Is Killing Wrong? Right and Wrong. Teal Swan “The Spiritual Catalyst”

Is Killing Wrong? Right and Wrong. Teal Swan “The Spiritual Catalyst”

– So there’s no right or wrong and good or bad? -No. Well, that’s the issue… We would love a pure cut answer as humans as to what’s right or wrong but there is no such thing as right and wrong when we are talking about right and wrong
we should be talking on an individual level you know what is right for you
based on how you feel there is no universal right or wrong because if you were gonna say things like:
“It is wrong to kill somebody” Then it would have to include the concept
that it’s wrong to die. – So your are saying that to kill someone is Ok? – Yes – How can that be when it’s the destruction of the human body without divine intervention? – It’s not right for you, see? So I can tell this right now because of the way that that make you feel when I say it’s okay to kill somebody,
because it’s not right for you, it will not feel good to you. – What if it’s a breaking of universal law? And it has nothing to do with personality – It never is, but I can tell you this: The reason that felt bad to you is because nobody could ever harm another human being
and not be harming themselves – It’s like karma… No -No – That’s because we are all one – Yeah. We are all one, so… Yet again we’ve got this catch phrase of:
“We are all one” but, These physical bodies are complete illusions this is why I’m able to sit here in front of you today
and see your vibrations, because I am you I am living the life that you are living. So, it is incredibly important to me
if your are happy, see? Your happiness is my happiness, so
Am I doing this for everyone else? Ultimately I’m doing it for me, see? If you recognize oneness then you start to realize
that if you kill somebody else you are killing you. So, in the universe the sense of killing
is never gonna be like “good”, what you would consider “good” right now. Killing somebody else or hurting somebody else
will never be universally good but can you say it’s right or wrong?
No! because it’s all about where you are
relative to your own energetic stream. Subtitles by the community

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  1. Wow… This is seriously controversial stuff. I figured out that the guy who you can't hear well at the end says… So whomever was killed already had a vibration which made them a match to being killed in the first place and so it's not out of harmony with the universe at large and the law of attraction? And she says yes to that.
    So… ultimately it's never good to kill someone but there is no external judgment of it being wrong and punishable?

  2. Some clarification is needed here I think. this clip is just a small part of a very long conversation. Teal Scott teaches that any action taken from a negative emotional space will yield negative results. And so murder (since it is the kind of killing taken from a negative emotional space) will never be "good" for someone to do. What she is trying to say here is there is no external judge which determines right or wrong in this universe.

  3. For further explanation we can use the example of Dr. Kevorkian. He assisted terminally ill people in their wish to end their own suffering by killing them with the medicines he had access to. Some people think this is murder. Teal Scott would say this is an example of killing which comes from a positive intentional space and therefore can't be "wrong". There is no external judge which can therefore say that ALL killing is decreed wrong. this goes against the law of free will.

  4. It is forbidden to kill; therefore all murderers are punished unless they kill in large numbers and to the sound of trumpets.

  5. The universe is indifferent to killing… people die all the time… once again this body is just an illusion… a projection of the universe… so what difference does it make to the universe what form it manifests into and out of existence?

  6. The universe has also manifested 'legal systems' to keep the majority of the forms it takes in check… but not all people (forms of the universe) get punished for what they do… especially the elite and the really good at what they do… and if we are to believe the 'Many Worlds Theory' it is quite possible that the universe aka God has created alternate worlds where an actual heaven and hell exist… but even then… it is only the universe manifesting different expressions of itself

  7. Killing is wrong and induces bad karma – no matter what circumstances. Killing is bad, and can never be justified, period.

  8. I have believed for a very long time that good and bad is simply defined by actions. Good or bad actions are all relative to the situation and persons perspective.
    an action can more often hold more negative repercussions such as killing or slandering someone. but in the right situation any action could be the best most light thing to do at that time. would killing be so wrong if someone broke into your house, killed your child without hesitation and was about to kill you and your partner?

  9. i think its not about "is this right or wrong" but instead "What is the best choice i can make in this moment in time that will hold the best most positive results?"

  10. very interesting. it all goes back to intentions as well. positive intentions such as care and love and expansion yield positivity. negative intentions such as greed hate and ignorance bring you negativity and everybody has free intentional agency

  11. if our bodies are illusions, then killing should be nothing more than ending someone's experience on earth earlier than should be, which is less evil and more kind of rude.

  12. But… If You harm or kill someone or something, means You'll always harm Yourself, and – by nature – no one really wants to harm himself, so I would consider killing as wrong, in relation to my limited feasibilty of understanding that's still the only conclusion.

  13. Killing is not about a desire to harm oneself… but about not recognizing your own true nature (ie that you essentially are the person or persons being killed) there is nothing wrong about not recognizing your own reflection in the mirror is there? remember that these physical bodies are just illusions… what is being missed is the recognition of the spirit behind the physical mask… and the spirit never dies and cannot be killed…

  14. So from the context of this physical reality, even though it may appear to harm a physical being and those attached to it and left behind, ultimately, there is no harm because the spirit persists… and because it is one spirit it will eventually wake up from this self imposed dream/illusion/delusion and realize it's own true nature

  15. You can sugarcoat again and again… I'm sorry, to me that sounds just like overly-intellectual heartless crock 😉

    All the Best

  16. I would say that as we are all of one essence in unity expressing itself as a natural aware reaction- That the times of limitation on this frequency are for the most part over. Petty killing and bloodshed are unnatural and unnecessary in our role in the universe and our spiritual rights as incarnate beings.

