Is The Law Of Attraction A Spiritual Law? | The #WednesdayWisdom Show

Is The Law Of Attraction A Spiritual Law? | The #WednesdayWisdom Show

It’s the Wednesday Wisdom show and you need
to know is the Law Of Attraction a spiritual law? or even a thing? Yes, it’s a thing. It’s not a spiritual thing.
It’s a kind of an inverted, disguised, miniature limitation of an actual spiritual law that
exists called Equivalence Of Form. Where we live is much bigger than what we
imagine. There are laws in this huge system, forces that drive… build and drive the life
that we live, but we can’t see even 2 inches in front of us – as far as what can occur
and what will occur. If you don’t believe me then what do you think is going to happen
in 3 seconds?… OK, so if you thought you’d still be sitting here and waiting for me to
start talking again, you were right, but did you know, really know what would actually
happen in 3 seconds? Someone could have come to your door. There could have been a flood
in your kitchen. A comet could have hit your neighbour’s house. Anything could have happened
and you know that that’s so because the things that we see on this level aren’t running this
level. We imagine that we are – and that’s why the Law Of Attraction is a thing to us,
because we’re trying to understand the big picture by things that only appear to us on
this level. By this level I also mean a level of concern and identification with life within
us. But the larger forces are actually what are creating and guiding life, building it
to be what it is. Our idea about where desire comes from and the things that we want and
what we want to project – they’re backwards. The Law of Attraction…it goes like this:
We want something and we’re afraid that maybe we can’t get it but instead of being involved
in the things that we are afraid of or the doubts or whatever, we set those things aside
and we just concentrate on the sensation, the feeling of actually living in that state
or those things with those things that we desire. And the idea is that as a result of
doing this, by being on the same frequency as what we desire – it attracts that thing
to us. What’s not explained in his thing about the Law Of Attraction –  is where did that
desire come from in the first place? According to the larger science of life, the
place where real spiritual laws exist – thoughts don’t precede desires. Thoughts don’t make
desire take shape. We’re actually not attracting something to us, Nature is setting up a situation
by placing a desire in us first in order to attract us to where it wants to take us. And
we don’t have an ability to make that next thing happen or not. But the law of attraction
is telling us well yes, we do – because look, I have a desire and then I use my thoughts
and the thoughts attract the thing that I wanted to have in the first place. But in
the larger scope, the place outside of where we can perceive and why we appeal to these
sort of supposed metaphysical means of getting what we want – that place outside of us is
the place we’re. not just all the goodies exist, but where the desires exist. We have
this assumption that I had a desire and it was my desire and then I went about trying
to get it and then I attracted it to me. But we don’t own our own desires. They don’t arise
in us. We didn’t make that desire appear. We get our desires from the larger system,
they were implanted in us and then we’re given thoughts which are an operating system which
is there to help us understand why we should want that desire that was given to us. It
seems as though we are taking steps in order to fulfill that desire and we say well, I
attracted it to me. No.  That system is set up! It was going to happen anyway! Because,
our lives are not these little things that we imagine that they are. Our life is actually
the whole system and the whole system is saying – Hey, you’re supposed to come this way, you’re
supposed to develop this way, and the only way I can get you to move is by implanting
a desire in you and making you think you attracted it to you – but actually what happened is
that it attracted us to want what it wants to give us… which is the real place where
we’re going. We can’t imagine that place, we don’t see
it. We think of things in terms of time and space and desire. The spiritual law, the one
that really is functioning, the inverted Higher One is not about the desire and the fulfillment
of the individual. Desire plays an important part, it’s a motivating force behind life
and the spiritual world is made up of something like that but there’s a whole other much more
powerful level. There it’s not about the desire, it’s about the intention behind the desire
– that’s actually what nature is trying to get us to be attracted to. To feel it as though
it was our own. It’s interesting how it will you use something
like the Law Of Attraction to both inspire us and disappoint us. Inspiration is clear,
the purpose of disappointment is less clear but it’s equally as valuable because when
we try to fulfill personal desires, get the thing that we want… we say yeah, we agree
we’re going to follow this thing – and we get it, and then we feel the eventual emptiness
of that thing and it doesn’t actually supply us with the happiness that we had imagined.
Then we’re open to other desires that were invisible to us, Because they’re not as personal
we start to identify happiness and fulfillment with seeing it reflected in others and now
we’re starting to, you know, get a toehold on the spiritual realm, the collective of
forces, the place where the desires actually come from. We find there that it’s not about
the desires themselves, it’s about the intention behind the desires – it doesn’t matter actually
what it is that we want – it doesn’t even matter whether we get them! The Law Of Equivalence Of Form,
which is the spiritual law that enables us to move in a spiritual realm where there is no time
(no wonder we don’t know what’s coming) or space (attracting something that isn’t near
us to us to change our reality)  – these things are not real. Because it’s not that
we bend nature and attract things to us – it’s that we allow nature to bend us and attract
us, and we agree with it and feel it as though it is our desire.  You know, actually, the
only desires we feel are nature’s desires the only intention we actually feel, whether
the way that it is or in its inverse, is the intention of nature. The only thing that stops
us from experiencing everything as our own and for the benefit of everything and in complete
fulfillment – is just this idea of trying to fulfill ourselves rather than recognizing
that the whole thing is fulfillment. So the Law Of Equivalence Of Form is to identify
our intention, and experience our intention with the intention of Nature. And it’s not
that we’re guessing. It’s telling us all along the road at every turn, it’s training us
to be able to feel this as our own desire. And the Law of Attraction, as you can now
see, is the opposite of that. It’s trying to train nature to satisfy me even though
that whole thing is an illusion.  Please comment, like, share and click on the notification

