Is This Young Boy The Future of Religion?

[SINGING] EZEKIEL: Oh my soul is for the Lord!
VASCONCELLAS SMITH: You can tell when you meet him that you’re in the presence of a
very special person. EZEKIEL: He is the alpha and the omega. The
beginning and the end. And he’s my best friend. HEZEKIAH STODDARD: He quote a scripture like
it’s the back of his hand. EZEKIEL: Hallelujah! C’mon let’s give God
some praise! Hallelujah! I wanna see ya stomp your feet and clap your hands.
REV. DR. FLEMING: He can speak on levels that the young can associate with as well as the
old. – He’s not afraid.
EZEKIEL: As long as we’ve got God, we not not worry!
EZEKIEL: My name is Minister Ezekiel Stoddard. I’m 11 years old and I’m a servant for God. [SINGING] PASTOR SMITH: Minister Ezekiel, the service
is about to start. Are you ready to come out? EZEKIEL: Yes.
EZEKIEL: When I was about 7 years old, God spoke to me. [SINGING} He was saying, son, I want you to do my will.
I want you to preach the Gospel. I can’t describe what the voice sounded like, but it was the
voice from God because when does man come by and tell you write a sermon—an 8-page
sermon—I’ll give you everything. EZEKIEL: Heavenly Father, I just want to thank
you for this day. EZEKIEL: It brings you a good feeling when
God steps in. It’s like a brighter day. The sun in shining, kids are playing, having a
bicycle race. It’s like a different atmosphere changed when God stepped into my life.
PASTOR SMITH: He’ll take a Bible, a Bible dictionary, a commentary, and he will sit
down and study and connect. REV. DR. FLEMING: I think the biggest thing
that impressed me the most was that his knowledge of the Word. Which is really a critical statement
when it comes to preaching as far as I’m concerned. EZEKIEL: I came to tell you about Jesus. A
child is now born. A child chosen by God is born to save His people for He sent not His
son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world might be saved, speaking about
Jesus. Now let me take this a little deeper. When this child was born, it shifted the atmosphere.
It started a new beginning. C’mon, let’s say Amen! Amen!
REV. JONES: When I see Ezekiel expounding in the pulpit he has a different demeanor
and he’s firm and he’s assured about what he’s doing. To be able to expound on the word
take knowledge and it takes God’s spirit dwelling within that person.
EZEKIEL: And when I prepare my sermons, I like to keep it quiet so I can hear God speaking
to me because a lot of times Satan really tries to y’know make noise and cause things
to happen to take my mind off God. What I would do is I would pray and I would meditate
and listen to the voice of God and what He tells me, He gives me a certain scripture,
He gives me a certain title, and He gives me things to write down in between. Everything
that God says, you just gotta keep on writing. Don’t stop. Just keep on writing until God
takes a break. SR. PASTOR SMITH: If I may ask everyone to
come to the altar real quick. REV. JONES: Ezekiel—his witness, his testimony,
is very inspiring. I would have him come preach whenever he’s available.
SR. PASTOR SMITH: How many 11-year-old preachers are ordained? First of all, ordained means
to be set apart, that means you’re called out from the ministry and you’re even called
out from among other ministers that have not been ordained. I know men my age that have
been in the ministry for 10, 15 years and they haven’t gotten ordination yet. They haven’t
been ordained. SR. PASTOR SMITH: You feel like praying for
some people? PASTOR SMITH: Even at the age of 6 Minister
Ezekiel wanted to pray, he had a heart for the people, to pray for the people.
SR. PASTOR SMITH: He has such a tender heart. EZEKIEL: Pray for her right now. You have
a reason for this woman to still be here today, hallelujah. God, speak healing right now in
the name of Jesus. God, pour into her like you’ve never done before, hallelujah. Use
her right now in the name of Jesus. Lord, heal her right now in the name of Jesus. In
the name of Jesus. Amen. SR. PASTOR SMITH: If I didn’t know Ezekiel,
I would be skeptical. I think it was Nightline that showed a list of young preachers that
started out like this, even younger, and they investigated and found that those children
were being used by their parents to make money. So you understand the skepticism, so I had
a long talk with Ezekiel. I said, do not be offended because someone is skeptical. They
have a right to be. Some people are just concerned. EZEKIEL: My first strong role model in my
life was my stepfather Pastor Vasconcellas Smith. When a strong male steps in and really
takes time to say, son, I want you to come over here and we’re gonna talk about some
thing. I appreciate what he has done in our lives. I really thank God for him because
without him and God, we wouldn’t have made it this far. [SINGING] PASTOR SMITH: I did not want my children to
hurt like I have hurt. I, as a young girl, had been raped and I’ve had my entire family
turn their back on me at a very young age. [SINGING] PASTOR SMITH: At the age of 14, I was homeless.
And my church, they helped me. They gave me the backbone that I could make it. It was
the grounding of the word of God that helped me get this in my life and I found salvation.
I found Jesus Christ and I wanted my children to be saved. And so the music that we’re singing—some
of the music I’ve held for over 20 years. Upon having children, I shared those songs
with our children and from that point on, our children began singing the same songs. [SINGING] EZEKIEL: I really love my mom. I would die
for her, right now if somebody would threaten her. I’ve had an altercation before when somebody
had talked about my mom. A lot of children today are missing God in their lives. Sometimes
kids pick on my of my belief and faith in Christ Jesus, but it hasn’t changed my mind
about anything, as you can see. I’m still preaching the Word because I want every child
to know who God is. I want every child to prosper, so what I’m saying to everyone now,
what I’m saying to the parents is that you need to get your child involved in Christ.
That’s what I want to say. EZEKIEL [preaching]: I want you to stand to
your feet and say Jesus, I love you. Jesus, I need you. Hallelujah. Jesus, I want you.
I can’t go no further without you, hallelujah. I can’t go on without you. I couldn’t go nowhere
without you. Hallelujah. Because the Lord is my shepherd and I shall not want. He leads
me out of still waters, He restored my soul— EZEKIEL: You go into a different gear when
the presence of God comes over you. I can’t control it. It’s just the spirit of God coming
on me. EZEKIEL: And I shall not want! The Lord is
my light! And my salvation. He shall me from all of my enemies. Ha! Love your enemies!
Love them. They prosecute you, hallelujah. C’mon and give the Lord some praise. REV. JONES: I believe that Ezekiel was called
to make a great impact and hopeful win some souls.
EZEKIEL: Y’know, Jesus, he never stood in one place. I’d really like to be an evangelist,
to travel all around the world. That’s what I want my future to be like. I see myself
at a podium preaching to a lot of people, a couple of million, and I can see myself
telling them what Peter said. Repent ye and believe the Gospel. My hands stretched out
wide, reaching out, reaching up to the sky. Sometimes I have dreams about it and when
I dream about it, it’s amazing, because when I wake up, sometimes I feel like I’m at that
time right now. But then sometimes I realize, I’m still 11. I think in my dream I’m like
20 or 30 and it gives me that feeling that I can push forward. My name is Minister Ezekiel Stoddard and you’re watchin’ Prodigies. [BEAT BOXING]

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