Jon Dorenbos on the Saints That Changed His Life

Jon Dorenbos on the Saints That Changed His Life

Congratulations, you got
married since I saw you last. Your wife is in the audience. Yeah,there she is. Hi. OK, so you played for
the Philadelphia Eagles. You were traded to the
New Orleans Saints. Which of course, I
was excited about. Were you sad or were you happy
to be traded to the Saints? Well, so the
organization came to me and said they wanted
to make a change. Which, that’s the
nature of the beast. So I was like, hey, it is what
it is, and just let me know. And they said the New
Orleans Saints want to trade and they offered a draft pick. And I’m not making this up. First thing I
thought of is, wait, that’s Ellen’s favorite team. And then I said,
hold on, she’s got a Drew Brees Jersey over there. Which then means maybe Drew
and I can do a piece for Ellen. I was like– It’s a win-win. –hey let’s do this. It’s time, yeah, it’s time. And so, OK, so I was
excited to hear that. So then you get a physical. You get a physical when you
start a new team like that. And tell everyone what happened. So I played in the
preseason game. And the day after that,
I finished my physical. And the New Orleans
Saints doctor put a stethoscope to my back. I took three breaths. And he said, you a heart
murmur, but it’s not good. And so we’re going to
send you to the hospital. And you’re going to
get an echocardiogram. And, I’ll be honest with
you, I was like, all right, we’re good. Let’s do this, right? So I get to the hospital
and I take my test. I go back to the facility. I’m going to wait a few hours. And I was sitting in the
locker room before practice. I get a call. I answer it and it was a
surgeon and the cardiologist and they said hey, we don’t
really know how to say this, but long story short, you’re
never playing football ever again. And you’re going to be in
emergency heart surgery pretty quick. So we’re going to have you come
back back down here and take a few more tests. Basically, what I had is, as
my heart was pumping blood out, a lot of blood was
leaking back in. So it was working really hard. And right above that, you
have an aorta, which is, in layman’s terms,
it’s the vein that pumps all the blood around. Well that was expanding
like a water balloon. And so your aorta should
be about that big. And mine was the
size of coke can. And they basically
told me, you know, had you been hit in the chest
on Monday Night Football, the odds were far greater
that you would die than live. And so I said, holy
cow, so my wife and I, we got on the phone. We talked to surgeons
all over the country. And somehow their
road, their path all started with Dr. Bavaria
at the University of Penn hospital learning
this procedure. And so we chose Philadelphia. And there you go. OK. And this happened– How many weeks ago did you
have open heart surgery? I think we’re at 6
1/2, seven weeks ago. Yeah. I mean, all right, so, you’re– you’re just an incredibly
inspiring human being and positive all the time. Your life is a crazy story. And you’re so
positive all the time. And there’s this
story about a penny. You have to tell the story. You’re going to make me cry. So, when I was a
kid I lost my Mom. And my aunt and my
grandmother raised me. They said every time
that they’d find a penny, they think of my Mom. And so, I never find pennies. I never find them. I get them, you
know, I get change. And I’m the guy that
always finds my pennies and I always throw them. And I think that my aunt
or grandma or somebody will find the penny and
think of somebody they love. So I’m in the hospital. I get all this news. And I find out I’m having
emergency open heart surgery. My career is over. And I go to the elevator. And going down– it
was the cleanest floor, it was like your floor, it’s the
cleanest floor I’ve ever seen– and when I hit the down button
on the elevator, I looked down. And right by my toe
was a brand new penny. And it’s the only
one that I picked up and I didn’t re-throw. I kept that one. And that’s– that’s
it right there. So I took my phone out. Nobody’s going to believe this. And sure enough,
man, there it was. Wow. And I, you know, I believe
in that right there. Yeah. I believe in that. I do, too. I absolutely do. So not– I want to say how
did your outlook change. But you’ve always been positive. But what has shifted since this
news and since the surgery? Well, you know, I think,
one, my wife keeps me going. And two, the power of self-talk. You know, I’d look
in the mirror. And sure enough, I
would tell myself, every day at the hospital,
I’d go to the bathroom and I’d say, hey, you’re
going to stand up. You’re going to
hold your head high. You’re going to be proud. And you’ve got this. Because let me tell you, I
was a professional athlete on top of the world. And part about being
a professional athlete is you kind of morph into
this alter ego, if you will, to do what you do. And you think you’re invincible. And you find out you’re not. So get tested. Look at your heart. Get your kids’ hearts tested. Because if anybody thought
he was perfect health-wise, it was we. Man far from it, so. Yeah. And as you told me, I
think, when I texted you, you said a Saint
saved your life. Ah, dude. I mean really, literally,
a Saint saved your life. Yeah, yeah. I love you. So you have a new
addition to your family that you were
boasting and bragging about during the break. And it’s mean to say to someone
whose dog does not behave well to act like your dog is perfect. Oh, come on, look
at that little guy! And his name is? All right, so I got
traded to New Orleans. And I told myself that
a Saint saved my life. So my wife found this dog. And I said, baby, that’s ours. And his name’s Saint. And you’re– so– hold on, hold on, hold on, so– I mean this with my whole heart. My wife’s my angel. And that little guy
right there is my Saint. He’s ador– look at that! Anyway, he’s adorable. I got you a gift. First of all, I want you to
come back as often as you– I mean, listen, you
got free time now. I want you here as
much as possible. He’s an amazing magician. Which he was supposed
to do a trick today, and we ran out of time. I want you to come
back whenever you want. You know, we’re doing
12 days of giveaways. Come back and help me with that. Oh, yes. Yes. I had a gift for you. This is for Saint. It’s made out of cards because
you’re a magician, see? Get out of town. Come on. Yes. So that’s my stuff
from PetSmart. You can get it at PetSmart. And this is– because
you’re a magician, it’s made out of cards. And that’s Saint’s– This is the coolest thing ever. Isn’t it great? Hold on, hold on, I want
to get in this thing. No, you can’t get in there. No, you can’t.

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    John dorenbos… Heart touching man..

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  16. From across the pond, Jon is a proper inspiring man, big into charities, what happened to him was tragic, but he bounced back big time, 2 time Pro-Bowl in the NFL, a fantastic magician, but most of all an inspiration to young kids, if he was a teacher of anything to my kids they'd be blessed. Good luck to you mate, you deserve the best in life

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