Jesus Tattoo

Jesus Tattoo

(alarm clock) (♪♪♪) All of us have been marked.
As time passes life leaves its etchings on our mind,
body, even are soul. These markings come to define
us, our place in society how we perceive ourselves.
and as hard as we try we can never seem to find a
way to cover these marks and hide them from those who will judge
us. One man proclaimed a revolutionary message of love and forgiveness, of hope and of freedom. This man, Jesus the Christ did not come to celebrate
those who are regarded as a perfect rather, he came to heal those whose
hearts were broken those labeled as outcast and unlovable He willingly endured incredible pain and
public humiliation was despised, hated and rejected so that
we could know true love. He was beaten and bloodied and killed
for us and took the markings that should have
been ours upon himself so that we could find forgiveness and a
new start. And he did all this because of his
limitless love for us because he doesn’t want us defined by
the marks of our past. He came to transform our life on Earth
into one of purpose and fulfillment so we can
experience a freedom only a relationship with Christ can
bring. You can begin this new relationship today right now. Tell him you understand
you’ve made mistakes and can’t earn forgiveness. That you
believe he died on the cross for you and me. That he has taken our markings
on himself with his death that he is alive forever offering
the hope of a new and eternal future. That you want
him to be your friend, your Lord. If you prayed
this prayer we hope will contact us at so we can provide encouragement and
celebrate with you visit to hear
stories of other people like you who have their lives transformed by his
love. Find out more about Jesus and the life he
wants you to have grow your relationship by
talking to him every day Finally, we encourage you to share this
message with someone else who may benefit from it and find others who will celebrate with
you the work he wants to do in your life.

100 Replies to “Jesus Tattoo”

  1. Dude, WRONG! We are forgiven if we believe in Jesus and what He is and what He's done. And even that believe is something God gives to us. We can't do absolutely anything to earn or deserve it, or simply for it. It's just there, because He loves us and we only have totake it, if we want to.

  2. "To feel how God loves you and love God is the most amazing thing you can experience.."

    Doesn't quite beat love from your spouse/lover, friends and family, though. At least they reciprocate.

    "I know we live in a world where everyone has his own truth and no one is allowed to say something like that.."

    Something is either true or it isn't. People don't have the "own" special truth.

    "I wish you to experience God and believe, I wish you to fall inlove with Him.."

    I'm glad I haven't.

  3. "And people do have the ability to change or shut out fault, but dude, the way God does it…. there's nothing that compares to that."

    So how does your god do it, then? Can you cite us some examples and evidence? My point is entirely this: to claim there some sort of monopoly on morals by religion is absurd. There are pre-biblical morals, and there are different societal morals now. They aren't static, and they change based on the society that accepts them in the time in which they're needed.

  4. Hey edgeninja, I'm a Christian and I couldn't agree with you more. I too wish more of those of us who claim his name would behave like him. Don't give up on Jesus just because a lot of his followers are hypocrites. A lot aren't, and when you find us, we're a different bunch than the others. This message is the gospel in it's purest form. I'm glad you like it. 🙂

  5. Leviticus actually states that one should not mark their body in worship of the dead, I don't anybody with a tattoo today who got their tattoo in worship of the dead. If you read scripture in context and actually studied it to understand the intent and meaning of the original language you would not come off as uneducated as you just did, copying and pasting this tired and sad false indictment of scripture.


  7. It's 2013. We live in a very divisive age. This is a message everyone can get behind. Just forgive, be a good person, and live how a hippie tattoo artist who can look past all your bad tats would want you to live. 

  8. How could you not love this video. Jesus came for the lost the outcast the addicted..He loves us..Look who He chose to be hang with. I recall one as a prostitute..God help me to love and forgive the religous and pharisees of this world

  9. Depression is a medical condition, not a "sin", any more than having cancer is a sin.

    As such, "depressed" was a very poor choice to use as the first "sin" in this ad.

