Japan Vlog #1 | Another delayed flight… 馃槳鉁堬笍

Japan Vlog #1 | Another delayed flight… 馃槳鉁堬笍

And today, I’m at the Incheon Airport because I’m on my way to Japan. I got invited from the Global Travel Bloggers’ Summit, and I’m gonna be there for like 4 or 5 days, I’m really excited. So right now, I got my ticket. I need to exchange money, and I’m gonna try to get roaming while I’m there. So… Let’s get all of that over with.
Alright, let’s go! This is super convenient because my bank and my phone company is right next to each other. So, let’s go~ Alright guys, I’m now ready to go inside. And, I actually got a call from my brother, saying that I accidentally scheduled my video for 9AM instead of 9PM. So, I apologize~ *laughs it out* But I hope you guys had fun in the comments sections because my brother was in charge of it. So yeah, the Deadpool video was so fun to edit for me, because my brother is really funny. Alright, let’s go inside. I’m gonna have to turn off the camera for now. I’ll see you guys in there! Here’s my basic passport shot~ I feel like every travel vlogger does this when they’re about to leave the country, or going back to their country. But, let’s go find the gate~ I love the Incheon Airport. It’s just so pretty and spacious, and there’s so much shopping here! But, I’m not gonna buy anything. Gotta save money! *laughs* I’m gonna eat udon for lunch~ Before boarding the plane~ ‘Kay, now I’m gonna eat my lunch. And I have like 15 minutes to spare, so I think I’m gonna add subtitles or update the description box for one of the 4 videos that I scheduled. So, it should be really good. Alright! If you wanna see what I’m eating~
I’m eating udon today. Alright, let’s get to my gate! [ M U S I C ] I made it to Japan~ And look who greeted me!! IT’S PIKACHU!! Of course, in Japan~ Okay, I need to find my guide~ So, Hiro was waiting for me and now we’re gonna meet up with all the other bloggers. (H: Yes~) But look! So many Pokemons at this airport. Is that like a thing here? H: Um, only for 2 weeks.
J: Oh okay! J: Why 2 weeks? H: It’s a special Pokemon week.
J: Oooohh~ J: Wow, they have a Pokemon week! H: Yeah, you’re lucky ^^ We are buying tickets for Kobe. We’re going on a boat! I’m so excited. *laughs* The weather is quite gloomy, but I’m still very excited to be here. Japan, it’s been so long. I haven’t been in almost… over a year, I think! But, *squeals* I’m so excited! I have an important question.
H: Sure sure ~ How do you say ‘Good Morning’ in Japanese? H: “Good Morning” is “Ohayo”.
J: “Ohayo”? H: “Ohayo” yeah. “Ohayo” is the short term for-
J: Ohayo~ J: More polite is “Ohayogozaimasu” J: Ohayogo’jai’masu
(joan why you so cute) Okay~ Because all my vlogs, I start with “Good Morning” in the country I am at. (H: Yeah~) Yeah~ So in Korea, I go “Joeun-achim”! And in America, “Good Morning”. So… Ohayo… H: -gozaimasu
J: -gozaimasu~~ J: Or Ohayo. *laughs*
H: Or Ohayo~ J: Ohayo~
H: O-Ohayoooo~~ But right now, it’s good afternoon. So how do you say “Good Afternoon”? H: “Good Afternoon” is “Konnichiwa”~
J: Oh! Konnichiwa! This is the boat that we’re gonna take to, go to, Kobe. [ M U S I C ] So later on this week we’re going to be taking the boat around Hiroshima, you said?
H: uhm.. today? J: no uhh.. later on this week right?
H: Later on yes right~. After uhh Hiroshimo uhh yeah And he was telling me that there are over 2000 islands. That sounds like a lot of fun. Hopefully the weather will be nice because He was telling me that usually it’s very calm but right now, it’s very bumpy Because of all the waves. I’m getting kind of dizzy, but it’s going to be okay. Colourful vending machines This is so Japanese. I love it Oh my gosh. My favorite is the ice cream machines Because they have this green tea one. OH they have it here I will show you guys This is actually my favorite one uhhh I think I am gonna go check out a convenience store while I am here because, they are really colourful and I really like umh convenience store food even though I like barely go when I am in Korea but maybe I should make an episode out of that when I am back but… yeah we are just waiting for a taxi, and then we are gonna meet with the other bloggers that are here. Oh my gosh the flowers Hiro: Yes yes~ Hiro: Yeah~ it´s Akairo sakura tree…. white sakura Right.. It is so prettyyy wow take a look at this lobby but made it to the hotel It is super fancy like marble floors marble walls Check out the hotels lobby It is sooo beautiful.. wait take a look at the ceiling uuaahhhhh *amazed* So i am checking in I am gonna do like a quick roomtour and then I am gonna head over to dinner It has been a very long day just commuting like even though my flight was at 12 I had to get up really early because going to Incheon Airport takes a long time and because it was an international flight I had to be there 2-3 hours before and my flight got delayed so I don’t know what is wrong with me I keep feeling like my flights are getting delayed so I really hope it doesn’t happen when I go to Europe But yeah so can check in now Alright I am in my hotel, I want to give you guys a tour This is like a closet, they have a scale in there and some slippers and then let’s look at the bathroom ohhhh It is very homey, they have shampoo like full size shampoo, conditioner and body soap Very very cutesi Wow! oh my gosh look, they have hair ties I forgot to bring mine so I was kinda worried, but yay they have hair ties they have like a lot a lot of stuff i might need Here is the bedroom, there are two beds I guess I would sleep in this one and then that one tomorrow And then TV This is my suitcase like a desk to get some work done I am gonna have a lot of editing to do actually And then uhhmm like a little place for you to just sit and chill But then let’s take a look at the view. It’s so beautiful. So that was my quick room tour Now I’m going to unpack, settle in a little bit All my skincare needs to stand up And I might edit videos with the remaining time But if not, I might just like rest a little bit And then head over to dinner I’m really excited to meet the other 11 bloggers That are here on this trip. And then I’m going to go to bed early Because I woke up super early I slept late last night so I am just looking forward to just sleeping on this bed So I am just gonna start unpacking these and I just wanna show you guys sheet masks are very important to me I have the Troiareuke gps one GD sheet mask the hair packs because my hair is super dry lately and the very mom sheet mask