“I’m About to Touchdown Right Here” – A.B. | Giants vs. Steelers Mic’d Up | NFL Films | Sound FX

“I’m About to Touchdown Right Here” – A.B. | Giants vs. Steelers Mic’d Up | NFL Films | Sound FX

Ben Roethlisberger and Antonio Brown are one of the most prolific combinations in football Business today, let’s go Hey, whatever it takes do your job today? We do it together. We are an unstoppable force. Let’s take care of business We go in front of you. Go boys. Let’s go We put my teeth in to scare mother In Week, 13 Damon “Snack” Saracen and the Giants were tasked with tripping up the dynamic duo Ooh I almost tripped, I almost tripped I’m above my head Blue-eighty….blue-eighty….set hut I tried to knock that ball away from Big Ben, but my big ass ain’t jump far enough. Manning in the shotgun Takes the snap back and he’s back to throw, in his end zone And he steps out throws it underneath as a flag Beckham’s got it running off the left side He’s got the first down to the 20.
He threw a flag.
Yeah, in the end zone. It looks like it’s going to be a hold on the guard, it is.
Holding, offense number 74 It’s a safety , it’s a safety It’s 2 – nothing. Safety. They’re just playing way outside aren’t they. Like can you even get outside I got outside of cover-2. You could’ve write simply They going to keep doing that, we going to run some spins. Can you get inside? Yeah. We could get a field goal here or touchdown would be great We need to score. Just under nine minutes to go with the clock moving here in the second, Giants trailing five nothing Turnover here. Manning calling signals, shotgun set. Takes the snap, back to throw. And it’s intercepted! There it is, what did I just say Picked off by Lawrence Timmons and he’s got a convoy down the left side. Finally chased out of bounds. Good play law-dog, good job, law Hey y’all keep fighting, keep fighting. Keep fighting. We gotta cash in right here Somebody touchdown right here All right guys, let’s go now, we got to put in the end zone. Go down to score now, couple more points on the board It’s second down and two at the Giants 22 following Lawrence Timmons’ red zone pick Get outside, AB Blue-eighty Blue-eight, set, hut Shotgun snap, Ben steps back, rolls right Directs traffic Throws it down the field, the pass will be…in the back of the end zone An unbelievable TD catch by Antonio Brown Wow. What a catch He stepped up and started running parallel to the line of scrimmage I’ve seen that show a lot the last ten years Ben threads the needle right between Jenkins’ hands And how AB came up with that, man, what a catch So the Steelers, turn the Manning interception into a touchdown And with 7:10 to go in the first half Pittsburgh 11 the Giants nothing. Let’s Go Like the man said a little adversity.. Yeah. A little adversity never hurt nobody Welcome back to Heinz field Steelers leading it 14 to nothing That pretty much tells the tale You can build on the tone that you set in the first half, gotta give yourself some breathing room I heard that, they trippin on you. Stay positive, stay positive Work again, baby. It’s coming to you work again. The Giants have to stay aggressive. We smell blood Mr. Ref. we smell blood. [waiting] oh, yeah check this out Hey, alert, alert. Alert, alert. The running lanes were clogged by Damon Harrison the fifth year defensive tackle Blue-eighty Blue-eight, set, hut Ben, wrap around hand off And finding a little crack and the pile moves forward. The ball came out! Who has it? Came out in the pile They say, Giant ball. Boy, that’s a big turnover. for this Giant team, something they needed. I think “Snacks” Harrison was the one that pulled it out, but covered by Eli Apple I say: “Ref we smell blood.” He said go get it. I said watch this. Manning, over center, play fake, fakes the end around, And he’ll fire one, to the right, completes it to the right side. Touchdown. Touchdown, Rashad Jennings, and the Giants are on the board. That’s on us D. That’s on us. They wounded.
They wounded. Hey y’all, chill out a little bit.
Remember, we don’t need it all back right away You know, let’s just do you do what you do get you some runs going. We’ll get it back on. Alright? I’m not worried about it Let’s go put seven on the board right here. Okay? We not about to lay down We not about to lay down. You know it’s Crazy. Said it’s hard to do, but we already did it once I’m itching for it, I’m itching for a touchdown. You already got one. Another one. Play-action fake, he pumps, throws it down the field. There’s a catch by Ladarius Green. He finally saw the seam route to Ladarius Green Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah All day, let’s go No, we can’t have that. Nice job, LG Throws it, to the near sideline. Pulls it in at the 25-yard line. Antonio Brown, they say it’s a catch. That’s crazy man.
You think I was out. Yeah you was out. Naw, I drug my feet. I drug my feet. That’s one heck of a catch there to get the feet down Let’s go. Let’s go. Let’s go Blue-eighty.
Blue-eight, set, hut. Ben, fires it down the field. Woo-ho-ho-ho Wooooo Touchdown, his first as a Steeler Ladarius Green. Ladarius Green, seemingly ran a seamless seam route Ben puts the ball, right on the money. What a great touchdown throw. Hey, you a beast, boy. They can’t stop me, boy, or you. Atta boy, nice job, congratulations. That’s awesome. Good Time It’s a great game. We made a lot of mistakes and overcame them. That’s good Against a good quality team, like we’re supposed to do we supposed to win at home We did it. That’ll do it final score, Pittsburgh 24 the Giants 14 Nice boy, look at that Sup buddy, good playin’ man, playing great.
Good job. Good luck to you. It’s always fun doing these always man, Wish you the best stay healthy.
Hope it’s not the last one I know it shouldn’t be.
Take care of yourself. Good luck everybody Steelers win

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  1. Giants my favorite team but I gotta show love to the Steelers. Brown Bell and Ben are great players and you got to respect their hustle.

  2. You see the end of the game when ELI & BIG BEN talked to eachother good sportsmanship win or loose, unlike other mf who take it out of control.

    Ps: AB,

  3. โ€œI drug my feet big broโ€… Antonio Brown AKA Tony Toe Tap!!

    AB is the best in the business

  4. I love AB so much ๐Ÿ˜‚
    I saw one game where the steelers were down a bit with time for one play, and AB literally says โ€œI got yallโ€ then goes and gets a 40 yard touchdown

  5. AB is so damn positive thatโ€™s why i love him and the steelers and what sets us apart from other teams #STEELNATION

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