Is Number 3 Sacred ? A closer look in Religion, Math and more

Is Number 3 Sacred ? A closer look in Religion, Math and more

(gentle orchestral music) (computer beeping) (shutter clicks) (computer beeping) (shutter clicks) – (clears throat) Third time’s the charm. Why is the third time a
charm or a third time lucky? And it’s all over the world. (upbeat music) Most of the time, three is perceived as something good, but not always. Like in baseball, three
strikes you’re out. Or in some cultures, you’re not supposed to take a picture in a group of three. The number three is
used in so many things, like expressions, tales,
games, and superstition. Could these all have been
influenced by religion, like the Christian’s Trinity, or other even more ancient religion? Or maybe it’s the other way around, where the religions take from the expression or superstition. And why the expression to begin with? Or maybe they’re all
independent from one another. Bottom line, is there something
special about number three? Well, let’s take a loot
at this mysterious number by looking at the source of it. So we’re gonna look at
it from a mathematical and logical point of view. But first, let’s see how world religions incorporated this number
in their doctrines. The Ancient Egyptians had
thousands of gods and goddesses, and they would usually
group them in triads, so in groups of three. The triads were usually
composed of a family unit. The Sumerians of Ancient Mesopotamia, today’s Middle East, believe in three regions of the universe. They also had many deities, but their supreme triad would rule over those three regions. In Hinduism, a religion considered to be the most ancient living
one, there’s the Trimurti. It’s a triad that consists
of the very power deities, Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva, who would undertake the
primary cosmic functions of creation, preservation,
and destruction. In Taoism, the Three Pure Ones are the highest gods in the pantheon. They were usually depicted
in the three basic colors, blue, red, and yellow,
to represent creation. The first Pure One
represents the celestial or universal chi, or energy. The second one represents
the human plane chi. And the third one
represents the Earth chi, inside the Earth, that is. Buddhism, a religion that focuses on wisdom as opposed to god, they also group their
philosophical elements in threes, like the Three Gems, the
Three Roots, the Three Vajras, and the trinity from Christianity, which says that god is one being who exists are three persons, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. There is also the story
of Jesus, the son of god, which is full of number three. Like the three wise men who give the newborn Jesus three gifts. Jesus’ ministry lasted
approximately three years. The Devil tempts him three times. St. Peter denies him three times. St. Paul went blind for three days. Jesus died at the age of 33, and he resurrected after three days. Now this makes me ask
myself, is this all real? I mean, there could be something
real about number three, but could we also have been superstitious in the way we group
elements and tell stories? Okay, I myself am guilty of that. The way I place candles, I have to admit, it has to be in groups of three. When I express my excitement, I have to put my
exclamation marks in threes. Remember that rule of
not taking your picture in a group of three? It’s actually a Southeast
Asian superstition, where if you do, the one in
the middle will be leaving. I don’t know the specifics of leaving, but they’ll be leaving. (laughs) Well, I’ve always assumed
leaving the country. (upbeat music) Hey, I’m not the only
superstitious one here. There’s also Dante Alighieri, a very famous Italian
poet from the early 1300s. And he also liked to
group things in three. He did a trilogy on the
different regions after death, so heaven, purgatory, and hell. Everything is in three,
including his verses that are done in three lines. Superstitious of not, three
does seem like a perfect number. Not just aesthetically,
but practically as well. Most of us say on the count of three. Two would be too short. Four would be too long. And same goes for the number
of tries that one should do. Like in baseball, three
strikes you’re out. Three is practical and
pleasant to the eye, so I see why we use it a lot. And maybe there’s more to it, so let’s look at it from a
scientific point of view. The number three is the only number equal to the sum of the previous numbers. The number three is also the only number whose sum with those below is equal to the product of itself and those below. It’s like a number that encompasses
everything in its world. Fundamental elements are
broken down into three. Life has three parts,
birth, life, and death. A story has three parts. And something as basic as
a line has three parts. The most basic polygon, which are shapes made of lines, is the triangle, and all other polygons
are made of triangles. Triangle is like the
source of all polygons. The triangle is said to
be the most stable shape. It’s also the only
polygon that can have all of its point at equal
distance to one another. In other words, three points
can be arranged graphically so they are all in equal
distance to one another. That cannot happen with
any other number of points. Pi rounded off is three. Pi is the ratio of a circle’s
circumference to its diameter, and it’s constant for all circles. Until relatively recently,
we knew the world as having three dimensions. Three was recognized for its perfection, but also for its usefulness. All colors are derived
from the three base colors, blue, red, and yellow. Three composes the basic family unit, father, mother, and child. The number three is the smallest number to break a tie or consensus. It’s as if it takes three to go forward. So we looked at some of the
facts on the number three, but it’s hard to tell
if trinities and triads of the past were consciously
formed from these facts. Or maybe they just came about naturally. Because in many ways, number
three just seems right. Number three is regarded as perfection, mathematically, visually, and practically. And that could easily
be why the number three is prominent in world religions, tales, expressions, and games. Still, all we can do is speculate. But one thing’s for sure. From the most ancient religions to the most modern practices, humanity has continued to find
power in the number three. All right, let’s give this another shot. Third time’s the charm. (gentle orchestral music)
(computer beeping) (upbeat jazz music)