    You should have thought harder about that one.

  10. Powerful production.  Only thing I would change is to end it at 3:30.  Everything else seems to be redundant in light of what has already been "said" in the video up to that point.

  11. I feel really lonely and left out like I'm not there, I just want to cry and hide from the people I know who say they care and talk to me when I don't see them talking to me and I hardly ever smile because I'm alone and upset, I can't be happy :'(

  12. I feel really lonely and left out like I'm not there, I just want to cry and hide from the people I know who say they care and talk to me when I don't see them talking to me and I hardly ever smile because I'm alone and upset, I can't be happy :'(

  13. For cryin out loud people, this aint about tattoos! This is about ONE MAN giving HIS LIFE for us! The tattoos are a 'metaphor'. It aint got nothing to do with tattooing yourself people. SMH. Please rewatch the video with an open mind and ask Jesus Christ to come into your life. IT AINT ABOUT THE TATTOOS. This video is AWESOME. GOD BLESS YOU ALL!

  14. this is Jesus message in a 5 minute format–informative and inspiring–i pray unbelievers see this and have their eyes finally opened to the saving grace of Christ–God bless

  15. Awesome evangelical video. I pray that those who do not know him may ask him into their lives through this message. God Bless.  

  16. Wrong on so many levels. Notice how it points out "those who would judge us" as if that is who we need to worry about. This evil tattoo business has been sneaking into, not only our society, but also in the Church. New Creatures in Christ should reject that pagan practice. This video makes it seem as if it is acceptable to God for us to scar up our bodies as long as its positive. we do not need this trash to spread the Gospel. Read the Bible and stop acting like the world.

  17.  Wrong on so many levels. I would have been impressed if the tatooist changed the tats be totally erasing the ones on the flesh.
    JESUS says MY WORD I have written on your heart, not your skin.
    All the folks with tats. When born again, you either get rid of them or cover them. Your testimony comes from your heart.
    Grace: unmerited favor. That is HIS Gift to us.
    We are called to judge all "things". And all human activities or even thoughts do not bring HIM glory.
    My body is HIS Temple. No graffiti or holes in the "walls" required.
    Know what you defend and why you defend it.
    And to portray 'Jesus' with tattoos is another Jesus.
    Tattoos were forbidden to Jews. JESUS the CHRIST fulfilled All the law. To portray CHRIST as tattooed says HE broke one.

  18. The makers of the video say it's only a promotional video for tattoo art.

    Really?  So not about salvation, about marking your body up and taking a risk of getting Hepatitis or aids/hiv….

    That makes me wonder why they didn't use some other person other than their own personal 'jesus'….


  19. In Christianity we are told to be transformed by the renewing of our mind, not the removal of it."
    — Stuart McAllister #RZIMOK — at University of Central Oklahoma.

    Every 'jesus' is not the CHRIST of the Scriptures.  Some of you are going to suffer loss and spiritual whiplash running after every 'christ'….

  20. Frankly, I could ALMOST understand not using someone from the mideast for Jesus, but you couldn't even bother to find a guy with a beard or at least a mustache? Good grief.

  21. Don't make Jesus out to be this all-loving, transformative figure: Jesus himself is a name-caller, and shame on him for it. He's the one who puts words like 'adulterer' on good and decent people (like both of my parents) for the simple fact that they married again after a previous marriage fell apart. Matthew 19:9

  22. If you actually read the Bible, Jesus really does have a tattoo. None the less, this is a really good video.

  23. This ad is awsome and it made me cry, Jesus is so beautiful I love him so much whenever I hear or read what he spoke and taught it brings me to tears, I do not have any tattoos but I will get somthing symbolizing my love for him and God!

  24. There will always be people that will be offended by these types of non-traditional methods of spreading the message of the Living Word of God. The simple question is: will it bring people to Jesus in humbled repentance? or will it turn you away from Him?

    Simple question – simple answer.

