I’m a Mormon, Wedding Dress Maker, and Patron of Beauty.

I’m a Mormon, Wedding Dress Maker, and Patron of Beauty.

This has always been my dream,
to have a wedding dress store. Making wedding dresses is a lot of
work and is a complex process. It can take a lot of time
and is very difficult. The funniest thing is when a bride
comes in with her parents, and they ask me
if I’m married. I say, “No.” “And you make wedding dresses?”
“Yes!” It’s funny. And when an older bride
comes in, it gives me hope! She got married;
I can too! Yes! I hope the wedding and everything
goes well. Send pictures. My attitude in life has always been
positive, even amid many problems. Very few people know the truth.
I had a very hard period in my life, mostly because of
family problems. Family is the most valuable thing.
It’s hard for me to talk about. It was things like
abuse in our family. Nobody could get along.
The worst was when I was a child. There was a time when all I could
do to avoid the problems was leave at 6 a.m. and not
come home until midnight. I did that for about three years,
so I wouldn’t have to be home. The family problems helped build my
character; nothing could hurt me. I put a shell around myself and made
it hard for anyone to break through. Nothing helped until I realized I
must pray and seek God’s help. It was hard to put aside the hate,
resentment, and anger in my heart. I started by asking if God existed,
and I received an answer from Him. Although it was small and simple,
I felt someone cared about me. I felt that the Lord did exist;
it was confirmed in my heart. What I felt was so beautiful.
I’ll never forget it. After that, I was free.
Just like that. I found happiness in my life. One of my strengths has been
all the friends I found in The Church of Jesus Christ
of Latter-day Saints. It’s great to feel that
they care about me. I believe the Lord gives us
trials and challenges. For me, my family was one. I learned to overcome that trial,
and now I love all of them. I don’t have to distance myself.
I want my family to be together. My name is Carolina Veloz.
I’m a wedding dress designer. I’m hyperactive, funny,
annoying, and loud, and I’m a Mormon.

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  1. I speak English and I know Spanish but by the spirit I felt I was able to help me under stand what she was saying

  2. I love hearing this video in Carolina's native language. It's more powerful this way even if you don't speak the language. Fortunately I do speak Spanish and enjoyed this video very much just like it is. Gracias a todos que hacieron este video.

  3. Que vídeo mas inspirador, pude sentir el espíritu. Guardar rencor nunca nos dejara sentir el verdadero amor de Nuestro Salvador Jesucristo por lo tanto cuando tengamos pruebas tales como esta, debemos acudir a la única persona que nos puede ayudar a resolver todo.

  4. Love your story. Your smile is fantastic, your love of life is wonderful. Wishing you great success in all of life.

  5. I've had a very poor family live with my mother and sister.
    I used to leave the house and hang out a McDonald's until 11:00 pm to avoid my family.

  6. A beautiful lady who makes beautiful dresses. I know you will end up marrying a nice handsome guy who will appreciate you and be worthy to take you to the temple. Hang in there sister! God is good. <3

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