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And the Gospel today comes to remind all of us, together out of our baptisms That we have a ministry that’s the important one. When Jesus sends 72 out, he send them out to prepare the way to plant the seed of faith in the communities where he will go and visit. It is a long established custom for the church, that before pilgrims depart on pilgrimage, they are blest from whence they go then when they come back they get welcomed back with another blessing It falls to me to bless you as you prepare to depart for World Youth Day So, I want you to bow your heads. I invite the other members of our community to who are gathered here, if you feel comfortable to do so please extend your hand for the blessing. All powerful God. You always show mercy towards those who love you and you are never far away from those who receive you. Remain with your servants on this holy pilgrimage and guide their way shelter them with your protection by day, give them the light of your grace by night. And as their companion on the journey, bring them to their destination in safety. Through Christ our Lord. Amen As they go from this community, it would be appropriate for each of us to remember them in our prayers over the coming weeks, as they journey they represent this local church of Maitland-Newcastle, they are us. So as they go, it’s best we remember them in our prayers over the coming days and weeks, so that when they return we might be able to welcome them with great joy.

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