Jesus & Santa Are White – Megyn Kelly On Fox News

Jesus & Santa Are White – Megyn Kelly On Fox News

main Kelly doing a segment on Christmas
she’s gonna bring sent into it sure to bring race into fascinating
let’s watch inflate they have a piece dot com in
Santa Claus should not be a white man anymore and when i saw this headline I can
elapse I found this is so ridiculous yet another person claiming its racist to have a white Santa you
know and by the way for all you kids watching at home sana just is white but this person is
just arguing that that maybe we should we should also have
a black Santa but you know san is what he is and just so you know
we’re just debating this because some wrote about the kids okay want to get that straight osages
white ISI no I didn’t know that I well says of course based on saint
nicholas Saint Nicolas is from modern-day Turkey mmm terroristic glad to think Fox News think that that Turks are whitened thank
you than you might think that right now of course he was interred
issue with Greek at the time Ste year and i’d for and for all time
really and and what happened was a Dutch took
it and made a bunch of stories about and
allow that to happen in the US people of Dutch origin and also said it was the
most popular seen in Europe for a long time
especially in Holland so Dutch started calling him single class it’s kinda funny with no
back to that’s in the past is coming and they had all the stories
about reindeer and a jolly L wearing a red suit right and partner
reason we have this tradition is because the regional saint nicholas was a
fascinating I I the one other stories is that if you
left your shoes out he’d leave money in a he came from a wealthy family and maybe
he did eventually you became the patron saint
ok sailors children at and other categories as well:
merchants he saved three girls who were to be sold
off into slavery in prostitution by their dad classy dad okay he gave their dowry so
they could be saved but originally the main thing he did was look out for
the poor and that’s why he leave money for you in your shoes and and the you know the Dutch thought this is a lovely tradition in
the 1800s especially here in America we begin to tell stories about it and then no and then eventually of
course turn it into advertised that Thomas that said the
drawing ok Santa Claus that you might remember now so when from Sinterklaas the Santa Claus and the American version
as are American a capitalists got into it
right and they did four of course stores that
want to sell more products and for magazines that want to sell more
products and now what you see here of course is a picture that actual Santa Claus on doesn’t quite look white on the right
and then the santa clause that he wound up becoming so Saint Nicolas that’s from an old East Eastern Orthodox
Church drawing now we don’t have an actual picture
Saint Nicolas and as many different pictures of saint nicholas where he looks largely Mediterranean
that petri this would be the only black right but likely was in black or white
he was Mediterranean whatever you might think is
Mediterranean whether you consider that white or not but I’d love the fact that megan kelly
is like not all kids at all remember centers white don’t let the
liberal so ya lo now of course we’re also leaving out the
fact that center close doesn’t exist tiny will
thank you week left out there depict but but in parcels world kids he exists and he’s worried don’t let
anybody tell you otherwise now of course idea that he could come
from some pagan tradition and and of course the Christians took on the
trip traditions of Saturnalia and other holidays around the winter solstice is an
absolute injustice that boxes cannot stomach with a medic stories about that but now what’s
interesting is it is said that it is quote im it is
impossible separate Christmas from its pagan origins well what kinda
liberal organizations said that oh yeah the US Catholic passengers
alright so but let’s go back to megan kelly cuz you can insist that not only
sent a wide and other figures what was watch just
because it makes you feel uncomfortable does it
mean it has to change you know i mean Jesus was a white man to
what you you know it’s like we have he was a historical figure and
that’s it verifiable fact as is Santa when I is watching to know
that yeah my point is how do you just revise it you know in
the middle on the legacy up to story and change Santa from white
to black here yeah I mean you can’t you know you can take fax and then try to change them to fit
some sort of a political agenda or sensitivity agenda you can’t change
the color jesus and interpret your agenda said Fox News now cheeses white
everybody you remember that our I blonde blue-eyed white they didn’t say blonde blue-eyed to be
fair well let me show you the real mad about that for interesting so that’s a depiction
old man from the little town of Bethlehem where
Jesus came from home now if you’re insisting their white it’s a curious thinkin says the pot
right now you can think they’re white and look it’s an open question is though
people from the Middle East what they really are we have a word for its Arab okay law but recorded bank solar Fox
News lead she is a girl now of course to the
Jewish carpenter right jewish arabs their Semites there
from the same region there from the same race and so okay if you insist that their weapons a
curious thing they insist if you insist that he was Middle Eastern
you insisted that he was in a Santa was Mediterranean that would make more sense now let me show you again now this will
be our actual picture of a guy from bethlehem next to Fox News version ag’s on the
left where the fuck whose version on the right hand side we
have an actual dude from bethlehem which is probably what Jesus look like
not specifically mention woman a certainly that tongue I now but little-known fact boxes also assist the
Easter Bunny is why kids at home the somebody’s white Fox
News version on the left the release her body on the right also
interestingly brown skin the now if you want to know
what the a guy from Santa Clauses particular
region might look like well actually know a guy firm a very nearby area entered the town that the Senate was from his
damn he looks like this oh yeah I hacer right now heads exploding and Fox News turns out sent a close look like a young

5 Replies to “Jesus & Santa Are White – Megyn Kelly On Fox News”

  1. Blacks are, in fact, mentioned in the Bible, they are called the "Chayee Behemah" which means "Beast of the Field".

    The Hebrew Word "Adam" is translated as "Man" and means "to blush or turn rosy".

  2. The true Santa Clause even as the true Jesus are a physiological fact, not a historical fact. They both are the same person and they both dwell in every human being on earth. When you realize the importance of looking in side your self and stop looking outward you will know the Kingdom of God – KING-DOME is your skull and the human brain is where both Jesus and Santa Claus dwells. They both are your brain stem that gives life to the holy land which is your body. It has been known for thousands of years if you want to know God , know your self first. The Greek word Calvary in the bible means the place of the skull, the north pole of the body and the body is the holy land where milk and honey from the brain flows. As for Santa Claus the truth is there is in every human brain what in medical science is called the CLAUS TRUM and that is where the name Santa Clause comes from . The Holy Claustrum where the Holy Christ – Chrism which means anointing oil is produced in the head as a free gift from above to bring the gifts of health wealth and prosperity to the holy land which is your body. That Christ oil goes through the brain stem by way of the twelve cranial nerves that are attached to it , the allegory 12 Disciples in the bible that feed the rest of the body with the manna of the fish and loves. Also the number twelve is where we get the word Elves as in Santa:s elves. Does it not say Jesus is the head of the body and you are the branches. Two points to be made, first the bible stores are allegory of the how your body works in story form and the human race must stop fighting and killing one another and realize we are all Brothers and sisters by the same Creator who we call GOD. GOD,Jesus, and Santa Claus is in every one of us, and is there to give us life not death. Blessings to you not curses

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