Jordan 1 Retro High Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) Sneaker Unboxing

Jordan 1 Retro High Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) Sneaker Unboxing

Hey YouTube we’re back with another
unboxing this time it’s the PSG collab with Jordan Brand shall we go and have a look. Hey YouTube my name’s mr. B and if you are new to this channel before we
get to the unboxing I better tell you what we do around here we tend to do
sneaker unboxings we do the cinematic on foot videos and we also stream on
Sundays that would be 12 p.m. on the west coast ish could be 1 p.m. but
generally 3 p.m. on the East Coast and that is also about 8 p.m. in the UK
definitely is and what do we go on the streaming show where we talk about
sneakers but everyone is not here to listen to me ramble on shall we get back
to the unboxing so SJ there on sneaker cam I am gonna speed up about I don’t
need to speed up do i I just need to pull for freshness he says are we ready
camera one are we ready camera no your camera to
your camera one stick okay you ready for this let’s do it all right there
camera one this is a USA 11 and a half sneaker cam I’m getting all the cameras
mixed up today this this shows the tiredness that I am zib eating in my
face now these are Air Jordan 1 retro hi oh gee B CFC and they are a r2 5400 one
black black challenge red or more appropriately more appropriately snicker
cam noir Rouge challenge Wow there we go right so everyone knows Jordan one you
can tell by the box I already told you anyway so let’s get rid of the lid boom
boom boom boom so the first thing I’m gonna say I
haven’t caught up Air Jordan ones for a while and even though the fabric on
these is different camera one the fabric is different they’ve still got Jordan
Brand smell I don’t know what it is like Jordan Brand must use a very particular
type of glue because they’ve got that smell to them what have we got here so
we have got the Jordan 1 I’m gonna call it like the PS
you collapse so the Paris Santa Monica lap this is the first time sneaker cam
that Jordan Brown have collabed with a football football soccer club well the
first club that they have the Jordan 5 that came out earlier in the summer
there’s a PSG version of that so shall we have a look we’re gonna have a look
right so let’s look at these details now I’m gonna come back to that when we come
back to that so the first thing is if we write as usual with the Jordan one
they’re not late from factory so as always as I said to sneaker cam they
come from the factory unlaced but I think we’re gonna lace them about
now and they’re by magic they’re all laced which makes them look a lot better
already so SJ we were having a little chat and SJ is going to me why all the
hype and I’m like I’m not sure I’m not sure she was like she’s literally like
telling me these are not worth and money well camera 2 I’m inclined to agree with
her I’m already looking at them and she’s going but they’re not leather
they’re not leather but there’s a story behind them so these are neoprene you’ll
probably hear that on the mic so these in the air preen this is supposed to
represent the club shirt and the material that they’re made out of
there’s no leather on these apart rom the swoosh and that might not even be
leather so let’s have a closer look SJ because there are a couple of details on
these so first of all they’re a black colorway and that is supposed to be the
alternate kit of PSG Paris on shimmer we’ve got here as well down on this is a
nice little detail you see this got the black and red stripes here sorry they’ve
ripped the red and whites the red and white stripes just there which is also
followed through on the tongue tab we’ve also got on the tongue tab we’ve also
got on the back of the tongue Club logo get that which is quite a nice little
touch it’s like lots of little too hidden details on these we’ve got on the
lace caps I don’t know if you can see that but I only noticed when I wasn’t
when magically they were lacing there’s a little jump man you see that there we
go bring the drunk man in close mm-hmm
mm-hmm and then we’ve got the wings actually I said the swoosh was the only
leather piece the wings I think are in leather as well and the wings are there
on the side you get that SJ and put into the light for you maybe you can see the
wings we can see there we’re just going to flip Brown to the sole everyone you
can see the sole there you go it’s just a standard solar
midsole is a nice white which I think contrasts quite well for the shoe
there’s one other hidden little detail for the Paris connection let me see if
these are gonna come out all right bear with me I’m not gonna pull that out but
we are gonna look in the other shoe that’s not laid gonna just take the
standard Jordan piece of shoe tree thingamabob there can you see that
hey CeCe Perry I’m getting and being directed from behind the camera everyone
and I’ve got no idea what these directions mean this apparently means go
away are we good okay good yeah I am gonna get so told off when you start
filming this I’m just gonna get like a complete set of alternate laces I’ll
rent and actually when we think about it those alternate laces might do better
like if we look they’re black and red what do you think SJ I think when we do
the cinematic on foot for these I think I’m gonna swap the red laces cuz that
that look all right when asj yeah SJ is agreeing with me so why all the hike
these originally sold out on the sneakers at but I can tell you two or
three days after they sold out sneaker app there are restocks of these
happening everywhere and I was actually in London yesterday so that is two days
after they came out and he goes out and we saw them in three stores was that
three stores at least so we sold me an offspring I think I think we saw them in
end and I think we’re told them in sneakers and stuff
maybe Dover Street Market yesterday still not sure in these I think these
are a grower I don’t think that they weren’t the height but these are a
classic you can’t be a black Jordan one and actually given that I got the city
of lights leather which lots of people sat on and don’t like the leather on
that but that is a black sneaker with a black and gold I think it looks really
nice this I think just with a hint here as you can see they’re just with that
hint and then the hint of red on the front let’s go back to the tone the hint
of red on the tongue there I think there’s just those flashes there make it
quite a nice clean classic shoot but it doesn’t warrant the hype at all doesn’t
warrant the hype but I’m saying but a lot in this thing but doesn’t wearing
the hype but it’s still a super nice shoe I’m quite pleased they’ve got these
SJ these and now she’s not sure she’s like
mmm so Astrid you want these you don’t know I’m just so SJ would wear these to
be these and I actually think that’s the right approach I don’t think these are a
shoe these this isn’t a shoe that is gonna stand the test of time for
classicness I don’t think I don’t think but this is a shoe that you should
definitely wear every day definitely this is an everyday shoe you can wear in
an absolutely beat the crap out of these might become although like I’m loving
this detail here and when if and when these get beaten the crap out off by me
I think I will be sad but yeah it’s a hmm we’ll have to see what they look
like on foot I’m not sure what I’m gonna wear them with I’m really not really
good like I’m seeing I’m getting faces I’m getting so many faces from so people
because I’m getting all those faces just want to say thanks for joining us as
always thanks for subscribing thanks for all the thumbs up thanks for all the
comments if you’re into Instagram and I know sjz into Instagram if you’re into
the ground we are a pint of stuff on Instagram and don’t forget if you’re on
Twitter we tend to be patent stuff on there as well
yes know if you’ve used the Twitter we’re kind of dying back on Twitter but
I could be persuaded to come back just for sneakers so everyone until next time
I think I’d better say that we’re out there

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  1. I'm not a soccer fan at all, but am a Jordan 1 fanatic, so this was an easy buy for me, after I got them i had to have a jersey and experienced how hard it was to find the authentic jersey and the aw84 hat, finally found the jersey and hat… the jersey cost more than the shoes so I think I'm a PSG fan now by default lmao … I like the fact the shoe is neoprene its a nice change from the usual

  2. People will hang me for saying this but as of lately, these are my favorite Jordan 1's bay far. I love the material they're made with, the accent hits of red, and the white outsole ties the whole sneaker together. They're amazing!!

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