  25. I have tattoos, a lot of them and i plan to get even more tattoos to show my faith in Jesus. I plan to use my tattoos to bring people to Christ and if you find offense in this video as a Christian, you probably didn't think through the phrase "I took your sins upon myself". This video clearly shows the difference between religion and relationship.

  26. I see Christ removing the tattoos from us that we label ourselves or that we are labled by others, but not giving us those tattoos.

  27. Reading some of the ridiculous arguments below between Christians.  As a Christian myself, I often wonder why ANYONE who is not saved would want anything to do with church when you have Christians ripping each other limb from limb over something as trivial as a video using tattoos as a metaphor.  Jesus taught love above all else, "By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another." John 13:35.  You who would attack your fellow Christians and deride them in public need to take a step back and look at what you are doing.  You are full of poison and are destroying the body of Christ, not building it.

  28. "Addicted" should have been left alone. True freedom is not conditional to the effect of one thought process, ideology, dogma, or belief system. Freedom is accepting one's failures and learn one's own lessons, adapting and elevating one's self in life. No one should ever hope for another person to do that and wish the bad things to go away.

  29. Leviticus 19:28 
    "'Do not cut your bodies for the dead or put tattoo marks on yourselves. I am the LORD.
    And JC said follow the laws of the bible….

  30. this video is great but not controversial the world has known this for thousands of years , plus great metaphor with the tattoos 

  31. You people really don't get the point do ya it says within the video rather it marking of a tat or on the heart or soul it defines you until you give it to Jesus n it showing that he came to bare the names that define you n people shouldn't judge one another because they have tats or there different after all we ain't Jesus you didn't die for no one so don't act better than no one kk thanks. N we all have are personal convictions after all that between god n that person not god you n the other just saying.. N even if it were a sin those with no sin cast the first stone oops got yawl there we all got sin n if you say you don't then I guess gods a liar he said we've all sinned n fall short of the glory of god

  32. @showthyseld approved I'm pretty sure when I read about carving yourself they way they used to was they did it to respect the dead so what else you gotta say… Some people so it for themselves not out of respect for the dead.. And wow in some of your comments to others make it seem like you need some self examination bro

  33. You self righteous hypocrites. You call yourself Christians but pass judgment on those you know nothing about. One of the most Godly men I know is covered with tattoos. He got them before he was saved and now is trying to cover the bad ones up with positive ones. You can't take a tattoo off with soap and water. I pray for you sinners that would condemn a soul because of their past. I have no hate for those of you who made negative remakes. I weep for you and my heart is heavy for you are so lost you Pharisees. Where is your love and compassion. When I saw him take off his shit and saw all the tattoos I cried out NO! For I knew one of His tattoos is mine. I don't want to offend anyone, but if I have your the one I'm taking too. God Bless You All   

  34. I love the video…I love Jesus and I love tattoos…Oh btw me and j.c. talk on a regular basis and he told me to tell you he loves you beyond your imagination……..would you dare to believe that Jesus loves gay people…..what about transsexuals…..God loves that's all he knows

  35. This video represents Jesus taking the sin and the pain from your life where he bears your burdens and forgives your sin making you new.  This has nothing to do with "Religion"  this is about Jesus, the Son of God, who loves you so much that he died for your sins in order that you maybe forgiven.  Big difference.

  36. i love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank youuuuuuu !!!! tears are out without permission!!!! what a lovely idea!!!

  37. Jesus is so awesome! He took all our sins upon Himself! What a price to pay. We cannot even imagine what it cost him. Great metaphor, and thanks for this video! Well done.

  38. Once you have Christ in your life, having tattoos don't matter………………………..Man will constantly judge you and call you a fake/false believer………………………1 SAMUEL 16:7………For the lord sees NOT as man sees, FOR MAN JUDGES THE OUTSIDE APPEARANCE, but the lord looks at the HEART.