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  1. Coooool! Comedy is also in threes! The punchline is always on the third "attempt". For example, "Person A, Person B, and Person C walk into a bar…" the joke will be on Person C. Also when I jumped on the trampoline boobies in my last video, me falling on the third bounce was not accidental! 😉 hahaha.

  2. Awesome video yet again! This time I learned a lot as many things were new to me. The 3 colors being Blue, Red and yellow really played with my head as I always thought it was RGB.(physics guy here, not an artist) Spoke to the biggest Nerd I know called Sofi and she explained it. #themoreyouknow #youlearnsomethingneweveryday

  3. great video! … but please don't talk about rounding pi to 3 it's very important that it's not just 3

  4. 2 things: First. Have you ever looked into Gematria? You should!

    And 2:
    IS THIS YOU????????
    If not, you sound just like this girl!

  5. My favorite number was 3 for the longest time and I never knew why. I think I was the only guy who ever liked Wednesdays, halfway there before the weekend was something to celebrate.
    I feel like I'm getting closure lol.

  6. Oh no I’m a middle child of 3. I’ve taken soo many pictures where I’m in the middle lol
    I really enjoyed the video, thankyou

  7. Thank you for adding reason to unreasonable beliefs. I can see the logic of ideas that are based on illogical beliefs. Logical beliefs go well with illogical beliefs, and these opposing ideas work in a holistic manner (just like the concepts of Yin and Yang).

  8. Hi! Sandra, I think you forgot to mention the scientific aspect according to physicist.
    Do you know that the discovery of atom in the 19th century correspond to the mystery of the Trinity and the birth of the Wisdom in Proverbs8:22?
    Let's take first the Trinity?
    Physicist discover that Hydrogen atom the first element was composed of three isotopes and that this Hydrogen contained in his atom nucleus one proton and two neutron. Isn't that amazing but hold on a second the proton & neutron also contain in their unit three quarks…that's how crazy is this discovery.
    But for me the discovery of Hydrogen atom containing one proton and two neutron is directly related to Big Bang theory, why? It's speaks of the sun existence or reaction to hydrogen fission. For the sun to produce light & heat it needs the two neutrons.
    The two neutron speaks of the Word & Wisdom of God on how he created the universe (see Wisdom 9:1-5).
    And now the scientist & physicist are now exploring that before the Big Bang occurs there is a "communication or message first" or some kind of software or program exist first that willed the Big Bang and that correspond to the spirit of Wisdom in Proverbs8:22 which is represented by the symbol of electron.. And this is why the Proton has a positive sign because it is attributed to God the Father's Will to create.
    And the two neutron correspond to the Word or Logos or Jesus Christ and the Wisdom correspond to the Holy Spirit.
    So, the atom molecule of Hydrogen represent the three units inside its' nucleus having one proton and two neutron.
    Plus do you know that when Hydrogen is combine with oxygen it becomes water. The H-H or (H2) correspond to the God the Father and Jesus as they are one, and the oxygen (O2) correspond to the Holy Spirit as the giver of life.
    So, if you broaden your video to include the scientific presentation of Hydrogen atom having three isotopes and three parts composed of proton & 2 neutrons it would much better, Just a suggestion. Thanks..

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