Church uses the same logic when you denounce the religion, secretly they'll always declare you to be a Christian just to legitimize them controlling a region with former Catholics. Religion is invented by psychopaths to normalize their craziness where they believe they're supposed to to rule over you, dominate you etc. and the smart psychopath created religion as a tool to immediate that for them with the dumb masses. All this cultish bullshit with hidden laws, identities tied into a religion, superiority claims etc. are all just retarded, racist and fascist ways to control people wether it's done with Judaism, Christianity, Hinduism etc. it's just mind control for the dumb masses.

  12. The Jews are not the Jews of the Bible the modern day Jews have just called thenself Jew and claimed their dna is jew but they are two totally different groups of people modern day Jews have high jacked a historically culture which no longer exist

  13. Hi Rudy,

    Yes, you are right. Jews have fundamental connection to this specific piece of land, Two important points to consider thu:
    First: it’s scientifically and historically proven that’s before, during and after the period of Israelites there were inhabitants other than Jews. There were Assyrians, Canaanites, Babylonians and other people, so based on which right you wanna isolate on group and say that’s the only true owner of the land. Also, and based upon biblical Archaeology research’s, the so-called Israelites period lasts for 250 years, “Arabic speaking period” lasts way more than this, right? again why do you think your period should be the only eternal one?

    Second point:
    Who are those the old Jews in nowadays? If we know that many converted to Judaism Religion and way too many converted from Judaism Religion; which group of them are the true Jews if Judaism is not Religion? In fact your President Bibi have been scientifically proven that he’s of European descendent and has no middle eastern origins at all (go search it).
    What you are saying is basically that there has been always a Jewish secular culture that connects all Jews on the world together and more importantly as you claimed it’s totally independent of religion. So, my question is: what culture that a Polish Jew in 1900 have had in common with a Yemeni Jew other than religious stuff? What?
    Language? No
    Food? No
    Dress? No
    Music? No
    Dance? No
    Art? No
    customs? No
    Mentality? No

    Zionism does not have any historically strong bases whatsoever even Torah itself always refers to the land as a “promised land” and not as a “home land” and there is a huge difference between the two.

    Zionism have succeeded due to two reason:

    · Evangelists Christian who had and still by far the strongest Militant arsenal decided to collect all people who define themselves as Jews in Palestine for the reason you know and dislike.
    · Real Anti-Semites in Europe wanted to get ride of Jews for good and throw them away.

    These guys have and still married and the recently born kid is called Israel


  15. God said if you obey my commandments you may enter the land but if you disobey me I will kick you out! So why are the “Jews” there if they don’t believe in God no more? Or should I say they don’t believe in Christ.

  16. Lol, you are ignorant.

    1. Nobody views Judaism as "one of the three world religions". The 3 world religions are: Buddhism, Christianity, and Islam.2. You are comparing Judaism(ethnic religion) with universal religions, and showing the differences. But try comparing it to other ethnic religions, like "Chinese folk religion". It does not even have a name, and Chinese atheists or Buddhists are still Chinese, what's even the problem? =(

  17. Ashkenazi=87% of the worlds so called "JEWS"They have no connection via dna roots to the middle East.The religion of these folks is "NEO" Judaism(rabbinical Talmud of man)The true Judaism of GOD is very different.

  18. How much someone can change the history?
    Watch the video!
    Jews now were kidnapped by the romans right? Ok thanks 😂 and they buyed their freedom 🤦🏻‍♂️🤣
    And all your ancestors were massacred right?
    How comes you exist?
    Oh history is such a nice thing i love to learn new things without any logic…

  19. Judaism has nothing to do with faith in God since the Zionists effort to make it into a nationality….
    ……Based on what ?

    Some say Judaism is based on religion, because the Abrahamic covenants and laws of Moses were strictly based on faith on God and his commandments !

    But…..Zionists say to be part of Judaism you can be a total atheist…. so their version of Judaism is not based at all on religious faith …….!

    Some Jews say Judaism is based on race / ethnicity or lineage …. but as the bible teaches (Ester 8:17) ”many people of the land BECAME Jews” …so if any person can become a Jew ,judaism cannot be based on race…..also there is no proof that all Jews defend from Abraham !

    Rather Judaism of today has become a ,cultural group that teaches that they are direct descendants of Abraham, and are entitled to his inheritance.

    Under this scenario we have Jews that claim “ I do not believe in the God of Abraham or Gods commandments ….but I believe that he gave me this land “

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