and this is the uuhhm cooling patches for your legs I am gonna be buying a lot of these while I am here because it might be cheaper alright lets unpack these I wanna show you guys what I brought I just realized that there is no room to put my skincare so I am gonna go outside and just put it on the desk *laughing* *music* Noooo what is that what spilled Arggh something spilled in here noo what spilled in here I can not have spill in here uurghh this spilled thats really annoying actually This is supposed to be friendly and then it just decides to leak But okay i have my hair products here samples and then this, this is one of my favorite heat protectants this will be going into the bathroom because it has to do with cleansing Toner I brought this mini skin complex formula I brought my CC cream, my eyecream chapstick this is the Huxley essence oil this is one of my favorite products at the moment and then I brought 2 suncreams and then this is the essence and like gel moisturizer this is the ACSEN recovery cream this is my favorite, this is a travel essential especially when you are breaking out I’ve been breaking out in my chin area some of you guys noticed, and thanks to the pimple patches uhm it’s calmed down a lot and then for makeup I brought my CHEEKATHON, this is the PONY EFFECT Colour Correcting Palette ever since watching umh.. Eddie’s Makeup Tutorial he used his fingers, and I tried doing that and it really helped
*phone rings* sorry it really helped uuhhm you know, conceal my *phone rings* dark circles sorry so uhm I brought this, and then this is the ROMAND Eyeshadow Pallete, the Skinny Browcara, lip products, uhh Kat Von D eyeliner and then this is the Concealer from VDL and the ZERO Gram Mascara so that’s all the beauty products that I brought now I need to *laughs* respond to Kakao messages I actually just napped, but I woke up in time for dinner so lets go over, and I think I’m like 5 minutes late *laughs it off* so hopefully, hopefully they’re not waiting I feel bad *people chatting* mhhmm mhhmm I’m so hungry I haven’t eaten since like twelve *breathes in heavily* and it’s seven I usually eat dinner around 5 so I’m gonna make it work now Oh my gosh YESSS I’m the only one here right now they’re all getting their foods The Malaysian Bloggers brought us goods Tiffany she came to my Meet & Greet in Malaysia I’m here with her now
T: I’m so happy~ *laughing* Ohhh so cute, so thoughtfull We all exchanged Instagram’s~ yeah (uhu) but i wanna go to my room, do my Sheetmask and go to bed *laughs* I had a glass of wine because I wanna sleep well tonight. Alright guys, I’m back home, or back in my hotel room. And dinner was really nice because I got to meet everybody. They’re so nice so I’m excited spend the next 4? 5? 4 days with them. Should be a lot of fun. So right now it’s time to remove my makeup. Which is one of my favorite things to after a long day. I’m going to first remove my eye makeup and lip makeup Even though it’s basically all gone now. This is the Labotica Green Tea Lip and Eye Point Remover. And I’m kind of mad at it right now because It kind of leaked through my entire makeup pouch So all my products were uhmm.. All my products smell like this now. So I had to spend like a good 10 minutes wiping everything. But it’s one of my favorite removers because it’s just so conveniant. But they need to do something about the packaging. Because it leaked through my makeup pouch. But yeah look at that, so so clean. So….forgiven I guess. No not forgiven, I’m still really mad about this. But removing my makeup. Now I’m going to use the Cosrx Moisture Pads. This has been a travel essential to me Because I just love how moisturizing it is. And I’m going to use it as a Makeup remover first And then I’m going to double cleanse, of course. And then after that I’m going to tone again. I just love these pads They’re so moisturizing. And super super travel friendly. I didn’t check any bags because I hate waiting for my luggage So yeah this is like a perfect skincare product to take around with you When you are traveling. The Moisture Pads. Alright here is the sum37 Miracle Rose Cleansing Stick. And this was recommended to me from Amy from VagaboundYouth We filmed a video together. And basically it says that you’re supposed to wet your face. And then… Yeah you’re supposed to wet your face first And then you apply the cleansing stick And then…this is an oil cleanser sorry… This is an oil cleanser so I will follow up with a water-based cleanser afterwards And I didn’t bring one because a lot of my sheet masks has it. But today I’ll just test out the Face Soap at the hotel. I know that sounds really weird but it’s Shiseido So we’ll see. But let me wash my face first. Alright so my face is wet now I’m going to try this. There are real flower petals in here so I’m super excited! Because it smells so goodddd OMG wow. Wait am I doing it right? I think I’m doing it right. Wow this is super convenient Who’d have ever thought… OMG if I’m doing this wrong please comment down below Because this is my first time using a cleansing stick But so far it smells really good And it feels really good. She didn’t say that after every use, like before using it You should wash it off Just to clean the cleanser. You can see the rose now right? So soooo cool! I’ll be reviewing this Rose Cleansing Stick probably all throughout this trip And I’m probably going to take it with me to Europe If it’s really nice So stay tuned for that! But so far I’m liking it! It lathers really nicely Ooohhhhhhh~ Okay washing. My face feels sooooo clean! Which is great! So finally I’m going to use the ACSEN Pore Control Mask This is one of my favorite ways to take care of acne and pores I’ve been breaking out like near my chin area recently. I think it’s because of lack of sleep and stress So uhmm I’m going to get a lot of rest Like my dark circles are not dissapearing Because I need to catch up on some sleep. So today I’m gonna try to get some editing done And then sleep early. I’m gonna wait for the mask to dry I’m going to end the vlog here I hope you guys enjoyed my commute to Japan And uhmm I have a lot of places to show you in Japan so be excited!! Uhmm also thank you guys for transcribing and translating my videos. YOU GUYS ARE SERIOUSLY AMAZING! I think I’m gonna end all my videos saying that because I just am so overwhelmed by your guys’ support You guys are seriously amazing! Alright uhm have a joanday everybody! I’ll see you guys in tomorrow’s vlog! Byeeee~