  17. Furthermore, Turbulence upon the eternal quality of natural self-life and death is treason upon the silent brilliance of infinity and the healthy, natural, and true will of every individual. To cut anything short in these matters is deviance from true order and natural aesthetics. An unbalanced or unsheathed discipline therefore will inevitably result in unnatural results, and only continue an unnatural cycle which is removed from the principle stages of spiritual evolution.

  18. exactly my thouhts " if i kill somebody else i throw myself awaay and it would be like suicid" but because of that i am scared of any situation where i could hurt people because i also suffer from intrusive thoughts

  19. I would say that there is an abstract ultimate truth, which is God, but that concrete truth is relative. That does not mean it does not exist.

  20. Seriously then rape, abuse of all types that makes perps feel good, and if we look the other way should be okay? If there is no consequence, then hey! Free for all right! Why not? The perpetrator doesn't feel bad, isn't losing anything, feels no remorse. On the contrary, feels joy while families and entire communities suffer loss, but all the more God like illusion for the perp, so hey! Its all good right?!

  21. No one is saying its "ok". You are saying there is a "rule" a right way and a wrong way to do things. Everyone has there own set of rules and they all differ. If a person for example killed a friend of Teals, Teal would of course call the police. She would mourn and do all the regular stuff. When people do "wrong" they often times rationalize it being right, and vice versa. Right and wrong is an illusion. Non-judgemental justice though, lets us have laws and prices without needing to judge.

  22. In societies, in which life unfolds, there are absolute rights and absolute wrongs. There is judgement, punishment and absolute cause and effect. Teal allowed herself to be abused and "captured" for years. Is she fit to advise the world on how to make life's decisions? She confesses to prior mental illness. Why would I take advice from a whack job who rips off Ester Hicks?

  23. Hi, forget about my last reply please. I removed it. Bernadette, i wish you light, i hope you do the same. Much love.

  24. killing is not not wrong, but it is not right neither. killing brings suffering, unless u want to suffer more u would not kill.

  25. Basically the theory is that there is no right or wrong or good or evil.  However there are higher vibrations and lower vibrations. Also there is what is on your path and that which will hinder you on your path.

    If you think and do negative things then you will align yourself with lower vibrations and will therefore attract things of lower vibrations.  For instance if you kill people you will align yourself with lower vibrations that will attract violence and other negativity. You will stumble on the path to higher vibrations.

    If you align yourself with higher vibrations you will attract positive things and people (and other entities) of higher vibrational levels.

    Setting your intentions on positive things and positive thinking will align you with higher vibrational levels.

    Meditation helps with achieving a positive mindset.

  26. Folks, INFINITY accommodates ALL possibility and hence absolute RELATIVITY. But it can't be THOUGHT only FELT, so go into your HEART-SPACE. There is no judgment there and XBox for all!

  27. In General, we should not kill because we would not like to be killed. Right and wrong is defined by the golden rule.
    Treat others the way you'd like to be treated, in general. There are always exceptions but we follow the mean.

  28. In her own words she says any action taken from a negative emotional space will yield negative results. And so murder (since it is the kind of killing taken from a negative emotional space) will never be "good" for someone to do.So therefore i have to ask is killing some one in self defense right because when you kill in self defense mentality and emotional you are very distress in a lower vibrational state so isn't that coming from a lower state to preserve your self from being killed. Or how ever it would be different you gave the person permission to end your life.

  29. I like some of Teals stuff but this is stupid, their is such thing is right and wrong. Murder and & rape are always wrong self defense is always right, so morality is simple you don't kill someone unless they try too kill you first.. its that simple don't let mystics over complicate simple truths. When you can convince a population that their is no such thing is objective truths and right and wrongs then you can convince them too believe anything and you can control them their is such a thing as right and wrong just like their is such a thing as gravity.

  30. There is the different between what you call the source and what you call the reality.Therefore ,the formless are senseless and as form is sensing.Killing is wrong, dead wrong that is. For every human being,The source will not feel a thing. It is within supreme consciousness. ignorance question, She has replying the human being answer. It is wrong to kill any living period.We are in physical not in the universe. Of course there is Karma..(Karma is your intentions and intentions is individuality) Be kind do not harm other. Good day.

  31. Right and wrong are relative terms in a values based system. I would argue that the universe does not run on values; it runs on principles. For any given thing to be okay or not okay, right or wrong, it is necessary to have a judge. This judge would need a reference set of values. Now who is this judge? Who is going to volunteer? This judge is you. This judge is me. And we judge by our own values. Most of us agree that killing is "wrong" but there are those who disagree. There are those who find killing quite justifiable. Who thinks it was wrong to kill Ted Bundy? Who thinks it was wrong to kill Osama bin Laden? And by what token was it wrong? To find that answer, you have to look within your values – and it is by your values that you define yourself – which is kind of perfect in a dimension of relativity. But in higher dimensions, I would dare to say it matters less.

  32. And is it right or wrong to kill animals for food? I am a yogi and I am a vegetarian. But I have no judgement on killing for food. I remind you that this occurs in nature. Predatory animals eat their prey alive. I'm not saying it's right; I'm not saying it's wrong.

    I would argue (given what I think I know) that the meat industry is unsustainable. I think by and large, the meat industry is irreverent and I do not approve – within my system of values – of the conditions many animals live and are slaughtered by. But I do not think eating meat is "wrong". Our dentition is designed to eat both meat and plant. We're omnivorous; we're a privileged species. We have the choice to eat or not to eat from either kingdom. It is in our design.

    And one might make that same argument of murder about those poor plants, ripped from their soil and eaten by irreverent vegetarians. At the end of the day, some being, plant or animal (and in some cases, human), has to offer its life for the sustenance of another.

  33. To kill another is to ultimately at the deepest core learn when you go back to Source that you killed yourself.

    I will be making a video about this…energetically there is always right and wrongful actions against the Self.

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