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  1. Thank you so much im also kabbalah lessons in Turkey i learned a lot from both side thanks 🙏

  2. Thanks for this series of videos; they’ve been really helpful. If we can make requests for future topics, I need to know what Kabbalah says about astrology. What’s the roles of the planets, moon, and stars in relation to life on Earth?

  3. This explains to me why addictions might occur and how it is nature's desire and timing to quit that is fulfilled – not how or when or where a person might want or choose. Does this align with how Kabbalah might explain addictions?

    I am grateful and moved by your dissemination of the wisdom of Kabbalah, Tony! ~LynnAnn

  4. Just going by the title of your video I would say that the law of attraction is only spiritual when used for good to one self and others. We are all shamed into thinking if we would like something then we are being selfish. That’s based in religion and all it does is give people low self worth where they think they are being greedy. We are all gods children. As parents why wouldn’t we want our kids to have the best? As long as we teach appreciation gratitude and giving, then it’s a fare balance. I feel attract what you hearts desire but make sure it sits comfortable with your heart. Material stuff is a temporary fix/plaster it doesn’t last and it’s kinda waste. Ask god or your own understanding of a hire being to guide you. As for shaming and guilt that ones out the window for me.

  5. I have been down almost all the spiritual rabbit holes and I completely agree with this. Law of Attraction was sold in previous decade based in the egocentric materialistic dimension. I was there, I watched an old VHS tape of The Key dozens of times. Dropping that ego is the key. Understanding that we learn and "purge karma" that lead to growth. We can begin to see the orchestration of the universe as we work with it, instead of against it. Google ascension, everyone. I also have a playlist on my "channel".

  6. Law of attraction is a nicely packaged idea of blame the victim as well as the inherent need of control. It aligned with modern operands of the leftists pedalling rational of love covering the impulse to control. The true law is Tao and its interpretation in Kabbalah.

  7. a lot of wisdom. thanks a lot. i dont know how to attain what kabbalah has to offer. im not talking about concepts, principles and philosophy, im talking about the actual practical method.
    kabbalah emanates with truth, also kriyayoga does. but both need following the system, online purchase and so on. i personally have no mastercard. so i dont know how to do about it. it seems like money plays a big part in spirituality. because those who are poor and struggling to make a living will have no chance

  8. Let me try to understand here. Our desire doesn’t come from us. The creator/light is guiding us to a path or a process so we can experience something or realize something at the end. So everything is pre destine or pre determine. Right? Do we have free will ?

  9. Thank you for articulating this concept so well. It has taken me yesrs to let go of the 'Me' and to fully reslise that when my intention is bestow and not to receive, it is then that true fulfilment is experienced ❤🙏

  10. Is the Law of Attraction a spiritual law? Who and what is really in control of this phenomenon from Kabbalah’s point of view? Where do our desires come from, which we want to have  fulfilled? What is the purpose for us to desire, and what role do our thoughts and intentions play in this process? How is the Law of Attraction related to the Law of the Equivalence of Form? What does nature want us to be attracted to? Find out the answers from KabU instructor Tony Kosinec. Stay tuned and get familiar with the spiritual law in practice.

  11. I love this clip. This is the first I have come upon it. In classes given by Kabbalainfo, students reinterpret sacred texts, over and over and over, coming up with as many valid interpretations as they can do, and honoring each and every one of the different interpretations, because by accepting all the stances of everyone in the group, an amazing, amazing, amazing energy is created, in the group.
    You can interpret the "law of attraction" and "like frequencies magnetize like frequences" with multiple interpretations, too. Entry level stuff is about satisfying the ego; getting rich, getting famous, and / or healing from a deadly illness. The deeper interpretations are about our inner life and about our challenge to use our egos appropriately for growth.
    That new age book "The Secet," which was a best seller in the self help movement, and the film, makes this bs entry level interpretation. You see new age woo-woos asking people with chronic illness; "What are you doing in your own consciousness to create that illness," and it is a bs question that shows egoic spiritual superiority, and blames the victim, which is never correct (the ego is never correct and blaming the victim is never correct). I couldn't finish the book. I did see the entire film. In it they mention MLK over and over, as proof that positive thinking will give you what you (your ego) want, because he wanted political change, and he achieved that. What father of five children wants to be assassinated before his kids grow into adulthood? They neglect to mention that he also got assassinated, and just why didn't his "positive" thinking prevent that from happening?

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