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  1. hey babe, the rose stick is a second cleanser or a morning cleanser and it foams upon contact with water so it's not an oil based cleanser. It's actually a tad drying on my skin which is why I had to give up using it. Hope it works out for you as there are many who love it. <3

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  7. The Su:m37 miracle rose cleansing stick is actually a foaming cleanser and not an oil cleanser. It does have lots of oils in it though, like coconut and olive oil, so if those are acne triggers for you, I'd avoid it. I also just swipe it on my face a few times and I find that that is enough to get a good lather, so you don't need to apply so much.

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  11. I have repurchased the Sum cleansing stick over and over. It has oatmeal in it which is so nice for sensitive skin. Be sure to rinse it after use and leave the lid off until dries.

  12. Omg! So the su:m 37 rose cleansing stick is an oil-based cleanser??? 馃槮 I used my entire first stick as my second cleanser 馃槗

  13. Hi Joan! I'm curious about the cosrx pads you have what's the difference between the one you're using and the cosrx pimple pads?

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  15. I use that cleansing stick! I bought it after seeing gothamista's video on cleansing sticks, but I use it as my second cleanse so I don't wash my face with another face wash after it, I just oil cleanse before it. I normally wet my face, then swipe the product on both my cheeks, my chin, and my forehead, then I use wet hands to lather it up on my face. I recommend either keeping the cap off for a couple minutes to let the product dry or putting the cap on but storing it upside down so the water drips into the cap and it's dry for use in the morning (this is important because it's humidity that breeds bacteria in soaps and this way you don't have to wash the top of the soap and lose product as quickly). It would be great if you could review more of their products, their essence is amazing and ridiculously expensive haha

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    I absolutely adore you and your videos! Watching your vlogs makes my day! 馃檪

  20. I have tried the shiseido face soap that you mentioned..the same one when I go to japan..at first I just tried washing my hands and it feels so so soft..but I wasn't tried to wash my face. But I think it will be very nice for face too :))

  21. Your eye and makeup remover wipe should have those opening flap like diaper wipes (the one with a plastic opening) 馃槉馃槉馃槉

  22. Hey Joan, The Su:um stick is actually a 2nd cleanser, you swipe it on a slightly damp face. The foam is very light, but effective when used after your usual oil cleanser! Its also ph-balanced, so its great for protecting your moisture barrier. 馃檪

  23. Joan for the rose cleansing stick you actually just have to swipe the stick across different parts of your face only once 馃憤 once is definitely enough to have a more than decent lather and leave your skin squeaky clean! I use it as the last step in my cleansing routine after an oil based cleanser. It helps to balance your pH levels so I heard using it last is most effective! I've been using it for about 3 years now and have been hooked since. A true HG 馃挆

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  27. Hey Joan, I'm catching up on all your Japan vlogs now, can't wait to see what else you got up to! With regards to leaking cleanser tissue packaging, it happens to me as well, so I get a tissue to wipe the sticker that closes the packaging and individually put it into a smaller ziplock bag, Hope that helps!

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