I’m a Mormon, Scientist, and Australian Abalone Hunter

I’m a Mormon, Scientist, and Australian Abalone Hunter

Welcome to “Grant’s World
around Us.” I love being in the ocean.
I love being in the water. Ever since I was little, I
dreamed of swimming in the ocean. It’s amazing; it’s like you can
fly. We make our money by
hunting abalone. I say that to people like my
wife, particularly, and she says, “Oh, they’re
just snails, you know; they’re just
marine snails. They don’t run away from
you, you know? It’s not like you’re really
hunting them.” I’m really passionate about
sustainable fisheries. When we dive for abalone,
we just take the larger ones, and we measure them to
see if they’re fully grown, if they’ve had a chance to
reproduce. We make sure there’s enough
left over each year, making sure the fishery
remains in a good state for future
generations. Some days are fantastic
on the ocean, and other days you’d rather
be in the office. I’ve got the benefit to do both
as a fishery scientist and as an abalone diver. I’ve been so blessed to have
both those dreams of work. “Paddy Come Home”—this is the
worst band name. We should have really put
some thought into it. We had lots of fun traveling
around Australia. It was a real good time when
we were young men. Free and easy for a family life. But I know I made the right
choice in settling down. I’m just so happy with my
family, you know? I couldn’t imagine my
life without them. I just feel so at peace
when I’m around them. And if there’s anything that’s
been good in my life, it’s been that I’ve been able to
help build this family and provide for them, keep them happy and healthy,
you know? That’s it. Being a scientist, I’ve thought
lots about creation and how this great world has
been put together. You know, when I learn
about the science, it gives me more confidence
in the Almighty God. All this isn’t from chance. This is something that has
been built. And we’re only learning about
the building blocks now. You know, I’m just amazed; I’m amazed at things like life
creating order out of entropy, organizing energy. It’s a big
stage, and you’re on it. You know, I think there’s
a science behind all that. I believe in God; I believe
this world was created. I believe in looking
after the ocean. It’s magnificent, you know. I’m an abalone diver, passionate
about the marine environment. I’m a husband.
I’m a father. My name is Grant Leeworthy,
and I’m a Mormon.

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  1. I like how he talks about the peace he feels in his family and how science gives him more confidence in God. Good message.

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