  39. I commented in 2013 about this video and mvy views are still the same. Christ is the scapegoat savior. There are other religions before Jesus that had scapegoat savior. Dont believe what people tell you.

  40. I can't believe how many people in the comments don't understand what a metaphor is, the tattoos are a METAPHOR  people, the tattoos on Jesus's back at the end represent what he took away from you

  41. Don't be deceived by this video, it's Not of GOD and I'm not just referring to tattoos.
    It's Blasphemy against our LORD.

  42. Hey, dumbasses, there is nothing wrong with tattoos. Everyone quoting Leviticus: there are 2 things you need to do. 1: actually understand the book of Leviticus and the reasons behind those laws. 2: read the book of acts. Thoroughly. Cover to cover. and then do it again. and then, try to understand it. Then and only then can you comment on this video.

  43. => Ler com atenção as seguintes informaçÔes descritas na fonte: Google livros gratuito: “Onde a ReligiĂŁo Termina? Marcelo da Luz. Editares. 2011. Foz do IguaçĂș – ParanĂĄ. CapĂ­tulo 3. Terceirização das Escolhas Existenciais. p.73. TĂłpicos: Analogia do “pastor”: institucionalização da dependĂȘncia” e “A superficial maquiagem da “conversĂŁo” ”:

    => Avaliar se a idĂ©ia central de supostamente aceitar “Jesus Cristo”, como sendo “o seu Ășnico senhor e salvador” significa escolher transferir de forma anticosmoĂ©tica (nĂŁo Ă© o melhor para todos) as prĂłprias responsabilidades para uma outra consciĂȘncia inocente de maneira injusta. Como ocorriam inclusive em sacrifĂ­cios com uso de animais como ovelhas, cabras e tantos outros. Refletir sobre a qualidade dessa lĂłgica moral social cristĂŁ. E lembrar que nem tudo que Ă© considerado “moral” (definido como “certo” ou “errado” em certas sociedades) significa ser o melhor para todos (cosmoĂ©tico). Exemplo: Ă© considerado moral (“certo”) em algumas sociedades torturas e tirar a vida fĂ­sica de alguĂ©m, por que esse se manifesta como sendo homossexual ou mesmo infiel Ă  doutrina islĂąmica.

    => Refletir se esse aprendizado vicioso de raciocĂ­nio na forma de pensar pode funcionar como sistema de autocorrupção (“vĂ­rus”) na medida em que a consciĂȘncia ao invĂ©s de trazer a responsabilidade para si mesma, fica transferindo essa para terceiros, como forma de anestesiar o prĂłprio ego e atĂ© culpas de maneira disfuncional e prejudicial atravĂ©s de consolo, atĂ© por falta de disposição quanto a reciclagens mais profundas.

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  44. I was just calling a Christian hotline. Shoutout to Bobby for bringing me here. Definitely getting that repent ink.

  45. Thank you for this video and trying to illustrate how much love he has for us. Be encouraged my brothers and sisters

  46. Please do not clean the outside of the cup and leave the inside dying and empty …… I have seen more compassion from an outlaw biker than I have seen from many that attend church …… Jesus said I come to bring life and that more abundantly …….

    Ask Him he will save you forever ….

  47. Leviticus 19:28, "Do not cut your bodies for the dead, and do not mark your skin with tattoos. I am the Lord."

  48. I'm a regular customer at this shop and I have no shame on professing my love for jesus and I'mma keep on believing and doing my best to keep my faith strong.

  49. Like I said, Bob, I listened. Again, no shit! Asshole.. The question remains, do I help Him? Btw, good job on disconnecting and ignoring me when I tried to finish the conversation. You're a fucking coward and have no business advising others when you won't take the time to listen.

  50. Thank you to whoever made this video! THANK YOU JESUS FOR YOUR SALVATION AND AMAZING ACCEPTANCE AND RESTORATION THAT YOU OFFER. one day soon I will be set free too

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